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Xue Ji left, transforming into a mass of twisted blood mist and rapidly disappearing into the distance, accompanied by a heart-wrenching scream.

As Zuo Wuyou watched this scene, although he didn’t know the exact details, he could vaguely guess that Yang Kai’s blood seemed to contain a terrifying power that even Xue Ji, an expert proficient in the Blood Dao Art, could not withstand.

That was why after swallowing Yang Kai’s blood, Xue Ji had such a strange reaction.

“Is it alright to let her go like this?” Zuo Wuyou looked at Yang Kai, “The members of the Black Ink Religion are all treacherous and cunning, Brother Yang must not be deceived by her.”

“It’s fine, she can’t fool anyone.”

If the Divine Soul restriction that Fang Tianci had personally planted could be broken, then Xue Ji’s cultivation would not only be at the Immortal Ascension stage. Moreover, this woman greatly desired his Dragon Vein, so no matter what, she could not betray him.

Seeing Yang Kai’s confident expression, Fang Tianci didn’t say anything more and looked down at the dried corpse on the ground.

After being attacked by Xue Ji, Chu Anhe had only one breath of life left. After such a long time, no one had paid any attention to him, so he naturally couldn’t die anymore.

Zuo Wuyou’s expression was somewhat bleak as he asked in a confused tone, “What’s wrong with this world?”

Chu Anhe had set up a great array in this small town in advance, and after luring him and Yang Kai into it, his murderous intent had been completely exposed. Although he had accused Yang Kai of being a spy from the Black Ink Religion, Zuo Wuyou wasn’t an idiot, so naturally he could smell something different about this matter.

Regardless of whether Yang Kai was a spy from the Black Ink Religion or not, Chu Anhe clearly wanted to kill him and Yang Kai here.

But… why?

It wouldn’t be right to say that Chu Anhe was a member of the Black Ink Religion. After all, he had been killed by Xue Ji.

“Brother Yang, I suspect that the information I sent out before was intercepted by someone with ulterior motives,” Zuo Wuyou suddenly said.

“Why do you say so?” Yang Kai asked with interest.

“The message I sent back clearly states that the Holy Child has appeared. I am currently leading the Holy Chold to the Dawn City, and there are masters from the Black Ink Religion chasing after me, i request the masters from the Spirit Religion to receive me. If this news can really be sent back, no matter what, the Spirit Religion will take it seriously and send people to receive me. Moreover, the number of people who have come is definitely not limited to Chu Anhe and those at this level. There will definitely be a Flag Master level master.”

Yang Kai said, “But according to Chu Anhe, your Holy Child was found ten years ago, but for some reason, they kept it a secret, so the news you sent back might not be taken seriously?”

“Even so, they shouldn’t have killed us here. Instead, they should have brought us back to the Spirit Religion for questioning!” Zuo Wuyou lowered his head, his thoughts gradually becoming clearer, “But the truth is, Chu Anhe had already set up an ultimate killing array here, waiting for you and me to fall into its trap. If it weren’t for Xue Ji suddenly coming out to finish them off and break the great array, you and I would have died here today.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Not really.”

This level of great array was indeed enough to deal with ordinary cultivators, but this did not include him. When he opened the Demon Eye of Annihilation, he had already seen through the flaws of this great array. The only reason he had not broken the great formation was because he had seen Xue Ji’s figure and wanted to observe the situation.

However, he didn’t expect Xue Ji to kill Chu Anhe and the others, saving him a lot of trouble.

Zuo Wuyou continued, “Although Chu Anhe is a high ranking member of the Spirit Religion, with his status, he is not qualified to act so boldly. There must be someone behind him.”

Yang Kai said, “Chu Anhe is at the Immortal Ascension stage, his status in your Spirit Religion is not low. I’m afraid there aren’t many people who can order him around.”

Sweat dripped down Zuo Wuyou’s forehead as he said with great difficulty, “He is under the command of the Kun Zi Flag Master.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly in understanding.

“Chu Anhe said that the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion has secretly appeared for ten years. If that’s the case, then Brother Yang is definitely not the Holy Child.”

“I never said I was the Holy Child…” He wasn’t interested in this Holy Child's identity, he just wanted to meet the Saintess of the Spirit Religion.

“If Brother Yang really isn’t the Holy Child, why would they want to kill you?”

“What are you trying to say?”

Zuo Wuyou clenched his fists tightly, “Although Chu Anhe has ulterior motives, he definitely won’t lie about the matter of the Holy Child, so the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion should have really been found ten years ago and hasn’t been announced yet. However… this Zuo only believes what he saw with his own eyes. I saw Brother Yang descend from the sky without any warning and seal the prophecy that has been passed down for many years. I saw Brother Yang defeat the strong with the weak and kill many disciples of the Black Ink Religion. Even the Immortal Ascension stage masters weren’t your opponent. I don’t know what the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion looks like, but this Zuo feels that the Holy Child who can lead the Spirit Religion to defeat the Black Ink Religion must be like Brother Yang!”

Saying so, he solemnly bowed towards Yang Kai, “So, Brother Yang, please forgive this Zuo’s boldness, I would like to ask you to accompany me to the Dawn City!”

Yang Kai smiled, “I was going there anyway.”

Zuo Wuyou suddenly understood, “Yes, you want to see Her Highness the Saintess, but Brother Yang, I must remind you that the road ahead will not be peaceful.”

Yang Kai asked, “When has our journey been peaceful?”

Zuo Wuyou took a deep breath and said, “I also want to ask Brother Yang to confront the Holy Child who secretly appeared!”

Yang Kai said, “This isn’t a simple matter. If someone is secretly trying to stop us, they definitely won’t stand by and watch. Do you have any plans?”

Zuo Wuyou was stunned for a moment before slowly shaking his head.

At the end of the day, all he wanted was to figure out the truth of the matter, so how could he have any concrete plans?

Yang Kai turned his head and looked towards the direction of the Dawn City, “This place is more than a day’s journey from here, so we won’t be able to send word back for a while. If we hurry, we may be able to enter the city before the mastermind reacts.”

Zuo Wuyou said, “After we enter the city, we’ll act in secret. Brother Yang, I am under the Zhen Zhi Banner. When the time comes, I’ll find an opportunity to meet with the Flag Master!”

Yang Kai glanced at him and shook his head, “No, I have a better idea.”

Zuo Wuyou immediately perked up, “Brother Yang, please speak.”

Yang Kai immediately explained his thoughts while Zuo Wuyou listened and nodded repeatedly, “Brother Yang is quite thoughtful, we’ll do just that.”

“Then let’s go.”

The two of them immediately set off.

There were no more twists and turns along the way, probably because the mastermind behind Chu Anhe hadn’t expected that such a thorough arrangement would fail to do anything to Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou.

A day later, the two of them arrived at a manor thirty kilometers outside Dawn City.

This manor should be the home of some wealthy family. The manor was quite large, with small bridges and flowing streams in the courtyard, all of which were covered in greenery.

Inside a secret room, people began arriving one after another, and soon nearly a hundred people had gathered.

These people weren’t very strong, but without exception, all of them were disciples of the Spirit Religion and could be considered Zuo Wuyou’s subordinates.

Although he was only at the peak of the True Element stage, he still had some status in the Spirit Religion, so he naturally had some subordinates he could use.

Zuo Wuyou and Yang Kai appeared together and briefly explained the situation, allowing these people to each receive some tasks.

As Zuo Wuyou spoke, all of these people were sizing up Yang Kai, their eyes filled with amazement.

The Holy Child’s prophecy had been circulating in the Spirit Religion for many years, and over the years, the Spirit Religion had been searching for the legendary Holy Child, but unfortunately, there had been no clues.

Now that Zuo Wuyou had suddenly told them that the Holy Child was the one in front of them and would be entering the city tomorrow, everyone was naturally curious.

Fortunately, these people were all well-trained. Although they wanted to clarify things, Zuo Wuyou didn’t say anything and didn’t dare act rashly.

After a moment, everyone dispersed, leaving Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou alone.

Inside the secret room, Yang Kai was calm and composed while Zuo Wuyou was struggling.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai called out.

Zuo Wuyou asked, “Brother Yang, are you sure that one of these people I’ve recruited is a spy? I know every single one of them, and no matter who they are, they are all loyal to the Spirit Religion, there won’t be any problems.”

Yang Kai said, “I don’t know if any of these people have some kind of hidden plan, but it’s best to be careful. If they don’t have any, it’s best, but if they do, wouldn’t you and I just be waiting to die here? Moreover… being loyal to the Spirit Religion doesn’t mean they don’t have their own thoughts. Don't you and Chu Anhe also know each other and are loyal to the Spirit Religion?”

Zuo Wuyou thought about it for a moment before nodding.

“That’s right,” Yang Kai reached out and patted his shoulder, “It’s best to be vigilant. Let’s go!”

Saying so, he activated Thunder Shadow's Natal Divine Ability and the two of them instantly disappeared.

This world greatly suppressed his strength, whether it was his physical body or his Divine Soul, it was all the same, but the Thunder Shadow’s concealment was innate ability, so although it was somewhat affected, it could still be used.

With this world’s strongest powerhouse only at the level of Immortal Ascension stage, it was impossible to discover his whereabouts.

The night was hazy.

Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou were hiding on top of a small hill near the manor, concealing their auras and quietly observing the situation below.

The Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability was not maintained, mainly because it consumed a lot of energy to activate it. Yang Kai was only at the True Element stage now, so he could not maintain it for too long.

This was something he had not expected.

Under the moonlight, Yang Kai sat cross-legged in meditation.

Since there were Immortal Ascension stage masters in this world, there was no reason for his cultivation to be suppressed to the True Element stage. Yang Kai wanted to see if he could increase his strength by another level.

Although with his current strength, he wasn’t afraid of any Immortal Ascension stage masters, it was still beneficial for him to become stronger.

Originally, he had thought that breaking through shouldn’t be a difficult matter, but who would have thought that when he really started cultivating, he would discover that there was an invisible shackle in his body that locked down his cultivation, making it difficult for him to improve.

There was no way to break through… Yang Kai felt a headache coming on.

“Brother Yang!” Zuo Wuyou’s anxious voice suddenly rang out, “Someone’s coming!”

Yang Kai immediately opened his eyes and looked towards the manor at the foot of the mountain. Sure enough, he saw a dark figure quietly floating in the air.


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