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This figure that had suddenly appeared was actually the Commander of Black Ink Religion’s Yu Faction, Xue Ji, who they had met twice along the way.

Zuo Wuyou’s eyes constantly swept between Xue Ji and Yang Kai, his mind already in a mess. He only felt that today’s situation was full of twists and turns, all of the truth hidden in the fog, making it impossible to see through.

Was this brother named Yang Kai really a member of the Black Ink Religion? If he wasn’t, why would Xue Ji suddenly appear in this life or death crisis and break the great restriction to save their lives?

But if that was the case, there was no way to explain the many things that had happened before.

Zuo Wuyou had completely lost his ability to think, only feeling that there was no one in this world he could trust.

While he was secretly on guard, Yang Kai and Xue Ji didn’t even spare him a glance. The two of them stared at each other, one with a playful look and the other with a look of desire.

“You still dare to appear in front of me?” Yang Kai sat down on the stone bench and crossed his arms, not showing the slightest bit of panic at the sight of a peak Immortal Ascension master standing in front of him, not even showing any signs of vigilance. As he spoke, he leaned forward, his aura suppressing, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you?”

Xue Ji smiled sweetly, “Are you willing?”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I killed you before, it’s just that I didn’t kill you permanently.”

Xue Ji’s expression froze for a moment before she snorted lightly, “What a boring man.” Saying so, she tossed the shriveled body in her hand to the ground, “This man wants to kill you, so I left him with a little vitality. You can do whatever you want with him.”

On the ground, Chu Anhe was gasping for breath. His flesh and blood essence had long since disappeared. At this moment, he was like a dried up corpse. Although he wasn’t dead, he was more or less dead.

Hearing Xue Ji’s words, his dry eyes turned towards Yang Kai with a pleading look.

Yang Kai didn’t seem to notice him and simply chuckled, “You suddenly came to save me and even tried to curry favor with me. Do you have something you want?”

“I want you!” Xue Ji’s eyes were like silk, and as she spoke, a blood mist suddenly enveloped Zuo Wuyou.

Even Zuo Wuyou, who had been completely focused on defending himself ever since Xue Ji appeared, was unable to avoid the blood mist. The huge gap in strength between them made his vigilance a joke.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly became cold, and at the same time, a powerful Divine Soul force surged out, transforming into a sharp attack that rushed into his Consciousness Sea.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became extremely strange…

Suddenly, he discovered that the True Element stage was truly wonderful. Those Immortal Ascension stage masters would use their Divine Sense to suppress him, even using their Soul Avatar to determine victory.

He turned his head to look at Zuo Wuyou and saw that Zuo Wuyou was frozen in place, not daring to move at all. The layer of blood mist covering his body was like a thin veil, flowing around him like water.

“Don’t move,” Yang Kai warned. Xue Ji’s Secret Technique obviously didn’t intend to take Zuo Wuyou’s life, but if Zuo Wuyou did anything unusual, he would definitely be swallowed up by the blood mist.

Beads of sweat rolled down Zuo Wuyou’s forehead as he asked, “Brother Yang, what exactly is going on?”

When Xue Ji appeared to save him, he was almost certain that Yang Kai was a spy from the Black Ink Religion, but Xue Ji had clearly used a Divine Soul technique on Yang Kai just now and sent her Soul Avatar into his Consciousness Sea.

This also meant that Yang Kai and Xue Ji were not the same group!

Zuo Wuyou was thoroughly confused.

Yang Kai said, “It’s probably because she has taken a fancy to me that she wants to seize my physical body. As you know, her Blood Dao Art consumes flesh and blood essence, my flesh and blood are extremely beneficial to her.”

“Then at this moment…”

“What happens to Yan Peng is her fate.”

Zuo Wuyou suddenly felt confident…

Previously, Yan Peng had also used his Divine Soul technique and Soul Avatar on Yang Kai, but in the end, he had died without a word. He had never imagined that Xue Ji would be so stupid.

No, it wasn’t stupidity, it was something that had never happened before.

In the battle with the Earth Faction Commander, Xue Ji had once possessed the Earth Faction Commander’s body and used a Divine Soul Attack on Yang Kai, but it had been ineffective.

Xue Ji probably felt that Yang Kai had some kind of special method to resist this Divine Soul Attack, so this time she simply activated her Soul Avatar and went all out!

She get what she wanted, she rushed into Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea and landed on the seven colored island, immediately seeing a scene she would never forget.

“Ah, it’s Commander Xue Ji. Subordinate greets Commander!” A figure stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

Xue Ji stared at this figure in surprise, and after confirming that this person was also a Soul Avatar she recognized, she couldn’t help asking, “Yan Peng? Why are you here? Didn’t you die?”

“Am I dead?” Yan Peng asked sadly.

“You were decapitated by a single sword…” Xue Ji replied.

“So I’ve already died…” Yan Peng’s face was filled with sadness. Although he had long anticipated that his fate would not be good, when he learned the truth of the matter, he still found it difficult to accept. In his lifetime, he had finally managed to cultivate to the Immortal Ascension stage and become a high-level figure in the Black Ink Religion, but now he had actually died without knowing.

“What kind of place is this, and who… are they?” Xue Ji looked at the young man and leopard next to her.

Yan Peng sighed, “It’s a long story.”

“Enough nonsense!” The leopard suddenly spoke in the human tongue, “Boss said that if you don’t behave, I’ll teach you a lesson first.”

Saying so, his entire body flashed with lightning as he charged forward.

“Wait… wait!” Xue Ji took a few steps back, but the lightning was so fast that it wrapped around her in an instant, causing her to scream in pain.

In the deserted town, Yang Kai was still sitting cross-legged on the stone block while Zuo Wuyou remained in a stiff posture, sweat dripping down his face.

Opposite Yang Kai, Xue Ji was also standing like a statue.

After about ten minutes, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, and at the same time, Zuo Wuyou also noticed the fluctuations of a Divine Soul power.

In the next instant, Xue Ji suddenly gasped and fell to the ground, her clothes instantly drenched in sweat.

Yang Kai held his cheek and looked down at her.

Seemingly aware of Yang Kai’s gaze, Xue Ji quickly struggled and prostrated herself on the ground, her tender body trembling as she said in a trembling voice, “This servant overestimates herself and has offended Master’s majesty. Please spare my life!”

She was originally standing at the top of this world’s Martial Dao, but at this moment, she was like a stray dog begging for mercy.

At the side, Zuo Wuyou saw this scene from the corner of his eyes and felt that the world was going crazy.

Yang Kai said lightly, “Take your Secret Technique first, in case you accidentally hurt Brother Zuo.”

“Yes!” Xue Ji quickly responded, raising her hand and waving towards Zuo Wuyou. The blood mist that enveloped him suddenly flew back and merged into Xue Ji’s body.

Immediately after, she fell to the ground again.

Zuo Wuyou had regained his freedom, but today’s strange events had thrown his mind into chaos and he didn’t know what to do.

“It seems you understand your current situation,” Yang Kai said lightly.

Xue Ji quickly said, “The direction Master pointed to, this servant will go!”

“Good!” Yang Kai jumped down from the stone block and walked over to Xue Ji, ordering, “Stand up.”

Xue Ji slowly stood up, her head lowered and her hands clasped by her sides, looking like a young lady from a noble family, no longer as arrogant as she had been the last time they met.

“You sure are lucky, I thought you were dead,” Yang Kai suddenly said something Zuo Wuyou couldn’t understand.

Xue Ji lowered her head and replied, “This servant also had a slim chance of surviving, it was all luck.”

“So you came to find me and wanted to control me?” Yang Kai teased.

Xue Ji’s expression went stiff and she almost fell to her knees again, “This servant was simply dreaming. I didn’t know that Master’s prestige was so great, this servant no longer dares.”

Yang Kai snorted lightly.

Anyone who was taught a lesson by the Thunder Shadow would likely change their mentality. After all, whether it was the Thunder Shadow or Fang Tianci, the power they possessed far exceeded that of this world.

“Rest assured,” Yang Kai gently patted Xue Ji’s shoulder, “I’m not a fiendish person, nor do I like killing people without reason. It’s just that since you’ve come looking for me, I naturally can’t just sit back and do nothing. I can only say that your luck is bad.”

“Yes!” Xue Ji replied, “Only now do I know that I am a frog in a well, only seeing the sky as big as the well.”

Yang Kai thought of Chu Anhe and what he had said before he died and said, “This world is not as simple as you think.”

Xue Ji didn’t understand.

“You’re the Yu Faction Commander of the Black Ink Religion, right?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.

“Yes, does Master need me to do anything?” Xue Ji looked up at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai waved his hand, “You don’t need to do anything special, just do what you should do.” Originally, he hadn’t thought about subduing this woman, but now that she had suddenly used her Divine Soul technique and Soul Avatar on him, he decided to use her and take it easy.

Along the way, Yang Kai could faintly feel that this trip to the Spirit Religion was not going to be smooth sailing. No matter what the future situation was, the Black Ink Religion's Commander would still be of use.

Xue Ji was stunned for a moment before quickly replying, “This servant understands.”

“Then go,” Yang Kai waved his hand and said.

Xue Ji, on the other hand, stood in place, her face filled with anticipation.

“Is there anything else?” Yang Kai asked.

Xue Ji suddenly knelt down again and pleaded, “This servant asks Master to bestow a little Blood Essence.” Afraid that Yang Kai wouldn’t agree, she added, “Not much, just a little will do.”

Yang Kai said, “Aren’t you afraid of being stuffed to death?”

Xue Ji raised her head, a charming smile appearing on her face, “This servant is just a woman, to be able to reach this point, I have already walked past the gates of hell countless times.”

Yang Kai looked at her for a long time, until Xue Ji’s expression became filled with fear, then he lightly snorted, “As you wish, if you die, don’t blame me!”

Saying so, Yang Kai flicked his finger and made a small cut on his hand, “You definitely can’t handle the Blood Essence, this should be enough for you… Hey, what are you doing?”

Yang Kai stared at the woman in front of him, dumbfounded. This woman had actually pounced on him and sucked his finger.

Zuo Wuyou, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but frown as his eyes went wide.


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