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This price was not small, but compared to those who still wanted to live, it was nothing.

After Wang Chang, two more people failed to break through, so Yang Kai quickly took action to save their lives.

Fortunately, although the other three’s breakthroughs had been quite difficult, they had all managed to survive safely.

At this point, twenty out of the twenty-three cultivators had successfully broken through, meaning that the Human Race had produced twenty Ninth order masters at once. Including Yang Kai and the others from before, the Human Race’s current lineup of Ninth order masters had exceeded thirty people!

This number still couldn’t be compared to the peak of the Human Race's strength, but it was already an excellent start.

The army was in a state of rest and almost everyone was recuperating.

Taking down the No-Return Pass was just the beginning. Originally, in the Human Race’s plan, after taking down the No-Return Pass, they would have to face the expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

The Human Race had once suffered a crushing defeat outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, resulting in the fall of the Heavens. No one wanted to suffer the same defeat again.

After their last defeat, the Human Race still had the strength to fight.

However, now that the Human Race had gathered all of their forces, if they were to lose again, it was likely that they would really be wiped out.

But plans never catch up.

The appearance of the Black Ink Clan reinforcements disrupted the Human Race’s original arrangements.

Before the expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, there was an extremely elite army of several tens of millions of Black Ink Clan soldiers that had formed a massive barrier in front of them. If they didn’t break through this barrier, they wouldn’t even need to think about an expedition.

The only good news was that these Black Ink Clan reinforcements had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. After countless years of being sealed, they had limited information about the Human Race. They didn’t know about the existence of the Void Guard, nor did they know that their movements were being monitored by the Human Race. These were all advantage they could use.

After several discussions with Mi Jinglun, Yang Kai finally came up with a feasible plan.

At the same time that the army was being reorganized, a number of top-secret artifacts were being rapidly produced, causing a massive amount of resources to be consumed.

Half a year after the Human Race’s victory in the No-Return Pass,

Pure Yang Pass, in the meeting hall, the Ninth Order masters of the Human Race gathered.

In front of the twenty Ninth order who were only promoted after the last war, people like Yang Kai and the others who is already an old Ninth Order, this made them sigh with emotion.

There were a total of thirty people. Since the great war in the Spatial Territory, the Human Race had not had such a grand lineup for thousands of years.

In half a year, the newly promoted Ninth Order masters had more or less stabilized their cultivation realms. Although they had not yet recovered from the discomfort they felt during their initial breakthrough, they didn’t have much time to adjust their condition. After the last great battle, they had spent half a year cultivating, which was a luxury for the current Human Race.

Mi Jinglun raised his hand and a jade slip flew into everyone’s hands. While everyone was examining it, he said, “After the great battle half a year ago, the frontline Void Guard came to report that the Black Ink Clan reinforcements from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had stopped and are now lying in ambush along the path of the Human Race’s expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. They are almost at the border between the Ink Battlefield and the Ancient Battlefield, closer to the Ancient Battlefield.”

Listening to his explanation, the Ninth order masters examined the jade slip and found that there was indeed such information in it.

Mi Jinglun continued, “From the current information we have, the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements already know about the battle here and the final outcome of the battle in the No-Return Pass, which is why they decided to ambush us and wait for our Human Race army to fall into their trap.”

“That’s a good thing! They don’t know that their movements have long been exposed, so we can simply beat them at their own game. Since they chose to ambush us, we should take advantage of this opportunity to surround them and wipe them out in one fell swoop! If we want to launch an expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, we must first deal with these Black Ink Clan reinforcements.”

“While everyone is recuperating in seclusion, Junior Brother Yang and I have come up with a plan. Everyone, take a look. If there are no problems, we will begin to implement it. If there are any problems, we will discuss them together.”

The group of people silently examined the jade slips. The newly promoted Ninth order masters remained silent. It wasn’t that they felt their qualifications were too low and couldn’t express their opinions, but they felt that this plan was indeed feasible and there was nothing they could do to change it. They knew that while they were in seclusion to consolidate their cultivation, Yang Kai and Mi Jinglun were still working hard.

Xiang Shan said, “Other than the absence of a Royal Lord, the number and quality of this Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements is no less than the No-Return Pass peak time. Can you confirm that there are no Royal Lord-level powerhouse there?”

Mi Jinglun turned to Yang Kai and said, “Junior Brother Yang has personally gone to investigate this matter, so we can confirm it. Of course, before the plan begins, we will carefully investigate this matter again to ensure that our information is accurate.”

Xiang Shan nodded slightly, “Then there’s no problem.”

Although these Black Ink Clan reinforcements were almost the same as the No-Return Pass at its peak, the situation that the Human Race had to face now was different from before.

At the very least, this Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements didn’t have a Royal Lord or Ink Giant Spiritual God, while the Human Race’s side not only had twenty more Ninth Order masters, but they also had A' Da and A' Er assisting them.

The advantages brought about by these two Giant Spiritual God alone were difficult to estimate. In addition, the difficulty of attacking the No-Return Pass was completely different from fighting in the wild.

As such, even if they had to face an army of several tens of millions of Black Ink Clan reinforcements, the Human Race was confident that they would be able to kill them at the least cost.

“Since there’s no problem, then we’ll act according to plan! Everything we need for this battle has been prepared within half a year. All forces are to prepare and depart in three days!”

The group of Ninth order masters all stood up and left.

Half a year ago, after taking down the No-Return Pass, the newly promoted Ninth order had been divided into various large armies. The Human Race still maintained the configuration of twelve main armies. As such, each army had two or three Ninth order master, so there would no longer be any awkward situations where an army did not have a Ninth order.

After everyone left, Mi Jinglun turned to Yang Kai and asked, “How are Junior Brother’s injuries?”

Yang Kai replied, “My injuries aren’t serious, it’s just that I can’t use the Dragon Vein’s power for a while.” The after-effects of activating the Dragon Bead’s attack couldn’t be recovered so quickly, it would take at least ten or twenty years to recover.

Mi Jinglun nodded, “This battle will require Junior Brother’s help.”

“Of course,” Yang Kai nodded and stood up, “If Senior Brother doesn’t have any other instructions, I’ll go cultivate first.”

Mi Jinglun smiled, “Go.”

Yang Kai’s figure flashed, and as soon as he stepped out of the hall, a large face appeared in the sky, flashing him a flattering smile.

Yang Kai was silent for a moment before flicking out a World Bead and telling A' Da, “Eat less, don’t fall asleep, we’re about to fight again soon!”

A' Da chewed on the World Bead while replying casually.

A moment later, somewhere outside the No-Return Pass, a Space-Time River appeared and Yang Kai plunged into it, refining resources and cultivating.

Time waits for no man. Right now, he was using all the time he could cultivate to improve his foundation, hoping to reach the peak of the Ninth order as soon as possible.

Since the last time he had joined forces with A’ Da to kill the Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai had realized that his strength was still weak. The Ink Giant Spiritual God was only Black Ink’s creation, only a clone. If he had to face Black Ink’s true body one day, what would he do?

Open Heaven Stage cultivator was definitely not a match for Black Ink's true body. According to Cang, it had already reached the legendary Creation Realm.

However, as Yang Kai’s attainments in the Great Dao increased over the years, he faintly felt that there was something wrong with Black Ink's Creation Realm state.

Of course, he didn’t know what kind of magical realm the Creation Realm was, so he could only cultivate diligently. If he wanted to understand the Creation Realm, he had to first cultivate his own realm to the extreme before he could pry into the mysteries of the next realm.

The current him was still lacking.

In the current situation, every moment of freedom was extremely precious to Yang Kai.

Three days passed in a flash.

Outside Pure Yang Pass, the army was ready to set out, their expressions solemn and their killing intent surging.

Even after half a year of rest, the fighting spirit of the Human Race’s soldiers still hadn’t been extinguished, because everyone knew that taking down the No-Return Pass only the beginning. The victory of a single battle didn’t mean anything. If one day the Human Race took down the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and killed Black Ink's true body, that would truly be a true victory.

In this situation, any kind of mental relaxation could lead to death.

Twelve dead universe world had already been prepared and were now standing outside the No-Return Pass. These universe world had all been recently teleported back from the depths of the void, each of them corresponding to a Human Race legion.

At a certain moment, under the command of the various Regiment Commander, a large army marched into these universe world.

“Junior Brother, it’s up to you,” No-Return Pass, Mi Jinglun turned to Yang Kai and said.

Yang Kai nodded and took a step forward, arriving outside a universe world. He summoned the Space-Time River and quickly transformed it into a heavenly river that wrapped around the universe world.

As far as the eye could see, the surging river was like a giant ancient snake that wrapped around the universe world.

The power of the Great Dao fluctuated wildly, and as the Space-Time River shook, the void was stripped and compressed, and the universe world, who was wrapped in it, rapidly shrank.

After less than an hour, Yang Kai put away the long river, raised his hand, and grabbed a World Bead. After examining it briefly, he tossed it to Xiang Shan, who was standing nearby.

Even though Xiang Shan was used to all kinds of storms, he still caught it in a hurry and carefully held it in his hand.

It couldn’t be helped, the entire Blood Flame Army was inside this World Bead. If this bead were to shatter, who knew what damage it would cause to the Blood Flame Army.

At this moment, he could only sigh with emotion. The Space Divine Ability was truly profound!

He had never thought that Yang Kai would be able to refine an entire army of Human Race into a single bead…

“Since you have such a method, why didn’t you use it before we set out?” Xiang Shan couldn’t help asking.

When the Human Race had set out from the Black Territory, they had worked hard to travel. At that time, they had used the High Rank Open Heaven master's Small Universe to store the Mid Rank and Low Rank Open Heaven cultivator to reduce the cost and risk of teleportation. Although it was quite convenient, it was still far from the current method.


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