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However, the blood mist didn’t disperse and instead flew towards them.

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as he grabbed Zuo Wuyou and returned to the carriage.

In the sky, the blood mist seemed to have a mind of its own and quickly flew away. From afar, Xue Ji’s voice rang out, “Sooner or later, I’ll tear you into pieces!”

This famous Yu Faction Commander had fled in such a sorry state.

Looking in the direction she left, Yang Kai’s face became gloomy, “It’s difficult!”

Ordinary people who suffered such attacks would have died countless times over, but this Xue Ji was able to preserve her life. Her methods were truly amazing, causing Yang Kai to sigh with emotion.

However, after that exchange just now, Yang Kai had more or less seen some clues. Xue Ji’s attainments in the Blood Dao were indeed extremely high, and there were no flaws on her body. Even if she was stabbed in the chest, she wouldn’t die, only losing some of her Yuan Qi.

However, her injuries just now weren’t light, so her vitality must have been greatly damaged, so she probably wouldn’t dare to come back anytime soon.

“No wonder so many masters from the Spirit Religion couldn’t do anything to her, it turns out that this person’s methods are so treacherous!” Zuo Wuyou’s face was filled with lingering fear as he thought back to everything that had just happened. If it weren’t for the Holy Child noticing and making a prompt decision, he and Liu Ji would have died without even knowing how.

Turning to look at Yang Kai, he felt even more admiration for this Holy Child.

Liu Ji was still driving the carriage that had lost its roof as he desperately move forward, leaving behind a trail of dust.

“I’m afraid this journey won’t be peaceful,” Yang Kai muttered casually.

Zuo Wuyou replied, “Holy Child, don’t worry, I have already sent out a message, there will definitely be experts from the Spirit Religion coming to receive us.”

“That’s good,” Yang Kai nodded. Zuo Wuyou was also a meticulous person, it seemed he had already made arrangements for the carriage from the small town.

With a loud neigh, the horse suddenly fell to his knees and the speeding carriage crashed into the horse’s body, sending it flying.

Sensing something was wrong, Yang Kai, Zuo Wuyou, and Liu Ji jumped off the carriage.

The three of them stood in the air and when they looked over, they saw that the horse’s entire body was emitting a red light, and after a series of mournful cries, it turned into a pool of blood, leaving behind only a white skeleton.

“This…” Zuo Wuyou’s expression changed slightly, he didn’t know when Xue Ji had attacked the horse.

Even Yang Kai hadn’t noticed this, but now that he thought about it, it was only right that when Xue Ji had been stabbed by him and transformed into a bloody mist to escape his grasp, she has done something to it.

“Big Brother Zuo!” Liu Ji suddenly panicked.

Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou both turned to look, both of their expressions changing drastically.

Liu Ji’s body also began to emit a dark red light, and under the envelopment of this blood light, Liu Ji’s strength suddenly became chaotic, his flesh rapidly melting like a burning candle.

“Liu Ji!” Zuo Wuyou shouted.

Liu Ji obviously knew what he was about to encounter, and after a brief moment of panic, his expression suddenly became firm, “Big Brother Zuo, you must send Holy Child back!”

Saying so, he flashed off into the distance, and as he flew, his flesh and blood fell off, transforming into a pool of blood. In just a moment, all that was left was a sky full of white bones.

Looking at this scene, Zuo Wuyou remained silent for a long time before raising his head and roaring, his heart filled with grief and indignation.

Yang Kai’s expression also became solemn. Xue Ji’s methods were indeed strange and insidious, and when he noticed Liu Ji’s abnormality just now, he had wanted to help, but it was already too late. In just a few breaths of time after the blood-red light appeared, Liu Ji had died.

Turning his head to look at Zuo Wuyou, Yang Kai confirmed that there was nothing unusual about him and that he hadn’t been hit, otherwise it would be impossible for him to not notice.

It seemed that Xue Ji had no intention of taking his life, otherwise she would have used this method to deal with him.

Zuo Wuyou had calmed down again. Although his eyes were red and the veins on his forehead were bulging, and he couldn’t wait to fight with Xue Ji right now, escorting the Holy Child back to the Dawn City was his top priority.

“Holy Child, let’s go,” Zuo Wuyou called out and led the way.

With the carriage gone, the two could only fly.

However, without transportation, Zuo Wuyou’s injuries had yet to fully heal, so not only was he unable to focus on healing his injuries, but he also had to force himself to move forward.

At night, the two of them found a place to rest in the wilderness.

Zuo Wuyou sat down to meditate while Yang Kai watched over him.

Under the cold moonlight, Yang Kai looked up at the full moon, his mind filled with many thoughts.

From the information he had gathered so far, this Primordial World was a real world. Whether it was the three from the Spirit Religion or the Black Ink Religion, all of them were living creatures!

This was somewhat different from what Yang Kai had expected.

This is a world in Mu's Space-Time River. He had thought that everything here was an illusion, but now it seemed he had underestimated Mu’s methods.

The Black Ink Religion and the Spirit Religion stood against each other. The members of the Black Ink Religion could use the Ink Force, but the first Saintess of the Spirit Religion had left behind a prophecy.

Right now, everything was shrouded in a thick fog, making it difficult for him to guess what kind of trump card Mu had left behind in this world. Everything could only be known after meeting the Saintess.

The road ahead was slow and difficult.

Under the moonlight, Yang Kai’s shadow slightly twisted.

With a flick of his finger, Yang Kai sent out a black crescent moon-like slash towards the shadow.

Blood flowed out from the shadows and the smell of blood filled the air.

Very good, although his cultivation was suppressed by this world, his Great Dao foundation was still there, so he could still use his Space Secret Technique.

Moreover, Yang Kai could faintly feel that the suppression of this world was not absolute, and his strength could still increase. In other words, as long as he was given some time, he could restore his cultivation level to the level of Immortal Ascension.

This should be the limit of this world’s capacity.

Although he could only increase his strength by one level, the amount of strength he could display would definitely increase significantly.

When the sun rose and dawn broke in the east, Zuo Wuyou finally woke up from his meditation. A night of rest had allowed him to recover, but when he opened his eyes, he was shocked.

The nearby ground was littered with corpses, the blood had dyed the ground red.

The corpses didn’t show any signs of resistance before they died, and they seemed to have been cut into two by extremely sharp weapons, the cut was smooth.

Zuo Wuyou didn’t even know when these people had arrived or how they had died.

However, judging from these people’s strange clothing, they should all be assassins from the Black Ink Religion.

This made him feel quite ashamed as he stood up and said, “Holy Child…”

Yang Kai glanced at him and nodded slightly, “After you rest, prepare to move out!”

Zuo Wuyou was slightly startled, “Huh?”

However, he soon understood what Yang Kai meant. Although he was only at the True Element stage and had no Divine Sense to use, his senses were extremely sharp.

Naturally, he could sense the undercurrents around him.

This caused his expression to change.

Yang Kai, however, stood up as if nothing had happened and patted the dust off his clothes before pointing in a certain direction, “We were walking in this direction yesterday. Is Dawn City here?”

“Yes!” Zuo Wuyou nodded.

“Then let’s go,” As he spoke, he lifted his spear.

“Just… leave like that?” Zuo Wuyou was stunned. The Black Ink Religion must have known that they would be heading towards the Dawn City, so the blockade in this direction would be the strongest. At this moment, the safest method was naturally to probe the enemy’s strength and choose a weak defensive position to break through.

“To the Dawn City. This way is the shortest, so naturally, we’ll go this way,” Yang Kai replied as if it was only natural. Saying so, he flew forward.

Zuo Wuyou could only quickly follow.


As the two of them moved, a series of clanging sounds suddenly rang out, and from all directions, a number of arrows containing immense killing intent shot towards them.

Zuo Wuyou immediately brandished his sword and deflected the arrows while shouting, “Holy Child, be careful!”

Turning his head, he saw Yang Kai leisurely strolling through the rain of arrows. Although he didn’t try to dodge, the dense number of arrows couldn’t even touch his clothes.

How did he do this? Zuo Wuyou’s mind was confused.

Before he could figure out what was going on, Yang Kai flicked his finger and sent out a series of black crescent blades.

The black moon blade seemed to be able to cut through space itself, instantly breaking through the blockade.

In the next instant, miserable cries rang out.

Zuo Wuyou couldn’t help recalling the miserable state of the corpses he had seen before and suddenly understood how Yang Kai had killed his enemies last night.

Two figures, one in the front and one in the back, were constantly flying forward, slaughtering enemy endlessly.

At one point, the rain of arrows from the darkness became sparse and finally stopped.

It was probably because the enemy had also realized that this kind of method couldn’t do anything to Yang Kai, a brief pause didn’t mean that they had given up on attacking him, but rather, it was to accumulate strength for the next attack.

After advancing for a while, several figures suddenly flew over from the front. Each of these people had a cultivation at the Peak True Element stage, and their auras were extremely powerful. Moreover, they seemed to be maintaining a strange formation as they advanced.

All of these people had long swords on their backs and their sword intent was awe-inspiring.

Zuo Wuyou’s expression became solemn, “The people from the Black Ink Religion's Earth Faction! They are usually responsible for small-scale battles, but I didn’t expect they would also come this time.”

What made Zuo Wuyou even more worried was that the people from the Earth Faction had come, and he didn’t know if the Commander of the Earth Faction had come or not. If that person also came, then this time’s trouble would be huge.

This person was not like Xue Ji, who acted stealthily. Although he was reckless, his strength was one of the best among the leaders of the Black Ink Religion's factions.

“Holy Child, be careful, that’s their Big Dipper Sword Formation. When combined with the strength of seven people, it can display strength far beyond their own cultivation,” Zuo Wuyou reminded.

As soon as he finished speaking, the other party had already attacked. The seven of them joined forces and gathered together. The one in the lead brandished his sword and a huge sword light slashed towards Yang Kai, instantly splitting him in half.

Zuo Wuyou’s blood suddenly turned cold.


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