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The group of three passed by a small town while Zuo Wuyou and Yang Kai waited outside. A moment later, Liu Ji entered and drove a carriage out.

All three of them were at the True Element stage, so logically speaking, they could fly.

However, if they really did that, it would consume too much of their strength and wouldn’t be able to last for long. In addition, Zuo Wuyou and Liu Ji’s injuries had yet to fully heal, so naturally they chose to use the carriage as a means of transportation.

When they met again, Liu Ji nodded slightly towards Zuo Wuyou, “It’s all arranged, Big Brother Zuo.”

Zuo Wuyou nodded and turned to Yang Kai, “Holy Child, please move.”

Yang Kai followed suit and boarded the carriage with Zuo Wuyou.

Liu Ji continued to drive, the carriage moving away from the town.

Inside the carriage, Yang Kai asked, “Where are we going now?”

“Dawn City!” Zuo Wuyou replied.

Yang Kai understood.

According to the information Yan Peng had revealed before, Dawn City was the foundation of the Spirit Religion, and many powerful masters were gathered there.

Since the Holy Child had appeared, it was naturally more important to send him to Dawn City as soon as possible!

However, this name made Yang Kai feel a sense of familiarity, reminding him of the days when he fought alongside his team in the Ink Battlefield.

Now, many of these familiar names and figures had disappeared into the long river of history…

This place was not close to Dawn City, and with their current speed, even if they traveled day and night, it would still take them five or six days to reach it.

After such a long time, the journey would not be peaceful.

Zuo Wuyou obviously knew this as well, so he quickly began healing himself.

Not long after the three of them left the small town, a bloody light rushed into the small town. A moment later, the bloody light rushed out of the small town and transformed into the figure of the red-robed woman. Standing in the air, she looked towards the direction the carriage had left and coldly snorted, “The legendary Holy Child, I wonder how he tastes?”

As she muttered, she once again transformed into a bloody light and chased after Yang Kai and the others.

The small town behind was dead silent…

Half a day later, Yang Kai, who was sitting in the carriage, suddenly heard a strange noise. Zuo Wuyou, who was meditating, was also startled and quickly opened his eyes, lifting the curtain and asking, “What is it?”

After asking this question, Yang Kai could clearly see that there was a fierce man pressing a woman down on the road in front of him, laughing lewdly as he tore off her clothes.

A large portion of her snow-white skin had been exposed, and the woman’s desperate cries for help only further stimulated the burly man’s ferocity.

“Big Brother Zuo…” Liu Ji, who was driving the carriage, couldn’t help showing a look of pity. He had always been a kind-hearted person, and in addition, the Spirit Religion’s teachings also included the principle of eliminating the evil and helping the weak. Now that he saw such an evil matter, he naturally wouldn’t remain indifferent.

Zuo Wuyou’s face flashed with vigilance as he shouted, “Just go!”

Liu Ji grit his teeth and quickly drove the carriage past.

Normally, the two of them wouldn’t just sit back and watch this happen, but right now, there was only one option, which was to escort the Holy Child to the Dawn City. Everything else was unimportant.

When the carriage arrived, the burly man had already stopped what he was doing and was staring vigilantly at Liu Ji. Only when the carriage left did he let out a sigh of relief.

The woman beneath him screamed, “Save me! Save me!”

The big man slapped her and said fiercely, “No one will save you, just accept your fate!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his body suddenly shook and when he looked down, he saw a spear point pierce through his body.

The burly man’s eyes widened as he quickly lost his strength.

Yang Kai raised his spear and pushed the burly man to the side before revealing a smile and extending his hand towards the pale-faced woman, “Young Lady, it’s alright.”

The woman obviously hadn’t realized what had happened until she saw the corpse of the burly man next to her. Only then did she completely collapse, throwing herself into Yang Kai’s arms and crying.

A short while later, inside the carriage, Yang Kai was sitting upright, holding a warm and fragrant jade in his arms. The woman must have been too frightened and had been hugging Yang Kai’s neck like an octopus.

Zuo Wuyou didn’t know where to look, mainly because this woman’s clothes were ragged and her snow-white skin was a bit dazzling.

“Sir, you…” Zuo Wuyou didn’t know what to say. He had never imagined that this Holy Child would suddenly jump off the carriage and act like a hero saving a damsel in distress.

However, it had to be said that this woman’s appearance was quite outstanding. Although her hair was disheveled and her face was covered in dirt, it couldn’t conceal her charm. On the contrary, it only served to accentuate her pitiful appearance, causing others to feel pity for her.

Such a beauty, in this chaotic world, would naturally attract the attention of others.

With outsiders around, Zuo Wuyou couldn’t call Yang Kai Holy Child, so he simply called him Sir.

Yang Kai chuckled, “It’s my duty to lend a helping hand when I see injustice. If I don’t even care about such trivial matters, what’s the point of cultivating? Besides, the space here is big, one more person won’t be a problem.”

Zuo Wuyou could only reply, “Sir is right.”

“Little beauty, what’s your name? Where is your home? Where did you come from? Are you married?” Yang Kai ignored Zuo Wuyou and instead lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms and asked gently.

Zuo Wuyou was speechless.

This was the first time he had discovered that this Holy Child seemed to have a thing for beauty. Admittedly, it was only natural for men to be lecherous, but it also depended on when.

Originally, the Holy Child had killed a thousand people with a single sword strike and killed the dozen or so people Yan Peng had brought with him. Zuo Wuyou had always held him in high esteem and felt that there was hope for the Spirit Religion in the future, but now his expectations had been greatly reduced.

Could such a Holy Saint really achieve great things? Zuo Wuyou couldn’t help worrying about the future of the Spirit Religion.

The woman in Yang Kai’s arms gradually calmed down, seemingly also feeling that this posture was quite indecent, causing her cheeks to flush red. Facing Yang Kai’s question, she decided not to answer and instead buried her head into his chest.

Yang Kai laughed proudly.

The woman suddenly raised her head and stared blankly at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai hugged her tightly and looked down, “What’s wrong, little beauty?”

“How did you kill me?” The woman’s shyness and charm had disappeared, her beautiful eyes filled with disbelief.

“Hey, what the hell is this? You’re not dead!”

“Are you even human!?” The woman cursed.

The conversation between the two people was not right. Not only did Liu Ji, who was driving the carriage, feel confused, even Zuo Wuyou, who was in the same carriage, couldn’t understand the situation.

However, the subtle atmosphere caused him to feel a great sense of crisis, so he quickly grabbed his sword… but to no avail!

Zuo Wuyou was shocked, he didn’t know when his sword had disappeared.

A thick smell of blood filled the air in the carriage. Beneath the woman in Yang Kai’s arms, blood flowed out, and Zuo Wuyou’s long sword had somehow pierced through the woman’s body, the hilt of which was held in Yang Kai’s hand.

With a loud bang, a violent shockwave swept out and the roof of the carriage was sent flying. The woman in Yang Kai’s arms suddenly turned into a bloody mist and escaped from his grasp.

The sudden turn of events was too sudden, causing the horse driving the carriage to let out a loud neigh, causing Liu Ji to hurriedly stabilize it.

Zuo Wuyou was also thrown off balance by the shockwave and was nearly sent flying, but at the critical moment, Yang Kai pulled him back.

The carriage continued forward. Inside the tattered carriage, Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou both looked back and saw a mass of blood-red light twisting and distorting in the air, gradually transforming into the figure of a flirtatious red-robed woman. The woman clutched her chest, her face filled with hatred and resentment, her beautiful eyes staring fixedly at Yang Kai, filled with an unforgettable hatred, as if she wanted nothing more than to eat Yang Kai’s flesh and drink his blood.

Zuo Wuyou was shocked, “Yu Faction Commander, Xue Ji!”

Even though he knew that there would be pursuers from the Black Ink Religion soon, he didn’t expect it to be this person.

It really was her! Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly.

Thanks to the information he had obtained from Yan Peng, Yang Kai is not ignorant of this Primordial World.

The Black Ink Religion was divided into eight division, and each of the eight divisions had a different function. Among them, the number of the Yu Faction members was the least, but all of them were elites because their main mission was to assassinate.

The members of the Black Ink Religion's Yu Faction all possessed unique technique.

This was especially true for the Yu Faction's Commander, Blood Princecss. It was rumoured that she possessed the Profound Blood Incarnation Technique, allowing her to transform into thousands of incarnations, making it impossible to guard against.

Throughout the history of the Spirit Religion, the number of high-level executives who had died in the Black Ink Religion's assassination attempt was innumerable, including several Saintesses.

Among the eight factions of the Black Ink Religion, the Spirit Religon feared the Yu Faction the most because no one knew where they were hiding or when they would launch a fatal attack.

Zuo Wuyou’s entire body went cold. With the Yu Faction Commander personally taking action, the three of them would likely be doomed!

However, this only made him admire the Holy Child even more.

Although he had been vigilant before, he hadn’t been able to see any flaws. Who would have thought that although the Holy Child appeared to have lost his mind on the surface, he had actually secretly killed her? This kind of scheming and decisiveness was truly beyond anyone’s imagination.

“It shouldn’t be!” Yang Kai looked at Xue Ji with a puzzled expression.

He could feel that this Xue Ji was an Immortal Ascension master, but even if she was an Immortal Ascension master, there was no reason for her to survive after being stabbed in the heart.

However, from the looks of it, the other party had only lost quite a bit of her Yuan Qi, there was no danger to her life.

On the contrary, because of his actions, she became angry.

This woman’s Blood Dao was somewhat unusual.

“You dare hurt me, I’m going to eat…” Xue Ji’s face twisted in anger, but before she could finish speaking, a figure appeared in front of her.

It was Yang Kai, who was supposed to be inside the carriage.

Holding a long spear in his hand, Yang Kai used the Great Unrestrained Spear Technique on Xue Ji.

Spear attacks poured down like rain, instantly piercing countless holes into Xue Ji’s body. Zuo Wuyou also made a prompt decision and rushed forward at the same time, brandishing his long sword as he attacked Xue Ji.

In the blink of an eye, Xue Ji was reduced to a bloody mist.


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