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In this world, the Ink Force exists! Moreover, there was also the Black Ink Religion. It seemed that it was an enemy of the Spirit Religion!

“Holy Child, that Ink Force is extremely corrosive and can distort one’s temperament. Please check if you have been affected!” Zuo Wuyou nervously reminded.

When Yang Kai was exposed to it, not even the Ink Force of a Royal Lord could do anything to him, let alone the thin power of the Black Ink Religion.

His Small Universe had indeed been sealed, making it difficult for him to use his World Force, but the Subtree still existed, and with the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, it was enough to ensure that he was not affected by the Ink Force.

However, since the other party had kindly reminded him, Yang Kai took advantage of the situation and pretended to inspect it before finally saying, “It’s fine, that Ink Force is useless to me.”

Zuo Wuyou and Liu Ji both let out a long sigh.

Immediately after, the two of them turned their attention to Yan Peng, who was standing motionless at the side. This Immortal Ascension master had been frozen in place ever since he had activated his Soul Power. Even after the group of subordinates he had brought with him had died, he still showed no reaction, as if he had lost his soul.

This made Zuo Wuyou and Liu Ji somewhat confused.

“Holy Child, Yan Peng is…” Zuo Wuyou had some vague guesses in his heart, but he was unable to confirm them, so he could only ask Yang Kai.

Yang Kai replied, “His Soul is broken and he is now a living dead man.”

Zuo Wuyou was stunned for a moment before staring at Yang Kai in disbelief, “Does Holy Child have a special physique that is impervious to all evil?”

The Ink Force was unable to erode him, and even when Yan Peng used his Soul to deal with him, his Soul had been shattered. Zuo Wuyou really couldn’t think of any other reason to explain such an incredible matter.

“I guess so,” Yang Kai was just thinking about how to explain, but Zuo Wuyou was quite considerate and gave him a reason.

Seeing him admit it, Zuo Wuyou and Liu Ji exchanged a glance, both of them extremely excited.

The Holy Child was impervious to all evil and was born with the means to restrain the Black Ink Religion. As expected, he was the future hope of the Spirit Religion. The Saintess’ prophecy was correct!

On top of that, his strength was unfathomable. During the slaughter just now, he hadn’t used any of his powerful strength at all. The sword in his hand was only the most basic of moves, but the masters from the Black Ink Religion weren’t even able to block a single strike.

At this moment, their gloomy mood was illuminated by the light of dawn, and the pain they felt seemed to have lightened significantly.

“We can’t stay here for long…” Zuo Wuyou forced himself to stand up before collapsing. His injuries were not light.

Liu Ji was the same, he was caught off guard by Zheng Hai’s sneak attack from behind. If it wasn’t for Zheng Hai holding back to kill Yang Kai, that punch would have taken his life.

Yang Kai said, “You should rest for a while.”

Zuo Wuyou wore a bitter look on his face. Although he wanted to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible, he was powerless to do so. After exchanging a glance with Liu Ji, he could only recuperate and regulate his breathing in order to restore some of his strength.

Inside his Consciousness Sea, on a seven colored island.

In front of the young man and Leopard, Yan Peng’s Soul Avatar was extremely respectful, answering all the questions he asked without holding back.

It couldn’t be helped. He had originally thought that this seven colored island was his lucky chance, but who would have thought that he would only discover two masters who exceeded his imagination on this island.

Without any reason, Yan Peng knew that any one of these two could kill him with a single thought.

Under the eaves, how could one not bow down!

Fortunately, the young man was quite kind and didn’t do anything to him, only asking him some basic information.

Yan Peng naturally cooperated.

After a series of questions, Yang Kai finally understood some things about this world.

In this Primordial World, since ancient times, the two great forces had been evenly matched. One was the Spirit Religion, the other was the Black Ink Religion, each occupying half of this world.

However, after so many years of confrontation, neither side could do anything to the other.

In the Black Ink Religion, there was an Ink Master who could bestow upon all living beings the Ink Force, distorting one’s temperament and making them serve the Black Ink Religion.

On the other hand, the Spirit Religion was the only existence that could resist the Black Ink Religion. Countless years ago, they had also been fighting against the Black Ink Religion. If it weren’t for the Spirit Religion, the entire world would have fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Religion.

The first Saintess of the Spirit Religion had left behind a prophecy that Yang Kai had heard from Liu Ji. Over the years, while the disciples of the Spirit Religion were fighting against the Black Ink Religion, they were also searching for the whereabouts of the Holy Child.

Because according to the guidance of the first generation Saintess, the only way to completely defeat the Black Ink Religion was to have the Holy Child appear.

Similarly, the Black Ink Religion was also searching for the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion.

Unfortunately, neither side had gained anything.

It wasn’t until this time that the Black Ink Religion launched a hunting operation against Zuo Wuyou that Yang Kai suddenly descended from the sky…

When the news reached Yan Peng’s side, Yan Peng had personally led his people here to capture him, but he had not expected to fail so easily. Not only had all the people he had brought with him died, even he himself had been imprisoned.

On the island, Fang Tianci was still asking Yan Peng for more information.

In front of the ruins, Yang Kai fell into deep thought.

Although he didn’t have much information right now, he had a rough understanding of the situation.

There were two places that were different from what he had imagined.

One was the influence of the Ink Force on all living beings.

In the 3000 Worlds, the corrosive nature of the Ink Force was extremely strong. Any cultivator who was contaminated by the Ink Force and couldn’t deal with it in time would become a Black Ink Disciple, and an existence like Black Ink Disciple had long ago abandoned his human background and identity, Black Ink become the supreme existence in the world for them. It could be said that any Black Ink Disciple would willingly offer everything they had to the Black Ink.

Yan Peng was different.

His Soul Avatar had been trapped on the seven colored island, but he still had a strong desire to survive, otherwise he wouldn’t have cooperated with Fang Tianci and told him so much about the Black Ink Religion.

In other words, he was not a real Black Ink Disciple!

Was it because of the Ink Force?

When Yang Kai had killed those people from the Black Ink Religion, the last few people had used their Ink Force to increase their strength, but the Ink Force was extremely thin and obviously abnormal.

From the looks of it, although the Ink Force of this world could distort one’s temperament to a certain extent, it was not enough to completely distort one’s personality, making it impossible to transform one into a true Black Ink Disciple.

The second was the Saintess of the Spirit Religion.

Yang Kai originally had some guesses about this Saintess, but after inquiring about some information about her from Yan Peng, he suddenly realized that he might have guessed wrong.

The prophecy was left behind by the first Saintess of the Spirit Religion. Since the beginning of its existence, the Spirit Religion had experienced countless Saintesss.

Among the Saintess of the past, there were some who had died from the Black Ink Religion's assassination, some who had suffered a setback in their cultivation, and some who had died naturally when their lifespans came to an end.

If that was the case, then this Saintess of the Spirit Religion was not the person he wanted to meet…

On top of that, the name Primordial World also made Yang Kai very concerned.

The name of this world seemed to imply something.

Yang Kai felt a bit helpless. Although Mu had left behind a backup plan in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, from the looks of it, this backup plan was quite confusing. He had to first clear the fog in front of him to see the truth.

“Time to go.”

Half a day later, Yang Kai called out.

Since Yan Peng had personally taken action and there had been no news from him for so long, the Black Ink Religion would definitely send more masters to investigate the situation.

In fact, according to the information Yan Peng had revealed, he was able to arrive so quickly because he was nearby.

The other masters from the Black Ink Religion should have already set off and were on their way.

This matter concerned the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion, so it was impossible for the Black Ink Religion to ignore it.

Zuo Wuyou and Liu Ji both opened their eyes. Half a day’s rest was not enough to heal their injuries, but at least they had the strength to move.

Yang Kai raised his hand and tossed the sword to Zuo Wuyou.

Zuo Wuyou took it and said, “Holy Child, just take it. This sword can only display its power in your hands.”

Zuo Wuyou saw all of these straightforward moves and felt that his horizons had been greatly broadened. He felt that if he could meditate in seclusion for a while, his swordsmanship would definitely improve.

Yang Kai replied, “No need, I can use this.”

Lifting his foot, a long spear flew up from the ground. It was unknown which of the Black Ink Religion's dead disciples this spear belonged to, but when it was caught in Yang Kai’s hand, Yang Kai shook it lightly, feeling quite satisfied with it. Perhaps it was because this spear was quite convenient to use, but its quality was somewhat lacking.

Seeing this, Zuo Wuyou didn’t say anything more and walked over to Yan Peng’s side, waving his sword and decapitating him.

A moment later, under Zuo Wuyou’s leadership, the three of them flew off in a certain direction.

After the three of them left, the only things left in front of this broken mountain wall were corpses and a mess.

Two hours later, the ferocious beasts that had been lured here to hunt for food by the fresh blood suddenly became alert, and after a moment of hesitation, they fled in panic.

A streak of blood appeared out of thin air and struck the beast’s body, causing it to let out a miserable howl and struggle. A moment later, the blood streak flew out and the beast turned into a dried corpse. In just a short moment, all of its flesh and blood essence had disappeared.

The bloody line transformed into a bloody light and a graceful figure slowly walked out from it.

This was a woman wearing a tight red robe, the bright red color highlighting her graceful figure, her waist twisting like a water snake, her ten nails as long as blades. She gently licked her red lips, seemingly extremely satisfied from her slaughter.

At some point in time, several dozen people had gathered around the battlefield, some of them checking for any remaining information.

“What did you find?” After a long time, the woman asked casually. As she asked this question, she was still lowering her head and rubbing her nails, as if she was polishing her weapon!

Immediately, someone rushed over and knelt on the ground, respectfully replying, “Reporting to Commander, everyone died in a single sword strike. Protector Yan Peng didn’t resist at all before he died.”

“Oh?” The woman revealed a look of surprise, “Even Yan Peng showed no signs of resisting, it seems that one of these masters is a sword master, that Zuo Wuyou?”

The Black Ink Religion kneeling in front of her said, “It should not be Zuo Wuyou. Zuo Wuyou is only at the True Element stage, while Protector Yan is at the Immortal Ascension. The difference between them is a great realm, so Zuo Wuyou is unable to accomplish this.”

“Is it their Holy Child?” The woman’s brow rose slightly.

“This subordinate does not know.”

“Which direction?” The woman asked again.

“It should be this direction,” The man pointed in a certain direction.

The woman’s body flickered and she transformed into a streak of blood as she flew towards that direction. From afar, a voice rang out, “This Commander will be leaving first, follow me as soon as possible.”


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