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The encirclement in the jungle was aimed at Zuo Wuyou, Yang Kai only got involved in it.

No one had expected that at such a critical juncture, the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion, guided by fate, would suddenly descend from the sky, causing the undercurrents to erupt instantly.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before coming to a realization.

Zuo Wuyou had indeed said to the group of attackers, “Didn’t you come for this Zuo?”

“No matter what, I must thank you,” Yang Kai said.

Zuo Wuyou said, “Holy Child is too serious, we can’t stay here for long, we need to leave as soon as possible.”

Although he had killed many people, it was still difficult for him to kill all of his enemies alone. The news of the Holy Child’s appearance had probably already spread out, and although the other party had taken Zuo Wuyou seriously, it wasn’t to the point where they had to eliminate him. However, if news of the Holy Child were to spread, it would definitely attract the attention of the other party, and they would suppress it at all costs.

“But Big Brother Zuo’s injuries…” The thin young man looked at Zuo Wuyou worriedly.

Zuo Wuyou waved his hand and said, “It’s no big deal, escorting the Holy Child…” Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, his aura becoming extremely weak and his complexion becoming extremely pale.

“Big Brother Zuo,” The two young men called out anxiously as they stepped forward to support Zuo Wuyou, who was on the verge of collapsing.

Yang Kai looked at him and said, “It seems we need to hide here for a while.”

Zuo Wuyou wore a bitter expression, “Please wait half a day for me, Holy Child.”

Yang Kai didn’t comment.

Zuo Wuyou was in desperate need of healing. The great battle just now had consumed a great deal of his strength, but because he was worried about the safety of the Holy Child and the future of the Spirit Religion, he had forcefully suppressed his injuries. Now that his internal injuries had erupted, it was difficult for him to act.

After a moment, Zuo Wuyou settled down, closed his eyes, and began meditating to recover.

The two young men who had brought Yang Kai here stood guard, while Yang Kai himself seemed to have nothing to do.

The information he had now was still too little. The only thing he could confirm was that this world was still in Mu’s Space-Time River.

When the waves of the Space-Time River came crashing down, Yang Kai didn’t even try to dodge before he was drawn to this place. As a result, he ended up compatible with the prophecy of an unknown Saintess of this world…

In this current situation, if he wanted to know anything, he had to first meet with that Saintess!

Yang Kai had a faint guess in his heart, but before seeing the Saintess, he couldn’t confirm it.

But before that, there were still some minor problems that needed to be resolved.

The secret room fell silent.

About two hours later, something suddenly happened.

Zuo Wuyou, who was meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and shouted in disbelief, “Impossible!”

The moment these words left his mouth, an earth-shattering sound rang out.

It was as if someone was using a powerful method to attack the mountain wall where the secret room was located.

“Big Brother Zuo!” The thin young man shouted, “Our position has been exposed, those guys are chasing us.”

Zuo Wuyou wore a solemn expression.

This secret room was one of the Spirit Religion's footholds outside. When he had rushed back here, he had checked his surroundings to make sure he was not being followed, so how did the enemy find him?

If he had not determined that this place was safe enough, he would not have stayed here to recuperate.

But in reality, these guys had really come looking for him.

“Quickly activate the Protection Array!” Zuo Wuyou shouted.

The other young man immediately took out a jade pendant and poured his strength into it to protect this secret room.

The fiercer the attack, the greater the disturbance.

“Zuo Wuyou, this King knows you’re inside. Hand over your Holy Child and this King will spare your life!”

Zuo Wuyou’s expression changed as he heard this, “Yan Peng! This old man actually came in person!”

Even when he was besieged in the jungle, his expression didn’t change at all, but at this moment, it was as if he was facing a great enemy. Obviously, this Yan Peng fellow wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

After waiting for a long time without any response, Yan Peng coldly snorted, “Since you refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit, don’t blame this old master for being ruthless!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the violent energy fluctuations shook the entire room.

The young man holding the Jade Pendant and activating the defensive power also staggered a little as he nervously said, “Big Brother Zuo, the Protection Array won’t last much longer.”

Zuo Wuyou immediately stood up and took a deep breath before saying in a low voice, “Zheng Hai, Liu Ji, I’ll carve out a path for you later. Take the Holy Child and leave quickly.”

“Big Brother Zuo, we can’t escape,” The thin young man Zheng Hai said indignantly, “Let’s fight it out with them!”

A trace of sadness flashed across Zuo Wuyou’s eyes. How could he not know that they could not escape? It was just that after so many years of perseverance, now that he had finally seen the light, how could he be willing to give up?

Gritting his teeth, he said, “The two of you listen well. No matter what, you must protect the Holy Child’s safety and bring him back. Until the last moment, do not give up!”

Boom boom boom…

With the sound of gravel falling, it seemed that this secret room wouldn’t last much longer.

Zuo Wuyou crossed his sword in front of his chest with a determined look.

Liu Ji was still urging the Jade Pendant's power.

Zheng Hai also wore a solemn expression as he gathered his strength and punched out, hitting Liu Ji’s back while simultaneously thrusting the hidden dagger in his other hand towards Yang Kai’s waist.



Two cries of surprise rang out almost simultaneously.

The situation in the secret room had become quite confusing.

Liu Ji was hit by the punch and spat out a mouthful of blood as he fell to the side. Naturally, Zuo Wuyou was aware of this huge movement.

When he turned his head, his eyes were filled with disbelief. He had never imagined that a traitor would appear on his side! Moreover, at such a critical moment, he had switched sides.

He also finally understood why the location of this foothold had been exposed. The enemy had hidden Zheng Hai, this traitor, in the Spirit Religion for many years and had not used him. Now that this matter concerned the Holy Child, it was time to use him.

Even more surprised than Zuo Wuyou was Zheng Hai, who had attacked Yang Kai.

The timing of his attack was just right, just before the Spirit Array here was about to collapse. Everyone’s concentration was extremely high. Liu Ji had been injured by his punch, so the Holy Child standing not far from him should have been stabbed to death!

However, in reality, before his dagger could reach Yang Kai, it was caught by two fingers.

Throughout this entire process, this Holy Child did not even turn his head, but it was as if he had eyes on his back.


Without anyone controlling the Spirit Array, it shattered and the hidden chamber inside the mountain was completely exposed. Outside, there were many figures, one of them a white-haired old man with a ruddy complexion standing with his hands behind his back. With a wave of his sleeve, a violent wind swept away the dust, brightening up the confusing situation.

Sweeping his eyes over the scene, the white-haired old man coldly snorted.

Zuo Wuyou roared, “Zheng Hai!”

The long sword in his hand trembled as he turned around and stabbed towards Zheng Hai, his eyes filled with blood vessels and anger, his face twisted and distorted, obviously extremely disappointed with his former companion.

“So noisy!” The white-haired old man called Yan Peng waved his sleeve and sent Zuo Wuyou flying, crashing into the rubble.

Originally, he had not fully recovered from his injuries, but now that his injuries had worsened, he almost fainted on the spot, but if he wanted to move again, it would be impossible. He fell to the ground, unable to even lift a finger.

Looking towards Yang Kai in despair, he thought he would see the miserable state of the Holy Child, but what he saw left him stunned…

Zheng Hai held a dagger close to the Holy Child’s waist. From the looks of it, he was about to launch a sneak attack, but the Holy Child instead stretched out two fingers and caught the dagger.

At this moment, Zheng Hai was desperately trying to pull out his dagger, but the two fingers were as steady as a rock, making it difficult for him to use them.

What was going on? Zuo Wuyou didn’t understand. From the looks of it, the Holy Child seemed to have taken precautions against this sneak attack?

Just as he was feeling puzzled, he heard Holy Child say, “You really have a problem.”

Saying so, he turned to look at Zheng Hai who was standing behind him.

Perhaps it was because he was feeling guilty, or perhaps it was because he was frightened by Yang Kai’s strength, Zheng Hai asked fiercely, “How did you know?”

“On the way to escape, you secretly left behind some things along the way. I thought you were guiding Zuo Wuyou, but after thinking about it, how could Zuo Wuyou not know what you know? Since you’re not guiding Zuo Wuyou, who else can you guide?”

“How could you have noticed what I did on the way here?” Zheng Hai still couldn’t believe it. He had clearly been very careful, even Liu Ji hadn’t noticed.

Yang Kai chuckled but didn’t answer this question, instead lowering his head to look at Zheng Hai’s hand, “In terms of strength, you’re probably still a bit lacking.”

Zheng Hai had always wanted to pull back the dagger he had been holding, but he had never been able to do so. Hearing this, he immediately released the dagger and jumped back.

However, after he stabilized himself, a look of horror appeared on his face, because the Holy Child had used some kind of mysterious movement technique to stick to him like a maggot.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart as all the strength in his body rapidly drained away.

Yang Kai had already turned his head to look at Zuo Wuyou who was lying on the ground, unable to move, “Is it alright to kill this traitor?”

The series of unforeseen events had left Zuo Wuyou dumbstruck for a long time. Hearing these words, he laughed loudly, “An animal's death is not a pity!”

As he laughed, his injuries worsened and he coughed again.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and gently tapped Zheng Hai’s forehead. Zheng Hai staggered back and fell to the ground, staring down at his chest.

At some point, a dagger had been inserted there, which he had used to ambush the Holy Child.

“Impossible…” Zheng Hai’s pupils shrank as he muttered to himself, “How could I have died… here!”

His head tilted to the side as he breathed his last breath.

Yang Kai turned to look at Yan Peng.

The other party was staring at him with a curious look.

Yang Kai asked, “Old man, are you not angry?”

Yan Peng was puzzled, “Why should i be angry?”

“I killed one of your subordinates,” Yang Kai pointed at Zheng Hai who had died beside him.

Yan Peng laughed loudly, “My subordinates number in the tens of thousands, if i get angry every time one of them die. Is this old master still alive?”


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