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Saying so, regardless of whether Yang Kai was willing or not, he picked him up and ran.

Holy Child? Yang Kai was even more confused.

Although the cultivation of these two people was not as high as the scarred man’s, their movement techniques were quite extraordinary. Arrows rained down behind them, and the two of them cooperated seamlessly. As they blocked the attacks, they quickly brought Yang Kai away.

Soon, a roar came from behind, “Zuo Wuyou, you’re courting death!”

“Aren’t you all here for this Zuo? Since that’s the case, let’s fight to the death here.”

“I’ll block him, hurry up and chase!”

“No one can leave this place!” The scarred face Zuo Wuyou roared.

Immediately after, a fierce confrontation broke out.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he was puzzled by this situation. He wanted to inquire about some information, but now was obviously not a good time.

The title of Holy Child also made him very concerned.

He had only come to this mysterious unknown land to investigate what Mu had left behind, but he had never expected to see Mu’s Space-Time River. After being drawn into the river, he had come to this world where his strength was greatly suppressed.

In any case, he was a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator, so the laws of any unfamiliar Universe World were not enough to suppress him.

But in this world, he is only at the level of True Element stage.

This also meant that there was an even stronger power condensing the laws of this place, a power that surpassed his own Ninth Order, so he was also suppressed here.

It should be Mu’s method!

As fast as lightning, Yang Kai followed the two young men, taking advantage of this opportunity to inspect the items in his hands.

Wu Kuang had given it to him before entering the mysterious unknown land.

He hadn’t had time to look at it just now, but now he discovered that it was a jade pendant that had been carved into the shape of a human. Wu Kuang’s figure could still be vaguely seen, and Wu Kuang’s aura could still be vaguely felt.

This thing… Yang Kai roughly knew what it was used for.

“Please put me down first, I can walk on my own,” Yang Kai suddenly said.

Although he didn’t know where he was or what he had encountered, being chased by others wasn’t a pleasant experience. These two young men should be on his side. At this moment, they were supporting him from the left and right, so their speed was somewhat affected. If he wanted to escape from their pursuit, running faster was naturally a good thing.

As he spoke, Yang Kai shook slightly and broke free from their grasp.

The two young men were obviously shocked, as if they hadn’t expected Yang Kai to have such strength. While they were surprised, they were also overjoyed.

The young man on the left apologized, “This matter was rushed, the two of us brothers didn’t act appropriately. Holy Child, please forgive us.”

“En…” Yang Kai casually waved his hand, “It’s fine.”

The young man on the right said, “I didn’t expect the Holy Child to be so strong. Now we can escape from them.”

As the three of them spoke, they didn’t remain idle and continued flying forward.

“That Zuo… Wuyou, don’t you need to care about him?” Yang Kai remembered the scarred face young man who had stayed behind to cover their retreat.

“Big Brother Zuo’s strength is great, and he also has the Divine Sword personally bestowed by the Saintess. Those bastards don’t have any Immortal Ascension stage masters, so they can’t do anything to him.”

A Saintess had appeared!

What kind of relationship did it have with the Holy Child?

However, with just a few words, he could confirm that the Martial Dao level of this world was no different from what he knew.

Moreover, this world had Immortal Ascension Stage cultivators!

During their escape, the two young men were worried that Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to keep up with their speed, so they didn’t use their full strength at first, but as time passed and the two of them probed each other, they found that no matter how amazing their movement techniques were, this Holy Child who had descended from the sky was able to follow them like a shadow without the slightest change in expression.

Immediately, all of them let loose and fled at full speed.

After about an hour, the two of them finally arrived at a mountain wall. One of them took out a jade pendant and leaned it against the wall, causing a door to slowly open.

It seemed this was their hiding place.

The three of them walked in and the door closed again.

There was an open space inside the mountain. It was neither big nor small, and it was obvious that someone had lived here before.

After everything was settled, the two young men leading Yang Kai let out a long sigh.

After arriving here, there was basically nothing to worry about.

Yang Kai was observing his surroundings with his hands behind his back when he saw two young men suddenly kneel down on one knee and greet, “Greetings, Holy Child!”

“En…” Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before reaching out to help the two of them up and saying, “I still don’t understand the current situation, and I don’t know what kind of Holy Child you're talking about. Did you recognize the wrong person?”

The thin young man said, “We are not mistaken, you are indeed the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion. Of course, this matter will be decided by the Saintess after we meet her.”

Yang Kai asked in confusion, “But we’ve never met before. Today is just our first meeting, why are you so sure?”

The two young men looked at each other before the thin man explained. His face was filled with sincerity, as if he was praying, and his tone was solemn, “One day, the sky will split open and a person will descend from the sky, igniting the glory of light and tearing apart the darkness, defeating the final enemy!”

“And that person is the one who led the Spirit Religion to the light.”

“That person is the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion!”

Falling from the sky…

This was probably referring to himself. He had indeed fallen from the sky and had even fallen to the ground upside down, his posture quite unsightly…

Unexpectedly, it coincided with the prophecy of this so-called Spirit Religion.

After all, it was rare to see someone fall from the sky, especially when there was a crack in the sky.

“Who said that?” Yang Kai asked.

The other young man said solemnly, “This is the guiding word of the Saintess, which has been passed down since the founding of the Spirit Religion.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow, suddenly becoming interested, “Can I see your Saintess?”

“Of course,” The thin young man said, “We’ll hide here for a while. When Big Brother Zuo returns, we’ll take you to see the Saintess.”


Without saying anything, the three of them quietly began to recuperate.

The two young men had been travelling at high speed and had consumed a great deal of energy, but Yang Kai was quite energetic. Although his cultivation had been suppressed to the True Element Stage, his Ninth Order foundation was still there, so just travelling alone would not make him feel tired.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai grabbed the jade pendant in his hand and was just about to use his Divine Sense when he suddenly remembered that he couldn’t use it right now.

He could only call out softly, “Wu Kuang!”

This jade pendant had been given to him by Wu Kuang before he came in, and it had been carved in his image, leaving behind his aura. It was obviously used to communicate with him.

Yang Kai could also sense that Wu Kuang had placed his Soul Clone on this jade pendant.

This fellow seemed to be extremely curious about this mysterious unknown land, but because he was in charge of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he didn’t have the time to split his attention, so he had sent a wisp of spirit with him to observe the situation.

The jade pendant trembled slightly as a response…

Yang Kai was speechless. It seemed that Wu Kuang’s Soul Clone had also been greatly suppressed.

Originally, he had wanted to communicate with him and see if he could find any useful clues, but now he could only give up. Moreover, with this slight movement, the light on the jade pendant seemed to dim a little.

En… he still had to nourish this Soul Clone, otherwise it would quickly disappear.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and couldn't hold anything. The Small Universe had been sealed, so he couldn’t take anything out. Right now, apart from his clothes, he was completely empty-handed.

It was an awkward situation.

“Is there a rope?” Yang Kai looked up and asked.

“Yes,” One of them replied and quickly took out a carefully woven rope and handed it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai tied Wu Kuang’s jade pendant to his chest so he could use his own Spiritual Force to nourish it, allowing him to communicate with Wu Kuang at any time.

After doing this, he began to familiarize himself with his strength.

True Element Stage… what kind of weak realm was this? Yang Kai was somewhat unaccustomed to having his strength suddenly weakened to this extent.

However, he had experienced this realm before, so he only needed to familiarize himself with it.

After another hour or so, a sudden change occurred.

The three of them were startled, and when Yang Kai looked over, he saw one of them holding the jade pendant and happily saying, “It’s Big Brother Zuo, he's back!”

Saying so, he pushed his strength into the jade pendant, causing the door to open.

In the next moment, Zuo Wuyou, who was covered in blood and dirt, strode in. It was obvious that he had experienced a bitter battle, with many bloody wounds on his body and his aura somewhat weak, but his killing intent was extremely thick.

Stepping into this place was like a wild beast breaking into a cave, causing the entire secret room to shiver.

“Big Brother Zuo!” The two young men called out as they rushed forward.

Zuo Wuyou’s eyes swept over the crowd before fixing on Yang Kai and letting out a sigh of relief. Waving to his two companions, he walked over to Yang Kai and knelt on one knee, “Zuo Wuyou greets the Holy Child!”

This again…

Yang Kai was a Ninth Order Open Heaven and had the body of a Divine Dragon, so it was not a big deal for him to receive a bow from him, but the key point was that this Holy Child’s status was a bit strange.

He had only come here to investigate what was hidden behind Mu’s trump card, so how could he possibly want to get involved in the grievances of this strange world?

Reaching out, Yang Kai helped him up and said, “Regarding the matter of the Holy Child, wait until I see your Saintess before mentioning it.”

As soon as Zuo Wuyou heard this, he knew that this man in front of him had already understood the Saintess guidance word, so he immediately said, “The Saintess has never made a mistake. When the Holy Child appeared, the signs from the Saintess guidance really appeared, so you are definitely the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion!”

Yang Kai didn’t try to argue with him and simply nodded, “Your injuries aren’t light, so healing your injuries is more important.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “It’s all thanks to you this time.”

Even if Zuo Wuyou and the others weren’t here, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been harmed by a group of little brats who hadn’t even reached the Immortal Ascension Stage, but since they were here to protect him, he had to show some gratitude.

Zuo Wuyou smiled bitterly and shook his head, “This matter was originally directed at me, but now the Holy Child is involved in it, this Zuo is ashamed.”


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