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In a corner of the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, Zhao Yebai stood frozen, his clothes drenched in sweat.

In that instant just now, he had clearly felt the aura of death and had stepped into the gates of hell.

What shocked him even more was that he was unable to move at all just now. Facing his Honored Master’s sudden attack, he had no ability to resist.

In other words, if his master really wanted to kill him, a single shot would be enough!

What kind of astonishing power was this?

One had to know that he was now a peak Eighth Order. After Yang Xue broke through to the Ninth Order, he had asked Yang Xue for guidance. Although neither of them had used their full strength, Zhao Yebai knew that even if he wasn’t Yang Xue’s opponent, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to withstand a few dozen moves from her.

He was also proficient in the Dao of Space, so if he wanted to escape, Yang Xue wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

Among all the Eighth Order Human Race masters, he was one of the strongest.

But even so, in front of his Honored Master’s strength, he was still as insignificant as an ant.

In the end, that spear was blocked by someone. At this moment, Zhao Ya was standing in front of Zhao Yebai, holding her spear horizontally in front of her chest. The Azure Dragon Spear’s tip touched her spear, and the destructive power that should have been able to destroy the heavens and earth disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, Zhao Ya’s face was filled with shock and fear, as well as a trace of confusion. She didn’t even know how she had been able to erupt with such astonishing strength to protect her Eldest Senior Brother under her Honored Master’s spear.

The black ink color on Yang Kai’s body disappeared and he returned to his original appearance. Glancing at the terrified Zhao Ya, he asked, “Do you understand?”

Zhao Ya pursed her lips and replied dryly, “Disciple understands.”

Yang Kai nodded. Among the three disciples, Zhao Yebai’s aptitude was the lowest, while Zhao Ya was the strongest. This kind of strength surpassed almost everyone Yang Kai had ever seen.

Over the past thousands of years, the Star Boundary, the Void World, and the Myriad Monster World had given birth to many good seedlings who had reached the Seventh Order directly, but in terms of cultivation talent, no one could compare to Zhao Ya.

Her comprehension ability was naturally not bad and she had taken some detours on the Spear Principle before, but he believed that this time, her Spear Principle would have a huge breakthrough.

Only then did Yang Kai withdraw his Azure Dragon Spear, causing Zhao Ya to feel as if all the strength in her body had been drained as she collapsed into Zhao Yebai’s arms.

Yang Kai turned to look at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi gulped and stepped forward, “Please enlighten me, HonoredMaster.”

After this incident with the Second Senior Sister, he didn’t know how his Honored Master was going to guide him.

Fortunately, Yang Kai simply raised his hand and condensed the power of his Great Dao, and the Dao of Time was condensed, showing Zhao Yebai the mysteries and true meaning of the Great Dao of Time.

Xu Yi diligently studied it and gained a great harvest.

After half a cup of tea time, Xu Yi bowed respectfully, “Honored Master, Disciple understands.”

Yang Kai nodded.

Looking at the three disciples in front of him, Yang Kai suddenly thought of something and said, “Master once comprehended a Divine Ability. This Divine Ability requires the coordination of the Dao of Space and Time in order to display its power. If Yebai and Xu Yi have time, they may be able to gain some benefits from it.”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand.

The Great Dao of Space rose, the sun rose, the moon rose, and the sun and moon shone brilliantly.

A little more.

The Great Dao of Time flowed.

The two Great Daos appeared at the same time and fused together, immediately producing a profound change. In the interlacing of space and time, the two completely different Great Daos rotated, causing the sun and moon to transform into a spinning top that revolved around each other, displaying a destructive power that could destroy everything in its path.

Zhao Yebai and Xu Yi watched on in awe.

“This is the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. If you want to use it, you fellow disciple need to work together to have a chance.”

The Sun and Moon Divine Seal was an advanced version of this Divine Ability, and with Zhao Yebai and Xu Yi’s current abilities, it was impossible for them to use it. In fact, Yang Kai didn’t even know if they could use this Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

Yang Kai’s two Great Daos combined together made it extremely convenient for him to use them. If the two of them were to work together, he didn’t know if it would work.

However, there was no harm in trying this out. If Zhao Yebai and Xu Yi could really use the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel together, the two of them would be able to use another trump card.

In any case, now that they were trapped here and couldn’t break through in their cultivation, comprehending the Great Dao would bring them some benefits.

Zhao Yebai and Xu Yi nodded and said, “We will remember Honored Master’s teachings and will not disappoint Honored Master.”

Yang Kai said, “I still have some matters to attend to. When the human race army arrives, Wu Kuang will find an opportunity to send you out.”

Saying so, his Divine Sense surged.

Fu Guang flashed over.

“Senior, I must leave now. I’ll have to trouble Senior on the Withdrawing Black Ink Army's side.”

“You want to go there?” Fu Guang obviously noticed something.

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded, “That may be an opportunity, so no matter what, I must go and take a look.”

Fu Guang said worriedly, “You also need to be careful. I don’t know the exact situation, but Wu Kuang told me some information about that place, so it shouldn’t be safe. Don’t fail miserably.”

Yang Kai replied, “I will act accordingly.”

He looked up into the sky, “Wu Kuang, let’s begin.”

“Are you sure you want to go?” Wu Kuang asked.

“Enough nonsense, it’s already come to this, how can we retreat?”

“I can send you there, but in that kind of place, I won’t be able to contribute much. Everything will be up to you.”


“Alright then.” Although Wu Kuang knew that Yang Kai had made this decision long ago, he couldn’t persuade him anymore. Just as Yang Kai said, at this point, there was no room for retreat.

The mist began to condense, enveloping Yang Kai’s body. It was Wu Kuang’s doing with the Great Restriction.

In the next moment, Yang Kai felt that the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion was rapidly moving away from him, just like when he had been brought here by Wu Kuang. His entire body rapidly shuttled through the black ink sea, heading towards a mysterious unknown place.

Regarding the unknown place, Wu Kuang had previously revealed some information to Yang Kai, but it wasn’t very detailed, because Wu Kuang found it difficult to pry into its mysteries.

In fact, if it weren’t for Black Ink’s sudden outburst of power, he wouldn’t even have known that such a special place existed inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

This was a trump card left behind by Mu!

Thousands of years ago, during the Human Race’s first expedition, they had suffered a great loss. The expeditionary forces had suffered heavy losses. Black Ink's true self had awakened and Cang had died from exhaustion. Just as Black Ink was about to escape, Mu’s shadow suddenly appeared.

She had caused Black Ink to fall into a deep sleep once again, protecting the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction that was on the verge of collapse and neutralizing the destruction of the Human Race army, allowing the Human Race to have thousands of years to recuperate.

Everyone thought that Mu’s trump card had been fully activated, even Cang thought so.

Therefore, after realizing that his life was coming to an end, He informed Yang Kai about Shi's existence at the last moment, allowing Yang Kai to find his reincarnation and bring him here to oversee the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

This was the reason why Yang Kai had brought Wu Kuang to this place. Although Shi's reincarnation is not Shi himself, it was still able to display some of the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Reality proved that Wu Kuang had done well these past few years.

Not to mention Wu Kuang, it was Mu’s trump card from the ancient times.

Letting Black Ink fall into a deep sleep was not the last resort.

This method was also hidden in the mysterious unknown place.

Wu Kuang didn’t know what exactly was going on, but he could vaguely sense that there was a key to breaking through this situation there.

In the past, he had wanted Fu Guang to go, but now that the Withdrawing Black Ink Army was in enemy territory, Fu Guang could not leave.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had arrived, Yang Kai was undoubtedly the best candidate.

When Wu Kuang told Yang Kai all the information he had obtained from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the two of them knew that this trip was inevitable.

No matter what Mu’s trump card was, it needed to be verified by someone. Otherwise, once the Black Ink's true body fully awakened, with the Human Race’s current strength, it would be impossible for them to be a match for him. What awaited the Human Race would ultimately be the destruction of their entire race.

In the black ink sea, Yang Kai continued to move forward. With the protection of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Black Ink Clan masters hidden in the void were unable to detect him.

“It's almost there,” Wu Kuang’s voice suddenly rang out.

Yang Kai immediately became vigilant.

Immediately after, he felt as if he had crashed into an invisible barrier and was stuck to it.

The speed was too fast, causing Yang Kai’s entire body to ache.

“Hey Wu Kuang, what’s the situation?” Yang Kai took a step back and asked.

Wu Kuang’s somewhat innocent voice rang out, “I don’t know, but this place seems to refuse entry from any living creature.”

“Then how do I enter?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Wait a moment, let me see.”

While waiting, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and felt something blocking his way. It seemed to be some kind of barrier, but it also didn’t seem so, giving Yang Kai a strange feeling.

Just as he was about to examine it carefully, his palm suddenly felt warm, as if an invisible force was sweeping across his body.

Immediately after, Yang Kai’s palm pierced through the barrier.

Yang Kai was a little surprised as he took a step forward and passed through half of his body.

“Huh? How?” Wu Kuang asked in surprise.

“There seems to be some kind of force that verified my identity and allowed me to pass,” Yang Kai explained as he reminisced about his experience.

“Verified your identity…” Wu Kuang’s voice became thoughtful, “That should be Mu’s method. This place is hidden in the depths of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so it should be to prevent any Black Ink Clan masters from intruding. Only human race can travel through it.”

Although he didn’t know if this was the answer, this was the only explanation he could think of.

“I’m going in,” Yang Kai said.

“Take this.” As Wu Kuang’s voice fell, an object suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s hand. Yang Kai didn’t even have time to examine it before he fell into an unknown place.

The next moment, Yang Kai froze in place.

What he saw was a vast and majestic river that seemed to come from nowhere, or where it was going.

The river was incredibly long and deep, and the waves on its surface churned as the power of many Great Daos merged together. Among them, the aura of the Great Dao of Time and Space was the densest.

The Space-Time River!


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This is interesting I wonder if the time space river is a sign of breaking through to creation realm, If that was created by Mu who was said to be closest to creation Realm out of the 10 great human ancestor.

Visper Ai
Visper Ai
Aug 20, 2023
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Pretty sure it was 9


Jun 21, 2023

Yang Kai had a vision of himself being turned into a Black Ink Disciple and then attacking his family. Seems like this is the perfect place and time for that to happen.

Replying to

No Base on his vision human seem to have lost and was fleeing and YK was chasing so it would be after a battle and Ink Escape from the restriction, Wu Kuang should be Stronger that YK in Heaven beginning restriction plus it was stated that Wu Kuang is already Peak 9th order YK is not yet at peak... this would only happen if Ink is fully awake.


Apr 17, 2023

I'm starting to like rivers.

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