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The order to retreat was quickly relayed, and the Black Ink Clan army maintained a certain order in the midst of their panic, preparing to withdraw.

According to the plan, this Black Ink Clan army should have at least thirty percent of its forces remaining here to restrain the two Giant Spiritual Gods and the Human Race’s Killing Star. Only by doing so would they be able to create enough room for the remaining clansmen to move.

This decision made countless Black Ink Clan masters feel heartache, but there was nothing they could do.

On a universe world, the Pseudo-Royal Lord in charged of the Black Ink Clan stared at the bloody battlefield, his eyes filled with a bone-chilling cold. Even though he knew he had no hope of taking revenge in this life, he still wanted to engrave the image of the Human Race Killing Star in his mind.

“Reporting!” A Feudal Lord suddenly flew over and landed in front of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, hurriedly saying, “Sir, we have found traces of the Human Race’s army!”

The group of Pseudo-Royal Lords were slightly stunned.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord in charge quickly shouted, “Which direction?”

“This way,” The Feudal Lord pointed in a certain direction.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords followed the direction and saw some vague figures in the depths of the void.

The distance was still quite far, so he couldn’t see them clearly, but he was certain they were the Human Race’s army, and there were quite a few of them.

“Very good!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly clenched his fists. This sudden piece of information not only did not frighten him, but instead made him happy.

Regardless of how this Human Race army had managed to cross the distance that would have taken them more than a decade to cross in such a short time, this was exactly what the Black Ink Clan wanted to see.

After escaping from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, their original mission was to assist the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass, coordinate with the Black Ink Clan there, and attack the Human Race, catching them off guard and destroying their forces.

However, this mission had changed since the fall of the No-Return Pass. The only thing they needed to do now was to fight against the Human Race’s great army, regardless of life or death.

The sudden appearance of Yang Kai and the two Giant Spiritual Gods had disrupted their original plans, forcing them to make the decision to split up their forces. Some of them stayed behind to restrain the enemy while others rushed in the direction of the No-Return Pass, hoping to intercept the Human Race army as soon as possible.

No one had expected the Human Race army to arrive here this fast!

This was truly a case of someone delivering a pillow when they were sleepy, so after a moment of shock, many of the Black Ink Clan masters’ fighting intent soared.

With the help of the Killing Star and the two Giant Spiritual Gods, the Human Race had disrupted the formation and deployment of the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements, causing their army to launch a surprise attack. From the looks of it, they had made some preparations, so if they were to fight against such an enemy, they would definitely be doomed.

But… what was there to fear?

Sacrificing everything for the Supreme Master was the reason why the Black Ink Clan was born.

“Reporting!” Another loud shout rang out as the second Feudal Lord landed and hurriedly said, “Sir, we have discovered traces of the Human Race army!”

The Pseudo-Royal Lord in charge nodded, “I already know.”

The Feudal Lord who had reported this news was stunned. He had rushed over as soon as he received the news, so how did the Pseudo-Royal Lords know?

However, he didn’t dare to say anything and could only stand to the side and glance at the first Feudal Lord who had come here. Their eyes met and they seemed to realize something.

“Reporting!” Another Feudal Lord came from another direction.

A moment later, the Pseudo-Royal Lords finally realized that things weren’t as simple as they thought.

The Human Race army had appeared in more than one location.

With the Black Ink Clan’s army’s base as the center, from top to bottom, from left to right, from every direction in the void, there were Human Race armies attacking!

They had been surrounded.

It was difficult to imagine how the Human Race had managed to accomplish such a feat. With the Black Ink Clan’s army of tens of millions here, it was almost impossible to surround such an army without being detected.

It was only now that some of the Pseudo-Royal Lords remembered some of the information they had neglected over the past few days. Some of the mining teams and scouts had not returned on time.

From the looks of it, these missing Black Ink Clans must have been discovered by the Human Race and were conveniently eliminated.

They had never thought that the Human Race would arrive here in such a short time. They were still waiting for the great battle that would take place in a dozen years, so even if the Human Race had completed their encirclement, they had no idea.

“Despicable Human Race!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord flew into a rage. Although he had hoped to fight with the Human Race’s army as soon as possible, this feeling of being schemed against was not something he wanted. After a moment of silence, he ordered, “Pass down my orders, all Black Ink Clan, attack in that direction!”

He pointed in the direction of the No-Return Pass, which was also where the first Feudal Lord who had come to deliver the news had indicated.

The Black Ink Clan had indeed been surrounded, but on the bright side, the Human Race had scattered their forces and divided them into more than a dozen groups. As they surrounded the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements, they also gave the Black Ink Clan a chance to swallow them whole!

As long as their speed was fast enough, with the Black Ink Clan’s current foundation, it would not be a problem for them to take down several Human Race armies. This way, they would be able to cripple the Human Race and allow their expedition to end in failure!

Originally, in order to retreat, the Black Ink Clan had already made preparations. At this moment, with the command of the Pseudo-Royal Lord, the tens of millions of Black Ink Clan immediately split into two groups, one with about thirty percent of their forces remaining to restrain the Giant Spiritual God and the Killing Star named Yang Kai, while the other group with about seventy percent of their forces charged towards a certain Human Race army in the direction of No-Return Pass.

In that direction, it was the Zi Hong Army of the Human Race.

Originally, the Zi Hong Army only had Wu Qing, a Ninth Order in charge, but after the last battle on the No-Return Pass, when the Human Race had given birth to a total of twenty Ninth Order masters, the Zi Hong Army had gained two more Ninth Order masters, one male and one female, these fellow disciple has joined hands all the way from when they were weak to the present. Throughout the entire history of the Human Race, such examples were extremely rare.

Not to mention how difficult it was to break through to the Ninth Order, there weren’t many good seedlings who had the qualifications to advance to the Ninth Order. If it weren’t for the Subtree's benefits, it would usually take hundreds or thousands of years for a good seedling to break through to the Ninth Order. With the difference in age and seniority, how could they have become fellow disciple?

After thousands of years of fighting side by side, this Senior Brother and Junior Sister pair had long since become one. When they were at the Seventh and Eighth Order, they had already become famous on the battlefield. Many Territory Lords had died under their joint efforts, and they had even attracted the attention of Mo Na Ye, secretly setting up traps for them.

In the thousands of years of war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race had given birth to many amazing stories and many dazzling figures. This Senior Brother and Junior Sister pair was only one of them.

At this moment, they were standing together with Wu Qing on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship in front of the army’s front lines, gazing into the depths of the battlefield.

Seeing that the Black Ink Clan’s army was actually charging in this direction, Wu Qing’s face immediately flashed a look of displeasure.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Zi Hong Army seemed to have been treated as a soft persimmon.

“Prepare for battle!” Wu Qing shouted.

The rapidly advancing Zi Hong Army’s formation quickly changed and was quickly arranged.

This wasn’t a defensive formation, but rather an offensive one!

Even if they were facing a powerful enemy several dozen times stronger than their own, the Zi Hong Army was not afraid at all. In the army, every soldier was adjusting their state and preparing to attack.

After thousands of years of countless battles and victories, the entire army had become one.

What rushed towards the Black Ink Clan’s army was not a Zi Hong Army, but a prehistoric beast that could swallow all living things.

Killing intent surged!

The distance between the two armies rapidly shortened.

Suddenly, a multicolored light burst out from Zi Hong’s army and fell upon the Black Ink Clan army.

Almost at the same time, a number of pitch-black Black Ink Clan Secret Techniques flew out from the Black Ink Clan’s army and attacked Zi Hong Army.

The confrontation officially began.

Under the cover of this dazzling light, the auras of many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters began to wither, and even those who were as strong as the Pseudo-Royal Lords didn’t dare lower their guard. All of them were completely focused on dodging and blocking the incoming Secret Techniques. In this kind of situation, any distraction could lead to death.

On the other hand, although Zi Hong Army had suffered some losses in battle, compared to the Black Ink Clan, they were almost negligible.

The Human Race was protected by a Battleship and a Spirit Array, but the Black Ink Clan was not.

In such a situation where the two armies clashed and the Secret Technique and Artifact were the first to be used, the one who was protected by external forces was at an advantage.

It was just like a battle between mortals, where both sides would use a rain of arrows to attack each other. With a shield protecting one side, the losses would naturally be much smaller.

Human Race were the ones with shields!

The Black Ink Clan had obviously realized this as well. While enduring the increasing number of casualties, they also increased their speed. Since they were at a disadvantage in terms of defensive strength, they would engage in close combat to weaken the human race’s defensive strength.

After a few rounds of Secret Techniques, the two armies collided like two ferocious beasts.

In terms of size alone, the Human Race was undoubtedly at an absolute disadvantage, but this round of collision had forcefully stopped the advance of the Black Ink Clan army.

At this moment, Zi Hong Army seemed to have transformed into a boulder, immovable for all eternity.

No one knew how they did it, but they did.

“Black Ink Clan animals, come and accept your death!” Wu Qing’s shout rang out, when he shouted the first word, he was still on the Expelling Balck Ink Battleship. When his last word rang out, he had already rushed into the ranks of the Black Ink Clan’s army by himself and slashed out with his blade, causing the body of one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords to split open. The Pseudo-Royal Lord who had been killed didn’t even have time to react.

Ink blood flew out and the powerful vitality was instantly extinguished.

Countless Black Ink Clan were terrified.

The few nearby Pseudo-Royal Lords who had the courage and determination to sacrifice everything for the Supreme Master were also stunned by Wu Qing’s terrifying aura, their bodies turning cold.

It wasn’t until this moment that they discovered that the Human Race didn’t only have a Killing Star named Yang Kai, but this Ninth Order was also extremely powerful!

Wu Qing was a veteran Ninth Order, after all. Among the current Ninth Order Human Race, in terms of seniority, besides Smiles, no one was older than him.

Smiles was proficient in the Great Dao of Yin and Yang, not killing, but Wu Qing was different.

It could be said that in the current Ninth Order Human Race, besides Yang Kai, Wu Qing was the most powerful individual.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
Jun 06, 2023

"Smiles was proficient in the Great Dao of Yin and Yang, not killing..."

Oh OK, she can freely move within the yin yang space she creates and take lives as if it was grapes, but yeah, she's not good at killing... 🙄

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Not Proficient in the "DOA OF KILLING" doesn't mean she cannot kill, Meaning her Doa is not something like Spear, Sword, Fire, battle, etc Her Doa is Ying Yang which is great at defense and entrapment, which make it more difficult for her to kill her opponent unlike Wu Qng, how do you not get that?


Ben Grem
Ben Grem
Feb 18, 2023

Wu Quig is quite ruthless. I wonder how many moves of Yang Kai he can withstand before losing

kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 18, 2023
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1 sneak attack by Yang Kai and Wu Qing would be dead

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