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From all directions, countless Secret Techniques bombarded the two Giant Spiritual God.

It was the instinct of the Black Ink Clan members who had acted in panic.

As soon as A' Da and A' Er stretched their bodies, they were enveloped by this overwhelming attack.

“Roar!” A’ Da roared, his usually honest face filled with anger.

'A' Da did not do anything.'

'A' Da only appeared here.'

'A' Da was actually beaten up!'

'The Black Ink Clan really was nothing good!'

As he roared, the countless Black Ink Clan Secret Techniques that flew towards him seemed to hit an invisible wall and were all blocked. In the next moment, A’ Da stepped forward and rushed forward.

The behemoth's movements seemed slow and clumsy, but with a single step, it arrived in front of the nearest universe world and punched out.

The Giant Spiritual God was even larger than the Pure Yang Pass, and even standing in front of the universe world, its size was not much different.

When this punch landed on the surface of the universe world, all of the Black Ink Clan members within the range of this punch, regardless of whether they were strong or weak, were reduced to dust. Even one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords was unable to escape this punch.

The powerful Pseudo-Royal Royal Lord had been easily killed by this Giant Spiritual God’s attack!

There were countless other victims.

The surface of the universe world suddenly caved in, and a violent burst of energy burst out, instantly shattering it into pieces.

Countless Black Ink Clan were howling in pain as they tried to escape, but they were caught up in the aftermath of this punch and were unable to struggle.

Crushing a universe world with a single punch was something a Human Race Eighth Order Open Heaven could do, but it was impossible for him to do it so thoroughly and casually.

This was the power of the Giant Spiritual God! In this universe, besides the unfathomable Black Ink’s true body, the Giant Spiritual God had always stood at the peak of individual strength.

Perhaps they weren’t proficient in any kind of Secret Technique or Divine Ability, or perhaps they lacked intelligence, but the Creator had bestowed them with an inherently powerful strength.

While A’ Da was destroying universe world with a single punch, A’ Er wasn’t idle either. He also charged forward, entering the defensive line that the Black Ink Clan had painstakingly set up. With every punch and kick, the universe world would explode and many Black Ink Clan members would die.

In just a few breaths of time, this vast void was filled with Universe Fragments, and the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force that had leaked out after their death was so thick that it could barely dissipate.

It wasn’t until this moment that the Pseudo-Royal Lords finally reacted. On top of the mountains, the Pseudo-Royal Lords began mobilizing their armies to intercept and attack the two Giant Spiritual Gods.

Very soon, it was effective. Although the strength of the Giant Spiritual God was terrifying, there were only two of them, and their target was big. The number of Black Ink Clan reinforcements was massive, so as long as they were deployed appropriately, the combined attack could not be underestimated.

The continuous attacks coming from all directions caused A' Da and A' Er’s figures to sway and their movements to become restricted, further increasing their ferocity.

The Human Race’s army had been able to kill the second Ink Giant Spiritual God in two rounds of battle, so if the Black Ink Clan could arrange things the way the Human Race had, they would likely be able to do the same.

Of course, when the Human Race killed the second Ink Giant Spiritual God, the Ink Giant Spiritual God had already fought with A’ Da and A’ Er, so its injuries were not light. In addition, its movements were hindered, so it was unable to resist the combined attacks of the Human Race’s army. Even the Ink Giant Spiritual God was unable to withstand so many attacks.

At the moment, A’ Da and A’ Er’s situation was naturally much better than the Ink Giant Spiritual God's. Although the Black Ink Clan’s attacks were continuous and had no blind spots, as long as they couldn’t gather an attack that exceeded their ability to bear in an instant, their lives wouldn’t be in danger.

However, with the strength of this group of Black Ink Clan reinforcements, after paying a certain price, it was still possible to repel A' Da and A' Er.

If nothing unexpected happened…

An accident soon came.

The aura of a Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly disappeared from the battlefield!

In such an intense battlefield, the death of a Pseudo-Royal Lord was not a rare occurrence. The moment the Giant Spiritual God attacked, an unlucky Pseudo-Royal Lord died under his fist.

However, what caught the attention of the group of Black Ink Clan masters was that the location where the Pseudo-Royal Lord had fallen was not right. That location was still far from the Giant Spiritual God, so it was impossible for the Giant Spiritual God’s attack to reach it.

What’s more, even if it were to spread over, with the strength of the Pseudo-Royal Lord, how could he not be able to resist the aftershocks?

Before these Black Ink Clan masters who had noticed this could figure it out, the aura of another Pseudo-Royal Royal Lord suddenly disappeared.

Then, the third, the fourth…

The Pseudo-Royal Lords finally realized the problem.

In addition to the two Giant Spiritual Gods, there was also a powerhouse on the battlefield who no one had noticed who was recklessly harvesting the lives of the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

All the Pseudo-Royal Lords were shocked.

“It’s Yang Kai! He’s here!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord shouted.

Previously, when Pure Yang Pass and the two Giant Spiritual Gods had mysteriously appeared, there had been a Great Dao River that stretched across the void, and many Pseudo-Royal Lords had recognized the origins of this Great Dao River. According to the information Mo Na Ye had sent before his death, this was a Great Dao manifestation of a Human Race Killing Star named Yang Kai.

This person was the strongest of the Human Race’s Ninth Order, and was also the person Mo Na Ye had warned to be on guard against. His threat to the Black Ink Clan was even greater than that of the Giant Spiritual God!

When this information was transmitted to them, the Pseudo-Royal Lords of the reinforcements found it hard to believe. No matter how strong a Human Race's cultivation was, how could he pose a greater threat to the Black Ink Clan than a Giant Spiritual God?

However, Mo Na Ye was the Royal Lord after all, so the information he had sent at the last moment of his life forced the reinforcements to take him seriously.

At this moment, the Pseudo-Royal Lords finally realized that Mo Na Ye was probably right.

Although the Giant Spiritual God was powerful, they could still see it. Compared to the Giant Spiritual God, this kind of hidden crisis that could erupt at any moment was the most difficult to guard against.

The startled Pseudo-Royal Lord had only just finished shouting when he suddenly screamed.

Many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters were attracted by this cry and hurriedly turned their eyes over, only to see a figure behind this Pseudo-Royal Lord fading away. At some point, a huge hole had appeared in the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s chest, where the power of the Great Dao lingered, eroding his vitality.

“Don’t let him get away!” One of the Pseudo-Royal Lords shouted as his aura surged towards the void.

Many Pseudo-Royal Lords also reacted and did the same.

Space fluctuated wildly as the figure that should have faded slowly revealed itself. It was a Human Race, holding a long spear in his hand as he leapt into the midst of countless enemies.

“Your reaction is quite good,” This Human said lightly, but none of the Pseudo-Royal Lords could hear any praise from him.

“Hurry up and tie him down!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord who had shouted just now was undoubtedly smarter and knew that this was a rare opportunity. If this Human Race Killing Star was allowed to conceal himself again, who knew how many more Black Ink Clan masters would suffer? Right now, it was best to tie him down and prevent him from finding another opportunity to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lords.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords closest to Yang Kai immediately rushed towards him, each of them attacking from different directions.

The attacks of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were not slow, it was rare for them to coordinate with each other so quickly.

If it were any other Ninth Order Human Race cultivator here, they would immediately fall into a bitter battle.

However, Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged as he stretched out his hand and made a grabbing motion in the air, causing the power of the Great Dao to surge and the sound of scouring water to fill the world.

The long Space-Time River flew out like a whip and danced around his body.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords who had rushed towards him were all shocked and fell into the river like a drowning children. After struggling for a moment, they were slapped away by the waves.

In an instant, the great waves of the river raged as the power of the Great Dao fluctuated. Within the great river, a few figures struggled to survive.

The commotion quickly died down.

Yang Kai waved his hand again and a few figures appeared from the river.

When the many Black Ink Clan masters saw this, all of them were shocked and their faces paled.

This was because the figures who had been thrown out were none other than the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had fallen into the river just now. However, at this moment, all of them had lost their previous imposing manner and all of them were covered in wounds, with no vitality.

In just a few moments, several powerful Pseudo-Royal Royal Lords had died!

What a shocking method!

The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were still rushing towards Yang Kai’s position quickly stopped and rejoiced that they had not been caught up in the strange river, otherwise they would have died.

The Pseudo-Royal Lords hesitated.

Although the news sent by Mo Na Ye had let these Black Ink Clan masters know that this Human Race Killing Star named Yang Kai could not be underestimated, no one had expected this Human Race to be so powerful.

“Nice!” Unlike the panic and fear of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, Yang Kai only felt extremely happy.

Over the past few years, he had been concealing his true strength, and every time he participated in the No-Return Pass battle, he couldn’t use his full strength. It was a terrible feeling.

Although he had not held back in the last battle, facing a powerful existence like the Ink Giant Spiritual God, he was unable to feel the advantage of being strong.

Killing Mo Na Ye had relied on the Thunder Shadow’s Concealment Divine Ability and after that, he had been recovering from injury…

Until today…

With the deaths of several Pseudo-Royal Lords, Yang Kai was finally able to see how much his strength had increased.

In the past, when he used the Space-Time River, even if he could trap them inside, it was impossible for him to kill them so easily, so he had to personally enter the river to fight with his enemies.

But right now, there was no need for that. For example, if a master of the Black Ink Clan at the Pseudo-Royal Lord-level entered the river, his life and death would be in his hands!

This was a change brought about by the increase in one’s cultivation level.

“Kill him!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord shouted as he retreated.

A series of Secret Technique attacks flew towards Yang Kai’s position, but they only hit an afterimage before Yang Kai disappeared again.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord’ Divine Senses fluctuated, but they were unable to detect him at all. In this chaotic battlefield, all kinds of energy fluctuations were mixed together, making it extremely difficult for them to search.

But soon, Yang Kai appeared again, appearing behind the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was giving out orders, the spear in his hand stabbing towards his head.


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