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While waiting nervously, the unique aura of a Ninth Order master began to spread, and as the Small Universe expanded, everyone knew that the first person to successfully break through to the Ninth Order had appeared.

It wasn’t Zheng Wuyou, but another rising star from the Fen Yue Army.

Everyone who was paying close attention to this matter couldn’t help showing a happy expression.

The birth of the first Ninth Order seemed to bring about a series of reactions, and in the next half a day, the second and third Ninth Order had successfully broke through in succession.

On the second day, there were eleven.

The third day, fourteen.

On the fourth day, seventeen!

The success rate of these young geniuses, who had obtained the Subtree's benefits and possessed extreme aptitude, was shockingly high, so up until now, no one had experienced any accidents.

However, there were still six people who were still struggling to break through, causing Yang Kai and the others to become anxious.

Breaking through to the next realm required one to act like a tiger in one go, the longer one delayed, the worse the situation would become.

Now that four days had passed and those who could successfully break through had all broken through, the remaining six would likely experience some kind of setback, causing everyone to feel a sense of helplessness.

When it came to breaking through, no one could help. Everything depended on the hard work and accumulation of these people. If their luck wasn’t bad, they could naturally succeed, just like the seventeen people from before, but luck was something no one could say for certain…

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly turned to a certain empty region where a person was currently circulating his Internal Qi. Behind him, the phantom of a Small Universe was constantly expanding and contracting, as if it was breathing. If everything went smoothly, when the phantom of the Small Universe expanded to its limit, it would break the calm and expand into a new world.

However, under Yang Kai’s attention, he could clearly feel that this cultivator’s strength was somewhat lacking. Knowing that with this person’s background, it would be difficult to succeed, Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. Since ancient times, the path of an Eighth Order breaking through to the Ninth Order was filled with thorns. If someone succeeded, there would naturally be someone who failed.

At a certain moment, when the Small Universe’s phantom expanded again, the sound of something shattering could clearly be heard.

This caused the expressions of all the Ninth Order masters who were paying attention to this man to change, and the cultivator who was attempting to break through also became flustered. Opening his eyes, he wore a bitter expression.

The shattering sounds became more violent, and even the Small Universe’s phantom became difficult to maintain. The Small Universe seemed to be on the verge of collapsing, so the man turned to look in Yang Kai’s direction. After a moment of panic, his expression calmed down and he smiled, preparing to face his final fate.

The next moment, his vision suddenly blurred as Yang Kai, who had been watching from afar, suddenly appeared in front of him and stroked his hair.

The great river is scouring, the waves are surging, the long river of space and time swirling about, the power of space and time suppress the universe, everything seemed to freeze, including the collapse of the Small Universe.

The man looked up at Yang Kai in surprise, “Dao Master?”

Yang Kai looked down at him and smiled, “Are you in such a hurry to die?”

The man was somewhat ashamed and lowered his head, not daring to look into Yang Kai’s eyes, “I tried my best, I failed to live up to Dao Master’s expectations.”

Yang Kai was silent for a moment before saying, “Look at me, Wang Chang!”

The man suddenly raised his head in surprise, “Does Dao Master remember me?”

Although he had come from the Void Dojo, ever since he had been brought out of it and saw Yang Kai, he had never had much contact with him. He was not proficient in the Dao of Time, nor was he proficient in the Dao of Space. What he cultivated was the Dao of Spear, so he was not qualified to be selected to join the Void Guard. Over the years, he had never received any attention or care from Yang Kai.

Originally, he had thought that, like the Dao Master who cared about the world and the fate of his people, the only thing he worried about was the survival of the Human Race. Even though he was born in the Void Dojo, he was still bound by a layer of prestige, so the Dao Master had never taken special care of the disciples who came from the Void Dojo.

Unexpectedly, the Dao Master had called out his name today.

“I remember each and every one of you,” Yang Kai said softly, “The survival of the 3000 Worlds has nothing to do with you. I was the one who brought you out from the Void Dojo and threw you into this cruel and bloody battlefield to contribute to the continued existence of the Human Race. If you want to say about shame, I should be the one feeling ashamed.”

Wang Chang quickly said, “It is our honor to serve Dao Master.”

“I know,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, “All of you have done well and have never let me down.”

Wang Chang’s expression dimmed, “Disciple is unable to break through to the Ninth Order, the Small Universe is about to collapse…”

“What about Ninth Order, what about Eighth Order? When you were an Eighth Order, didn’t you still kill your enemies? Your Eldest Senior Brother Miao’s aptitude was limited, so unless he could obtain a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, he would never be able to break through to the Ninth Order. It’s not that you didn’t work hard enough to break through to the Ninth Order, it’s just that fate didn’t favor you,” Yang Kai comforted.

Changing the topic, Yang Kai shouted, “I only have one question for you. Even if you end your path to the Ninth Order, will you still be able to uphold your original aspirations and dedicate yourself to the Human Race to rid the world of evil?”

Wang Chang muttered, “Of course I am willing, but Dao Master… my Small Universe is about to collapse, can I still live?”

Small Universe was the foundation of the Open Heaven Stage. If the Small Universe collapsed, that cultivator would definitely die.

Yang Kai grinned, “Are you dead now?”

“Not yet,” Wang Chang shook his head, feeling that this answer was a bit funny.

“If you are willing to live, you can naturally live, but if you are unwilling, no one can save you!”

Hearing this, Wang Chang seemed to understand something, his gloomy eyes flashing once more as he shouted, “Please save me, Dao Master!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and turned to look at the Small Universe behind him. After pondering for a moment, he pointed his finger and the Space-Time River which had sealed the surrounding area began to rapidly surge.

In the distant void, Mi Jinglun and the others were watching the commotion, each of them heartbroken. After twenty-three cultivators qualified to advance to the Ninth Order, one failed after seventeen people succeed.

At this critical moment, failure was equivalent to death!

However, just as everyone was quietly waiting for the judgment of fate, they suddenly saw a Space-Time River appear in front of them, accompanied by the fluctuations of the Space Great Dao.

Only now did everyone realize that Yang Kai had run over.

No one knew why Yang Kai had run over at this time, but before they could even get a good look, the Space-Time River suddenly disappeared and Yang Kai returned to his original position.

It was as if he had never left.

Only his face was slightly paler than before.

“Junior Brother, you…” Mi Jinglun was stunned.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Ouyang Lie suddenly shouted from the side, scaring Mi Jinglun so much that he swallowed his words.

Following his gaze, the Ninth Order masters all revealed looks of shock, only to see that the collapse of the Small Universe on Wang Chang’s side had strangely disappeared, along with the image of the Small Universe that had appeared behind him. Correspondingly, there was no longer any movement of breaking through from Eighth Order to Ninth Order from Wang Chang’s side, but his aura had become somewhat weak and his vitality had been greatly damaged.

Many thoughts flashed across Mi Jinglun’s mind as he stared at Yang Kai in shock, “What did Junior Brother do?”

No matter what Yang Kai did, from the looks of it, the dead Wang Chang had been rescued, but his breakthrough had failed.

However, compared to dying, this was undoubtedly a good result. At the very least, Wang Chang was able to preserve his life and remain useful.

Yang Kai replied, “I crippled his several hundred years of cultivation.”

“Is that even possible?” Ouyang Lie’s eyes couldn’t help widening. He had never seen or heard of such a bizarre occurrence before. He only felt that there were always some strange things happening around Yang Kai.

Xiang Shan frowned and said, “Even if you cripple his several hundred years cultivation, how can you save his life when the Small Universe is about to collapse?”

“In the stagnant space-time, there are many things that can be done, so I’m just trying. At least it have some use,” Yang Kai explained casually.

Everyone suddenly understood.

Just now, they had only seen Yang Kai rush over to Wang Chang’s side and then instantly return, but in reality, Yang Kai had spent more than an instant in that frozen space. He must have made many preparations and used many methods to suppress Wang Chang’s advancement and save his life.

This kind of action was truly amazing.

However, wanting to freeze time and space was not an easy task. Whether it was the Space Great Dao or the Time Great Dao, they were both extremely obscure and profound. In this world, perhaps only Yang Kai could use such a method.

“What kind of repercussions are there?” Mi Jinglun asked excitedly. Originally, he had been worried that some of these cultivators who had broken through would die, but now that Yang Kai had such methods, he could save their lives. These soldiers who had dedicated thousands of years of their lives to the Human Race, even if they died, they should die on the battlefield and win their own glory, not die on the road to breaking through!

The only thing he needed to worry about now was whether there would be any repercussions from this method.

“It’s impossible for him to break through the bottleneck in his life and break through to the Ninth Order. If he’s lucky, he might be able to return to the peak of the Eighth Order, but if he’s unlucky, he can only maintain his current state,” Yang Kai explained.

After all, he had crippled Wang Chang’s several hundred years of cultivation and directly caused his cultivation to fall from the peak of the Eighth Order. This kind of man-made destruction had already damaged Wang Chang’s foundation.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai had spoken so much to Wang Chang earlier. For a proud son of Heaven who had a chance to stand at the peak of the Martial Dao, struggling at death’s door was nothing. The greatest pain and torture was the severing of one’s Martial Dao path.

If Wang Chang was unable to let go of his current situation, he would one day walk towards destruction. Only by letting go of his obsession would Yang Kai’s rescue become meaningful.


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