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As the first to break through to the Ninth Order, Shi Dazhuang’s breakthrough could be said to be a sign that the Human Race had finally overcome their difficult situation, and more Ninth Order masters would be born in the future.

However, after Shi Dazhuang and Tang Tao broke through to the Ninth Order, the Human Race no longer had any new Ninth Order masters.

At this moment, after the fall of the second Ink Giant Spiritual God and the Human Race’s victory, Zheng Wuyou finally showed signs of breaking through!

“The long-suffering suppression can finally be released, the turbulence of one’s state of mind can affect one’s vitality, and with enough accumulation, breaking through this barrier is a matter of course,” Mi Jinglun looked in that direction and said softly.

Yang Kai said thoughtfully, “If that’s the case, there might be more than one person who can break through this time!”

In terms of time alone, many of those who had the qualifications to advance to the Ninth Order had reached their limits, but breaking through was not so easy. Most of the time, one had to look at opportunities, perhaps an epiphany, perhaps a sudden event, or perhaps a long journey…

Among all these opportunities, no matter which one it was, it would cause one’s state of mind to fluctuate and affect their breakthrough.

Because of this great victory of the Human Race, Zheng Wuyou had encountered the opportunity to break through.

If he could do this, then it was not impossible for the other good seedlings who had accumulated enough resources to do so.

That was why Yang Kai had made such a deduction.

As if to verify his guess, as soon as he spoke, a similar aura fluctuation came from another direction.

The second Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had comprehended a breakthrough opportunity had appeared!

Luo Tinghe turned her head towards that direction and happily said, “It’s the Chi Huo Army, I’ll go!”

An Eighth Order and Ninth Order was a threshold, and after crossing it, one would have the qualifications to stand at the peak of the Martial Dao and look down upon all living things, but crossing this threshold was not easy. At this time, the guidance of a senior was extremely important, so when Zheng Wuyou’s aura fluctuated, Ouyang Lie had rushed over.

As the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, this was his duty.

However, since the Chi Huo Army did not have a Ninth Order master, Luo Tinghe took the initiative to intervene.

This was not the end. In the next half an incense stick’s worth of time, the Human Race’s various armies began to show signs of breaking through from the Eighth Order.

This final battle with the No-Return Pass Black Ink Clan was like a great medicine. With the Human Race’s great victory, it was a great opportunity for the younger generation to break through.

Yang Kai and the other shuttled back and forth, each of them in charge of several Eighth Order masters, imparting them their experience of breaking through and instructing them on what to take note of.

Everyone naturally took note of this. This was the most important moment of their lives, so no one dared to be careless.

Although they had consumed a lot of energy during the battle, it was fortunate that everyone had made ample preparations for this moment, so as long as they could recover slightly, they would be able to break through.

A moment later, the Pure Yang Pass closed and all the Ninth Order cultivators gathered once more, staring at the various locations in the sky with solemn expressions. Each of the Eighth Order cultivators who were about to break through were in their respective positions, ensuring that they would not be disturbed by anyone else.

Everything was prepared. Whether they could successfully advance to the Ninth Order depended on their own luck.

Breaking through to the Ninth Order wasn’t an easy task. Since ancient times, many Human Race sages had stopped here, and from the fact that there were only a hundred or so Ninth Order masters at the peak of the Human Race’s strength, it could be seen that in the past millions of years, there had been more than a handful of Human Race who had been qualified to break through to the Ninth Order.

Not everyone who was qualified to advance to the Ninth Order could successfully break through.

However, compared to the Human Race’s Ancestors, the current rising talents all had an advantage that the Ancestors had never had before, which was the feedback from the Subtree. The miraculous feedback force made their aptitudes extremely outstanding, and the Small Universe was also more stable, so the risk of breaking through was often smaller.

In recent years, the Human Race’s Eighth Order had broken through to the Ninth Order, and there had never been a precedent of them dying. Not to mention that Xiang Shan, Ouyang Lie, and the others had all relied on the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, Wei Junyang, Luo Tinghe had all relied on themselves to break through, while Shi Dazhuang and Tang Tao’s breakthroughs had been smooth sailing.

“Twenty-three!” Even though he was exhausted, Mi Jinglun’s face was still flushed red, his eyes filled with excitement, “This is truly a blessing to our Human Race!”

Originally, the Human Race being able to take down the No-Return Pass Black Ink Clan and exterminate them while also killing two Ink Giant Spiritual God was already the best way to comfort the soldiers who had died thousands of years ago. No one had expected that after this battle, there would be a total of twenty-three Eighth Order cultivators who were about to break through.

As such, the strength of the Human Race would greatly increase, which would be of great help to the upcoming expedition.

Currently, the Human Race’s overall strength was not weak, with only a small number of Ninth Order masters, but from the looks of it, this disadvantage could be made up for.

The Human Race’s Twelve Great Army had always had four Great Armies without a Ninth Order master in charge. Although they had more Holy Spirits to supplement their strength, not having a Ninth Order master in charge was always a disadvantage.

This was great. After these Eighth Order cultivators broke through, each army would have at least three Ninth Order master.

The strength of the Human Race’s armies would experience an explosive growth.

Mi Jinglun was even considering if he should divide the twelve main armies into even more. After all, the number of soldiers in each army was quite large, and if he were to divide them up, it would be easier to display the overall strength of the Human Race.

Of course, this was just a spur of the moment idea. If he really wanted to act, he would need to discuss it with the Ninth Order masters.

During war, he could command the entire army with a single word, but when it came to matters concerning the future of the Human Race, he would not act arbitrarily.

“Let’s hope everything goes smoothly,” Ouyang Lie said softly from the side. With so many people breaking through to the Ninth Order, it was likely that since the recent era when the Human Race had mastered the Open Heaven Method, there will always be someone who had managed to failed the break through to the Ninth Order. The only result of failing to break through to the Ninth Order was death, so during this celebration, he was somewhat worried.

These twenty-three people were all elites of the Human Race, so losing any one of them would be painful.

Twenty-three people were currently accumulating strength to try to break through, while the army was reorganizing, cleaning up the battlefield, and taking inventory of the spoils.

After all these years of war, the Human Race generally used as many resources as they could, especially since Yang Kai’s cultivation requirements were extremely high, almost equal to the price they invested for the war.

As such, even if three million soldiers were scattered throughout the Ink Battlefield to mine resources, the Human Race didn’t have much left.

Fortunately, the No-Return Pass Black Ink Clan still had some reserves. For thousands of years, the Black Ink Clan had occupied the Heavens and the Ink Battlefield, constantly mining resources and nurturing their clansmen. Even though they had spent a lot of resources, they still had a large amount of reserves.

Soon, a stream of information gathered from all directions.

Mi Jinglun first investigated the battle losses, and although he had a rough idea of what had happened, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief when he saw this result.

The Human Race army’s losses were much lower than expected!

Originally, when Yang Kai returned from the depths of the Ink Battlefield and decided to launch the final decisive battle with Mi Jinglun, the two of them had been prepared for the Human Race’s army to suffer heavy losses.

However, there was nothing they could do about it. The Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements were rushing over, and if the Human Race couldn’t quickly take down the No-Return Pass, they would face the fate of being attacked from both front and back. At that time, the entire army might be destroyed.

However, after this decisive battle, the losses suffered were acceptable. The Human Race’s losses were not small, but they were far less severe than expected.

The biggest reason was that this decisive battle had not lasted long!

This was especially true for the first Ink Giant Spiritual God. Yang Kai and A' Da had worked together to kill it in just a few dozen breaths, greatly shaking the morale of the Black Ink Clan.

Soon after, Mo Na Ye’s death caused the morale of the Black Ink Clan to fall even lower, causing the situation to become chaotic.

With this swift and decisive action, the losses of the Human Race army were naturally minimized.

Of course, the two thousand Eighth Order Small Stone Race had also contributed greatly with the Light of Purification. At that time, the Light of Purification had not only severely wounded the Ink Giant Spiritual God, all of the Black Ink Clan soldiers who had been close to the source of the Light of Purification had been wiped out in an instant. All of the Black Ink Clan soldiers on the battlefield had been contaminated by the Light of Purification and had lost some of their strength.

These unexpected changes were the foundation for the Human Race's victory.

After Mi Jinglun finished reading the battle report, he handed it over to Yang Kai, who glanced over it and let out a sigh of relief.

The losses weren’t small, but they weren’t too big, and they still had the strength for the expedition! If they lost more than half of their forces in this battle, even the expedition would be of little use.

It had to be known that along the way, there were still tens of millions of Black Ink Clan reinforcements waiting for the Human Race. This was another difficult hurdle.

Next, as long as these twenty-three Eighth Order master could consolidate their cultivation and reorganize their forces, they would be able to embark on an expedition!

Yang Kai stared into the depths of the void, his brow filled with worry.

Even now, he still didn’t know what had happened to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and what had happened to the Withdrawing Black Ink Army.

His family and disciples were all there, so it would be a lie to say he wasn’t worried. If it was possible, when he found out about the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements, he would rush to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

But he couldn’t go.

As the Human Race’s strongest Ninth Order, if he were to go, the battle on the No-Return Pass would not end so easily.

Between kinship and righteousness, there was always a trade-off.

The only thing he was certain of now was that even though there was a problem with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it was still being maintained. Otherwise, it would be impossible for there to be no Royal Lords among the Black Ink Clan's reinforcements.

This was the only consolation Yang Kai had.

As time passed, the auras of the twenty-three people in the void constantly fluctuated. Each of them had a faint shadow of their own Small Universe behind them. As their auras fluctuated and their auras continued to rise, the bottleneck was gradually broken and the Small Universe territory, which had already expanded to its limit, began to expand once again!


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Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres
29 de fev.

Of course a bunch of new 9th orders would pop up, and they immediately don their “red shirts”. How else will the author prove how impossibly scary the big bad is if he doesn’t have a bunch new random 9th orders to slaughter?


And thinking about things shouldn't the small stone race be able to be used as an ink detector given how they react?

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Yea but it's not like the range is that great, plus it is not needed since the void Guards are already monitoring the situation.


Rob Moore
Rob Moore
14 de abr. de 2023

Yeah I fe lot this way when they wasted all the expelling black ink ships. Now it’s harder to cure everyone.


Rudiansyah R
Rudiansyah R
11 de abr. de 2023

Is there no Black Ink Disciple among these 23 ??

Even YK, the strongest 9th order was nearly turned into a Black Ink Disciple by the Supreme Clone, let alone them.

Didn't you say before the war begin that each armies that doesn't have a 9th order leader having a candidate that could promote to 9th order in the near future?

I thought it would be around 5 people at most. Impossible to have 23.

So I think some among them are 8th order Black Ink Disciples that being turned at the last minute by the Supreme Clone.

And that explains why he's so weak. Probably after turning some people instantly.

10 de ago. de 2023
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They can see their small universe, it get open when they attends 9th order

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