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Nearly four thousand years ago, the Black Ink Clan’s army had arrived and invaded the Spatial Territory, using it as a springboard to invade the 3000 Worlds.

This was the prelude to the fall of the Heavens.

Since then, the original masters of the 3000 Worlds, the Human Race, had been trapped in a corner of the world. The shroud of despair and darkness had allowed the Human Race to develop their will and develop for thousands of years, struggling to survive. The endless battles had caused countless soldiers to die, and today, they had finally been able to reap the benefits.

In this battle, the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass were nearly wiped out!

This battle signified that the Human Race had regained the ability to resist the Black Ink Clan.

This was a battle that would be recorded in the annals of history and be revered by future generations!

The pressure and humiliation they had been suppressing for so long had been fermenting in the chests of every Human Race soldier. When the last Black Ink Clan soldier fell, the soldiers could no longer suppress the joy in their hearts, and the shouts and cheers that tore through the void rang out…

The war was not over yet.

There was also an Ink Giant Spiritual God that was stubbornly resisting.

However, anyone could see that it was only struggling to survive.

With the Giant Spiritual God A’ Da and A’ Er working together to restrain it, it was impossible for this Ink Giant Spiritual God to escape. Next, the Human Race only needed to make appropriate arrangements and coordinate with the two Giant Spiritual God to completely kill this Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The Human Race army, which had just won a great victory, didn’t delay for too long. In fact, they didn’t even have time to count their losses before all of the exhausted soldiers began to move under the command of the Head Office.

The Human Race’s twelve armies were like twelve unstoppable torrents that sealed the surrounding void, and at the center of this void was the battlefield between the two Giant Spiritual God and the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

All of the surviving Battleships of the Great Army had been woven into a massive fleet, and the various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts on the Battleships were secretly accumulating their power as they shot towards the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

In such a situation, even someone as powerful as the Ink Giant Spiritual God couldn’t help feeling despair.

It knew that this time it would not be able to survive no matter what.

In fact, when the first Ink Giant Spiritual God was killed by Yang Kai and A' Da, it had already wanted to escape, but at that time, A' Er had been fighting with all his might, making it difficult for it to escape. When A' Da came to support, it was even harder to escape.

At this moment, the Human Race’s army of tens of millions had formed an encirclement. This was the entirety of the Human Race’s current combat strength. If they couldn’t even deal with the Ink Giant Spiritual God, what kind of expedition would they have in the future?

As the Pure Yang Pass closed, Mi Jinglun and the other Ninth Order masters waited silently. The void suddenly rippled and after the ripples passed, Yang Kai’s figure appeared.

All the Ninth Order masters turned to look at him and nodded slightly, their eyes filled with admiration.

In terms of seniority and age, Yang Kai was perhaps inferior to most Ninth Order masters, with the exception of Shi Dazhuang and Tang Tao, who had just recently broken through to the Ninth Order.

But in terms of strength, he is undoubtedly the strongest Human Race!

If Mi Jinglun was said to be the strongest brain of the Human Race, then Yang Kai was the sharpest blade of the Human Race. The fall of the previous Ink Giant Spiritual God could be said to be 70% of Yang Kai's strength, while the remaining thirty percent was made up for by A' Da.

“Are you ready?” Yang Kai asked.

Mi Jinglun nodded, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Yang Kai stared deeply at the Ink Giant Spiritual God and said, “Then let’s begin.”

Mi Jinglun immediately made a hand gesture, and the bloodstained herald behind him immediately issued the order.

At the same time, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged as he transmitted a few words.

On the battlefield that had been sealed by the Human Race’s army, the three behemoths continued to fight, each time they clashed, the aftershocks of their attacks would spread out. In a two versus one battle, A’ Da and A’ Er were able to gain the upper hand, while the Ink Giant Spiritual God was battered by their combined attacks. Its entire body was covered in wounds, and even one of its legs was slightly twisted, as if its bones had been broken.

The strength of the Giant Spiritual God and the Ink Giant Spiritual God was almost the same. In a one-on-one fight, neither of them could defeat the other. This could be seen from all the previous battles. A’ Er and his opponent had fought in the Spatial Territory for thousands of years, but the victor had yet to be decided.

In this kind of evenly matched battle, if there was another powerhouse of the same level joining in, the side with the advantage in numbers would definitely gain the upper hand.

Even so, it was not easy to kill the other party. Even A' Da and A' Er had to be cautious when facing such a powerful enemy.

Fortunately, they still had the Human Race’s reinforcements.

When Yang Kai sent a voice transmission to him, A’ Da was stunned for a moment, but A’ Er immediately understood and shouted towards his brother, “Go!”

Saying so, he kicked the Ink Giant Spiritual God's chest.

This kick sent the Ink Giant Spiritual God tumbling through the air while A' Er borrowed the momentum to retreat. Although A' Da’s reaction was a bit slow, he still has two good points.

One was to listen to his brother.

The second was to listen to Yang Kai.

At this moment, he naturally followed the flow and took advantage of the moment when the Ink Giant Spiritual God's ure became unstable to quickly retreat.

After the two Giant Spitual God clear enough space, the void suddenly trembled as countless powerful auras rose.

In the next instant, tens of millions of streaks of light shot out from all directions like a torrential storm towards the massive body of the Ink Giant Spiritual God. The multi-colored lights interweaved with each other in a dazzling display.

At this moment, the power of the Spirit Arrays and Artifacts on the Human Race’s Battleships had been activated, and the Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities of the Human Race’s masters were being used to their heart’s content.

At the center of the collision, the Ink Giant Spiritual God's angry roar rang out.

For a powerful life form like the Ink Giant Spiritual God, ordinary attacks wouldn’t be of much use. Even a Ninth Order Human Race Divine Ability wouldn’t be able to harm them.

However, when the number of these attacks reached a certain point, they would erupt in an instant and the power they gathered would be impossible to ignore.

If there were too many ants, they could still kill an elephant, not to mention the elite soldiers of the Human Race who had survived many battles.

The light did not dissipate for a long time, and before the first wave of attacks had finished, the second wave had arrived.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God's roar came to an abrupt halt, and at the same time, everyone noticed that in the center of the interweaving light, a powerful aura suddenly disappeared.

On the Pure Yang Pass, the Ninth Order Human Race masters all wore stunned expressions, even Yang Kai was surprised.

After a moment of shock, Mi Jinglun raised his hand.

From this direction, the Human Race army’s attacks quickly subsided, as if it was a signal. From all directions, the attacks gradually ceased.

Even though the attacks had stopped, the dazzling light continued for several dozen breaths before gradually dissipating.

Pairs of eyes stared into the void in front of them, but they couldn’t even see the Ink Giant Spiritual God's figure anymore. There was only a thick mass of black ink clouds and a few broken corpses.

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow.

This second Ink Giant Spiritual God had died just like that!

He had died under the combined attacks of the Human Race army.

After a moment of silence, Mi Jinglun said, “It seems we have overestimated it.”

Originally, Yang Kai had planned to first weaken the power of the Ink Giant Spiritual God before slowly grinding it to death. In any case, the twelve Human Race armies had already sealed off the surrounding void, and with the support of the two Giant Spiritual God, the Ninth Order Human Race masters were already in position, so the Ink Giant Spiritual God could not escape.

Only death awaited it!

Who would have thought that before these arrangements could even take effect, the second Ink Giant Spiritual God would be smashed to pieces, making it seem like he was making a big deal out of nothing.

On the side, the pale Xiang Shan said, “There’s nothing wrong with being careful.”

It wasn’t that the Human Race had overestimated the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but the Human Race had never had such a good opportunity to deal with it.

It had to be known that this was an all-out attack from the Human Race, and the fact that the Ink Giant Spiritual God was able to survive the first round showed just how powerful it was.

The battlefield once again fell into a strange silence…

This sudden change caused every Human Race soldier to be in disbelief.

Until Mi Jinglun’s voice resounded throughout the battlefield.

“The Human Race has won!”

After a few breaths of silence, an even fiercer wave of cheers swept out.

Before this, they had completely exterminated the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass and had basically won the battle, but there was still the Ink Giant Spiritual God that needed to be dealt with, so it could not be considered the end of the battle.

At this moment, the second Ink Giant Spiritual God had also been destroyed, and the victory of the Human Race army had finally arrived.

From this moment on, the Human Race had truly taken back the No-Return Pass and regained control of the 3000 Worlds, no longer having to worry about the Black Ink Clan invading.

Excitement and joy filled every soldier’s heart, and many of the surviving soldiers wept bitterly, not because they could survive, but because the fallen comrade couldn't see the Human Race victory with them.

The soldiers vented their emotions…

“Huh?” Yang Kai suddenly turned his head towards a certain direction, his eyes filled with joy.

In that direction, among the cheering army, the aura of one person was violently surging, as his aura fluctuated, his aura rapidly rose.

The man obviously realized what was about to happen and looked up towards Pure Yang Pass.

Beside him, many soldiers also noticed this and many of them showed envious looks.

Ouyang Lie laughed loudly, “It’s my Mysterious Nether Army’s Zheng Wuyou, I’ll go give him some pointers.”

Saying so, he ignored his exhausted body and the wounds all over his body and rushed over with a big smile.

Without a doubt, this man named Zheng Wuyou was showing signs of breaking through from the Eighth Order. In other words, he was about to break through to the Ninth Order!

This was good news.

More than thirty years ago, after Shi Dazhuang and Tang Tao had broken through to the Ninth Order, there had been no new Ninth Order masters from the Human Race.

However, every Human Race upper echelon knew that Shi Dazhuang and Tang Tao’s advancement was only the beginning. After them, more Ninth Order masters would be born, and this would be a continuous process.

This was because after the back-feeding ability of the Subtree had been revealed, many good seedlings had been continuously born.


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Why does that feel too easy, When the Holy spirit was at their Apex they couldn't kill it not even the 100+ peak 9th order self destruction didn't to that much damage, something is not right her, I know A'Da and A'ER did some damage but still.

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Eddy Medeiros
Eddy Medeiros
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what about the Ouyang Lie's discipline? He was already 7th order when YK was 6th order.

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Considering that Shi Dazhuang was a Great Emperor it really doesn't seem like he was much faster than Tang Tao and this new one. Author keeps saying the Star Boundary Great Emperors have this huge advantage, but I'm not seeing it.

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Risposta a

You have the to take into consideration Shi wasn't in the star boundary cultivating all year round, it was also on the battle field another factor is getting to 8th order is easy for greater emperor but to ninth order it's not only about accumulation, it also comprehension and opportunity in that regards the playing field is level also it was stated Shi was deliberated cultivating slow to strengthen his foundation, it was implied that shi had a more solid foundation than Tang Tao which mean he is stronger and can go further.

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kiznaive 28
17 giu 2023

Black Ink still exist

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