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The intense pain caused Mo Na Ye’s face to contort as he grit his teeth and said, “I’m laughing because you humans know nothing about the power of the Supreme Master. No matter how you struggle, it will be meaningless. All of your efforts will ultimately be for naught!”

These words seemed to be a statement of fact, but also like a vicious curse, more like an expectation of the future.

Yang Kai couldn’t help snorting coldly, “Your ability isn’t great, but your tone is quite arrogant.”

Mo Na Ye frowned, “Brother Yang…”

The spear in Yang Kai’s hand suddenly trembled as he interrupted him, a look of disgust appearing on his face, “Who is your Brother Yang? Do you think you have the qualifications to call me brother?”

Mo Na Ye showed a stunned look and said, “I thought…”

Yang Kai cut him off again, “For so many years, you and I have fought, and each has their winning field, so do you think that as opponents, we should appreciate each other?”

“Shouldn’t we?” Mo Na Ye asked.

The look of disgust on Yang Kai’s face became even stronger, “It seems you’re the one who doesn’t know anything! I, Yang Kai, have been cultivating for thousands of years and have encountered many powerful opponents. There are indeed some that are worthy of my appreciation, because it was those opponents who urged me to forge ahead and reach this point step by step, but that doesn’t include you, it doesn’t include any of the Black Ink Clan! For all Human Race, the Black Ink Clan is their mortal enemy, so I can only kill them!”

Mo Na Ye was silent for a moment before suddenly realizing something, “Only when one is an opponent can they appreciate one another, but when one is a mortal enemy, they cannot.”

“It seems you understand. Since that’s the case, answer me, where did the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements come from? Did something happen to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction? You only have one chance to speak!” Yang Kai’s cold words were like a cold winter wind.

Mo Na Ye’s lips curled into a mocking smile as he looked towards Mi Jinglun and said lightly, “Black Ink Will Live Forever!”

A violent force suddenly erupted from Mo Na Ye’s chest, causing the power of three thousand Great Daos to surge violently. This Royal Lord who had dominated the overall situation of the Black Ink Clan for thousands of years suddenly exploded into pieces, blood and severed limbs flying everywhere.

Mo Na Ye died!

Yang Kai had warned him that he only had one chance to speak, but he didn’t intend to reveal any valuable information, so Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t show any mercy. Moreover, no matter what kind of answer he gave, it would be difficult for him to escape death this time.

It was impossible for Yang Kai to give him a chance to escape. Seven hundred years ago, he had failed to kill Mo Na Ye in the Universe Furnace world, so he had always felt regretful. Later, when the Universe Furnace closed, he had thought he still had a chance to kill Mo Na Ye, but who would have thought that he would be taken to the end of the world by the Universe Furnace, allowing him to escape this calamity.

Mo Na Ye was well aware of this, and Yang Kai had also expected this.

All this time, Mo Na Ye’s greatest threat to the Human Race had not been his Royal Lord-level cultivation, but rather his ability to dominate all the heads of the Black Ink Clan. If he had not commanded the entire Black Ink Clan, this battle would not have been so difficult. It could be said that Mo Na Ye had caused the Human Race army to pay at least thirty percent more casualties.

At this moment, this Black Ink Clan Royal Lord had finally reached the end of his life!

Mi Jinglun raised his hand and grabbed one of the severed limbs. It was none other than the remains of Mo Na Ye’s corpse. Opening the other party’s clenched hand, he pulled out an Ink Nest.

Looking up at Yang Kai, he asked, “Is this why you tricked him?”

With the help of the Void Guard, the Human Race had discovered the movements of the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements, which was why they had decided to launch this decisive battle.

Mo Na Ye had some guesses about this, but he couldn’t be completely certain, so he wanted to obtain a confirmation before he died.

Logically speaking, since Mo Na Ye was about to die, even if he told him the answer, it wouldn’t matter. After all, a dead person couldn’t do anything, but when he asked that question, Yang Kai acted like he didn’t know anything, and seeing him act like this, Mi Jinglun quickly cooperated.

In the end, even after Mo Na Ye was killed, he still couldn’t figure out whether the Human Race had learned about the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements beforehand.

Yang Kai nodded, “Just in case!”

Although admitting to this matter didn’t really matter, no one knew what kind of change it would bring to the situation, so Yang Kai had always maintained his principles. If his enemies wanted to know, he would never let them know.

However, from the fact that Mo Na Ye was still holding onto the Ink Nest before his death, the news of the No-Return Pass must have already reached the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements. The reinforcements also knew that their existence had been exposed and even knew that an Ink Giant Spiritual God had died in battle.

This caused Yang Kai to sigh helplessly. After he and A' Da had joined forces to kill the Ink Giant Spiritual God, he had immediately entered the No-Return Pass and destroyed all of the Ink Nests in order to prevent any news from escaping, but from the looks of it, he had not been able to completely prevent it.

The Ink Nest was an extremely convenient source of information transmission.

The only thing he could rejoice about right now was that the Black Ink Clan reinforcements didn’t know about the existence of the Void Guard and Space Arrays, nor did they know about the situation on the battlefield.

Right now, these reinforcements who were still flying through the void only had two choices to face. The first was to speed up their journey to the No-Return Pass, hoping that the battle would not end before their reinforcements arrived. At that time, they would be able to help the Black Ink Clan and perhaps even salvage the situation.

The second method was naturally to stand guard on the spot and set up an inescapable net, waiting for the Human Race army to fall into their trap.

However, no matter what they chose, they could not stop the fate of the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass!

With the death of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the outcome of this battle had already been decided.

Mi Jinglun clenched his fists and destroyed the Ink Nest, gently waving his feather fan as he said, “Junior Brother, please heal your injuries for the time being. I’m afraid you’ll have to contribute with the other Ink Giant Spiritual God. As for the rest, you don’t need to worry about it, you’ve already done enough.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before nodding slightly, “Good!”

After killing the Ink Giant Spiritual God and Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai had consumed a great deal of energy, so he really needed some time to recover. Although this battle had been decided, if he wanted to finish off the remaining Ink Giant Spiritual God, he would need to deal with it first. That thing was not easy to deal with. If the first Ink Giant Spiritual God had not been too careless, it would not have fallen so quickly.

After Mi Jinglun left, Yang Kai focused on recuperating. He didn’t put up any defensive measures and simply sat down cross-legged in the void, not afraid of any Black Ink Clan masters attacking him…

When the aura of this Royal Lord-level master, Mo Na Ye, disappeared, the already fragmented Black Ink Clan’s defensive line became even more fragile.

This was especially true for the Black Ink Clan masters who were fighting with the Human Race’s masters. The death of the Ink Giant Spiritual God had already shaken them to the core, and now that Mo Na Ye had also died in battle, all of the Territory Lords and even the Pseudo-Royal Lords were filled with great fear and panic.

Before this great battle began, everything had been under control, but after the war broke out, everything was developing in a direction the Black Ink Clan didn’t want, pushing them step by step into the abyss.

The fall of the Ink Giant Spiritual God and Mo Na Ye caused a series of unexpected chain reactions. On the battlefields, the auras of the Black Ink Clan masters began to disappear.

With the fall of a large number of Black Ink Clan masters, even more Human Race masters had taken the initiative to support some of the more anxious battlefields, quickly forming a situation where they were outnumbered.

The various advantages of the Human Race on the battlefield rapidly accumulated.

Seeing the unfavorable situation, many Black Ink Clan masters couldn’t help having thoughts of fleeing, but in this current situation, how could they possibly escape?

Half a day later, as the new Royal Lord Di Ya Luo's aura withering spread throughout the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan completely collapsed, a sense of despair enveloping every member of the Black Ink Clan. In this desperate situation, many of the Black Ink Clan masters were forced to fight to the death, but at this moment, even if they had this kind of determination, it was already difficult to reverse the situation.

Somewhere on the battlefield, Mo Yu was fighting Luo Tinghe, Wei Junyang, and Xiang Shan all by himself. Although his cultivation is much older than the three Ninth Order masters of the Human Race, he could fight one against three, but he is still weak.

Originally, his only opponent was Luo Tinghe, but as the battle progressed, Wei Junyang and Xiang Shan gradually defeated their opponents and came to support him.

Not only that, Mo Yu could clearly feel that the other Ninth Order Human Race masters were paying attention to this battle.

In this situation, even if Mo Yu had the ability to defeat three Ninth Order masters, what awaited him was most likely more Ninth Order masters.

Moreover, he didn’t have the ability to do so!

Knowing that he would definitely die, Mo Yu instead let go of his guard and went all out, not caring about his injuries as he continued to bombard Xiang Shan, causing Xiang Shan to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Luo Tinghe and Wei Junyang were not mediocre, so with the three of them working together, they did not give Mo Yu a chance to perish together.

This fierce battle lasted for half a day, but in the end, when Xiang Shan took a blow from his opponent, he decapitated Mo Yu’s head with a single slash of his blade, sending out an endless stream of blade light that shredded his body into pieces.

At this point, the Black Ink Clan’s only three Royal Lords had all fallen!

Of the several hundred Pseudo-Royal Lords, only less than a hundred remained, and even these hundred could fall at any moment.

As for the Black Ink Clan army that originally numbered in the hundreds of millions, they had been slaughtered by the Human Race. The entire vast battlefield was filled with the corpses of the Black Ink Clan, and even in the No-Return Pass, the Human Race’s army still rush back and forth to collect the lives of the Black Ink Clan’s remnants.

Xiang Shan’s injuries weren’t light, so he remained in place to recuperate while Luo Tinghe and Wei Junyang rushed to the other battlefields without stopping. With the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord masters all dead, how could these lone Pseudo-Royal Lords resist the attacks of the top human race forces?

One after another, the auras of the Pseudo-Royal Lords began to disappear…

At one point, the last Black Ink Clan powerhouse’s body was blown apart and blood splashed all over the sky. The fiery red haired Ouyang Lie gasped slightly as he waved his fist, his hair seemingly burning.

The vast battlefield was silent, and the chaotic battle had long since ceased. The soldiers looked around, glancing at each other before laughing.

In the next moment, thunderous cheers rang out and the sound waves almost tore through the void.

The Human Race had won!


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