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It was almost as if he had killed the Ink Giant Spiritual God without any injuries, a feat that no one in the past or present could achieve, let alone today.

It had to be known that in ancient times, there had been Ink Giant Spiritual God that had invaded the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. During that time, there were countless powerful Holy Spirits in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, but even so, the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress of that generation had to rely on sixteen Holy Spirit Sacred Object and sacrifice themselves in order to lay down a great array to bind their enemy, hoping to slowly wear down the power of the Ink Giant Spiritual God with the Ancestral Land’s Ancestral Qi.

After paying such a great price, they were only able to trap it but not kill it.

In comparison, today’s battle was particularly eye-catching.

Of course, the main reason for this was because the eruption of the Light of Purification had greatly damaged the Ink Giant Spiritual God's vitality. Although the Ancestral Qi in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land also had a slight suppression effect on the Ink Force, it was still far inferior to the Light of Purification.

Although he hadn’t suffered many injuries, Yang Kai had consumed a great deal of energy, especially when he had used the Dragon Bead at the last moment, which had nearly exhausted him!

Dragon Bead were the crystallization of the Dragon Clan’s cultivation, similar to the Monster Beast's Core. Unless there was no other choice, it was impossible to use them lightly. Once the Dragon Bead were used, either the enemy died or the user died.

Since Yang Kai became a Big Dragon and obtained his own Dragon Bead, he had used them several times in battle, each time consuming a great deal of energy. This time was the same. After using the Dragon Bead, Yang Kai found it difficult to maintain his Dragon Body and quickly transformed into his human form, his face extremely pale, as if he had been completely drained.

This was especially true for the power of the Dragon Vein. Originally, even though he was in his human form, the power of the Dragon Vein could still be activated at any time, but now, the power of the Dragon Vein in his flesh and blood had almost completely disappeared, and under his inner vision, the Dragon Bead had also become gray, no longer as dazzling as before.

It seemed like he would need to rest for a long time before his Dragon Vein’s power could be restored. Before that, it would be difficult for him to use any methods related to the Dragon Vein.

After instructing A' Da to assist A' Er, Yang Kai stuffed a handful of Recovery Spirit Pills into his stomach, turned around, and rushed towards the No-Return Pass.

The Black Ink Clan’s defensive line had long since been riddled with holes, and on the battlefield, the Human Race occupied a huge advantage. Under the cover of the Secret Techniques and Artifacts, large swaths of the Black Ink Clan fell.

The Human Race’s victory had been decided, and all they lacked now was time to resolve this war.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had passed through the defensive line where the Human Race and Black Ink Clan army fought and landed directly in the No-Return Pass. As his Space Principle fluctuated wildly, his figure flickered as he shuttled back and forth around the No-Return Pass.

Every time he move, large swaths of Ink Nest would be destroyed.

Originally, when A’ Da and A’ Er had rushed in from the Spatial Territory, they had caused a great deal of damage to the Ink Nest, but because the Black Ink Clan had a large number of Ink Nest, there were still a lot of them left in the No-Return Pass.

Now, with Yang Kai’s actions, the surviving Ink Nest had all been destroyed.

If there were still Pseudo-Royal Lords guarding this place, they might be able to stop him, but under the orders of Mo Na Ye, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had gone out to fight. Besides a few Black Ink Clan clansmen that didn't have the strength, there were no other masters in the Black Ink Clan who could resist Yang Kai.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, all of the Ink Nests, regardless of whether they were Royal Lord-level, Territory Lord-level, or even Feudal Lord-level, all of them had been completely destroyed. Not a single one of them remained, and even the Black Ink Clan who had escaped had suffered heavy casualties.

Without stopping, Yang Kai disappeared.

Somewhere on the battlefield, Mo Na Ye and Mi Jinglun were still fighting. The situation was extremely disadvantageous for Mo Na Ye. Logically speaking, Mo Na Ye’s advancement to the Royal Lord was several hundred years earlier than Mi Jinglun’s advancement to the Ninth Order, so his foundation should be more solid, but in reality, he was completely suppressed by Mi Jinglun.

Such a situation naturally occurred because of the various changes on the battlefield, causing Mo Na Ye’s heart to become restless, especially when Yang Kai suddenly erupted. The death of the Ink Giant Spiritual God had caused a huge impact on him. Mi Jinglun was a cunning old fox, so naturally he was able to seize this opportunity and gradually expand his advantage, gradually leading to the current situation.

Of course, with Mi Jinglun’s current cultivation, even if he had the upper hand, it wouldn’t be easy for him to kill Mo Na Ye. In fact, he had to be extremely careful of Mo Na Ye’s counterattack. In a battle between masters of this level, any carelessness could lead to a change in the outcome.

As such, Mi Jinglun didn’t dare to be careless. Since the beginning of the confrontation, he had been fighting steadily, not wanting to take risks!

However, at that moment, his attacks suddenly became violent, and at the same time, Mo Na Ye keenly grasped one of his openings. After a moment of hesitation, his retreating figure suddenly rushed forward, taking advantage of the gap between Mi Jinglun’s Secret Technique to launch a punch.

A look of panic appeared on Mi Jinglun’s face as he instinctively tried to resist, but it was too late.

Just as this punch was about to land on Mi Jinglun’s head, Mo Na Ye’s body suddenly trembled violently, as if he had been struck by a spell and froze in place.

His fist was less than a foot away from Mi Jinglun, and the violent impact caused his opponent’s clothes to flutter and his face to tremble.

Facing the threat of death, the panic in Mi Jinglun’s eyes instead disappeared, replaced by a profound stare.

“As expected!” Mo Na Ye smiled bitterly at Mi Jinglun, but this was not directed at him.

Behind Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai’s figure had unknowingly appeared, the Azure Dragon Spear piercing into Mo Na Ye’s body and piercing through his chest. The power of the Great Dao lingered on the spear, and the Space Principle fluctuated wildly, freezing the surrounding space. Even someone as strong as Mo Na Ye found it difficult to escape.

The three powerhouse of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan lined up in a straight line in the void. Yang Kai was at the back, Mo Na Ye in the middle, and Mi Jinglun in the front, all of them silent.

After a long time, Mi Jinglun finally said, “You saw that it was a trap to lure the enemy.”

This was not a problem, but a fact.

Yang Kai had sent a voice transmission to him when he had rushed over, so he had suddenly revealed an opening to lure Mo Na Ye to attack and create an advantageous situation for Yang Kai’s sneak attack.

Everything went smoothly, and Yang Kai’s sneak attack was extremely successful.

“So what?” A bitter smile appeared on Mo Na Ye’s face.

Mi Jinglun’s eyes flashed as he nodded lightly, “Yes, you have no choice.”

Although he could tell that this was a ploy to lure the enemy, Mo Na Ye could only take action, hoping to heavily injure or kill Mi Jinglun before he was ambushed. In this way, even if he died here, it would not be a loss.

Of course, he could choose to avoid Yang Kai’s sneak attack, but after that, Yang Kai and Mi Jinglun would join forces to attack him, making it difficult for him to resist.

So he had no choice.

Yang Kai tilted his head and looked past Mo Na Ye to Mi Jinglun, “Senior Brother, it’s too dangerous.”

He had sent a voice transmission to Mi Jinglun to cooperate with him, but who would have thought that the other party would use such a dangerous method, causing Yang Kai’s heart to race. If his attack hit him, Mi Jinglun would have been seriously injured.

Mi Jinglun indifferently replied, “Wealth comes from danger.”

Yang Kai sighed and didn’t know what to say. Mi Jinglun undoubtedly trusted him, but he didn’t know that after the battle just now, he had consumed a great deal of energy. Although he had managed to slightly recover from the damage while destroying the Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass, it had been too short a time and he hadn’t been able to restore much of his strength. For example, he had only been able to fire two more shots before he had completely exhausted himself.

So if he really let Mo Na Ye avoid his sneak attack, it would be difficult to handle.

“Brother Yang, before I die, I have something to ask you!” Mo Na Ye stood quietly on the spot without any intention of resisting, his back facing Yang Kai as he slowly spoke.

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Go ahead and ask, I may not answer.”

Mo Na Ye smiled bitterly and asked, “How did the Human Race… discover my Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements?”

Although he speculated that the Human Race must have discovered the reinforcements sent by the Black Ink Clan from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, which was why they were so eager to capture the No-Return Pass and were willing to pay a greater price and sacrifice, he still couldn’t understand how the Human Race had managed to discover this.

It had to be known that the reinforcements were still more than a dozen years away in the void. At such a distance, if it weren’t for the Ink Giant Spiritual God's Divine Ability and the Ink Nest, it would have been impossible for the Black Ink Clan to contact them.

Originally, he had thought that the reinforcements would be a life-saving straw for the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass, as long as they could hold on until the reinforcements arrived, they would be able to catch the Human Race off guard.

Who would have thought that in the end, it would become their death sentence!

“What reinforcements? The Black Ink Clan has reinforcements?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

Mo Na Ye struggled to turn his head, wanting to see the expression on his face, but the moment he made a move, the Azure Dragon Spear trembled slightly, forcing him to freeze in place.

Yang Kai asked again, “Where did the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements come from? Is it the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction? What happened there?”

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help frowning as he couldn’t see Yang Kai’s expression and could only stare at Mi Jinglun, only to see Mi Jinglun suddenly reveal a look of enlightenment, “The matter you mentioned just now, is it because the Black Ink Clan has reinforcements?”

Mo Na Ye was suddenly at a loss…

Before the battle began, he had tried to probe Mi Jinglun, but he hadn’t been able to obtain any answers. Originally, he was certain that the Human Race must have known about the reinforcements, which was why they had decided to launch such a decisive battle. But now, from Mi Jinglun and Yang Kai’s reactions, it seemed that the Human Race had no idea.

Did the Human Race really not know?

“Speak! Did the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements come from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction? What happened to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?” Yang Kai’s low shout rang out from behind him. At the same time, the power of the Great Dao on the long spear that penetrated his body shook, causing Mo Na Ye to let out a painful groan.

Even at such a critical juncture, he was still closely observing Mi Jinglun’s expression, only to see his eyes filled with worry and anxiety.

“Hahahaha!” Mo Na Ye couldn’t help laughing wildly.

“What are you laughing about!” Yang Kai shouted as his spear shook violently, interrupting Mo Na Ye’s laughter.


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