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Inside the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body, there were ten million or so Small Stone Race soldiers scattered about. If it was just an ordinary Small Stone Race, they might not have been able to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force, but these Small Stone Race cultivators had grown by absorbing the power of Extreme Yin and Yang, giving them a natural resistance to the Ink Force.

Moreover, their perception of the Ink Force was extremely sharp, and they treated it as if it was their natural enemy. As soon as it was released, it began bombarding the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body, causing it to instantly experience the pain of thousands of ants biting its body.

No matter how indestructible one’s external appearance was, the defences inside one’s body were still somewhat weak.

Yang Kai’s original plan was to bring out all the Small Stone Race in his Small Universe, a total of thirty million Small Stone Race, but because of the Ink Giant Spiritual God's Secret Technique, he had no choice but to stop.

In such an intense battle, the longer this battle dragged on, the greater the variability.

Therefore, after noticing the strange movements of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai made a prompt decision and activated his Sun and Moon Marks. In the next moment, the ten million or so Small Stone Race armies all began to emit a dazzling light. In this pitch-black environment, the yellow and blue colors began to merge and evolve into a profound mystery.

In the void, A’ Da once again picked up his enemy’s severed arm and smashed it towards his opponent. This strike was extremely firm and hit the neck of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, causing its neck to twist slightly.

At the same time, a look of extreme pain suddenly appeared on the face of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, as if it was suffering a great deal of torture. Immediately after, a bright white light suddenly overflowed from its mouth and nose.

It howled in pain, its cries echoing throughout the world, causing all the Black Ink Clan members who heard this sound to be shocked.

The bright white light had not only dissipated from its mouth and nose, but also from the severed arm and legsof the Ink Giant Spiritual God, as well as the various wounds all over its body. Beams of light appeared out of thin air, like swords of light piercing through its body!

Accompanied by the pillar of light, a figure covered in ink blood rushed out with a spear. It was none other than Yang Kai. Turning his head to look at the miserable appearance of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, he could clearly feel that its aura had greatly weakened.

The eruption of this purifying light was even more powerful than the sacrifice of two thousand Eighth Order Small Stone Race!

It was understandable. After all, the purifying light from the sacrifice of two thousand Eighth Order Small Stone Race was only wrapped around the Ink Giant Spiritual God and was an attack on the outside.

But now, the purifying light from the combined forces of more than ten million Small Stone Race soldiers had exploded inside its body, allowing it to withstand almost all of its power, so even though its quality was somewhat lacking, its quantity was able to compensate for the damage it caused to the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

A’ Da rushed over again. Although his intelligence was poor, as a Giant Spiritual God, his combat instincts were extremely strong. With his enemy in such a miserable state, how could he miss such a good opportunity? In just a few steps, he had reached the side of the Ink Giant Spiritual God. Holding his severed arm and leg, he smashed down like a violent storm, causing all of his attacks to become blurry.

It seemed that as its aura weakened and its Yuan Qi was damaged, this Ink Giant Spiritual God’s defenses also became weaker.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God roared, wanting to resist, but at this moment it was no match for A’ Da. Facing A’ Da’s attacks, it could only resist and was forced to retreat.

A Dragon Roar rang out as a golden light blossomed and a ten thousand zhang long Divine Dragon appeared. The dragon’s body flew through the air, and while the Ink Giant Spiritual God was busy, it wrapped itself around its neck. Immediately, the Divine Dragon raised its giant head, its face almost touching the Ink Giant Spiritual God's Spirit’s eyes.

Even though it had a ten thousand zhang long dragon body, compared to the massive body of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, it was still very small. From afar, it looked like a snake was wrapped around its neck.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God hated Yang Kai to the core and knew that he was doomed, so it gave up on defending against A' Da and instead raised its remaining hand to grab the Divine Dragon.

The power of the Dao of Time flowed out. Transforming into the body of a Divine Dragon, Yang Kai’s usage of the Dao of Time was far better than when he was in his human form. After all, the Dao of Time was the Natal Divine Ability of the Dragon Clan.

The giant hand that was grabbing towards him was filled with infinite mysteries, but under the influence of the Dao of Time, it also became extremely sluggish.

The dragon opened its mouth and spat out a dragon breath towards one of the eyes of the Ink Giant Spiritual God. In the next instant, the giant eye exploded.

Yang Kai did the same thing again and soon, the other eye of the Ink Giant Spiritual God also exploded.

Having lost its vision, the Ink Giant Spiritual God let out a miserable howl and suddenly exerted its strength, breaking through the time barrier and finally regaining its freedom.

However, before it could grab Yang Kai’s dragon body, it was interrupted by A' Da’s fierce attack.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai used a series of Dragon Clan Secret Technique to bombard the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s face.

Each of these Secret Techniques was comparable to the full strength of a peak Ninth Order master, and in just a short time, the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s face was covered in blood and flesh.

Even so, the Ink Giant Spiritual God still didn’t die, causing Yang Kai to admire its tenacious vitality.

Since the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan began, the Human Race had only killed a single Ink Giant Spiritual God thousands of years ago, but at that time, the Human Race had paid a huge price and more than ten Ninth Order masters had died in battle.

It could be said that the reason why they were able to kill the Ink Giant Spiritual God in that battle was firstly because the Black Ink Clan had spared no expense in trying to capture the No-Return Pass and use it as a springboard to invade the 3000 Worlds, and secondly because the Human Race had paid a huge price to slowly grind it to death.

As for how to quickly kill the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the Human Race still didn’t have much experience or methods.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God in front of him was being attacked by Yang Kai’s Divine Dragon and A’ Da together, leaving it with almost no room to resist, but its extremely powerful life force allowed it to survive.

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but become ruthless. When he opened his dragon mouth, a golden bead shot out. It was his Dragon Bead.

The moment the Dragon Bead appeared, even though the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s eyes had gone blind, it still felt something was wrong. It opened its mouth and roared, wanting to shake its neck and free itself from Yang Kai’s restraint, but the Dragon Body exerted force, making it unable to move.

The golden Dragon Bead flickered slightly before transforming into a golden light that shot straight into the hole in the Ink Giant Spiritual God's left eye and out of its head!

The residual power of this golden light shot out into the depths of the void, creating a golden light band that was millions of kilometers long.

Such a fierce blow caused the neck of the Ink Giant Spiritual God to jerk back, and the giant hand that was waving about instantly lost its strength. The aura that was strong enough to shake a world instantly collapsed and disappeared.

Yang Kai was not at ease, and as a loud Dragon Roar rang out across the battlefield, the dragon wrapped around the Ink Giant Spiritual God's neck exerted its strength once more and soared into the sky.

The massive pulling force directly tore apart the neck of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, separating its head from its body. Ink blood burst out from the wound like a tsunami and dyed the entire void with its blood.

Another barrage of attacks from A’ Da landed, shattering the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s body.

Only at this moment did the aura belonging to this Ink Giant Spiritual God completely disappear.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God had fallen!

Since A’ Da had used a method to entangle this Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai had sacrificed two thousand Eighth Order Small Stone Race members and then drilled into its body. It had only been a few dozen breaths since then.

However, in just a few dozen breaths of time, a powerful Ink Giant Spiritual God had been killed by Yang Kai and A' Da.

No matter how tenacious its vitality was, no matter how profound Black Ink's Creation was, in a situation where its body was split into countless pieces, it was impossible for it to survive.

Thousands of years ago, this Ink Giant Spiritual God had slaughtered its way out of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and established the victory of the Black Ink Clan on the Spatial Territory. For many years, its strength had become a shadow that shrouded the hearts of all the Human Race. This Ink Giant Spiritual God was like a towering mountain above all the Human Race, a powerful existence that was difficult to shake.

Until today, when its aura had dissipated and its body had shattered, the shadow that had shrouded the Human Race for so many years had also collapsed.

The Human Race army, which had been unstoppable against the Black Ink Clan’s army, let out a thunderous cheer as their attacks became even fiercer.

As for the Black Ink Clan, which was already on the weaker side, they became even more depressed.

This was especially true for the Black Ink Clan’s powerhouse, none of them could believe that the Supreme Clone would be killed in such a short period of time. When the aura of the Ink Ink Giant Spiritual God disappeared, all of the Black Ink Clan’s powerhouse were thrown into chaos.

The Human Race powerhouse who were fighting with them seized this opportunity to expand their advantage while those who were at a disadvantage quickly stabilized the situation.

It could be said that the fall of the Ink Giant Spiritual God not only meant that the Black Ink Clan had lost one of their most powerful forces, but it also had a direct and obvious impact on the entire battlefield.

All of the Black Ink Clan realized that the situation was hopeless, they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves no matter what. And the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass would likely be wiped out!

This matter concerned the survival of the two races, and with so many years of blood feud, it was impossible for the Human Race to show mercy.

This hasty battle would ultimately end with the Human Race’s victory.

On the battlefield, A' Da roared towards the sky, a roar of joy, a roar of victory. After he roared, he looked around like an eagle staring at a wolf, his expression filled with pride.

Yang Kai’s voice rang out, “Go help A’ Er!”

Seeing this, A’ Da picked up the severed arm and leg and rushed towards the other battlefield. On the other side, A’ Er and his opponent were evenly matched, but when his opponent saw the other Ink Giant Spiritual God being killed, it wanted to escape.

In the face of this Ink Giant Spiritual God that was determined to escape, A’ Er actually didn’t have any good ideas and could only try his best to delay it. Fortunately, A’ Da quickly arrived, and with the two Giant Spiritual God joining forces, the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s movements were immediately hindered, making it difficult for it to escape.


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