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On the vast battlefield, there was an intense battle going on, but the most intense battle was undoubtedly between the Giant Spiritual God and Ink Giant Spiritual God.

A’ Er and his opponent were locked in a fierce battle, each collision causing the surrounding space to collapse and cracks to appear one after another. These cracks were like a spider web, and from these cracks, an extremely rich aura of chaos and nothingness could be felt.

If an ordinary living being were to fall into such an environment, there would only be two possible outcomes. The first was to fall into a crack and become lost in the void. If they were lucky, they could find a way out, but if they were unlucky, they would be trapped forever.

The second was to be cut into pieces by these countless Void Cracks.

Every Void Crack was a tear in space and was naturally extremely powerful, so it would not end well for anyone who came into contact with such a tear.

However, at this moment, the two behemoth were fighting in this dangerous environment, and when the cracks cut their bodies, they could only leave a faint mark on their skin, not even cutting their flesh.

Looking from afar, these two powerhouse were surrounded by endless cracks, as if they were fighting in another space-time battlefield.

On the other side, the battle between A’ Da and the second Ink Giant Spiritual God was completely different.

Thanks to Yang Kai’s sudden outburst and the sacrifice of many Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse, this Ink Giant Spiritual God had just fought with A' Da and it had lost an arm and a leg. It could be said that its vitality had been greatly damaged, and now that Yang Kai had entered its body, it had no choice but to divert its attention to defend itself. Facing A' Da’s violent attacks, it had completely fallen into a disadvantageous position.

With each strike, it staggered and its flesh and blood flew. On the other hand, A’ Da became more violent. Although his opponent’s severed arm and leg didn’t possess any kind of divine might, they were extremely sturdy and were able to display great power in A’ Da’s hands.

In just a few dozen breaths of time, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was covered in blood and was in a miserable state, the panic in its eyes gradually becoming stronger.

At this moment, it was not only facing A’ Da’s violent attacks, but also Yang Kai’s actions inside its body, which was the source of its fear. It could clearly feel that as Yang Kai swam through its body, its massive body was filled with the aura of an unpredictable creature…

Although it didn’t have the time to carefully investigate these creatures, it clearly knew what they were.

Realizing that he would die without a doubt, the Ink Giant Spiritual God roared and forcefully blocked A’ Da’s fierce attack, causing its body to tremble as it shouted, “The world is full of Black Ink!”

In the blink of an eye, the Ink Force surrounding its body froze for a moment before being drawn into its body by an invisible force.

The price it paid was that it was hit in the head by A' Da’s vicious blow, causing its skull to cave in.

At this moment, Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand and transformed into a spinning top, piercing through the thick black ink barrier and swimming through the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body. The door to his Small Universe had already opened, and as he swam through it, a large number of Small Stone Race members emerged from the Small Universe and stopped inside.

He had brought out hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race armies from the Chaotic Dead Territory, and ninety percent of them had been handed over to the Ninth Order masters, allowing them to distribute them to the Human Race and increase their combat strength.

However, he still had some reserves left. In addition to the many Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse he had sacrificed, he also had a total of thirty million soldiers under Eighth Order.

These Small Stone Race soldiers were constantly pouring out from his Small Universe into the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s body.

When the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s words fell, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the dark environment had become even darker.

This was actually a very strange feeling, just like how an ordinary person would find themselves in an environment where they couldn’t even see their own hands or fingers. The dark environment couldn’t be any worse.

However, Yang Kai just had this feeling.

In the next moment, he felt his Small Universe tremble violently and the open door close.

Yang Kai was shocked and quickly checked his body. He was shocked to find that inside his Small Universe, the World Tree Subtree was swaying and forming an invisible barrier. Outside this barrier, there was a pure Ink Force that he had never seen before, trying to break through.

With the Subtree sealing his Small Universe, the Small Universe was perfectly round and flawless, not allowing any external force to invade it. This was the same effect as the Universe Four Pillars, perhaps even stronger.

Ever since Yang Kai had obtained this Subtree, he had never been bothered by the corrosion of the Ink Force because the Ink Force was unable to break through its seal.

The Ink Force and Subtree’s defences were like a spear and a shield. When the shield was strong enough, it could ignore the sharp spear’s attacks.

In the past, no matter what time it was, the Subtree’s protective shield had always been able to easily block the corrosion of the Ink Force. Yang Kai himself didn’t even feel anything about it. In the environment where the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage masters feared the Ink Force, he could freely enter without fear of being corroded by it.

But this time, he clearly felt the pressure of the Subtree's protective shield!

This undoubtedly meant that the Ink Giant Spiritual God had used some kind of powerful method against him.

This reminded Yang Kai of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord Secret Technique.

The Human Race had never been able to figure out how the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord Secret Technique was used. Yang Kai had once faced a Royal Lord Secret Technique head-on, but because of the Subtree’s Seal and the Soul Warming Lotus’ protection, the Royal Lord Secret Technique had no effect on him.

The Human Race’s understanding of the Royal Lord Secret Technique was extremely limited. They only knew that this Secret Technique could only be used by a Royal Lord-level master. When this Secret Technique was used, the Human Race who was targeted by the Royal Lord Secret Technique would not be able to resist it unless they were at the Ninth Order. Even the most experienced Eighth Order masters would be instantly turned into Black Ink Disciple.

In the past, when the Human Race’s army fought against the Black Ink Clan in the Spatial Territory, the Black Ink Clan had relied on the Royal Lord Secret Technique to transform several Eighth Order Human Race masters, allowing them to infiltrate the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land deep in the Shattered Heaven and awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God. From then on, the Human Race had suffered a crushing defeat and had no choice but to abandon the Spatial Territory.

However, no matter how powerful a Royal Lord Secret Technique was, it was very rare for a Royal Lord to take the initiative to use it, because once this Secret Technique was used, the user’s vitality would be greatly damaged and their strength would drop drastically, so unless it was an extremely chaotic battlefield, the average Royal Lord would not have a chance to use this Secret Technique.

The first Royal Lord Yang Kai had killed after advancing to the Eighth Order Open Heaven was because he had used the Royal Lord Secret Technique on him. The other party had been chasing Yang Kai for more than ten years but had not succeeded. In his anger, he had wanted to use the Royal Lord Secret Technique to settle this matter, but in the end, he had suffered great losses and Yang Kai had taken advantage of it.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level masters were able to use this kind of strange Secret Technique, so how could the Ink Giant Spiritual God not have this ability?

Therefore, when he noticed the change in the situation, Yang Kai immediately understood what had happened. It must be that the Ink Giant Spiritual God had used some kind of Secret Technique similar to the Royal Lord Secret Technique, causing the Subtree’s protective shield to feel pressured.

Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling Cang’s words back then. When Cang learned that Yang Kai has the Subtree to seal his Small Universe, he had specifically warned Yang Kai to be careful of Black Ink's true body. In other words, even if the Subtree were able to seal the Small Universe, it might not be able to resist Black Ink's power.

Inside the Small Universe, the swaying of the Subtree became more violent. Yang Kai could clearly feel the pressure of this layer of protection and finally realized that Cang’s words were true!

The Ink Giant Spiritual God was able to pressure the Subtree, so if Black Ink's true self were to act personally, the Subtree might not be able to resist.

Moreover, while the Small Universe was under great pressure, Yang Kai could clearly feel his Consciousness Sea being corroded.

Boundless black ink color surged, dyeing his originally brilliant and colorful Consciousness Sea completely black.

The corrosion of the Ink Force to Human Race cultivators had always been two sides of the same coin.

Inside his Consciousness Sea, on the seven colored island formed by the Soul Warming Lotus, two figures were playing a game of chess. One of them was in human form while the other was in beast form.

These two figures were naturally Yang Kai’s two soul clones. After using the Three Parts Normalizing Art, Yang Kai had advanced to the Ninth Order, but the Souls of Thunder Shadow and Fang Tianci had been preserved. These past few years, they had been inside the Soul Warming Lotus, which was the best place for them to live. If it weren’t for the Soul Warming Lotus protecting them all these years, they would definitely have died.

When the boundless black ink color approached, Fang Tianci immediately noticed something was wrong and turned his head, a look of surprise appearing on his face.

Thunder Shadow also quickly stood up and, in his panic, knocked over the chessboard, exclaiming, “Ink Force? What is Boss doing? How could the Ink Force corrode this place? Could it be that Boss is about to be turned into Black Ink Disciple? Aiya, what should we do?”

It cried out in worry.

Fang Tianci looked at it speechlessly and waved his hand, restoring the chess piece that had been disrupted by the Thunder Shadow to its original position. He said lightly, “Don’t act shamelessly, you’re about to lose!”

Thunder Shadow turned to look at him and shouted, “At this critical juncture, who would still be in the mood to play chess with you? If Boss is turned into Black Ink Disciple, we’ll be finished. At that time, Boss will definitely drag us out and eat us all.”

The corners of Fang Tianci’s eyes couldn’t help twitching as he said, “Firstly, if the main body is inked, we will also be inked and won’t be eaten! Secondly, this is the Soul Warming Lotus, the sole treasure in the world that guard the Divine Soul. With the Soul Warming Lotus here, even if the Ink Force erodes the main body, the main body will still be able to maintain a trace of clarity and will definitely not be inked!”

“Is that so?” Thunder Shadow sat down and wore an ignorant expression.

Fang Tianci couldn’t stand it anymore. “Stop acting! Are you a sore loser?”

Thunder Shadow laughed dryly, “Playing chess isn’t fun, let’s play something else.”

“So, you’ve finally admitted that you’re not my opponent,” Fang Tianci’s nostrils flared as he stared at it disdainfully.

Thunder Shadow was furious, “Who isn’t your opponent! Don’t think that just because you’re the Second Brother I have to put up with you. Be careful of what you say.”

“Then continue, it’s your turn!” Fang Tianci stretched out his hand.

Thunder Shadow hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth, “Watch as I kill you!”

The black ink color was approaching, and on the only pure land in his Consciousness Sea, a man and a leopard were fighting on the chessboard…


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