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There were pros and cons to having a large body. The downside was that it was inconvenient to move about in battle and not flexible enough, but the good thing was that it was large enough to withstand even more damage. Ordinary fatal wounds were probably just superficial wounds.

Yang Kai had used the Dragon Transformation many times in the past, so he was well aware of this.

In terms of size alone, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was even larger than the Divine Dragon he had transformed into, and because of its size, its advantage was naturally magnified.

These wounds looked like they were covered in blood and gushing ink blood, but in reality, they were nothing to the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Even though its foundation had been greatly weakened by the Light of Purification, the Ink Giant Spiritual God still lived up to its name as a Supreme Clone. However, when it saw the flesh and blood on the wound wiggle and the rich Ink Force surge out, it quickly stabilized the wound. Only Yang Kai’s Three Thousand Great Dao forces was not so easily neutralized. It continued to attach itself to the wound, constantly transforming and causing damage.

Seeing this, Yang Kai decisively put away his spear and rushed forward. Before the Ink Giant Spiritual God's giant palm could reach him again, Yang Kai stuck close to his arm and rushed towards the wound.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had arrived at his severed arm. The thick ink blood was still gushing out, but in just a short time, this terrifying injury had been greatly alleviated. In less than a dozen breaths, the wound on his severed arm would become the same as his neck, only leaving behind an injury and no more ink blood.

The recovery ability of such a huge monster was truly terrifying.

Yang Kai raised his spear, and with a burst of World force, his entire body transformed into a spinning top that shot towards the wound on his arm.

A massive pain instantly enveloped the Ink Giant Spiritual God, causing it to roar in anger, “What are you doing?”

Yang Kai didn’t answer and instead used his full strength, becoming one with his spear, transforming into an indestructible sharp light that broke through the blockade of the thick Ink Force, attempting to enter the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body through the wound.

“Don’t even think about it!” The Ink Giant Spiritual God had already realized what it was about to face. Even someone as powerful as it knew what would happen to it if Yang Kai succeeded, its huge eyes filled with panic and fear. Before the battle began, it had never thought that it would fall into such a dangerous situation in such a short time.

As soon as it finished speaking, it raised its hand and sent a palm strike towards Yang Kai, as if it was swatting a mosquito that had bitten it. If this palm strike landed, even if Yang Kai transformed into a Divine Dragon, he would probably die instantly.

At the same time, it pushed its strength to the limit and formed a thick and solid barrier around the wound to stop Yang Kai’s invasion. As long as it could kill the enemy before it was invaded, all dangers would be resolved.

An unprecedented sense of crisis rose in Yang Kai’s heart. When the Ink Giant Spiritual God's palm struck down, Yang Kai could clearly feel the shadow of death enveloping his body and mind. It was a suffocating feeling, and every part of his body, from inside to outside, was trembling. Although he had encountered many life or death crises since he started cultivating, none of them had been as intense as this one, so intense that he almost felt like he had already fallen.

At the wound on the severed arm, the barrier condensed from his Ink Force was extremely sturdy. Even if Yang Kai used all his strength, he still couldn’t break through it in an instant. Moreover, this barrier wasn’t just a single layer, it was continuous and unceasing.

At this moment, the best method was naturally to retreat, protect himself, and find an opportunity to fight again. However, after this experience, it would not be so easy to do so again. The Ink Giant Spiritual God would definitely be on guard.

In this moment of life and death, Yang Kai’s lips curled up into a sinister smile as his already terrifying aura suddenly soared, causing even the void to tremble.

“You’re courting death!” The Ink Giant Spiritual God roared and ruthlessly slapped down. Wherever its palm passed, space would shatter like a broken mirror.

When the giant palm was only a few dozen kilometers away from Yang Kai, it suddenly stopped, as if it had encountered a great resistance.

A severed arm suddenly appeared in the air and blocked its violent attack. Whether it was its length or shape, this severed arm was no different from an intact arm.

A' Da had finally returned!

At this critical moment, it was he who had blocked this fatal blow for Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had also seen the scene of A' Da rushing towards him from the corner of his eyes, so he had decided to go all out.

Holding his severed arm in one hand and his severed leg in the other, A’ Da’s anger soared as he leaned his head close to the Ink Giant Spiritual God's face and roared, “What do you want to do to this little fellow!?”

In this era where the Heavens were filled with Ink Force, as a Giant Spiritual God, they couldn’t even find food to eat. The little fellow was now the only source of food for him and A' Er. If the little fellow was killed, wouldn’t the two brothers have to starve forever?

The simple-minded A' Da had long since understood the truth that the little fellow could bring them delicious food. No matter what, he would not allow the little fellow to be harmed. Anyone who dared to harm the little fellow must die!

Facing A' Da’s question, the Ink Giant Spiritual God could only respond with a pained howl.

The moment its attack was blocked by A' Da, the violent shockwave hit Yang Kai’s back like an invisible wall. In that instant, the sound of bones breaking rang out from Yang Kai’s body, but it was also because of this force that he was able to break through the blockade of the Ink Force and become one with his spear, diving into the arm of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Boundless black light wrapped around Yang Kai, causing him to lose all light. Yang Kai felt as if he had fallen into a black ink sea as he pressed forward, breaking through the layers of flesh and blood seals and drilling into the body of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

As the spear swam through the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body, it encountered a great resistance at first, but after a few breaths, the resistance suddenly weakened.

It was A’ Da who had launched a barrage of attacks against the Ink Giant Spiritual God, forcing it to divert its attention to defend itself. Naturally, it couldn’t focus all its attention on Yang Kai, who had already entered its body.

In the vast void, the battle between the two Giant Spiritual God was extremely brutal, but from the looks of it, A’ Da had the upper hand. Both of his hands were waving his opponent’s severed arm and leg as if they were his own weapons, each strike causing the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body to stagger as its flesh and blood flew everywhere.

The other Ink Giant Spiritual God saw the battle and wanted to come over to help, but how could A' Er allow it to succeed? He went all out and held it in place.

On another battlefield, Mo Na Ye’s eyes were trembling violently, his face filled with disbelief.

In fact, when Yang Kai used his full strength and released an unprecedentedly powerful aura, Mo Na Ye felt that something was wrong and couldn’t help thinking.

His innate instincts had made him reject this idea, but now it seemed that such an incredible thing had really happened.

“Has he been hiding his strength all this time?” Mo Na Ye asked in surprise as he resisted Mi Jinglun’s attacks.

“What do you think?” Mi Jinglun naturally wouldn’t be kind enough to answer his enemy’s question, so he just casually replied while looking for an opening.

However, this answer had already convinced Mo Na Ye of his own judgment, and he asked in disbelief, “Why?”

Yang Kai hid the massive number of Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse and had not used them for so many years just to deal with the Ink Giant Spiritual God. He could understand this, after all, these Small Stone Race powerhouse could not be easily exposed. Once they were exposed, it would inevitably arouse the vigilance of the Black Ink Clan, making it difficult for them to display their full power.

But why was he still hiding his strength? Just from the aura Yang Kai had released just now, Yang Kai’s true strength was extremely terrifying. Since he had such strength, why was he still hiding it? If he had shown his true strength during the ten year battle, who knew how many Pseudo-Royal Lords would have suffered? Even he, the Royal Lord, might not have survived.

“What do you think?” Mi Jinglun still replied, waving his feather fan and transforming the violent wind into a sharp blade that cut open a wound on Mo Na Ye’s waist. He had finally found an opening, perhaps because Yang Kai’s performance had caused Mo Na Ye to feel somewhat uneasy, but at this moment, this Black Ink Clan Royal Lord had already lost all sense of propriety.

Mo Na Ye tumbled out, his ink blood flying as Mi Jinglun’s continuous attacks followed closely behind. Suddenly, he smiled bitterly, “I understand!”

It was also because of the Ink Giant Spiritual God that Yang Kai had hidden his strength and the Eighth Order Small Stone Race. Everything he had done was to deal with the Ink Giant Spiritual God, because whether it was the two Giant Spiritual God on the Human Race's side or the Ink Giant Spiritual God of the Black Ink Clan, they were the key to victory and defeat in this war. Only by finding a way to resolve the other party’s strongest battle strength would this war truly end.

Before this war began, Mo Na Ye had already noticed this point, so how could Yang Kai not have noticed it?

However, Yang Kai’s attempt to conceal his strength had indeed worked. The Ink Giant Spiritual God didn’t pay too much attention to Yang Kai. Their target had always been the other party’s Giant Spiritual God, and as old enemies who had fought each other for thousands of years, both of them were well aware of how difficult and powerful the other party was. Unexpectedly, they had actually suffered a great loss in front of Yang Kai.

Having lost like this, Mo Na Ye’s heart was filled with sorrow. He couldn’t understand how Yang Kai could obtain such great strength in such a short time!

It had only been seven hundred years since he had broken through to the Ninth Order in the Universe Furnace world. Seven hundred years was nothing to a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator, only enough for a newly promoted Ninth Order cultivator to stabilize his realm and make some progress.

However, the aura Yang Kai was displaying now was almost the same as the peak Ninth Order master Mo Na Ye had sensed back then.

If Yang Kai’s strength had always far surpassed his peers, even the most experienced Ninth Order masters would have been inferior to him.

When the Human Race was at its peak, more than a hundred Ninth Order masters fought against the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but there is nothing they could do. In the battle to guard the No-Return Pass, they even spent a huge price to fight to the death with the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

But now, Yang Kai alone, together with a Giant Spiritual God, had forced the Supreme Clone into a desperate situation.


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Visper Ai
Visper Ai
Aug 19, 2023

YK alone is worth dozens of ninth order masters


Imagine being brutally beaten by your own severed arm and leg, Sheesh!

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