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After the Giant Spiritual God stepped out of the Domain Gate, their body rapidly expanded to its original size before crashing into the No-Return Pass.

The huge mountain pass trembled and a powerful shockwave spread out in all directions. The Ink Nest that had once been carefully protected by the Black Ink Clan was instantly reduced to nothing more than snowflakes under the scorching sun.

If this scene had occurred a few days ago, countless Black Ink Clan would have been heartbroken, but at this moment, none of them cared.

All of the Black Ink Clan’s forces had been mobilized, and the entirety of the No-Return Pass had become an empty shell. This battle would decide the life and death of the No-Return Pass' Black Ink Clan. If they could win, they could continue to struggle while at death’s door, but if they lost, everything would be for naught, so who would care about something like the Ink Nest?

The two Giant Spiritual Gods took a step forward and began running towards the two Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Along the way, the Black Ink Clan’s army that had been obstructing them suffered a great deal of misfortune. The defensive line that they had been struggling to hold on to had been forced open by A' Da and A' Er, causing countless casualties.

The Ink Giant Spiritual Gods that were recklessly slaughtering the Human Race’s army immediately noticed this and assumed defensive stances, but in the next moment, they were knocked over by A' Da and A' Er.

A' Da grabbed his opponent by the waist and swung his fist towards his opponent’s waist. His opponent did not back down and instead raised his elbow to hit A' Da’s back while his other arm wrapped itself around A' Da’s neck, trying to twist his head off.

The battle between the two Giant Spiritual Gods was extremely simple and brutal, as if they were two ordinary people fighting, but each of their attacks caused the void to tremble and the four poles to become unstable. Terrifying shockwaves spread out in all directions like ripples.

All the nearby living beings, whether they were from the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, all retreated to create a battlefield for them.

Although A’ Er’s side wasn’t as brutal as this, it was still extremely brutal. He and his opponent exchanged a few punches, each of them hitting the other’s flesh, causing them to stagger.

Both of them were old rivals and had fought in the Spatial Territory for thousands of years, but neither of them had been able to defeat the other. This battle was just a continuation of the previous great battle.

If nothing unexpected happened, it would be difficult to determine the victor in a battle between Giant Spiritual Gods.

As for the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan, they didn’t have the qualifications to easily intervene in a battle of this level. If they were to act rashly and were caught up in it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Only Yang Kai, who had been observing from the sidelines, was quietly waiting for an opportunity to act.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God had finally made its move, something Yang Kai had been looking forward to the entire time. A’ Da and A’ Er had also arrived in time to restrain them, so he didn’t have to worry about them being a threat to the Human Race’s army. All he had to do now was find a suitable opportunity.

However, when this opportunity would appear or even whether it would appear was another matter altogether.

Although he had carefully warned A' Da and A' Er about this matter, the Giant Spiritual God’s intelligence was simple, so Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee that it would follow his instructions.

Yang Kai didn’t rush to the Giant Spiritual God's battlefield, instead continuing to wander around the battlefield while maintaining his vigilance. Relying on the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, before Yang Kai could launch a sudden attack, the Pseudo-Royal Lords would normally be unable to detect him, and by the time they did, a crisis had already descended.

Now that the battle had reached this point, Yang Kai was no longer trying to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lord. If he had the opportunity, he would not let go of any Territory Lord powerhouses. There were dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords who had died in his hands, and at least a thousand Territory Lords. This was something Yang Kai had done in passing, he had not deliberately targeted any Territory Lord powerhouses.

Relying on the gap in the defensive line created by A' Da and A' Er, the Wolf Fang Army and Liang Yi Army had already charged straight into the Black Ink Clan’s army. The two Human Race armies cooperated closely, constantly expanding the gap in the defensive line. Although the Black Ink Clan wanted to shrink their defences as much as possible, it was simply impossible.

The light of victory shone upon every soldier of the Human Race. On this chaotic and cruel battlefield, no matter how many lives were lost, it could not stop the advance of the soldiers.

What surprised Yang Kai the most was that the opportunity he had been looking forward to would soon arrive.

On the battlefield, an angry roar suddenly rang out. It was A' Da’s roar, mixed with a hint of excitement, “Little fellow, come quickly, I’ve restrained it!”

Almost as soon as he shouted these words, Yang Kai, who had been paying attention to the situation, flashed over to A' Da.

At this moment, A’ Da and his opponent were floating in the air, A’ Da’s hands tightly wrapped around one of his opponent’s arms as if he was holding a precious treasure. His two legs were like a pair of ropes that wrapped around one of his opponent’s legs. In this posture, his opponent’s four limbs were completely restrained, making it impossible for him to escape.

However, this situation was extremely unfavorable for A’ Da, because in order to restrain his opponent, A’ Da’s four limbs had to exert force, while his opponent still had one arm and one leg to use. When Yang Kai arrived, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was punching and kicking A’ Da, causing his body to shake violently as gravel-like objects fell from the surface of his body, each stone the size of an ordinary town.

Because he had been paying close attention to the four Giant Spiritual Gods, Yang Kai was able to see them clearly.

After A’ Da rushed out from the Spatial Territory, he immediately grabbed his opponent and used all means possible to restrain him, eventually resulting in this situation.

This was something he had repeatedly warned A' Da and A' Er about. Once they joined the battle, they had to find a way to restrain the Ink Giant Spiritual God no matter what!

He had originally thought that A' Er would be able to complete this task better, because after so many years of contact, A' Er had clearly shown that he was smarter than A' Da, so when he had warned him about this matter, he had placed his hopes on A' Er.

But in the end, it was A' Da who did it first.

This was beyond Yang Kai’s expectations, but also within reason.

Because of his low intelligence, he was even more simple-minded and could work harder to carry out simple orders.

This was not the first time the Giant Spiritual God and Ink Giant Spiritual God had fought like this. In the past, when A’ Er and his opponent fought in the Spatial Territory, they would often end up in this kind of situation. Yang Kai had passed through the Spatial Territory several times and saw them entangled together.

Because such a battle had developed to the point where neither side could defeat the other, the Ink Giant Spiritual God had no intention of defending itself against A' Da. Instead, after being bound, it could freely attack and beat him up.

Different from the Giant Spiritual God's lack of intelligence, the Ink Giant Spiritual God could be regarded as Black Ink's Clone, possessing a normal mind and sentience. It saw what A' Da was doing and could only ridicule the other party’s stupidity in its heart. Although it was temporarily restrained by the other party, it was not the one who suffered.

Therefore, it was fearless.

Until Yang Kai suddenly appeared!

The Ink Giant Spiritual God who was punching and kicking A’ Da suddenly realized something and glared at the ant-like figure in front of him.

“Good job!” Yang Kai shouted as he opened the door to his Small Universe and pushed his Space Ability to the limit.

Countless afterimages appeared at the same time, as if in that instant, countless Yang Kai appeared.

Three breaths later, the afterimages disappeared and Yang Kai returned to his original position, but where the afterimages were, there were now stone giants with powerful auras.

Small Stone Race, and from the powerful aura they exuded, each of them was comparable to a Human Race Eighth Order Open Heaven master.

The expression of the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had been tightly bound by A' Da finally changed. A few years ago, when it was being suppressed by Smiles and Wu Qing, it had suffered a similar loss.

So when these Small Stone Race powerhouse appeared, it knew what was about to happen.

What made it somewhat confused was where Yang Kai had obtained so many powerful Small Stone Race powerhouse.

From the Chaotic Dead Teritory, Yang Kai had not only taken in hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race soldiers, but also a massive number of Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse.

Although there were also Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse he had handed over to the Human Race, there weren’t many of them, and most of them had been left behind by him.

During all these years of great battles, he had never used these Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse because to him, this was a trump card used to deal with the Ink Giant Spiritual God, so he couldn’t easily expose it.

Now, this trump card was finally going to play its role.

More than two thousand Eighth Order Open Heaven auras suddenly appeared on the battlefield, startling all of the participating masters.

Many pairs of eyes instantly turned towards this direction, and when they saw that the source of these auras was actually the Small Stone Race, the Human Race masters relaxed, while the Black Ink Clan masters became flustered.

Especially Mo Na Ye, who instantly understood Yang Kai’s intentions, his eyes trembling violently.

A fierce aura suddenly rushed towards him and slashed a deep wound on his body. Mi Jinglun gently waved his feather fan and the power of the Great Dao surged, instantly enveloping him in his attack as he said lightly, “To be distracted at such a critical moment, this is not a good habit.”

As Mo Na Ye resisted Mi Jinglun’s attacks, he gnashed his teeth, “He’s been hiding this trump card all this time just for this moment?”

“Who knows,” Mi Jinglun replied casually, his attacks becoming more concentrated.

Under normal circumstances, when faced with such an attack, Mo Na Ye was naturally not afraid, but at this moment, his mind was in a state of chaos, and in a moment he was covered in wounds.

Originally, he had thought that even if the No-Return Pass were defeated, the Human Race would definitely suffer heavy losses. With the strength of the Supreme's Clone, nothing would happen to it. At worst, it would just flee into the depths of the void and meet up with the reinforcements that were rushing over, allowing them to stop the Human Race army.


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