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Up until now, Mo Na Ye hadn’t even thought about the fact that Yang Kai's strength is no longer the same.

This was because he was well aware of how difficult it was for the Human Race powerhouse to cultivate. The more powerful a Human race cultivator was, the more they would need to accumulate their strength bit by bit over a long period of time.

Since ancient times, no one had ever been able to reach the Ninth Order like Yang Kai, and has grown to such a level in less than a thousand years.

What’s more, after the Human Race launched an all-out attack on the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had been hiding his strength. In every battle, the strength he displayed was at the level a newly promoted Ninth Order should have. At the same time, he is avoiding a head-on clashes with the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords.

From Mo Na Ye’s perspective, Yang Kai’s strength might be slightly stronger than when he had just broken through in the Universe Furnace world, but this was a very normal growth. Moreover, everyone knew that Yang Kai’s strength was stronger than cultivators of the same realm, so if they didn’t truly fight, it would be difficult to figure out his true strength.

At this moment, even if someone told Mo Na Ye about Yang Kai’s true strength, he probably wouldn’t believe them. Such a thing was simply nonsense.

On the battlefield, after Yang Kai appeared, the situation had undergone some subtle changes.

Although the Human Race army’s attack was still quite lukewarm, the various armies had already completed their hidden arrangements.

Yang Kai reappeared next to Xiang Shan.

On the other hand, Xiang Shan’s opponents were three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had formed a battle formation that was enough to fight against Xiang Shan, a newly promoted Ninth Order.

In the first two great battles, Xiang Shan and Mo Yu had fought two bloody battles and both sides had suffered heavy losses. Mo Yu had a unique healing technique and with the help of the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s Fusion Technique, he was able to quickly recover, but Xiang Shan’s healing was not so easy. Even with the help of a healing pill, it would still take some time for him to fully recover, so even now, his injuries had yet to fully recover. In the face of these three Pseudo-Royal Lords, he was actually at a disadvantage.

In particular, during the days when Yang Kai had not appeared, Xiang Shan had been suppressed by these three Pseudo-Royal Lords to the point where he could barely resist.

However, after Yang Kai’s sudden appearance, the situation had changed. The three Pseudo-Royal Lords had all held back to prevent Yang Kai from launching a surprise attack, allowing Xiang Shan to catch his breath.

When Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield, Xiang Shan, who had been warned earlier, released his accumulated strength and slashed out a fierce blade aura towards the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

Killing intent spread out, causing the surrounding space to freeze. The three Pseudo-Royal Lords were all shocked.

They had always been on guard against Yang Kai, but never had they imagined that even if the battlefield is so vast, this Human Race’s Killing Star would actually target this war zone they were in. This was truly a bad luck!

When the killing star arrived, Xiang Shan suddenly erupted again, instantly disrupting the rhythm of these three Black Ink Clan masters. In just a moment of panic, their fates were decided!

The long spear was like a dragon and the blade’s edge was sharp. Yang Kai and Xiang Shan’s figures crossed each other like a pair of crossed scissors, instantly cutting off the auras of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

When the powerful aura was extinguished, Xiang Shan spat out a mouthful of blood and his expression became much more dispirited. There were also a few more wounds on Yang Kai’s body. These were the counterattacks of the Pseudo-Royal Lords!

Almost at the same time, a shocking aura erupted from the other side of the battlefield, accompanied by several powerful auras.

It wasn’t the Black Ink Clan masters who were annihilated, but the Eighth Order Human Race masters!

Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and saw that in that direction, more than a dozen figures had converged into a massive ink tide and were slaughtering their way forward. Even if the Eighth Order Human Race masters were to join forces, it would still be difficult for them to resist.

Because among the dozen or so figures, there were traces of the two Royal Lords, Mo Na Ye and Di Ya Luo, and the rest were all Pseudo-Royal Lords.

Almost at the same time that Yang Kai’s gaze turned over, Mo Na Ye also looked over, their eyes meeting, both of them seeing the coldness in each other’s eyes.

Yang Kai instantly understood Mo Na Ye’s intentions and couldn’t help praising him in his heart, ‘Mo Na Ye, what a ruthless and resolute attitude!’

A moment ago, when Di Ya Luo had fled back to the No-Return Pass and arrived beside Mo Na Ye, Mo Na Ye had immediately made a crazy decision.

Under his command, more than a dozen of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been guarding the Ink Nest all this time flew out and, under the leadership of Di Ya Luo and himself, charged towards a battlefield.

He no longer sought out Yang Kai because doing so would only make them being led by the nose. This fellow was proficient in the Space Great Dao and could appear and disappear unpredictably, so searching for him was just a waste of time. If he wanted to take the initiative, he could only give up on defending and instead focus on attacking!

If you want to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord, I’ll kill your Eighth Order and your Ninth Order! I’ll see who will be the first to be unable to bear it and stop the other party.

Exchange casualty!

This was Mo Na Ye’s decision.

If Yang Kai wanted to launch a sneak attack, no one would be able to stop him. Mo Na Ye didn’t have the ability to do so, and Di Ya Luo had already failed. Since that was the case, he would ignore Yang Kai and go kill those he could kill.

Killing until the Human Race’s hearts ached, killing until the Human Race couldn’t bear it anymore. Even if the Pseudo-Royal Lords died in battle, their deaths would be worth it, better than being killed by Yang Kai’s sneak attack.

The results were remarkable. Two Royal Lords had personally led a team of more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords. Such a lineup could easily break through the stalemate, and in that instant, at least twenty Eighth Order Human Race masters had fallen.

Although this kind of harvest couldn’t make up for the loss of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, it was still enough to make the Human Race’s hearts ache.

How do you choose?

Mo Na Ye stared at Yang Kai from afar, quietly waiting for his response. His hands did not remain idle as he continued to lead a group of Black Ink Clan masters into the next battlefield. Wherever he went, he cut through everything like a hot knife through butter!

Soon, he knew Yang Kai’s answer, because Yang Kai’s figure suddenly disappeared from his field of vision, while Xiang Shan, who was originally standing next to Yang Kai, flew over.

The group of Black Ink Clan masters all became vigilant, their powerful Divine Senses sweeping out in all directions to guard against any sneak attacks.

However, before Yang Kai come, another person arrived.

“As a commander of the army, personally taking action is not something to be proud of.” As this voice rang out, a figure floated over and gently waved the feather fan in his hand, causing a violent wind to blow and the wind to turn into a sharp blade, tearing the void apart.

Mi Jinglun!

Almost at the same time that Mo Na Ye made his move, he also made his move, but because Pure Yang Pass was always outside the battlefield, it was a bit late.

After so many years of war, apart from the first time Mi Jinglun attacked the No-Return Pass, he had never taken action again. Compared to his Ninth Order strength, the Human Race needed him to take charge of the overall situation.

However, after seeing through Mo Na Ye’s intentions, Mi Jinglun had no choice but to fight, because every Ninth Order Human Race master on the battlefield had their own opponents, making it difficult for them to move. Only he could slightly restrain these Black Ink Clan masters.

However, in the face of Mi Jinglun’s taunts and attacks, Mo Na Ye chose to ignore them, instead joining forces with the other Black Ink Clan masters to neutralize his attack, not bothering to deal with him at all as he flew towards the next battlefield.

Mi Jinglun’s expression changed slightly. Mo Na Ye’s decisiveness had far exceeded his expectations. Just like how the Black Ink Clan was unable to restrain Yang Kai’s movements, this group of Black Ink Clan masters was not something Mi Jinglun could handle alone.

Fortunately, Xiang Shan also rushed over at this moment and joined forces with Mi Jinglun to restrain some of the other party’s forces.

The slaughter continued. Every time this group of Black Ink Clan masters rushed to a battlefield, a large number of Eighth Order masters would suffer. These Eighth Order masters would often form a battle formation with people they were familiar with and fight against powerful enemies. A large number of enemy reinforcements would arrive and the balance between them would be broken, resulting in disaster.

While the slaughter continued, Mo Na Ye was also paying close attention to Yang Kai’s movements. Xiang Shan had already arrived, but Yang Kai still hadn’t appeared, causing his heart to sink. Killing many Eighth Order Human Race masters had also made it difficult for him to feel happy, making him even more aware of how bad the situation was.

Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai should have come forward to stop him, but Yang Kai was willing to continue acting like this in order to show off his strength, which was undoubtedly a problem.

Sure enough, Yang Kai’s aura soon came from the other side of the battlefield, accompanied by the annihilation of the auras of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

'Has it already reached this point?' Mo Na Ye’s heart went cold. He even suspected that the Human Race had noticed something, otherwise why would Yang Kai make such a choice?

But how could the Human Race have noticed? This was completely unreasonable.

In the void, Yang Kai pursed his lips as his figure flickered about, weaving through various battlefields. The Space-Time River continued to kill one Pseudo-Royal Lord after another, freeing all the Ninth Order Human Race masters. He didn’t dare delay, because in such a situation, every breath he took would result in the deaths of many Eighth Order masters.

If he wanted to stop Mo Na Ye, the only way was to have more Ninth Order masters fight against the team led by Mo Na Ye.

Of course, Yang Kai could have done the same thing himself, but with his control over the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, his true strength lay not in fighting head-on, but in attacking from the shadows.

He could clearly feel the fall of these Eighth Order masters. Each of these Eighth Order masters was a rare talent of the Human Race, and each of them had experienced at least thousands of years of cultivation before they had reached the current realm. However, in such a cruel battlefield, their deaths could only be described as ice-cold numbers.

Had Mo Na Ye noticed something? Otherwise, why would he personally fight?

Before the battle began, he and Mi Jinglun had already anticipated that the Human Race’s losses in this battle wouldn’t be small, but now that this matter was happening right in front of his eyes, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat depressed.

He had to use all his strength to suppress his impulse to stop Mo Na Ye, all of his anger and depression transforming into a powerful spear attack.





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This what I have always been saying, in all these battle throughout the story, if YK could go around killing why not do the same? their losses over the years would have been minimize if he was this ruthless from earlier because YK would have to think twice before taking action. If you can't Kill YK target the 8th order which is the human foundation this is the type of ruthlessness the Antagonist should be doing give more sense of danger instead of running around scared but now it's too late since the Human are now prepare to suffer huge losses.

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IKR... what's Frustrating, though its your typical Cultivation Novel the story is not bad if the Author does a better Job of remember these details and be more consistent with his characterization.

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