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Sensing this familiar yet powerful aura, Mo Na Ye was first overjoyed, then shocked.

What made him happy was that Yang Kai had finally appeared. He had been hiding in the shadows all this time and hadn’t done anything at all. On the contrary, he had brought a great deal of pressure to the Black Ink Clan. If he really showed himself, the Black Ink Clan would be able to deal with him, so when he noticed Yang Kai’s aura, Mo Na Ye’s heart finally relaxed.

What shocked him was that the target Yang Kai had chosen this time was actually Mo Yu, a veteran Royal Lord!

After so many battles, Yang Kai had made several moves, but each time he made a move, his target was a Pseudo-Royal Lord powerhouse. Relying on his unpredictable methods and the strange Great Dao River, the Pseudo-Royal Lord powerhouse he targeted rarely escaped, unless Di Ya Luo came to their rescue in time.

It could be said that nearly half of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had fallen on the battlefield over the past few years were directly or indirectly related to him! He had almost single-handedly killed the powerhouse on the level of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords.

He had never taken action against a true Royal Lord before, especially since Mo Yu was the most senior Royal Lord in the Black Ink Clan.

Mo Na Ye’s eyelids suddenly twitched as he felt that Yang Kai had gone crazy for him to make such a crazy move. He immediately shouted, “Di Ya Luo!”

There was no response, but the moment Yang Kai appeared, Di Ya Luo led a dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords towards him at an astonishing speed.

Di Ya Luo had long since become familiar with rushing to rescue his clansmen. In every battle, he would lead a dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords to restrain Yang Kai’s movements, so there was no need for Mo Na Ye to give him any instructions.

On the other side, Mo Yu was obviously shocked to suddenly be ambushed. Before this, he had been fighting Luo Tinghe alone, the third Ninth Order Human Race opponent he had fought in ten years.

Compared to Xiang Shan’s unyielding attitude, and Wei Junyang’s boldness, she was different. Luo Tinghe, who was born in Yin Yang Heaven, was able to launch a series of exquisite Secret Techniques that were like the spring wind and rain, causing Mo Yu to feel extremely depressed. Even though his foundation was stronger than Luo Tinghe’s, it was difficult for him to gain the upper hand. From the beginning of their fight until now, they were evenly matched.

The Royal Lord’s senses were extremely sharp, and even when Yang Kai use Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, it was difficult for him to completely conceal his movements. The Pseudo-Royal Lords might not be able to guard against his sneak attack, but Mo Yu could.

In fact, before Yang Kai launched his sneak attack, Mo Yu had already faintly sensed it.

Therefore, when he saw Yang Kai appear, he was only shocked for a moment before he reacted appropriately. The copious amount of Ink Force suddenly withdrew and transformed into a barrier around him. Luo Tinghe’s attack landed, causing his body to tremble violently, but it was unable to cause any damage.

Yang Kai’s Space-Time River swept towards Mo Yu at just the right time, engulfing him.

Mo Yu didn’t show the slightest intention of resisting and simply stared coldly at Yang Kai, just like the Black Ink Clan had done all these years, pushing their defensive capabilities to the limit.

The raging waves slapped against Mo Yu’s body, causing the power of his Great Dao to fluctuate non-stop. Luo Tinghe also exerted her strength at the same time, combining the strength of two Ninth Order masters, causing Mo Yu to quickly sink into the Space-Time River.

Inside the river, a fierce undercurrent suddenly surged. It was Mo Yu who was using his own strength to stir up trouble and bombard Yang Kai’s Three Thousand Great Daos.

The best way to deal with this situation was naturally for Yang Kai to enter the Space-Time River and use his geographical advantage to engage in a fierce battle with Mo Yu. With his current strength, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to kill the trapped Mo Yu.

But he didn’t do it.

If he wanted to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, he would have been able to do so ten years ago, but killing just one Royal Lord wasn’t very helpful to the overall situation.

The most important force in the Black Ink Clan right now was still the Pseudo-Royal Lords!

“They're here!” Yang Kai ignored the vibrations of his Great Dao and shouted softly.

“Leave it to me!” Luo Tinghe responded and gently pointed her finger towards the void. The power of the Yin Yang Great Dao spread out and transformed into a giant Yin Yang Fish pattern, enveloping Di Ya Luo and the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords who had rushed over to help Mo Yu.

As the Yin Yang Fish slowly rotated, it was as if it had a life of its own. An inexplicable pulling force suddenly came from the void, causing the group of Black Ink Clan powerhouses to become unsteady.

Numerous Secret Techniques were released, and the Black Ink Clan masters led by Di Ya Luo were just about to join forces to break free from this restraint when Yang Kai arrived. No one saw how he moved, but when he suddenly appeared behind a Pseudo-Royal Lord with his Azure Dragon Spear, this Pseudo-Royal Lord didn’t even notice.

Yang Kai grabbed his spear with one hand and formed a palm with the other, ruthlessly swinging it in the direction of the Pseudo-Royal Lord. An inexplicable force fluctuated as if something had been cut off.

This Pseudo-Royal Lord’s expression suddenly changed, because the moment Yang Kai’s palm fell, his connection with the other two Pseudo-Royal Lords suddenly broke.

With their connection destroyed, the battle formation was destroyed.

“Be careful!” As Di Ya Luo roared at him, the Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly realized that a great disaster had befallen him. He quickly turned around and punched out, but all he saw was the constantly expanding spear tip.

In any case, he was still a Pseudo-Royal Lord powerhouse. Facing such a crisis, he didn’t panic and instead used his fist to strike the Azure Dragon Spear. At the same time, he tilted his head to avoid this fatal blow.

However… it ends here.

Being in the Yin Yang Pattern area, his movements were restricted, and he had been targeted by Yang Kai, so how could he possibly have a good ending? The last thing this Pseudo-Royal Lord saw in his vision was the long spear flying towards him!

As the blood rain fell, the aura of the Pseudo-Royal Lord disappeared.

Next was the second and third…

The other two Pseudo-Royal Lords who had formed the battle formation with him almost instantly followed his footsteps.

It wasn’t until this moment that a series of Secret Techniques from all directions struck Yang Kai, but by the time his figure collapsed, he was already on the other side.

Facing the other three Pseudo-Royal Lords who were in battle formation, he did the same!

“Wishful thinking!” Di Ya Luo roared again, using all of his strength to try and save Yang Kai, but a figure suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked his path. With a palm strike containing a devastating power, Di Ya Luo’s expression became serious and he didn’t dare to delay, immediately rushing forward to meet this attack.

In terms of foundation, Luo Tinghe was inferior to Mo Yu, an old Royal Lord, but she was still stronger than Di Ya Luo, who had only been promoted to Royal Lord for a few years, so it was easy for her to fight him.

With her restraining Di Ya Luo, Yang Kai immediately released his Space Principle, causing the surrounding void to freeze as a large number of Small Stone Race soldiers appeared out of thin air, surrounding this area.

In an instant, all the Black Ink Clan masters, including Di Ya Luo, all wore looks of horror.

In the next instant, the Sun and Moon Marks on the back of Yang Kai’s hand appeared, and the numerous Small Stone Race soldiers began to emit a yellow and blue light that quickly transformed into a dazzling sun before exploding!

As the light faded, the figures of several Pseudo-Royal Lords disappeared from the battlefield, replaced by a bloody mist. The surviving Pseudo-Royal Lords all had weak auras and were no longer at their peak.

Yang Kai charged forward with his spear, the aura of death instantly enveloping these Pseudo-Royal Lords.

On the other side, Luo Tinghe wore a look of surprise as she stared at the fleeing figure and frowned, “He ran quite fast!”

The moment he saw Yang Kai summon the Small Stone race's army, Di Ya Luo decisively used his Secret Technique to escape. Luo Tinghe didn’t even have time to stop him. It was obvious that using this Secret Technique would cost Di Ya Luo a great deal of energy.

Luo Tinghe no longer paid any attention to Di Ya Luo, who was fleeing, turned around and joined forces with Yang Kai to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been injured by the Light of Purification.

Under such circumstances, how could the Pseudo-Royal Lords be their opponents? Their auras were destroyed one after another, but the counterattacks of the Pseudo-Royal Lords before their deaths were not to be underestimated. Each Pseudo-Royal Lord, knowing that they were doomed to die, displayed their final tenacity, causing both Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe to inevitably suffer some injuries.

In particular, Yang Kai’s Great Dao power fluctuated wildly, not because he was using his own Great Dao to kill his enemies, but because the Space-Time River was bombarded.

After dealing with all the Pseudo-Royal Lords, Yang Kai shouted, “I’ll leave it to you!”

In the blink of an eye, a figure rushed out from the Space-Time River. It was none other than Mo Yu, who had been swallowed by the Space-Time River earlier. Although he had been trapped by it, Mo Yu was not injured, but his aura was only slightly better than before and did not affect his combat strength.

Seeing the miserable scene in front of him, Mo Yu’s expression became cold, but before he could do anything, Luo Tinghe rushed towards him and the two sides once again engaged in a fierce battle.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, didn’t even spare him a glance. With a wave of his hand, the Space-Time River was like a whip in his hand as he disappeared into the void. He didn’t attack Mo Yu together with Luo Tinghe. Unless Yang Kai revealed his true strength, it wouldn’t be easy to kill an old Royal Lord. Moreover, compared to killing Mo Yu, who was a tough nut to crack, it would be more convenient to sneak an attack on the Pseudo-Royal Lords.

No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye’s face would turn pale. He hadn’t expected that his strategy against Yang Kai would be so easily broken.

Yang Kai’s sneak attack on Mo Yu was not really to do anything to him. His true goal was Di Ya Luo and the Pseudo-Royal Lords he led!

These were the stumbling blocks that had been pestering him, making it difficult for him to display his full strength.

With a simple encirclement attack, other than Di Ya Luo who managed to escape, the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords were slaughtered by Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe!

The situation had changed somewhat! Mo Na Ye keenly sensed this.

In the past, Yang Kai had never done such a thing. In the previous battles, the group of Black Ink Clan masters led by Di Ya Luo had been able to restrain Yang Kai, making it difficult for him to display his full strength.

But from the looks of it, Yang Kai had always had the ability to break free from the control of Di Ya Luo and the other Black Ink Clan masters, it was just that he didn’t have such a choice.

What had caused him to reveal his fangs!

“Sir!” Di Ya Luo, who had fled back to the No-Return Pass, arrived in front of Mo Na Ye, his face filled with shame. He didn’t have the courage to face Yang Kai alone, so he didn’t know what to do now.


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