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Of course, if Yang Kai had intentionally concealed himself, Mo Na Ye would not have been able to see any trace of him at such a distance.

But after several days of fighting, Yang Kai was still nowhere to be seen. What was he doing? From Mo Na Ye's perspective, the more he couldn’t see Yang Kai, the easier it was to think about it.

At this time, Yang Kai had been teleported back to Pure Yang Pass by the Space Array.

Not far away from Mi Jinglun, he concealed himself and began to explain the information he had obtained from this trip.

Hearing this, Mi Jinglun’s expression became extremely solemn.

According to the information Yang Kai had gathered, once the elite Black Ink Clan reinforcements arrived on the battlefield and coordinated with the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass, the Human Race’s army would not be able to resist. At that time, if they were attacked by the two Black Ink Clan forces, the Human Race would be in a difficult position.

Fortunately, the reinforcements were quite far away, so it would take at least a dozen years to reach this place.

What made Mi Jinglun even happier was that the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements didn’t have a true Royal Lord. As such, Yang Kai’s speculation that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction hadn’t completely collapsed was correct.

But no one could say for sure when the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would collapse…

Originally, the offensive against the No-Return Pass was quite good, but at this moment, Mi Jinglun could feel a dark storm brewing.

Rubbing his forehead, Mi Jinglun asked, “Junior Brother, what do you think?”

Yang Kai looked over at the battle line between the two sides and slowly spat out a few words, “End this battle quickly!”

Mi Jinglun’s eyelids couldn’t help twitching, “If that’s the case… many people will die.”

Yang Kai lowered his eyes, “The more the battle here drags on, the greater the hidden dangers of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction will be. Moreover, after so many years, the number of soldiers who died in battle… when is there not many death?”

Mi Jinglun remained silent. He was well aware of the current situation and what kind of decision was the most sensible, but he still couldn’t bear to do so because he knew that once he issued that order, many soldiers would have to pay with their lives.

As the saying goes, kindness does not lead soldiers, Mi Jinglun knew he was not a benevolent person. Over the years, there had been many instances where he had no choice but to issue ruthless orders, but those orders can create the greatest results with the least cost. Every soldier who died on the battlefield had died a worthy death.

As the commander-in-chief of the army who had issued these orders, Mi Jinglun felt guilty towards the dead soldiers, but he also felt no guilt towards the entire Human Race.

But the current situation was different.

If this order were to be passed down, the Human Race might lose millions of soldiers!

What kind of massive number was this? It was so heavy that even someone like Mi Jinglun found it difficult to bear.

The Black Ink tribulation is not from the No-Return Pass, but rather the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!

Although the Human Race could continue to maintain this kind of offensive, spending at least a dozen years to take down the No-Return Pass, who could say what would happen to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction in these dozen years?

If there were some irreversible changes to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction over the past dozen years, even if the Human Race managed to seize the No-Return Pass, it would be meaningless. At that time, more people would die.

He understood all of this, but… it clearly only needed a dozen years!

The war between the two races had been going on for thousands of years, and in these thousands of years, more than a dozen years had passed in the blink of an eye, but at this critical moment, something unexpected happened.

Even Mi Jinglun, who had always appeared as a cultured and refined gentleman in front of the world, couldn’t help cursing in his heart to alleviate his frustration.

Right now, the only good news for the Human Race’s army was that after six great battles in the past ten years, the strength of the Black Ink Clan had greatly weakened. Disregarding everything else, just the number of Pseudo-Royal Lord-level masters who had died in the past ten years would only increase.

The main reason for this was because the first two battles had caused the Black Ink Clan to suffer heavy losses. In the following battles, the Black Ink Clan had always adopted a defensive strategy, so their losses weren’t too great.

But there were still some casualties.

As such, if the Human Race really decided to launch an all-out attack, it shouldn’t be a problem to take the No-Return Pass down.

“How do we deal with the Ink Giant Spiritual God?” Mi Jinglun asked, suppressing his chaotic thoughts.

If they wanted to take down the No-Return Pass, they would never be able to get around the Ink Giant Spiritual God. During the ten years battle, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, they had been suppressing the intensity of the battle.

The Black Ink Clan needed to stall for time and wait for reinforcements to arrive. The Human Race wanted to reduce their losses as much as possible, but at the same time, they didn’t want to expand the scale of the battle to the point where the Ink Giant Spiritual God could participate. With this tacit understanding, no one would easily use their strongest trump card.

Because of their geographical advantage, the Ink Giant Spiritual God would occasionally provide limited assistance to the Black Ink Clan. A’ Da and A’ Er were simply watching from across the Domain Gate.

“I’ll cooperate with A’ Da and A' Er. I don’t dare say I can definitely kill them, but suppressing them is still possible,” Yang Kai replied.

When Mi Jinglun heard this, he secretly nodded. If Yang Kai could really achieve such a feat, the Human Race’s losses would be greatly reduced. When the Human Race took down the Ink Giant Spiritual God, they would be able to easily deal with it.

“Senior Brother… have you made a decision?” Yang Kai asked.

Mi Jinglun stared at the battlefield for a long time before asking bitterly, “How did things develop to this point!?”

Yang Kai remained silent.

A moment later, Mi Jinglun said solemnly, “Now that things have reached this point, we can only go all out!”

Fortunately, he hadn’t been completely unprepared all these years. A qualified commander had to make all kinds of assumptions and countermeasures during a war.

Mi Jinglun hadn’t expected a group of Black Ink Clan reinforcements to come from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but he had also calculated what the Human Race would do if they were forced to win the fight on the No-Return Pass in a short time.

Now that he had been forced to this step, all he needed to do was to use all of his previous ideas as a practical solution.

However, no one had expected that the Human Race’s attack against the No-Return Pass would start it's final battle in this way!

Yang Kai said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll go. I’ll try my best to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord. Senior Brother, please act accordingly!”

Mi Jinglun nodded slightly.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s aura disappeared and Mi Jinglun raised his hand slightly. The herald standing behind him stepped forward and respectfully called out, “Chief Mi!”

Mi Jinglun’s low voice rang out, “Relay my orders to the various branches…”

The herald’s expression became serious as he listened carefully, but after a long time, Mi Jinglun did not continue. After a long time, the herald finally heard Mi Jinglun’s firm and determined voice, “Prepare to attack the No-Return Pass!”

As one of Mi Jinglun’s trusted aides who had been following him all this time, the herald naturally understood the meaning of this order. His expression immediately became stern, and although he was filled with shock, he didn’t hesitate to send out these orders to all corners of the battlefield.

As a qualified herald, he didn’t need to question the decision of the Commander. All he needed to do was pass on the Commander's order so that all the Human Race’s upper echelons could receive this order without error…

After doing all of this, this Seventh Order Open Heaven herald raised his head and looked into the depths of the battlefield, only to see a number of nimble Human Race Battleships shuttling back and forth, as well as a sky full of the Secret Techniques and Artifacts' brilliance.

He cupped his fists and saluted, “Chief Mi, I want to participate in the battle!”

All this time, he had been responsible for passing down orders for Mi Jinglun. He had personally witnessed the Human Race’s soldiers risking their lives and dying on the battlefield while he was powerless to do anything.

He also knew that the fall of the soldiers had nothing to do with him. He was just a messenger who had passed down Chief Mi’s orders. As for the casualties and consequences of such an order, what did it have to do with him?

However, there were always some things in this world that were difficult to calculate, such as… the human heart.

On the eve of the most brutal battle that was about to begin, this herald decided to follow his heart and make his only request to this Human Race Commander.

Mi Jinglun didn’t even turn his head, only spitting out one word, “Granted!”

The herald bowed in thanks.

No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye frowned as he observed the battlefield. His cultivation was powerful and his Divine Sense was vast, allowing him to perceive the situation of the entire battlefield with a single thought. Over the past few years, he had rarely gone out to fight, and it was thanks to his leadership that the Black Ink Clan army had been able to repel the Human Race at the smallest cost.

This great battle was no different from the previous ones. The Human Race’s attacks were neither hot nor cold, clearly indicating that they wanted to gradually erode the strength of the Black Ink Clan, so although it had been several days since the battle began, the losses suffered by the Black Ink Clan were still acceptable. As for the Human Race… ever since the third great battle began, the price paid by the Human Race in each battle was negligible.

This was because the Black Ink Clan had never thought of doing anything to the Human Race. Under the command of Mo Na Ye, all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces were focused on defense, so in this situation, it was naturally very difficult for them to deal much damage to the Human Race.

There were only two abnormalities. The Human Race’s war this time had started a bit too quickly, only four months had passed since the last one, breaking the usual pattern.

In addition, Yang Kai had disappeared.

Since he had slaughtered his way out of the Spatial Territory, there had been no trace of him. This was a very strange and unprecedented event.

In the previous battles, Yang Kai would always run out to attack the Pseudo-Royal Lords, forcing Di Ya Luo and the Pseudo-Royal Lords he led to rush out to help.

But this time, after so many days, he had not made a move.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t even guess what Yang Kai was doing at this moment. This kind of unknown caused Mo Na Ye’s heart to be filled with anxiety. After all, this was Yang Kai, who had always acted with extreme methods!

Just as he was thinking this, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from a certain spot on the battlefield. Mo Na Ye’s heart trembled as he turned his head to look in that direction, only to see a massive river sweeping across the void like a whip towards a battlefield.


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