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From the moment the Human Race’s army attacked the No-Return Pass, the frequency of battles had been maintained every two years.

In the first two great battles, relying on the Universe World's assault tactics and the Small Stone Race’s surprise attack, the Human Race had gained a lot and killed a large number of Black Ink Clan masters. In each battle, at least twenty or thirty Pseudo-Royal Lords had fallen.

Although the Eighth Order Human Race had suffered losses in battle, the price they had paid was worth it.

If this situation could continue, then the Human Race would have the confidence to launch an all-out attack within ten years and take down the No-Return Pass.

However, with such a large scale war involving millions of lives, how could everything go smoothly?

After the third battle began, the Black Ink Clan changed their usual attitude and greatly reduced their defensive line, adopting a completely defensive strategy, like a tortoise with its head and limbs tucked into its shell. Even if the Human Race had all kinds of methods, it would be difficult for them to achieve much in this situation.

In the following years, the fourth and fifth battles were the same.

Most of the time, the Human Race’s army had deliberately created some flaws on certain battlefields in order to lure the Black Ink Clan army into a siege, but in the face of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Black Ink Clan army remained as steady as a rock, completely unmoved by this seemingly easy victory.

Although the Human Race could launch an all-out attack, in this situation, if they were to launch an all-out attack, the Human Race’s upper echelons would definitely suffer heavy losses.

With no other choice, since the Black Ink Clan had assumed a defensive stance, the Human Race army could only slowly wear down their forces.

The only advantage was that in this kind of battle where the Human Race had complete control of the situation, the losses of the Human Race army could be easily controlled.

Of course, putting aside the faint worry in his heart, Yang Kai was happy to see this situation.

The longer the battle dragged on, the more time he had to cultivate and become stronger. Now that he was in his own River of Time, the flow of time was thirty times faster than the outside world. After every battle, he would be able to cultivate in the River of Time for a full sixty years, refining large amounts of resources and constantly increasing his strength.

In the tenth year since the Human Race’s great army march to the No-Return Pass, after the sixth battle, Yang Kai, as usual, was refining and cultivating in the long River of Time. Suddenly, a vibration came from above the river, waking him up.

This was the signal he had agreed with the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er. Because he was focused on cultivating in the River of Time, he knew nothing about the outside world and had to be informed by A’ Er. In the previous battles, A’ Er had used this method to awaken him.

Feeling this familiar signal, Yang Kai quickly ended his cultivation and rushed out from the river.

A' Er was standing next to him and pointed towards the Domain Gate. Yang Kai turned his head and saw the faint traces of a battle through the Domain Gate.

He had seen this scene many times before. Every time a great war broke out between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan, he will enter the Domain Gate from the Spatial Territory to fight his way into the No-Return Pass and single-handedly restrain many of the Black Ink Clan powerhouses.

However, this time, he frowned because there was something wrong!

Although he was focused on cultivating in the River of Time, he could still feel the passage of time. In the past, he had been able to cultivate in the River of Time for about sixty years before the Human Race launched another attack, but this time it should have only been ten years.

In other words, it had only been four months since the last battle…

It had only been four months since the last battle, but the Human Race had launched another attack, something that had never happened before.

Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help becoming solemn as he realized that some kind of unforeseen event had occurred, otherwise, the Human Race wouldn’t have rashly changed their strategy.

In a flash, he rushed towards the Domain Gate, and before his figure disappeared, he didn’t forget to turn around and warn A’ Er, “Keep an eye on those two Ink Big Guys. If they dare to leave, you must kill your way in!”

A’ Er nodded heavily and said, “Okay!”

A' Da also chimed in, but Yang Kai estimated that he didn’t really understand it…

Just like before, the moment Yang Kai stepped out of the Domain Gate, a dozen or so powerful auras locked him in place. With Di Ya Luo as the leader, more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords gathered around him, ready to fight.

In every great battle, Yang Kai had to fight with these guys, but because he had always been hiding his strength, Yang Kai had never been able to do anything to them. However, after so many battles of wits and courage, he had managed to kill a few of these Pseudo-Royal Lords, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

In the past, with Di Ya Luo as their leader, the main task of these Black Ink Clan powerhouse was to restrain Yang Kai so that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to launch a sneak attack on the other Pseudo-Royal Lords. However, because they were afraid of Yang Kai’s method of sacrificing the Small Stone Race, they rarely had any direct confrontation with him. Most of the time, they would only use their auras to interfere with him and use their long-range attacks.

However, the situation this time was different. The moment Yang Kai appeared, Di Ya Luo shouted, “Kill!”

Unexpectedly, they were the first to rush towards Yang Kai. Although the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords were wary of Yang Kai’s methods, they still braced themselves and followed.

The reason for this change was because the Human Race’s army had acted strangely this time.

For the past ten years, the Human Race had launched a war almost every two years, with no exception. But this time, it had only been four months since the last war, but the Human Race had actually come to attack the No-Return Pass again.

Something was obviously wrong.

There must be a reason for this abnormality! Although Mo Na Ye, who was in charge of deploying the Black Ink Clan’s army, couldn’t guess the intentions of the Human Race, it didn’t stop him from changing his strategy.

Under the premise that their original defensive strategy remained unchanged, he ordered Di Ya Luo and the other Black Ink Clan masters to try their best to stop Yang Kai from meeting up with the Human Race’s higher-ups.

This was a difficult task, and if it was possible, Di Ya Luo naturally wouldn’t accept this task. In the past, when they had restrained Yang Kai, as long as they were careful enough, there wouldn’t be too much danger, but this time, if they wanted to prevent Yang Kai from meeting with the Human Race’s upper echelons, they would have to face him head-on.

This was not only a difficult task, but also a very dangerous one. Di Ya Luo had not forgotten the first time he had fought with Yang Kai and was severely injured by him.

However, this mission had to be carried out by him. Mo Yu had been entangled by Wei Junyang and was unable to escape. Mo Na Ye was responsible for deploying the army and wouldn’t easily take action. Only he, the most inexperienced Royal Lord, had to face the strongest killing star of the Human Race.

Fortunately, Mo Na Ye had also said that if the situation became critical, he would be able to assist at any time!

A great battle instantly broke out, the aftershocks sweeping out in all directions. Fortunately, there was still the Pseudo-Royal Lord guarding the No-Return Pass, otherwise a large number of Ink Nests would have been destroyed.

Having fought with Yang Kai so many times, Di Ya Luo was well aware of his strength. This Human Race Killing Star was far stronger than any other Ninth Order. Even with so many Pseudo-Royal Lords working together, this battle was still extremely difficult.

When Yang Kai summoned the Small Stone Race and activated the Light of Purification, Di Ya Luo and the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been on guard immediately scattered and fled.

A dazzling light burst out and enveloped the entire sky. When the dust settled, Yang Kai’s figure had already disappeared.

Seeing this, Di Ya Luo, on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief.

He and the other Pseudo-Royal Lords had already tried their best, but they still couldn’t stop Yang Kai. This wasn’t just them being lazy or trying to play tricks.

According to what happened in the past, Yang Kai should have appeared in the Human Race's Pure Yang Pass by now.

On the walls of Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jinglun waited quietly until he suddenly felt something and immediately sent a voice transmission, “Don’t show yourself, listen to me.”

With the help of the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, Yang Kai immediately stopped and sent a voice transmission, “I’m here.”

After confirming that Yang Kai had arrived nearby, Mi Jinglun let out a sigh of relief. After a moment of deliberation, he said, “Our previous worries have come true.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became serious, “Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Mi Jinglun stared at the battlefield and nodded imperceptibly, “Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!”

During the third battle, the Black Ink Clan suddenly changed their strategy and went all out to defend. This strange change made Yang Kai and Mi Jinglun somewhat confused, but it also caused them to become vigilant.

In the following conversation, the two of them both agreed that with Mo Na Ye's shrewdness, knowing that the Black Ink Clan would not be able to defend the No-Return Pass, it was impossible for him to make such a stupid strategy. Doing so would only delay the inevitable and would not affect the final outcome of the battle. In fact, it would even allow the Human Race to pay a smaller price to win.

Unless the Black Ink Clan was waiting for reinforcements.

In this vast world, if the Black Ink Clan really had reinforcements, they would definitely come from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but no one knew what the situation on the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was like, so the Human Race could only rely on the Void Guard who had set up Space Arrays along the way to obtain some information after arriving.

Calculating the time, the Void Guard had not yet reached the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and had at most traveled seventy to eighty percent of the way, so it was impossible for them to obtain any information.

“There’s news from the Void Guard that they’ve discovered a large number of Black Ink Clan and are rushing towards the No-Return Pass from the direction of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction,” Mi Jinglun sent a voice transmission, “They should have all escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and their overall strength seems to be very strong.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became serious.

There really was something wrong with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction! Otherwise, it would have been impossible for a large number of Black Ink Clan masters to appear.

Is Black Ink awake? What about Wu Kuang? What about the Withdrawing Black Ink Army?

Yang Kai’s heart suddenly became somewhat confused.

Since a long time ago, Yang Kai had been considering when Black Ink would wake up, but he couldn’t be certain of such a thing, nor had he gained anything from probing Mo Na Ye. Perhaps Mo Na Ye himself didn’t know about this.

Right now, he didn’t have a World Tree to rely on, so even if he wanted to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to investigate the situation, he couldn’t.

His previous worries had come true, and the favorable situation for the Human Race had suddenly become uncertain.

Suppressing his chaotic thoughts, Yang Kai said, “So the problem with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was since five or six years ago.”


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