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Throughout the entire battlefield, the Black Ink Clan seemed to have pushed their defensive capabilities to the limit. No matter how fierce the Human Race’s attacks were, they only focused on defending, unlike the previous two times where they had to find opportunities to take the initiative while defending.

This made Yang Kai feel a little strange.

It was true that by completely abandoning all intentions of attacking and focusing on defense, the Black Ink Clan was able to reduce their own losses, but the Black Ink Clan wasn’t stupid. Doing so would only allow them to struggle at death’s door, because by doing so, the risk the Human Race’s army had to bear would be greatly reduced. In such a great battle, the Black Ink Clan’s losses wouldn’t be too great, but the Human Race would suffer even less.

This kind of attitude was far better than the previous two great battles, where they could launch a counterattack while defending, and the Human Race might even hesitate to attack.

After all, the Human Race didn’t want to suffer too much damage, which would be detrimental to their future expedition plans.

Mo Na Ye was such an astute person, how could he use such a stupid tactic? Yang Kai was puzzled.

However, there was no time for him to think too much about it. Di Ya Luo had already led more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords to charge towards him, even though Yang Kai had used the method of sacrificing the Small Stone Race in the last battle to make the Black Ink Clan masters who had besieged him suffer a great loss and had killed several Pseudo-Royal Lords on the spot.

But, this kind of method was not impossible to defend against. The last time, the Black Ink Clan had been completely unprepared, and no one had expected Yang Kai to summon so many Small Stone Race. After being caught off guard last time, they naturally wouldn’t let Yang Kai succeed so easily.

Yang Kai fought with these Black Ink Clan masters for a while, only displaying his strength as a newly promoted Ninth Order, but he still couldn’t find a good opportunity to break through the No-Return Pass. Helpless, he could only rush out and rush towards Pure Yang Pass.

With his previous experience, it was clear that the Black Ink Clan had received some instructions beforehand, so Yang Kai’s attempt to kill his way out was smooth and without any obstruction from the Black Ink Clan. In fact, when he approached, they even took the initiative to open up a path so as to avoid provoking his killing blow.

Regarding this, Yang Kai was also extremely speechless.

After successfully arriving at Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jinglun waited for him and handed over the Space Ring he had prepared in advance to Yang Kai. He couldn’t help asking, “So many supplies, have you used up all of them?”

Although the amount of resources he had given to Yang Kai last time wasn’t much, it was definitely not small. After all, it was the amount extracted by nearly three million soldiers. If he used it alone, even if a Ninth Order cultivator were to continuously cultivate and refine it, it would still take about a hundred years.

This amount of resources was enough for the Human Race’s main army to engage in a local war.

“I’m using it faster!” Yang Kai casually replied as he checked the situation inside his Space Ring and found that the amount of resources he had obtained this time was more than twice as much as the last time he had used it. Feeling satisfied, he carefully put it away.

Hearing his answer, Mi Jinglun was also shocked.

It was enough for an ordinary Ninth Order cultivator to cultivate for a hundred years. Yang Kai had used it all up in two years, under the current circumstances, it was naturally impossible for him to waste it.

In other words, there was a high chance that Yang Kai had really refined so many materials.

He was very curious about how Yang Kai cultivated, but he didn’t ask. After all, cultivation was different. Yang Kai’s crazy consumption of resources was not a bad thing for the Human Race, which meant that his strength was also rapidly increasing.

“The Black Ink Clan seems to have changed their strategy,” Mi Jinglun changed the subject, “What do you think?”

“Struggle to survive?” Yang Kai replied casually.

Mi Jinglun shook his head and said, “With Mo Na Ye's shrewdness, it’s impossible for him to not know that doing so will only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Right now, the Black Ink Clan’s response will only increase the time it takes for the Human Race to take down the No-Return Pass. Originally, it would only take five great battles to take down the No-Return Pass, but now, it may take ten or more. However, when the final battle begins, the price the Human Race has to pay will be even smaller.”

In a battle where the Human Race want to conquer the No-Return Pass, the amount of time and price they had to pay was completely different. The longer they spent, the smaller the price they would have to pay. This was especially true now that the Black Ink Clan had chosen to focus on defense, greatly reducing the threat they posed to the Human Race.

If the Black Ink Clan really wanted to struggle to survive, they absolutely shouldn’t have used such a strategy. Instead, they should have attacked the Human Race at all costs! In this way, it would be possible to determine victory or defeat in three or two battles.

Of course, even if he didn’t use such a decisive strategy, it would be wise to defend and attack as he had done before.

Since Yang Kai could see this, Mi Jinglun naturally could as well.

“Then there’s only one possibility,” Yang Kai said firmly.

“What possibility?” Mi Jinglun asked.

Yang Kai smiled, “Since Senior Brother already has a guess, why ask me?”

Mi Jinglun waved his hand, “Tell me, I want to know if we’re thinking the same thing.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Buy time!”

Mi Jinglun’s expression became serious, “It seems we’re thinking the same thing.”

He also felt that the Black Ink Clan was simply stalling for time, and simply stalling for time was meaningless. It was just a struggle to survive, but if the Black Ink Clan had other plans, it would be quite alarming.

“How’s the progress with the Void Guard?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

“About halfway there, nothing unexpected happened.”

“Have them remain vigilant!”

Mi Jinglun’s expression changed slightly, “Junior Brother means that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction…”

Yang Kai said, “I hope it’s not what I think it is, but the current situation of the Black Ink Clan is quite worrying.”

He turned his head towards the depths of the void, a hint of worry appearing on his face.

Just as he had said, the Black Ink Clan’s change in strategy this time made everyone think of something else. On the No-Return Pass' side, it would be meaningless for the Black Ink Clan to simply delay for time, but if reinforcements came, the situation would be different.

Where did the reinforcements come from?

The Black Ink Clan’s current reinforcements only had one source, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!

But if that was the case, what had happened to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction? What about the Withdrawing Black Ink Army?

Su Yan and the others, his little sister Yang Xue, and the three personal disciples were all on the Withdrawing Black Ink Army’s side. Even though Yang Kai knew it was a dangerous place when he arranged for them to stay there, he couldn’t help feeling worried.

If the old tree hadn’t fallen into a deep sleep, Yang Kai could have used its power to travel through the void and arrive at the Universe World he had placed outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. However, because the old tree had consumed too much energy and had fallen into a deep sleep, Yang Kai was unable to borrow it's strength.

Additionally, he still needed to remain in the Spatial Territort and cooperate with A’ Da and A’ Er at the critical juncture. If they couldn't conquer the No-Return Pass, he would not be able to leave easily until the end of the battle.

Now, all they could do was wait for news from the Void Guard. After several years, the Void Guard had already traveled half the distance. If there were any abnormalities in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it wouldn’t be long before they found traces.

After bidding Mi Jinglun farewell, Yang Kai returned to the battlefield.

Seeing him take action, Di Ya Luo immediately led the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lord powerhouse out of the No-Return Pass to meet him.

The Black Ink Clan’s attitude towards Yang Kai was very clear. If you wanted to come, you could come. If you wanted to leave, you could leave. In any case, the Black Ink Clan didn’t have the ability to stop you, but if you wanted to intervene in this battle, the Black Ink Clan masters led by Di Ya Luo would have to respond accordingly.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling annoyed. With his current strength, if he really went all out, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to deal with Di Ya Luo and the other Pseudo-Royal Lords, but if he did so, it would definitely arouse the vigilance of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, and it will only outweigh the gains.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only give up on entangling with Di Ya Luo. Fortunately, he still had the help of the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability.

Before Di Ya Luo could lead the Pseudo-Royal Lords to attack, Yang Kai had already disappeared. In an instant, all the Pseudo-Royal Lords on the battlefield felt a sense of danger.

Di Ya Luo’s Divine Sense fluctuated wildly as he searched for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, but to no avail.

A moment later, in a certain corner of the No-Return Pass, a violent battle suddenly erupted, followed by the aura of a Pseudo-Royal Lord withering.

Di Ya Luo suddenly turned his head and saw Yang Kai’s figure flash past. The scene that appeared in front of him made his eyes pop out.

No one knew when Yang Kai had snuck back into the No-Return Pass, but when all of the participating Pseudo-Royal Lords were distracted and vigilant, he suddenly attacked and killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord who had been guarding the No-Return Pass and the Ink Nest which the Pseudo-Royal Lord was responsible for.

In an instant, four Royal Lord-level Ink Nests were reduced to dust, and the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest and Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest that had been created by these Royal Lord-level Ink Nests also collapsed.

Di Ya Luo cursed in his heart. He had led a team of masters specifically targeting Yang Kai and had already killed their way out of the No-Return Pass, so it was already too late for him to go to their aid. It wouldn’t take long, just a few breaths of time, and Yang Kai would be able to cause unimaginable damage to the No-Return Pass.

However, in the next moment, a vast sea of Ink Force enveloped him and Yang Kai’s disappearing figure appeared once more. Immediately after, a powerful aura clamped down on him and the two of them began fighting.

Mo Na Ye!

The Black Ink Clan’s three Royal Lords, Di Ya Luo, and a small team were specifically watching Yang Kai’s movements. Mo Yu and Wei Junyang were locked in a fierce battle, while Mo Na Ye had been watching over the situation from the beginning.

When Yang Kai flew over from Pure Yang Pass and disappeared, Mo Na Ye had been on high alert. Although he couldn’t stop Yang Kai from attacking, he had interrupted his teleportation at the right time and pulled him out of the void.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with dissatisfaction, and he couldn’t help clicking his tongue as he watched Di Ya Luo and the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords rush back towards him. He could only fight and retreat until he reached the Domain Gate.

Mo Na Ye also withdrew his hand and faced Yang Kai from a distance.

Soon, Di Ya Luo arrived and stood next to Mo Na Ye, his face filled with anger. Yang Kai had so easily taken advantage of him, causing him to lose a Pseudo-Royal Lord and several Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, making him appear somewhat incompetent.

Two Royal Lords and more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords, a grand lineup of people just waiting to capture one person. In the entire Human Race, only Yang Kai had such an honor.


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Visper Ai
Visper Ai
Aug 18, 2023

Its so annoying we cant see him go all out and even when he does it will be against the ink spiritual gods


Eddy Medeiros
Eddy Medeiros
Jul 02, 2023

After thousands of years and YK's parents still alive.

Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 21, 2023
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Well they have been promoted as OH 5th level so they're probably 7th level now. I believe their lifespan should be in hundreds of thousands now if no accidents happens.


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Xue Ying
Aug 21, 2023
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Here's Yang Yan for you, some nice dude edited this one from manhua. I just borrowed it.

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