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What Mo Na Ye couldn’t figure out was why Yang Kai didn’t use such a method in the great battle two years ago and instead chose to use it today. This was a very unreasonable matter. It couldn’t be that Yang Kai had used some kind of method the Black Ink Clan didn’t know about in the past two years to produce so many Small Stone Race members.

Although he really wanted to find out the reason, he didn’t have the time to do so.

As hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race joined the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s originally stable line of defense began to collapse one after another. Many of the Black Ink Clan soldiers at the front of the line fell, affecting the lives of the Black Ink Clan powerhouse behind them.

Mo Na Ye could only focus on the battle in front of him as he continuously issued orders, trying to kill as many enemies as possible while resisting the attacks of the Human Race and Small Stone Race.

At the same time, he also didn’t forget to pay attention to Yang Kai’s movements. After Yang Kai had killed his way out of the No-Return Pass, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been fighting outside had been restrained.

The Human Race’s methods to deal with these Pseudo-Royal Lords were basically all fought by Eighth Order masters with battle formation. Although there were many Eighth Order masters on the Human Race’s side, the Black Ink Clan also had many Pseudo-Royal Lords. Moreover, when three Pseudo-Royal Lords formed a simple Three Directions Array, they were able to restrain four or five Human Race Eighth Order master battle formation.

Although the Human Race could still use more Eighth Order master, if there were more of them, it would be difficult for them to coordinate effectively and would instead put them in a difficult position.

As such, on the battlefield between the high-level combatants of the two races, most of the time they were evenly matched, with a small number of Pseudo-Royal Lords having the upper hand. On the other hand, it was difficult for the Eighth Order Human Race to gain any advantage.

However, when Yang Kai rushed out of the No-Return Pass and released a large number of Small Stone Race, his figure quickly disappeared and the situation quickly changed.

On the battlefield where all the Pseudo-Royal Lords participated, all of them had fallen into a disadvantageous position in a short time. Every Pseudo-Royal Lord’s nerves were stretched taut as they used their Divine Sense to monitor their surroundings and guard against any sneak attacks.

It wasn’t until a Pseudo-Royal Lord saw Yang Kai’s figure appear on Pure Yang Pass that he let out a sigh of relief. Yang Kai hadn’t launched a sneak attack on them and had instead gone to Pure Yang Pass, which was undoubtedly good news for the Black Ink Clan masters on the battlefield.

However, they couldn’t understand why Yang Kai would run to Pure Yang Pass at this time.

Just like the last battle, Pure Yang Pass, the only Human Race pass, was located outside the battlefield, collecting all kinds of information and taking charge of the overall situation.

On the city wall, Mi Jinglun was like a weak scholar, quietly observing the battlefield while issuing precise orders.

In a flash, Yang Kai appeared beside him.

Mi Jinglun turned to look at him and asked, “Did you go to the Chaotic Dead Territory?”

The Small Stone Race in the hands of the Human Race had almost been completely exhausted after all these years of war. Yang Kai had suddenly summoned an army of hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race cultivators to participate in the siege of the No-Return Pass, obviously having been to the Chaotic Dead Territory.

“Yeah,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Isn’t it too wasteful?” Mi Jinglun said, obviously feeling a bit distressed.

Since Yang Kai had bestowed a large number of Small Stone Race to the various armies of the Human Race, this strange race had made great contributions to the Human Race’s many battles against the Black Ink Clan. In many small-scale battles, the Human Race had been able to win with their small numbers because of the Small Stone Race’s fearlessness.

After so many years of war, the Small Stone Race had been exhausted, and the Human Race had lost a great deal of help. Now that Yang Kai had brought back so many Small Stone Race, but he had invested so many in one go, Mi Jinglun’s heart ached.

It had to be known that these Small Stone Race members that Yang Kai had directly placed on the battlefield were destined to be unable to be retrieved, because they would fight until their bones were crushed and they were the last of their soldiers.

Only when a Human Race cultivator used a Beast Taming Technique or a Aryifact Refining Technique to refine them would they be able to command these creatures with low intelligence.

If the Human Race was a great family, then Yang Kai was like a nouveau riche who had suddenly become rich. His extravagance made Mi Jinglun, who was in charge of the daily necessities, feel a great deal of pain.

Yang Kai grinned at him, “Don’t worry, I’ve collected a lot this time.”

“A lot?” Mi Jinglun raised his brow.

“A lot!” Yang Kai nodded firmly. Even if he released hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race members, his Small Universe still had two or three times as many of them left.

Hearing this, Mi Jinglun understood.

“Senior Brother, please open your Small Universe’s door,” Yang Kai said.

Mi Jinglun naturally knew what he wanted to do and immediately opened the door. In the next moment, Yang Kai also opened the door to his Small Universe. The two doors quickly overlapped, as if they were about to become one.

Soon after, a large number of Small Stone Race members were transferred to Mi Jinglun’s Small Universe.

Slowly, Mi Jinglun’s expression changed.

Although he had guessed from Yang Kai’s previous answer that he had indeed brought back a lot of Small Stone Race members, he had never expected this number to be so exaggerated.

A moment later, Mi Jinglun raised his hand and said, “Enough, I can’t hold it anymore.”

After all, his Small Universe’s foundation was not as strong as Yang Kai’s, and he had almost reached the limit of his ability after taking in a hundred million Small Stone Race members. At this moment, he was circulating his strength in an obscure manner. If he were to fight the Black Ink Clan in this state, even a Territory Lord would be able to take his life.

“How many more?” Mi Jinglun asked.

“About twice as much.”

Mi Jinglun was speechless, wondering if Yang Kai had raided Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's treasury this time. Otherwise, how could there be so many Small Stone Race members?

Helpless, he could only send out a command, “Call Ouyang Lie and Wei Junyang back.”

A messenger immediately sent out a message.

Somewhere on the battlefield, Ouyang Lie was using his own strength to restrain the Three Directions array formed by the Pseudo-Royal Lords, fighting to his heart’s content. After receiving the message, he was shocked and quickly jumped out of the battle circle, rushing towards the Pure Yang Pass. Although the Pseudo-Royal Lords wanted to stop him, how could they? If they joined forces to fight Ouyang Lie, they would certainly have the upper hand, but if Ouyang Lie wanted to escape, there was nothing they could do.

On the other side, Wei Junyang was the same.

The two of them didn’t know what had happened, but for Mi Jinglun to summon them to return during such a great battle was obviously no small matter.

When the two of them arrived at Pure Yang Pass one after the other, Mi Jinglun explained the situation briefly before understanding the purpose of calling them back.

The Small Stone Race members couldn’t be released so easily, so they could only be temporarily suppressed by the Ninth Order Open Heaven's Small Universe. After this great battle, they would be refined and used by the Human Race’s soldiers.

The two of them didn’t delay any further. Just like before, Ouyang Lie and Wei Junyang each opened their Small Universe's door while Yang Kai used a technique to move the Small Stone Race over.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. Since returning from the Chaotic Dead Territory, his Small Universe had been under some kind of pressure and had only just recovered.

Of course, he had also left behind a few Small Stone Race members for his own use, but he could easily handle them without affecting himself.

On the other hand, Mi Jinglun and the other two’s expressions were solemn, as if they had eaten too much, even their auras fluctuating slightly.

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help complaining, “Next time something like this happens, please inform me in advance.”

It was quite uncomfortable to be called back to do this kind of thing while fighting with the Pseudo-Royal Lords, and with this, it was impossible to participate in the following battles.

Yang Kai grinned, “Just bear with it.”

As they were speaking, a figure flew out from the depths of Pure Yang Pass and landed in front of everyone, handing a large number of Space Rings to Mi Jinglun, “Chief Mi, all the supplies are here.”

Mi Jinglun pouted towards Yang Kai, “Give it to him.”

The man then handed over a number of Space Rings to Yang Kai, who took them and swept them with his Divine Sense before nodding slightly, “Good efficiency.”

After the last great battle, the Human Race’s supplies had almost been emptied, so these materials had obviously been mined over the past two years.

However, the Human Race now had nearly three million soldiers scattered throughout the Ink Battlefield, mining resources, and with the Universe Temple as a medium, their efficiency was quite high.

Of course, in this battle, using the Universe World's assault tactics had also consumed a lot of resources, otherwise there would be more of them.

This time, Yang Kai came from the No-Return Pass to find Mi Jinglun. Firstly, he wanted to hand over the Small Stone Race army he had, and secondly, he wanted to ask Mi Jinglun for supplies, as well as hand over the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he had looted from the Chaotic Dead Territory to the Human Race.

After silently calculating for a moment, Yang Kai said, “The next war will be in two years.”

The supplies in his hands were enough for him to use for two years. When the supplies ran out and the Human Race launched a war, he would be able to ask for them again. This way, his cultivation would not be delayed and he could quickly reach the peak of the Ninth Order.

In the next war, the Human Race would have a large number of Small Stone Race army, so the situation would definitely be different.

“Of course!” Mi Jinglun nodded. With such a large scale battle, the Human Race would need some time to recuperate. On top of that, mining supplies would also take some time, at least two years apart.

“How’s the situation with the Void Guard?” Yang Kai asked again.

According to the previous arrangements, the Void Guard soldiers led by Li Wuyi would set up a Space Array leading to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction in advance to prepare for the future expedition. Every time they set up a Space Array, they would have to send a message back to inform the Head Office of the situation.

The Void was a dangerous place, especially in the vast Ancient Battlefield, which contained many unknown dangers, so it was necessary to send information back in time.

“Everything went smoothly,” Mi Jinglun replied, “Eight Space Arrays have been laid out.”

Yang Kai nodded. It had only been two years since Li Wuyi and the others had set out, and the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was extremely far from here. Even if he used his full strength, it would take Li Wuyi and the others several years to reach the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. On top of that, they would have to lay down a Space Array to avoid some unknown dangers along the way, so it would take even more time.

Yang Kai estimated that they had at most taken about thirty percent of the total distance.

“I’m going to participate in the battle, everyone take care!” Yang Kai didn’t say anything else and simply cupped his hands towards Mi Jinglun and the others before taking a step forward and disappearing.


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