These Small Stone Race were all born with distinct edges, seemingly simple-minded and harmless, but the moment they appeared, all the Black Ink Clan masters who saw this scene felt their scalps go numb.

After fighting against the Human Race for so many years, how could the Black Ink Clan not recognize this strange creature? On many battlefields, the Human Race had used this strange creature to fight against the Black Ink Clan, and they had often achieved good results.

When these strange creatures appeared, one of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately shouted, “Small Stone Race!”

The voice was trembling because they had never seen so many Small Stone Race members in one go.

The size of the Space-Time River was extremely large, and with the cover of the Space-Time River, Yang Kai had summoned two million Small Stone Race members.

Although he had used more than one of them in the past, the overall strength of the Small Stone Race he had summoned before was completely incomparable to the current one.

During this his to the Chaotic Dead Territory, he had carefully selected a Small Stone Race that was at least equivalent to a Third Order Human Race.

When the two million Small Stone Race, with the weakest equivalent to a Third Order Human Race master, suddenly appeared, the gathered momentum was so great that even the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, Di Ya Luo, was shocked.

Combined with the two lights on the back of Yang Kai’s hand, Di Ya Luo immediately understood what kind of technique Yang Kai was about to use. His eyes narrowed as he shouted, “Retreat!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was the first to break through the encirclement and flee.

However, how could he retreat?

The two million Small Stone Race followed the trajectory of the Space-Time River and wrapped up the entire void, condensed by Yang Kai's Space Principle.

In an instant, every Black Ink Clan powerhouse felt a great resistance from the surrounding space, hindering their movements. Of course, this kind of resistance was not enough to immobilize them. As long as they were given three breaths of time, they would be able to escape from the encirclement of the Small Stone Race.

At times, three breaths of time would pass in the blink of an eye, but at other times, three breaths of time was the distance between life and death, it was simply impossible to cross.

“Light will eventually disperse the darkness!” Yang Kai’s voice was low as he clenched his fists. As he did so, a large amount of yellow and blue light suddenly overflowed from the bodies of the two million Small Stone Race members, filling the entire space.

The yellow and blue colors converged and fused together as a dazzling and pure white light began to bloom. At first, it was not eye-catching, but in an instant, it seemed as if the sun had exploded and silently expanded.

The time in the entire No-Return Pass seemed to have frozen, and after a moment, screams broke the despairing silence.

Amidst the white light, whether it was Di Ya Luo, the dozen or so Psueo-Royal Lords, or even the Black Ink Clan members who were caught up in the aftermath of the battle, all of them were howling in pain.

The Light of Purification had always been the greatest nemesis of the Ink Force, and the power of the Black Ink Clan was basically the Ink Force. When they were enveloped by the Light of Purification, the pain they felt was no different from an ordinary Human Race being being being thrown into a boiling pot of oil. This kind of torture was simply unbearable.

As the white light blossomed, Yang Kai didn’t remain idle. Like a ghost, he shuttled back and forth across the battlefield, his powerful vitality disappearing as he walked.

Ten breaths later, the pure white light gradually dissipated.

The originally chaotic battlefield had become clear at this moment. In the void, Yang Kai stood alone, holding a fierce-looking head in his hand. The cut on the head was uneven, and it didn’t look like it had been cut by a sharp weapon, but rather like it had been plucked with his bare hands. Ink blood was still spewing from the wound.

The head was obviously still alive, a look of pain still lingering on its face, and a trace of confusion could be seen in its eyes, as if it was still somewhat confused about its current situation, but this kind of vitality was destined to disappear soon.

On the battlefield, several other tattered corpses were floating helplessly, all of them belonging to powerful Pseudo-Royal Lords.

The surviving Pseudo-Royal Lords all wore terrified expressions, their eyes filled with shock. The reason they were able to survive was not because they were stronger than their dead clansmen, but because they were lucky and Yang Kai didn’t have much time to attack them.

Originally, the No-Return Pass was filled with a massive amount of Ink Force, making it seem as if the entire place was covered in a black ink cloud.

But at this moment, in this environment filled with Ink Force, there was a circular area where the Ink Force was purified.

In this battlefield, although Yang Kai was alone, he was like an army of thousands, bringing great pressure to all of the Black Ink Clan.

Opposite him, Di Ya Luo’s face was filled with fear. Mo Na Ye, who was supposed to be deploying the Black Ink Clan’s army, had suddenly appeared beside him and was staring at Yang Kai with a solemn expression.

“Are you alright?” When Mo Na Ye asked this question, his eyes were still fixed ahead.

As soon as Yang Kai activated the Sun and Moon Marks on the back of his hands, he realized what was about to happen and immediately rushed over to help. Fortunately, he had reacted quickly, otherwise Di Ya Luo would have likely died.

Because after the Light of Purification burst out, Yang Kai had casually taken the lives of several Pseudo-Royal Lords and directly attacked Di Ya Luo.

Originally, he had planned to use this opportunity to eliminate a Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan. Under the cover of the Light of Purification, he was confident he could accomplish this without anyone knowing, but at the critical moment, Mo Na Ye had actually come to support him.

This forced Yang Kai to temporarily stop.

Borrowing the Light of Purification to kill Di Ya Luo was understandable, but if he were to deal with even Mo Na Ye, who had come to rescue him, it would definitely raise the Ink Giant Spiritual God's vigilance.

As such, he could only kill two more Pseudo-Royal Lords to vent his anger.

However, the current situation was still acceptable. Di Ya Luo had been enveloped by the Light of Purification and his strength had been damaged. He was a newly promoted Royal Lord master, so his foundation was probably unstable now. Unless the Black Ink Clan used some kind of Secret Technique to restore his strength, he wouldn’t be much more useful on the battlefield in the future.

Half of the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords who had besieged him had died, while the remaining half had suffered heavy losses and their strength had plummeted.

Paying two million Small Stone Race was an acceptable price.

After staring at Mo Na Ye for a moment, Yang Kai coldly snorted and tossed the head in his hand away before taking a step forward and went out the No-Return Pass.

His speed wasn’t fast, but Mo Na Ye didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping him, not even issuing an order to stop him.

Because he couldn’t determine how many Small Stone Race members Yang Kai had, before he figured this out, it would be unwise to continue provoking Yang Kai.

The main reason was that the Black Ink Clan no longer had the ability to restrain Yang Kai. Originally, they could still rely on Di Ya Luo, but now that Di Ya Luo had been injured, if they were to fight against Yang Kai again, they would only be seeking death.

Mo Na Ye didn’t want to have any kind of confrontation with Yang Kai, so since he wanted to leave, he could only let it be.

As a result, while the two armies were engaged in a fierce battle, at the back of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, Yang Kai leisurely strolled through the battlefield.

Immediately after, the desperate scene of the Black Ink Clan appeared on the battlefield.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe suddenly opened up, and from within the Small Universe, countless Small Stone Race armies rushed out.

This time, Yang Kai didn’t use the Sun and Moon Marks to restrict their movements.

Under the stimulation of the Ink Force, the Small Stone Race that had emerged from the Small Universe immediately charged towards the Black Ink Clan’s army without any fear of death.

The Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, which had originally been quite sturdy, was now heavily damaged by the Small Stone Race’s army.

Not long after, Yang Kai walked around the perimeter of the defensive line, and the result was that traces of the Small Stone Race’s army could be seen on every battlefield.

They didn’t cooperate with the Human Race and didn’t even have the intention to cooperate with them. Each and every one of the Small Stone Race was like a killing tool without any sentience, attacking wherever they could find the Ink Force.

No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye watched this scene from afar with a heavy heart.

Under the current circumstances, the Human Race would sooner or later conquer the No-Return Pass, and the fate waiting for the No-Return Pass' Black Ink Clan was destruction.

However, Mo Na Ye had never been one to sit back and wait for death. Even if they couldn’t defend the No-Return Pass, they would try their best to weaken the strength of the Human Race’s army so that they wouldn’t have the strength to continue their expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Towards this set goal, Mo Na Ye was somewhat confident.

But today, with the appearance of a large number of Small Stone Race armies, this confidence was completely shattered.

These Small Stone Races were overwhelming and could not be stopped, their numbers several times greater than that of the Human Race. With them at the frontline, the Human Race’s army would definitely suffer fewer casualties.

Under such circumstances, how could it be easy for the Black Ink Clan to destroy the Human Race army?

Mo Na Ye couldn’t figure out where Yang Kai had obtained so many Small Stone Race members!

In fact, Mo Na Ye had done some research on this strange race known as the Small Stone Race, so he knew about their characteristics. The only thing he didn’t understand was their origins, but from some of the Black Ink Disciple's words, he learned that the Small Stone Race was a special race brought by Yang Kai.

But where did Yang Kai get it from? Everything in this world had a source.

During the thousands of years of war, after countless battles, the Small Stone Race had gradually faded from the eyes of the Black Ink Clan, so before the war began, Mo Na Ye had not expected Yang Kai to bring so many Small Stone Race members to participate in the war, catching them off guard.

It was Yang Kai again!

It seemed that as long as it concerned the turning point of the situation between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, it was related to this fellow.

He couldn’t help feeling somewhat regretful. If he had known that Yang Kai was hiding such a move, he would have insisted on keeping him here.

However, after thinking about it carefully, even if he really keep Yang Kai here, so what? After Yang Kai sacrificed two million Small Stone Race, a few Pseudo-Royal Lords had died and Di Ya Luo had been injured. Even if they forced him to stay, the Black Ink Clan had to be mentally prepared to suffer heavy losses.


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