Near No-Return Pass' Domain Gate leading to the Spatial Territory, with Di Ya Luo leading the way, more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords stood guard.

When they saw Yang Kai’s figure through the Domain Gate, they knew that this guy was not willing to be left alone and was about to jump out and stir up trouble.

This was also within expectations, but at the next moment, the Black Ink Clan powerhouse all gathered their strength and prepared to attack!

A ripple appeared in the Domain Gate as a head suddenly emerged from the opposite side, revealing a face that all the Black Ink Clan members hated.

“Kill!” Di Ya Luo shouted, and in the next moment, with him as the leader, the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords’ Secret Techniques all shot towards the Domain Gate.

Yang Kai had obviously anticipated this scene, so he simply stretched out his head and immediately withdrew it.

If it was someone else, they really wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. An ordinary cultivator, even if they were a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator, would immediately pass through the Domain Gate and arrive on the opposite side.

Only those who were proficient in the Space Principle could voluntarily interrupt this process and retreat.

As such, when the group of Black Ink Clan masters attacked, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. The attacks fell into the Domain Gate one after another, and traveled into the Spatial Territory. However, through the folded space of the Domain Gate, the fierce attacks had become weak, so Yang Kai only needed to wave his hand a few times to easily block them.

Immediately after, he stuck his head out of the Domain Gate and smiled towards Di Ya Luo, “So passionate!”

The response he received was the same as before, the merciless attacks of the Black Ink Clan masters. Yang Kai quickly retreated.

As a result, in the next ten breaths of time, this ridiculous and helpless scene occurred seven or eight times in a row, causing their mentality to explode and their moods to become unstable.

The veins on Di Ya Luo’s forehead were about to burst. Although when he accepted the mission to 'stop Yang Kai from stepping into the No-Return Pass', he knew that the chances of failure were high, because as long as Yang Kai could withstand one round of attacks, with his strength, if he wanted to force his way out of the Domain Gate, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to stop him.

On the other hand, Yang Kai did have the qualifications to do so. He had the body of a Divine Dragon, and his skin and flesh were thick enough to severely injure or even kill an ordinary Ninth Order Human Race cultivator. It was impossible for him to deal any fatal damage to Yang Kai. At most, he would suffer some minor injuries.

As long as Yang Kai breaks into the No-Return Pass, with the Black Ink Clan’s current methods and energy, they would not be able to restrain him too much.

Di Ya Luo’s bottom line was to inflict enough injuries on Yang Kai before he could break through to the No-Return Pass! If that was the case, he would barely made an explanation to Mo Na Ye.

As the defending party, it was not difficult to accomplish this.

However, he had never imagined that Yang Kai could actually come up with such a shameless plan…

Every time he showed his head, the Black Ink Clan’s masters would attack him with all their might, because if they didn’t do so, no one could say for sure if he would really jump out.

However, once the Black Ink Clan attacked, Yang Kai would be able to instantly retreat to the Spatial Territory and easily neutralize their attacks.

Di Ya Luo was immediately disgusted. In this kind of confrontation, the Black Ink Clan should have been the one to take the initiative, but after Yang Kai’s actions, the Black Ink Clan’s masters had instead become puppets. If Yang Kai wanted them to attack, they would attack, if he wanted them to stop, they would stop…

I can’t stop him! Di Ya Luo sighed in his heart.

Although he and the other Pseudo-Royal Lords could use this method to suppress Yang Kai, they couldn’t use it indefinitely. Every time they attacked, they would use up a great deal of their strength. In fact, just now, they had used up a great deal of their strength. Although it was just a brief confrontation, it was as if they had been fighting with other Human Race masters for several days, both physically and mentally exhausted.

Facing a Human Race Killing Star like Yang Kai, if they didn’t have enough strength to protect themselves, they might be caught off guard.

With this thought in mind, Di Ya Luo raised his hand slightly and made a gesture. Seeing this, the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately moved towards him.

Soon, Yang Kai’s head emerged from the Domain Gate again. This time, there was no attack, so he wasn’t in a hurry to retreat. Looking up at the nearby Di Ya Luo, he grinned, “Not fighting anymore?”

Di Ya Luo remained silent as he stared at Yang Kai, secretly circulating his strength.

“If you don’t want to fight, I’ll come out, okay?” Yang Kai said as he stepped out of the Domain Gate.

“I really came out!” Yang Kai said again, as if he was playing some kind of interesting game, with a teasing look on his face.

Di Ya Luo still didn’t move, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords remained silent.

“Alright,” Yang Kai didn’t waste any more time and walked out of the Domain Gate, taking a deep breath. Although he was in the void and there was nothing he could absorb, he still wore an intoxicated look on his face, as if he had arrived at a wonderful place that he could only dream about.

“Kill!” Di Ya Luo really couldn’t bear it any longer. Knowing that this was the best time to attack, he took the lead and rushed towards Yang Kai, the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords following close behind.

A series of powerful Secret Techniques flew towards Yang Kai, instantly engulfing his figure and tearing it to shreds.

Di Ya Luo didn’t show any joy on his face, because he could tell at a glance that it was just an afterimage. His powerful Divine Sense spread out like a tide, constantly shaking his Internal Qi and locking down Yang Kai’s movements, leading the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords to chase after him.

The auras of the Pseudo-Royal Lords also locked onto Yang Kai’s figure, constantly shaking their aura to prevent him from suddenly using his Space Ability to escape.

Everything here had been seen by Mo Na Ye, and after observing for a while, he relaxed slightly. Letting Di Ya Luo be in charge of dealing with Yang Kai was something he had no choice but to do. If possible, he would rather personally deal with Yang Kai, but the Black Ink Clan’s army needed to be dispatched, so he really couldn’t do anything about it.

Unless he had no other choice, he would not make a move so easily, as it would only involve his energy.

Although he had been somewhat worried about this matter before, from the looks of it, Di Ya Luo had done a good job. Letting Yang Kai step into the No-Return Pass was a helpless move. A momentary loss was nothing. As long as he could successfully restrain Yang Kai, his arrangements would be meaningful.

After the last battle, Mo Na Ye had roughly estimated Yang Kai’s true strength. Di Ya Luo, a new Royal Lord master, was definitely not his opponent, but with more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords supporting him, it was impossible for Yang Kai to escape from their blockade. In fact, with such a lineup, if Yang Kai wasn’t careful enough, he might be seriously injured.

After watching for a while longer, Yang Kai’s situation became more strained, unable to use his teleportation technique freely. The No-Return Pass is Black Ink Clan’s home ground, so he didn’t just need to deal with Di Ya Luo and the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords.

There were also many Pseudo-Royal Lords who were stationed near the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. These Pseudo-Royal Lords’ main task was to block the aftershocks of the battle between the two sides and protect the Ink Nest. Although they wouldn’t participate in the pursuit, if Yang Kai passed by them, these Pseudo-Royal Lords wouldn’t mind attacking once or twice. Each time, they would beat Yang Kai up so badly that he had to flee like a rat.

The Space-Time River had already been summoned, and it was like a giant dragon had wrapped around Yang Kai. Many attacks landed on the river, causing it to churn and shake.

This scene was imprinted into Di Ya Luo’s eyes, causing him to feel somewhat bewildered.

Logically speaking, Yang Kai’s strength shouldn’t be so weak. Before this, he had even been mentally prepared to fight a bitter battle, but now that he was surrounded by so many masters from the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai could only take a beating and rarely had the strength to fight back.

His injuries had yet to heal?

Considering the battle two years ago, Yang Kai had been severely injured at the last moment, so if his injuries hadn’t healed, it was understandable.

In fact, Yang Kai’s poor performance was not because of his injuries. After two years of recuperation, whether it was the damage to his physical body or the turbulence of his Great Dao, he had long since recovered.

For such a situation to occur, Yang Kai needed to conceal his true strength, not daring to reveal his full strength. The number of Small Stone Race members he had taken in the Chaotic Dead Territory was simply too great, numbering in the hundreds of millions. Even with his Small Universe’s foundation, this massive Small Stone Race had become a burden.

In other words, he was carrying this burden while dealing with the Black Ink Clan’s masters. His strength had always been unstable, making it difficult for him to display his full strength.

Of the three, he was also making some arrangements and sending out a portion of his attention to deliver a great gift to the Black Ink Clan!

At this moment, the deployment was almost complete.

In the next moment, Di Ya Luo was shocked, because Yang Kai, who had only been able to escape and take a beating, suddenly changed his form and the Space-Time River that had been hovering around him suddenly swept out like a giant dragon, covering the entire sky.

Yang Kai himself, even Di Ya Luo, and the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords were all isolated in the range of the Space-Time River.

At the same time, Yang Kai changed directions and charged towards the Black Ink Clan’s powerhouse alone.

“Be careful!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord shouted.

As the distance between them rapidly shortened, Yang Kai didn’t take out his Azure Dragon Spear but instead stretched out his two hands towards the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s powerhouse. On the backs of these two hands, a bright light flashed.

Di Ya Luo felt a great sense of alarm in his heart, faintly feeling that something extremely bad was about to happen. Although he didn’t know what would happen, Yang Kai’s abnormal actions were definitely not normal.

Without any time to think, he shouted, “Kill!”

Immediately leading a dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords, they charged towards Yang Kai.

“You pieces of trash, after fighting for so long, now it’s my turn!” Yang Kai said, and the Space-Time River which had enveloped the entire void suddenly disappeared without a trace.

A shocking scene appeared in front of all the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass. After the Space-Time River disappeared, a large number of Stone Man-like creatures appeared where the river had originally been!


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