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From this answer, it was clear that Di Ya Luo didn’t have much confidence in himself. In fact, even if he personally took action, he wouldn’t have any confidence, but now that things had come to this, what could he say?

Ever since the Four Gates Eight Palaces Array had lost its effect on Yang Kai, the Black Ink Clan no longer had the ability to deal with him. This was also the reason why Mo Na Ye knew that the No-Return Pass' Black Ink Clan would definitely be defeated. A powerful Ninth Order Human Race cultivator who appeared and disappeared like a ghost and couldn’t be dealt with at all brought too much pressure to the Black Ink Clan.

He could only say, “Do your best.”

With more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords assisting Di Ya Luo, even if they couldn’t stop Yang Kai from coming to the No-Return Pass, it shouldn’t be a problem to restrain him. As long as they could restrain him, the other Pseudo-Royal Lords on the battlefield would be able to use their full strength and not have to worry about sneak attacks.

This was an acceptable outcome.

After instructing Di Ya Luo, Mo Na Ye turned his head towards the depths of the void and coldly snorted, “This move again!”

Similar to what had happened two years ago, the Human Race’s army had split into two directions, and in the middle, a massive Universe World could be seen rushing over from the void.

The Human Race’s strategy of using Unvierse World to attack was too dirty and despicable, but it was undeniable that although this strategy was simple, it was extremely effective.

In the last great battle, the Human Race had used this tactic to tear apart the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line and create a gap. After tasting the benefits, the Human Race was obviously going to use the same tactic again.

Fortunately, the Black Ink Clan had taken precautions this time, and their defensive line had shrunk quite a bit compared to last time. As a result, the defensive forces in all directions had become more solid, making it impossible for the Human Race to easily break through their defensive line again.

The Human Race obviously understood this point as well. Over the past two years, there had been a number of Human Race spies constantly appearing on the periphery of the No-Return Pass, but none of them had been able to spy on the situation here. The Black Ink Clan’s deployment and arrangements were no secret to the Human Race. Now that they had once again used the Universe's World offensive tactics, they must have something to rely on.

“Huh?” As the Universe World approached, he quickly discovered that something was wrong.

This was because there was only a single Universe World in front of them! It wasn’t like last time when so many Univeres Worlds had attacked together, causing the Black Ink Clan forces in a certain area to be overwhelmed.

What could a mere Universe World do? Although the Universe World's attack was extremely oppressive, any one of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords could easily destroy it with a single blow!

After observing for a moment, Mo Na Ye suddenly realized that there was more than one Universe World!

In other words, this was the only Universe World he had seen, but there were definitely more Universe Worlds hidden behind this first one. If all of these Universe Worlds were to be connected to one another, it would be possible to create an illusion allowed the No-Return Pass' Black Ink Clan to only see the one in front.

Using a single point!

Mo Na Ye immediately understood the intentions of the Human Race. This time, the Human Race’s arrangements were clearly aimed at the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.

In comparison, the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line was undoubtedly more condensed than last time, but if the Human Race arranged it this way, even the most condensed defensive line would be broken.

Mo Na Ye’s heart trembled as he secretly cursed the slyness of the Human Race. He quickly deployed his troops and powerhouse from the two sides of the defensive line to gather in the middle, preparing to face the incoming Universe World.

The great battle was about to begin, and the atmosphere was extremely tense. The flow of time seemed to have slowed significantly.

While countless Black Ink Clan were waiting in agony, the Universe World that had rushed over from the depths of the void finally arrived.

Mo Na Ye’s arrangements had the desired effect. From the position where the Universe World was charging, a large number of Black Ink Clan masters had gathered, but before the Universe World could even reach the defensive line, they were all blown apart.

Just as Mo Na Ye had expected, after the first Universe World was destroyed, the second Universe World appeared.

The second Universe World was also destroyed by the endless Secret Techniques, followed by the third…

Then… it was gone!

Mo Na Ye was stunned as he stared at the empty space filled with universe fragments. He couldn’t understand how there were only three Universe Worlds, how could there not be any more.

In the next moment, his expression changed drastically, his ink blood almost instantly turning cold as his scalp exploded.

He suddenly turned his head towards the direction of the Human Race’s Left Army, just in time to see the Left Army change their formation as they marched forward. The vast number of Battleships parted to the sides, revealing the void behind them which was concealed by the massive fleet.

The shadows of numerous Universe Worlds rapidly flew over from that direction. There were at least a dozen of them, but most of them were hidden.

Mo Na Ye then turned to look at the Human Race’s army on the right, the situation there almost identical to the one on the left.

He had fallen into a trap! Mo Na Ye instantly understood what had happened.

The Human Race had deliberately arranged all of the Universe Worlds in a straight line in order to mislead him into deploying more troops to reinforce the central defensive line.

However, once he did so, he would fall into the Human Race’s trap.

The three attacking Universe World in the middle were just a cover. The real killing blow was hidden behind the Human Race’s left and right armies.

At this moment, the Human Race’s two armies had already arrived at the No-Return Pass, and the Universe World's assault was about to arrive. Even if Mo Na Ye understood the Human Race’s schemes at this moment, there was nothing he could do to stop them.

He could only issue orders at the fastest speed possible and send back the forces he had deployed from the left and right sides. Immediately, numerous powerful figures shuttled back and forth, seemingly in complete chaos.

Universe World, who had flown over from the void, didn’t wait for the Black Ink Clan to finish setting up their formation. A massive shockwave burst out, and in an instant, countless Secret Techniques burst out from the No-Return Pass, causing the Universe World to explode and the Spirit Arrays to buzz.

If it were the Black Ink Clan from two years ago, this kind of attack would have been enough to completely tear apart the defensive lines on both sides. At that time, the Human Race’s army would be able to rush in and catch the Black Ink Clan off guard. As long as they could obtain an absolute advantage in a certain battlefield, the Human Race would be able to continuously expand their advantage.

The last battle had been like this.

However, the deployment of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line had a certain effect. Even though Mo Na Ye had made some mistakes in his response this time, at least he had some experience in dealing with the Universe World's attacks, so when all of the Universe World were destroyed, the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line was still intact.

It wouldn’t take much time, just a cup of tea’s time, and the Black Ink Clan would be able to stabilize their defensive line again. At that time, they would still be impregnable.

However, how could the Human Race give the Black Ink Clan such an opportunity? In terms of time, the Human Race had clearly calculated the outcome of the battle. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for the left and right armies to give way to the Universe World at such an appropriate time!

Just as the Black Ink Clan had no time to reorganize their defensive line, the Human Race’s left and right armies had arrived.

A fierce battle began!

The Human Race’s forces formed small and large fleets that shuttled through the void, igniting the flames of war in the surrounding area.

It was the same scene as every time the armies of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan fought, where they fought until the sky collapsed and the earth cracked, and the world is reversed.

The sounds of life withering could be heard from all over the battlefield.

The powerhouse of the two races also stood in formation outside, opening up their respective battlefields and killing each other.

Xiang Shan still went to find Mo Yu to carry out the last unfinished battle.

Ouyang Lie was just like last time, clamoring for Mo Na Ye to come out and die, but there was still no result.

This time, Mo Na Ye didn’t participate in the battle, instead standing atop the city wall of the No-Return Pass and observing the entire battlefield. The Black Ink Clan still had a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords, and in such a grand battlefield, having one more Royal Lord wouldn't matter much, so it didn’t matter if he participated or not.

From the looks of it, the Black Ink Clan was at a disadvantage because they had suffered more casualties than the Human Race, but this wasn’t a big problem. With the current strength of the Black Ink Clan, they still had the ability to defend themselves.

Mo Na Ye also believed that the Human Race didn’t have any intention of taking down the No-Return Pass in this battle. Their strategic intentions were clear, and they continued to encroach on the Black Ink Clan’s forces until they were confident they could wipe out the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass.

However, Mo Na Ye still felt somewhat uneasy.

He knew where this uneasiness came from…

Yang Kai!

The great battle on the No-Return Pass had already begun, so Yang Kai on the Spatial Territory was certainly not willing to be left out. Although he had arranged for Di Ya Luo and a dozen or so other Pseudo-Royal Lords to restrain him, no one could say for sure how effective they would be.

Once Di Ya Luo and the others were unable to restrain Yang Kai and allowed him to enter the battlefield, the overall strength of the many Pseudo-Royal Lords on the Black Ink Clan’s side would instantly drop by thirty percent because each Pseudo-Royal Lord would have to spare thirty percent of their strength to guard against Yang Kai’s sneak attack.

Under such circumstances, this was a great blow to the Black Ink Clan.

As such, Mo Na Ye was prepared to personally stop Yang Kai, which was one of the reasons why he had not participated in the battle.

As the battle raged on, in the Spatial Territory, Yang Kai was also rubbing his fists.

Through the Spatial Territory's Domain Gate, Yang Kai could vaguely see the various strategies of the Human Race and knew that this was definitely Mi Jinglun’s doing.

Because even he had made the same conclusion as Mo Na Ye when he saw only a single Universe World charging towards the No-Return Pass. This wasn’t just a single Universe World, there were even more Universe World forming a straight line to break through the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.

However, who would have thought that the Universe World's surprise attack from the center was just a cover, the real killing blow hidden behind the two armies.

This method of using illusion to attack was truly beautiful.

War, in the eyes of some people, was nothing more than a barbaric slaughter, but in the eyes of others, it was the blossoming of art.

Yang Kai sighed with relief in his heart. The Human Race had produced Mi Jinglun, allowing the Human Race to reduce the number of losses they had suffered in the previous battles.

Thinking so, Yang Kai stepped towards the Domain Gate. It was time for him to act!


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 31, 2023

Since when can anyone see through a domain gate? Author introduced that concept when talking about the black ink clan watching out for the 2 giant spiritual gods. The god being able to see something didn't bother me, but nowadays it seems like YK, the pseudo-royal lords and royal lords can see too... What the hell?

Replying to

It is my favorite line because it still didn't say he saw through the gate, he said "he saw the situation wasn't right". There is different between actually seeing through the gate noticing something isn't right base on sensing because he can tell that a lot of black ink was behind the gate by detctecting their Aura, it's just like any power house could detect a or black Ink, approaching, the number and how powerful without actually seeing them, this has been done like a million time throughout the story, hence why he poke his head through to Investigate or to actually see what was going or to confirm his assestment of the situation.


Harsh Khobra
Harsh Khobra
Apr 21, 2023

Yang kai the whole chapter


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Rudiansyah R
Apr 01, 2023

Let's go!!

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