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With Mo Na Ye’s shrewdness, how could he not see that it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to win this battle? Sooner or later, the Human Race would attack the Black Ink Clan’s army and capture the No-Return Pass.

The only fate waiting the Black Ink Clan on the No-Return Pass was to be completely wiped out.

But so what if he see it? It was impossible for him to escape. If the Human Race wanted to capture the No-Return Pass, they would have to pay a price.

After all, after the Human Race took down the No-Return Pass, they still had an even greater goal. If he could use the power of the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass to cripple the Human Race, even if they won, they would still lose.

As long as they could accomplish the great feat of the Supreme Master unifying the Heavens and allow Black Ink to exist in this world forever, what harm was there in all of them dying in the No-Return Pass battle?

The strength of the Human Race had already been displayed on the surface, but the strength of the Black Ink Clan was still only the tip of the iceberg. This war that concerned the survival of the two races would ultimately end in the defeat of the Human Race.

Mo Na Ye firmly believed this!

At the same time, in the Spatial Territory, the Space-Time River stretched across the void, the river is surging as the power of the Great Dao shook.

Inside the long river, Yang Kai pushed the power of the Great Dao of Time to its limit, deriving endless mysteries.

He was trying to make a breakthrough.

In the past twenty years, he had borrowed the strength of the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World to cultivate, allowing his strength to soar, but he still had room for improvement. According to his own classification of the Ninth Order, he was currently only on the mid stage.

Now, there was no longer a suitable Universe World to rely on to cultivate. If he wanted to simply rely on the accumulation of time to increase his strength, even with Yang Kai’s cultivation speed and Small Universe’s innate advantage, it would take at least one or two thousand to reach the peak of the Ninth Order.

If he could reach the peak of the Ninth order, even if he had to face the Ink Giant Spiritual God, he wouldn’t be afraid.

But under the current circumstances, what he lacked the most was time.

According to the Human Race’s Head Office Division's plan, in twenty years, they would be able to conquer the No-Return Pass, then continue their expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to quell the Black Ink Tribulation in one fell swoop. In this short period of time, if he cultivated step by step, with Yang Kai’s current foundation, he probably wouldn’t make much progress.

Fortunately, time wasn’t something that couldn’t be changed, especially in front of someone like Yang Kai who was proficient in the Time Great Dao.

His Small Universe’s time flow was ten times faster than the outside world’s. A year of Small Universe’s time flow was equivalent to ten years in the outside world.

He had once used the River of Time to cultivate for thousands of years in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, breaking through to the Eighth Order in one fell swoop. Many of his Great Dao attainments had also improved, but in reality, only a few hundred years had passed in the outside world…

With all these personal experiences, Yang Kai naturally had some strange ideas, but of course, these ideas were useless. He needed to have the ability to turn them into action.

Fortunately, with Yang Kai’s attainments in the Great Dao of Time, he already had this ability!

He had once built three Secret Realms in High Heaven Palace that were related to the three Great Daos he cultivated. They were respectively Space, Time, and Spear Dao Secret Realms. Setting aside the Space and Spear Dao Secret Realms, the Time Secret Realm had a similar effect to the River of Time. Cultivators who entered it to gain experience would spend a different amount of time compared to the outside world, but the proportion wasn’t as exaggerated, only about one to four.

But even so, the soldiers still flocked to this place. Cultivating in the Time Secret Realm for four years while only a year was spent in the outside world, equivalent to increasing the efficiency of their cultivation.

Therefore, among these three Secret Realms, the Time Secret Realm was most popular with the soldiers because even if one wasn’t proficient in the Dao of Time, they could still use this Secret Realm to cultivate themselves, while a few who were proficient in the Dao of Time could comprehend the mysteries of the Dao of Time and improve their own Great Dao.

Originally, the three Secret Realms Yang Kai had left behind were for the disciples of the Void Dojo to cultivate their Great Dao, so there were no barriers to entry, but in the later stages, too many soldiers wanted to enter the Time Secret Realm, which severely affected the disciples who had truly cultivated the Dao of Time, so the Chief Manager Hua had no choice but to report this matter to the Head Office. Soon, the Head Office issued an order that one needed a certain amount of battle merits to enter the Time Secret Realm…

Even so, it couldn’t stop the enthusiasm of the soldiers.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai always moving about, Mi Jinglun would have even asked him to build more Time Secret Realm.

It could be said that Yang Kai had been able to create a Secret Realm that allowed the flow of time to become different from the outside world a long time ago, but now that he had reached the Ninth order, his attainments in the Great Dao had reached an even higher level, so he was naturally more proficient in such matters.

In fact, when Yang Kai had escaped from the Universe Furnace and was on his way back from the ends of the world, Yang Kai had already begun his journey. During the six hundred years of wandering, Yang Kai had not simply been hurrying along, he had long since felt that time was not on his side. No matter how fast his strength increased, he was unable to keep up with the pace of the battle.

If he wanted to completely solve this problem, he could only start with time!

After six hundred years of painstaking research and many improvements, he had developed a corresponding method.

At this moment, the Space-Time River stretched across the void, and under Yang Kai’s control, the Great Dao power in the river trembled. Soon, Yang Kai had stripped away thousands of Great Dao, leaving behind only the last Great Dao of Time.

This was not difficult for Yang Kai. Although his attainments in the Dao of Time had yet to break through to the highest ninth stage, he had already reached the peak of the eighth stage.

With this, the Space-Time River transformed into a River of Time!

It was exactly the same as the River of Time he had seen in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea all those years ago, but its effects were much greater.

If Yang Kai used his full strength, he would be able to create a flow of time that was thirty times faster than that of the outside world. In other words, after cultivating for thirty years, only a year had passed in the outside world.

Back when he was cultivating in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, after the power of the River of Time was exhausted, Yang Kai still had to search for the next one, but now that the River of Time was formed by his own Great Dao, it was much more convenient and faster than before. As long as Yang Kai was willing, he could use this River of Time to enter a state of cultivation at any time.

Of course, cultivating like this and continuously using the power of the Dao of Time was quite taxing on him, but compared to his gains, this was nothing.

With the problem of time resolved, Yang Kai now had another problem, which was supplies.

Cultivating like this required a massive amount of resources, and Yang Kai didn’t have many resources on hand. He had plenty of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, but he lacked the Five Elements.

As such, compared to his previous worry about the Human Race declaring war early, Yang Kai was now more than happy to see the Human Race declare war sooner.

While he was cultivating in the River of Time, A’ Da and A’ Er were eating a dead Universe World. This Universe World had been given to them by Yang Kai after he returned and was also from the Myriad Monster Territory.

Creatures like the Giant Spiritual God wanted to sleep after eating, but Yang Kai didn’t dare feed them too many at once, so although he still had a lot of World Beads on hand, he didn’t plan on taking them all out at once.

As time passed, in the long River of Time, a large number of resources were refined by Yang Kai, transforming into his Small Universe’s foundation, allowing him to slowly expand his territory.

After an unknown period of time, he suddenly felt a shockwave and immediately ended his cultivation, escaping from the River of Time.

The shockwave was an agreement between him and the two Giant Spiritual God. If there were any abnormalities in the No-Return Pass, they had to inform him immediately. After all, he had been cultivating all this time and had not been able to detect any movements outside.

At this moment, he jumped out of the river and turned his head to look towards the No-Return Pass. Sure enough, he saw that the situation at the No-Return Pass wasn’t quite right. A large number of Black Ink Clan had been mobilized to form a defensive line, as if they were preparing for a great battle.

“The battle has finally begun!” Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. He had almost used up all his supplies, and if the Human Race didn’t start fighting soon, he would have to end his cultivation.

At this moment, seeing the No-Return Pass' Black Ink Clan's response, Yang Kai knew that the Human Race army was already on the way.

However, because they were separated by a Domain Gate, he couldn’t see what was happening outside, let alone what was happening further away.

However, he was also quite bold. In a flash, he arrived at the Domain Gate and, just like last time, popped his head out and looked into the distance.

Although in the next moment, he was sent flying back by the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were standing guard nearby, he was still able to catch a glimpse of the Human Race army approaching from the distant void.

Yang Kai immediately rubbed his palms together. In the battle two years ago, the Human Race had gained the upper hand and killed countless enemies. In the next two years, they would be able to obtain a significant advantage.

Of course, the most important thing was that he was no longer the same person he was two years ago. He had only cultivated for a short time and his strength had not changed much, but…

He was no longer fighting alone, he now had many helpers!

This battle would definitely shock the Black Ink Clan, right?

Contrary to Yang Kai’s restlessness, Mo Na Ye’s expression was extremely solemn.

The Human Race army had arrived, and in the Spatial Territory, there was also Yang Kai and two Giant Spiritual God who were eyeing them.

Putting aside the two Giant Spiritual God, before the final battle began, neither side would easily mobilize their strongest forces. Both sides had a tacit understanding about this.

However, Yang Kai was different. Mo Na Ye was certain that this bastard wouldn’t be willing to be alone, he would definitely kill his way out of the Spatial Territory to cause trouble.

How annoying!

They had to restrain him. Once this guy stepped onto the battlefield, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan would be in danger…

Thinking so, Mo Na Ye called out, “Di Ya Luo.”

Standing beside him, the new Royal Lord turned his head and glanced at him, “What instructions does Sir Mo Na Ye have?”

“I need you to block Yang Kai, don’t let him come back!” Mo Na Ye said concisely.

Di Ya Luo’s expression changed slightly as he hesitated, “If it was just me, I’m afraid…”

“The Pseudo-Royal Lords guarding the Domain Gate will cooperate with you,” Mo Na Ye interrupted, “Are you confident?”

Di Ya Luo was silent for a moment before replying, “I will do my best!”


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TF! Few chapters before it was mentioned something like "Tall majestic Inkies can be seen guarding the gate". Now they can't see the other side again because they are separated by a domain. Thus the big question why MNY didn't send the 2 ink GSG or the whole clan to the main body. The humans can't see what's on their side and iirc even YK sealed it temporarily but Inkies opened it again, but they have to wait for humans to increase power. Author made it seems like they can see each other's movements but now they can't. Just in this chapter 2 paragraphs are contradicting each other.

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