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Turning his head to look towards A’ Da and A’ Er, Yang Kai was slightly surprised. In just a short time, the Universe World had been completely eaten by the two Giant Spiritual God. These two big guys obviously hadn’t eaten their fill yet, so when they noticed Yang Kai’s gaze, they immediately looked at him eagerly.

Yang Kai immediately said, “Wait a moment, I’ll go find you something to eat now. Look after this place, just like before, if anyone dares to come out from the other side of the door, beat them to death!”

The two Giant Spiritual God nodded.

Yang Kai had used his actions to prove that he wasn’t someone who went back on his word. Compared to the promise he made last time, this time, A' Da and A'er naturally look forward to it.

After confirming that the two Giant Spiritual God understood his intentions, Yang Kai activated his Space Principle and rushed towards the Domain Gate that connected to the Shattered Heaven.

A moment later, he arrived at the Domain Gate and entered.

During the battle a month ago, Yang Kai’s injuries weren’t light, but they weren’t too serious either. After a month of sleep, his physical body had basically fully recovered. The turbulence in his Great Dao foundation wasn’t something that could be easily recovered, this kind of thing could only be healed over time. As long as Yang Kai didn’t overdo it, it wouldn’t affect him much.

The current Human Race could be said to have mobilized all of their forces to fight. Disregarding the many Great Domains that had already become empty shells, even High Heaven Territory and Myriad Monster Territory only had a few old, weak, and disabled people left behind. In addition, there were also some young talents who had yet to fully mature. They had been born too late, so no matter how outstanding their aptitude was, they had yet to reach the Open Heaven Stage. Without reaching the Open Heaven Stage, they weren’t even qualified to join the logistics team to mine resources.

Under such circumstances, Yang Kai’s return from the Shattered Heaven to the 3000 Worlds was naturally not to go to High Heaven Territory or Myriad Monster Territory.

His destination was elsewhere.

Along the way, after passing through many great domains, Yang Kai took his time and finally arrived at his destination after nearly three months.

Chaotic Dead Territory!

In fact, when the Human Race’s upper echelons decided to attack the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had wanted to make a trip to the Chaotic Dead Territory. In the past, he had brought Zhang Ruoxi here to be taught by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. Now that so many years had passed, he didn’t know what the results would be.

Because of her Heaven's Order Bloodline, Zhang Ruoxi was not affected by the Open Heaven Method shackles. Even though she had broken through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven directly, she still had a chance to break through to the Ninth Order, and before that, she had already broken through to the Eighth Order.

Of course, this amount of time wasn’t enough for her to reach the Ninth Order Open Heaven, but what Yang Kai valued was not her own strength, but her amazing ability to control the Small Stone Race.

Zhang Ruoxi was unable to control the simple Small Stone Race. This race’s intelligence was inferior to even the Giant Spiritual God's and was extremely low. They acted according to their instincts and no one could completely control them.

However, the Small Stone Race cultivated by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had become a special species.

These Small Stone Race were divided into two types, the Sun Stone Race and the Moon Stone Race. Because they had grown by absorbing the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, they could almost be regarded as living, mobile Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

All of the Holy Spirits with the Sun and Moon Marks were capable of controlling these Small Stone Race that had been cultivated using special methods. At critical moments, they could even extract the power of the Sun and the Moon from their bodies and fuse them into a purifying light. Yang Kai had used this method many times to kill the Black Black Ink Clan powerhouse.

Compared to Yang Kai and the other Holy Spirits with the Sun and Moon Marks, Zhang Ruoxi completely relied on the suppression of her bloodline to control the Small Stone Race without the need for the Sun and Moon Marks.

She was able to set up the perfect Nine Directions Array with the Small Stone Race one by one, even the grandest of Second Order, Third Order, Fourth Order, or even higher Nine Directions Array.

Even for the Human Race, forming the Nine Directions Array was not an easy task. No one can form battle formation above the Eight Directions Array. No one knew what kind of power this battle formation if it was formed by the Eighth Order Human Race.

However, in the known battles, eight Eighth Order masters had successfully formed the Eight Directions Array and used it to kill one of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords. Although after this battle, several of the Eighth Order masters who had formed the Eighth Order Battle Formation had died on the spot because they had been unable to withstand the force of the battle array and the survivors had suffered heavy losses, this was still a rare feat.

If they had this ability, all Eighth Order Human Race masters wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives. As long as they could kill a Black Ink Clan master, even if they were to transform into a brilliant light, they would die a worthy death.

An Eighth Order masters forming the Eight Directions Array could easily kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but what about the Nine Directions Array? This was probably enough to kill a Royal Lord.

Unfortunately, no one could do it.

In comparison, Zhang Ruoxi’s ability was quite shocking. It could be said that even if she was only an Eighth Order, the effect she could display was not inferior to any Ninth Order!

Unfortunately, after Yang Kai returned from the world's end, he had not been able to rest until now.

Yang Kai was quite looking forward to Zhang Ruoxi’s growth. If everything went smoothly, Yang Kai was prepared to bring her to the battlefield and display her strength. This way, the difficulty of the Human Race’s attack on the No-Return Pass would be reduced and fewer clansmen would die.

On top of that, he also needed to come to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to ask for some Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals. The Human Race’s current supplies were severely depleted, but the Yin-Yang attribute was inexhaustible.

After passing through the Domain Gate, Yang Kai stepped into the Chaotic Dead Territory for a long time, but the next moment, he was slightly surprised.

This scene was different from the last time he had come to the Chaotic Dead Territory. This time, the first thing he saw was two armies of Small Stone Race fighting in the void.

Looking around, Yang Kai saw that these two Small Stone Race armies were not small, each of them about a million in number. What surprised Yang Kai wasn’t their numbers, these strange creatures were found in some remote Universe World in the Myriad Monster Territory. Their habits were similar to that of ants, and each race had an existence equivalent to an ant queen. As long as they had enough resources, they could constantly reproduce, so in terms of numbers, each Small Stone Race could easily break through to an astonishing number.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe also raised a large number of Small Stone Race members, but he had always had his own plans to prevent the reproduction of these Small Stone Race from going out of control. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be long before the entire Void World became the world of the Small Stone Race. At that time, there would be no place for the Human Race to stand.

To the Small Stone Race, two armies of a million people was a small-scale battle.

What surprised Yang Kai was the fact that these two Small Stone Race were fighting each other.

It was true that when Yang Kai handed over the Small Stone Race to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, it was to allow them to use this method to determine who was stronger and who was weaker, allowing them to pass the long years of boredom. Whoever won would become the older sibling, until the next battle, the loser would return to make a comeback.

It could be said that the mission of the Sun Stone Race and the Moon Stone Race was to fight each other.

But that was the initial situation.

Since the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds, the two Supreme Masters from the Chaotic Dead Territory had stopped playing such silly games. They were still cultivating the Small Stone Race under their command, but most of them were given to Yang Kai to assist in the war against the Human Race.

Yang Kai had looted Yellow Crystals, Blue Crystals, and even the Small Stone Race’s army from them several times. Although these two had complained a lot, they had never let Yang Kai return empty-handed. Every time Yang Kai came to ask for benefits, he would always reap a bountiful harvest.

The relationship between Yang Kai and the two of them was similar to that of a wastrel who spent his days drinking, or a parent who painstakingly accumulated his family’s wealth. Whenever they accumulated a little bit of their family’s wealth, Yang Kai would come over and take it away before squandering it all away.

But they were willing to do so.

Because the two of them didn’t want to see the situation of the Black Ink Clan ruling over the Heavens. In this war between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan where one side was destined to be completely annihilated, although they had the ability to look down on others, they weren’t able to help much on the battlefield. The Small Stone Race was the only thing they could offer.

Thus, a long time ago, the Chaotic Dead Territory’s Small Stone Race had stopped fighting each other.

The last two times Yang Kai had come here, he had never seen such a scene, so the scene in front of him was quite shocking.

There weren’t any powerful existences among the two Small Stone Race armies, but the battlefield was extremely fierce. Yin and Yang were opposites to begin with, and once the Small Stone Race, which was a race that loved to fight, was bestowed with the Yin and Yang attribute, this kind of opposition became particularly prominent.

On the battlefield, the two branches of the Small Stone Race collided with each other and fought each other without any order. One by one, the Small Stone Race members were killed. Although no blood flowed out and all the battles were fought on instinct, the intensity of the battle was not inferior to any of the battles Yang Kai had seen before.

Yang Kai quietly observed for a moment before restraining his impulse to intervene.

Relying on the Sun and Moon Marks given to him by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, Yang Kai was able to separate these two Small Stone Race armies, but because he didn’t know what Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s intentions were, he decided to wait and see. If these two from the Chaotic Dead Territory had any special arrangements, Yang Kai’s interference might disrupt their plans.

Bypassing these two armies, Yang Kai flew deeper into the Chaotic Dead Territory.

After an hour, Yang Kai’s expression became solemn.

Along the way, he saw many large and small battlefields, each of which had a large number of Small Stone Race members participating in a fierce battle. The first battlefield he encountered wasn’t very large, and there weren’t many powerful masters. On the largest battlefield, close to ten million Small Stone Race members had been drawn into it, some of which were giant Small Stone Race equivalent to the Human Race's Seventh Order or Eighth Order.

This made Yang Kai immediately realize that something was wrong.


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