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The Human Race army that had been evacuated had been reorganized in a temporary camp three days away from the No-Return Pass. After this battle, the Human Race no longer had the ability to attack the No-Return Pass.

The injured soldiers needed time to recuperate, and the logistics department was unable to keep up.

A large number of damaged Battleships needed to be repaired, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was a powerful weapon used to deal with the Black Ink Clan, and the Expelling Black Ink Pill needed to be refined to supply the entire army.

All of these requirements required a massive amount of resources to support them. Although there were currently three million Third Order cultivators mining resources in the vast Ink Battlefield, the accumulation of resources would still take some time.

By a conservative estimate, in the next two or three years, the Human Race would no longer have the ability to attack the No-Return Pass.

On the other hand, even if the Black Ink Clan found out that the Human Race had set up camp three days ago, they didn’t dare to have too many thoughts about it. When the Human Race’s army retreated, the Black Ink Clan could still pursue and kill them in order to increase their victory, but now that the Human Race had settled down, it wouldn’t be wise to disturb them.

As such, although the Human Race was only eyeing each other from a position not too far away, the two races had actually managed to get along peacefully for a long time without much friction.

A month after this battle, somewhere in the Spatial Territory, A’ Da and A’ Er sat facing each other, looking down at the empty space in front of them.

In their field of vision, a figure covered in blood was quietly sleeping. The blood mist had long since dried up and condensed, causing his clothes to become extremely dirty.

Although there was no support, this figure was still lying on its side, as if there was an invisible bed beneath it.

Compared to this towering Giant Spiritual God, this figure was like an ant.

This figure was none other than Yang Kai, who escaped from the No-Return Pass a month ago. At the last moment, he had used the power of the Space-Time River to block the fierce attacks of the two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords and dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords. The result was that his Great Dao had been severely shaken, causing his Qi and blood to churn and his mind to become muddled. After entering the Spatial Territory for a short time, he had fainted.

Originally, he wouldn’t have fallen asleep for such a long time, but with A' Da and A' Er protecting him, Yang Kai felt a great sense of security, so he didn’t have to worry when sleeping.

However, his current appearance made the two Giant Spiritual God extremely worried.

Staring at the tiny figure in front of him for a long time, A' Da suddenly said, “Dead!”

During this past month, A' Da had repeated this phrase countless times, causing A' Er’s head to ache as he patiently explained, “He’s not dead! He’s asleep…”

A' Da suddenly understood, “Oh… He's full.”

He had always followed the principle of sleeping after eating, and when he woke up, he would look for food, thinking that all the living beings in the world would be like him. Since Yang Kai had fallen asleep, he must have eaten his fill, otherwise how could he sleep?

At the mention of this topic, A' Da couldn’t help rubbing his belly, “I’m hungry…”

A' Er also instinctively agreed, “Yes!”

The two Giant Spiritual God looked at each other, speechless and almost tearing up…

At this moment, the sleeping Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and slowly sat up, his expression blank and sleepy. After a while, he yawned, stretched his back, and groaned, “How comfortable!”

It had been a long time since he had been able to sleep so comfortably. Ever since his strength had gradually grown stronger, he had not needed to sleep normally to maintain his energy. This time, taking advantage of his injuries, he had managed to get rid of all external pressure and had a good night’s sleep. When he woke up, he felt like he was a dragon and a tiger, his entire body filled with strength. He couldn’t wait to rush in and beat up those two Ink Giant Spiritual God on the No-Return Pass…

A large face suddenly filled his vision and a thunderous voice rang out, “Are you… hungry?”

Thundering sound roared in the sky and a strong wind blew, almost blowing Yang Kai away. Stabilizing himself, Yang Kai looked up at the giant head and confirmed that it was A' Da.

Raising his hand and pushing it forward, Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “Alright, alright, I understand. You should keep your distance. I haven’t forgotten what I promised you last time!”

Twenty years ago, when he had evacuated from the Spatial Territory, he had ordered A' Da and A' Er to guard the Domain Gate. Whoever dared to appear in front of the Domain Gate would be beaten to a pulp. At the same time, he had also promised them that he would bring them delicious food the next time he came.

If he want the horse to run, he naturally had to feed his horses well. These two Giant Spiritual God had done a good job over the past few years, and it was because of their deterrence that the Black Ink Clan's Ink Giant Spiritual God had not dared to act rashly a month ago. Yang Kai naturally had to fulfill his promise to them.

Saying so, Yang Kai raised his hand and flipped it over. It's unknown where Yang Kai got it from, but a round ball appeared in his palm and he called out in a coaxing tone, “Look, what is this?”

A’ Da and A’ Er’s eyes were immediately drawn to the round ball. Instinctively, they could smell the delicious aura emanating from it and knew that this was food that belonged to them, but what puzzled them was that this food was different from anything they had ever seen before, so even though their stomachs were rumbling, they still suppressed their impulses.

Seeing the expressions of these two Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai secretly smiled and no longer kept them in suspense, casually tossing out the World Bead in his hand.

The tiny World Bead flew into the void, and as the Space Principle constantly fluctuated, its size rapidly expanded, transforming into a complete Universe World in just a moment.

The size of this Universe World was not small, comparable to the Star Boundary, but on the surface, it was filled with bumps and hollows, and there were even many hidden paths that led to the interior of the Universe World. Obviously, these were traces left behind from mining resources.

Such a Universe World had long since been mined out of valuable resources, and because the World Laws weren’t too complete, it could be considered a dead Universe World, which suited the appetite of the Giant Spiritual God.

Right now, the 3000 Worlds had almost become empty shells, so it was not easy to find such a Universe World. However, since Yang Kai had promised A' Da and A' Er to bring them delicious food twenty years ago, he naturally wouldn’t go back on his word.

Fortunately, the Human Race still had the Myriad Monster Territory. As a great domain adjacent to High Heaven Territory, under the premise that High Heaven Territory was not lost, Myriad Monster Territory and High Heaven Territory had become the last two sacred lands of the Human Race.

Yang Kai had found this Universe World in the Myriad Monster Territory and refined it into a World Bead before using his Space Ability to restore it.

For the current Yang Kai, these methods were not difficult to accomplish.

After seeing the Universe World’s true appearance, the two Giant Spiritual God immediately beamed with joy and rushed towards it.

In comparison, the Giant Spiritual God's body was much larger than the Universe World’s. Each of them occupied two ends of the void and the Universe World is in the middle. Each of them raised their hands and grabbed a large piece of Universe World’s body before stuffing it into their mouths.

Such a scene was extremely visually impactful. This was the first time Yang Kai had seen a Giant Spiritual God eat at such a close distance, and even though he was quite knowledgeable, he was still amazed.

It had always been difficult to understand how a Giant Spiritual God could only eat this kind of dead Universe World, how could it possess such a massive body and terrifying strength? He could only sigh in his heart. The Creator is really mysterious and unfathomable…

As the saying goes, one’s mouth is short while one’s hands are soft. The two Giant Spiritual God ate with one hand and grabbed with the other, both of them flashing a flattering smile towards Yang Kai.

Seemingly embarrassed by Yang Kai’s stare, A' Da stretched out his hand and handed over a fragment, “Good fellow, let’s eat together!”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before realizing what he meant by ‘good fellow’.

A' Da had always called him the little fellow… but now that he had brought them food, he had become a good fellow.

Facing the other party’s hospitality, Yang Kai felt that if he were to refuse, it would only make the other party sad, so he put the Universe Fragment into his Small Universe.

The smile on A' Da’s face became even brighter…

What a simple and honest race! Yang Kai sighed in his heart, but unfortunately, the number of clansmen of the Giant Spiritual God was too small. If it weren’t for the fact that there were only two Giant Spiritual God, if there were ten or eight of them, what is there to worry about the No-Return Pass? They could simply lead the Giant Spiritual God’s team to level it.

Putting away his wild thoughts, Yang Kai turned his head to look at the Domain Gate. The Domain Gate was not sealed, and although there was a void barrier, Yang Kai’s eyesight was still able to vaguely see the situation inside.

After the last battle, the security around the No-Return Pass had become increasingly tight, especially around the Domain Gate. Powerful figures were standing tall and straight, obviously telling Yang Kai that if he dared to show his face, he would be beaten.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, took off his bloodstained clothes, and summoned some fresh water from the Small Universe to wash his body before putting on a new set of clothes.

Although he had been in a deep sleep the entire time, with his current cultivation, even if he was in a deep sleep, he was still extremely sensitive to the passage of time, so he knew that it had only been a month since the last battle.

A month was more than enough time for him to recover, but many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters didn’t have such a convenient healing ability. In the last battle, he had roughly estimated that more than thirty of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord masters had died in battle and more had been injured. After being injured, it would be very difficult for the Black Ink Clan’s masters to heal themselves, so in a short period of time, it would be impossible for the injured masters to recover.

After the previous battle, the Human Race also needed to rest for a while to accumulate resources for the next great battle.

As such, although Yang Kai was currently unable to contact Mi Jinglun, according to the previous battle plan, it would be at least two years before the Human Race launched their next attack.

Two years was neither long nor short, enough for him to do some things.

Thinking so, he made a decision.


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