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Borrowing the influence of the Human Race’s army, Yang Kai caused a huge ruckus in the No-Return Pass, restraining the many Black Ink Clan masters here, and then finding an opportunity to escape from the Domain Gate into the Spatial Territory was his original plan.

Therefore, when the time was right, he would sneak into the No-Return Pass alone. If not for this, he could simply wander around the battlefield and kill his enemies. With his methods and strength, he would definitely be able to make many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters fear him. At the very least, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had come out to fight would have to be on guard against his sneak attacks.

The main reason he had such a plan was because of the strategy he had discussed with Mi Jinglun before the army set out.

A’ Da and A’ Er were stationed in the Spatial Territory, although these two Giant Spiritual God were strong, their brains weren’t very good, so it would be best if a Human Race master was there to coordinate with them. Only then would they be able to display their true strength.

Yang Kai was naturally the best candidate.

He had some friendship with these two Giant Spiritual God, and his own strength was strong enough, so it was naturally best for him to take charge of the Spatial Territory.

Additionally, just because Yang Kai was stationed in the Spatial Territory, it didn’t mean he couldn’t intervene in the upcoming battle, because he was strong enough. As long as he stayed in the Spatial Territory, the Black Ink Clan would have to put in some effort to guard against him, lest Yang Kai suddenly break through the Domain Gate and attack the No-Return Pass. On the other hand, if the other Ninth Order masters were stationed here, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be too worried. It would be best if they dared to charge in. The Heavenly Net had already been set up, waiting for the enemy to fall into their trap.

Escaping into the Spatial Territory was Yang Kai’s goal for this trip, but he hadn’t expected the process to be so difficult. At this moment, it seemed like he had been forced to make this choice…

In this situation, Mo Na Ye was also prepared.

The reason why Yang Kai was unable to teleport to the Domain Gate was mainly because the Black Ink Clan had already set up a Four Gates Eight Palaces Array in the void near the Domain Gate. This space had been sealed, so Yang Kai was unable to teleport in.

Of course, before this, Mo Na Ye had some confidence in this Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array, but now he knew that this Great Array alone could not trap Yang Kai.

Therefore, the moment Yang Kai appeared, Mo Na Ye and Di Ya Luo led a large group of Pseudo-Royal Lords and charged towards him. Before they even arrived, a series of powerful Secret Techniques flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression immediately changed. In this great battle, although he had been hiding most of his strength, it was a fact that he had been injured just now. Now, in order to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots, many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were originally responsible for guarding the No-Return Pass had been mobilized, led by two real Royal Lords and nearly thirty masters. No matter how strong he was, he would not be able to resist them.

In a hurry, he could only shake open his own Space-Time River and dive into the river, breaking through the Spirit Array’s seal and escaping towards the Domain Gate.


A violent sound rang out along with the waves, causing the Space-Time River to churn and the Great Dao to tremble.

As the shockwaves gradually subsided, the void near the Domain Gate shattered and Yang Kai’s figure disappeared.

The many Black Ink Clan masters who were chasing after him couldn’t help standing still. The leader of the group, Mo Na Ye, had an ugly look on his face as he grit his teeth and shouted, “He’s still alive!”

Although he hadn’t been able to capture Yang Kai’s movements because of the chaos just now, he was certain that Yang Kai was still alive and had escaped through the Domain Gate into the Spatial Territory to meet up with the two Giant Spiritual God.

As he spoke, a strong sense of defeat rose in his heart.

Originally, under his arrangements, as long as nothing unexpected happened, Yang Kai would have less than a thirty percent chance of escaping the No-Return Pass. However, the most critical of all, the Four Gates Eight Palaces Array, had failed, causing his plan to fail and exposing his hidden trump card.

Di Ya Luo’s identity had already been exposed, and the Black Ink Clan no longer had any more Royal Lords, so it was almost impossible to kill Yang Kai again.

Thinking back to all the years he had fought with Yang Kai, including this time, he had two opportunities to kill Yang Kai, but he had always failed at the last moment. He didn’t know if he should call himself unlucky or if Yang Kai was lucky enough.

On the side, Di Ya Luo consoled, “Don’t blame yourself. Although we didn’t manage to kill him this time, his injuries are definitely not light. He won’t be able to stir up any trouble in the near future. Also, now is not the time to consider him, we should focus on the bigger picture!”

As a fellow Royal Lord, Di Ya Luo didn’t have many dealings with Yang Kai. Specifically, he hadn’t suffered too many losses at his hands, so there is no such obsession to kill Yang Kai, now the Black Ink Clan only had to face the injured Yang Kai.

Mo Na Ye instantly calmed down and nodded, “I understand!”

When he was fighting with Yang Kai just now, he didn’t have the time or energy to pay attention to the situation on the battlefield. Now that he was observing, he immediately noticed something unusual.

As the Human Race’s army retreated, Pure Yang Pass, which had been drifting outside the battlefield, also arrived, using the various Spirit Arrays and artifacts on the mountain pass as support.

This was a planned retreat, so the Human Race army retreated in an orderly fashion, not showing any signs of disorder.

In an instant, Mo Na Ye understood why the Human Race had chosen to withdraw despite having the advantage.

It was true that the Human Race had taken a lot of advantage this time by attacking No-Return Pass and had always been in control of the battlefield, causing many casualties to the Black Ink Clan’s side. Even many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had fallen, but the Human Race’s Battleships were also damaged and the consumption of their powerhouses was enormous. If this battle continued, the Human Race’s losses would inevitably increase.

If they chose to withdraw now, not only would they be able to guarantee the greatest victory, but they would also be able to preserve their forces to the greatest extent. If Mo Na Ye was in the Human Race’s position, he would also make this choice.

To put it bluntly, the Black Ink Clan was now a cornered beast, so there was no need for the Human Race to fight to the death.

As long as such a battle occurred a few more times, when the Black Ink Clan’s strength was almost exhausted, the Human Race would be able to launch a thunderous attack.

“You want to leave? How could it be so easy?” Sensing the intentions of the Human Race, Mo Na Ye coldly snorted. This kind of strategy of fleeing with a single bite was truly dirty. Even if one didn’t use their toes to think, they would know that it was Mi Jinglun, that old fox, who had deployed this attack and retreat. “Pass down my order, bite down on their rear army and kill them at all costs. Also… the Pseudo-Royal Lord in the No-Return Pass also attack.”

On the side, many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were shocked by Mo Na Ye’s boldness.

No-Return Pass was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. All of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest were here, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were guarding this place were mainly here to protect these Ink Nest. If they left, the No-Return Pass would be defenseless. At that time, as long as any human race powerhouse came here, it would definitely cause unbearable pain for the Black Ink Clan!

However, after thinking about it for a moment, the person who had been able to break into the No-Return Pass had been severely wounded and escaped into the Spatial Territory, so how could he still have the strength to stir up trouble… As for the other Human Race, there was no need to consider whether they had such ability.

Mo Na Ye’s seemingly arbitrary decision had undoubtedly been carefully considered.

After giving the order, Mo Na Ye and Di Ya Luo took the lead and rushed towards the battlefield. Soon, the No-Return Pass, several dozen figures flew out. These were the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been guarding the place.

Somewhere on the battlefield, Mi Jinglun, who was killing his enemies, keenly noticed this and couldn’t help cursing, “This guy is still so difficult to deal with!”

If the entire army were to retreat from the battlefield, they would most likely encounter such a situation. If so, the Human Race would definitely suffer more losses.

Fortunately, the advantage the Human Race army had obtained before was not small, so even if the Black Ink Clan made the most appropriate response, the Human Race would still be able to withstand it.

The battle had reached its end, but the situation had become even more intense than before. The Human Race’s army retreated from the battlefield in an orderly fashion while the Black Ink Clan’s army chased after them, both sides constantly clashing with each other.

In comparison, the Human Race’s forces were undoubtedly more organized, with the twelve main armies coordinating as one. Because the Black Ink Clan’s forces had been deployed in a somewhat rushed manner, they had not been able to adjust many of the details, causing the situation to become more chaotic.

Many of the Black Ink Clan armies that had chased after them had failed to achieve much, and instead had been surrounded by the retreating human race because of their greed.

However, there was still some effect. On the way back, the Human Race army suffered a lot of losses, many of their damaged Battleships were destroyed, and the cultivators on the Battleships were instantly reduced to minced meat. In addition, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was forced to charge into the enemy camp and explode, transforming into a giant sun condensed from pure light that illuminated the void in order to cover the retreat of the other soldiers.

In the vast region covered by the Great Sun, all of the pursuing Black Ink Clan were either dead or injured.

The scene was magnificent, and in every corner of the battlefield, heroic and tragic feats were happening one after another…

This was the power of the Human Race, the power of protection!

The 3000 Worlds were the home of the Human Race, and although this home had been reduced to an empty shell because of the Black Ink Clan’s rampage, it was still their homeland.

If they wanted to protect this home, they could only eliminate the entire Black Ink Clan.

The armies of the two races constantly clashed in the void while the Human Race’s side fought and retreated. After several days of fighting, the Black Ink Clan had chased them for hundreds of millions of kilometers before withdrawing.

This attitude of stubbornly clinging to the Human Race made Mi Jinglun want to order the Human Race to fight back, but considering that most of the Human Race’s Battleships were damaged, he had no choice but to give up this idea.

The Battleship’s defences to the Human Race were simply too great. For so many years, the Human Race had been able to fight many enemy with the help of the Battleship, sometimes even using the weak to defeat the strong.

The losses suffered by the Human Race in the later stages of this war were mostly due to the destruction of their Battleships, causing their soldiers to lose extra protection.

It wasn’t until the pursuing Black Ink Clan army retreated like a tide that this earth-shattering battle finally came to an end.


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