The Black Ink Clan had repeatedly tried to use the Four Gates Eight Palaces Array to deal with him, so how could Yang Kai not have been on guard? In fact, he had even considered the possibility that he would fall into the Great Array before he could break through the No-Return Pass.

But he still came, not because he was fearless, but because he had something to rely on.

If it were seven hundred years ago, he would still have to be wary of this Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array. If the space he was in was really sealed by this Spirit Array, he would be like a turtle in a jar. Unless he killed all of the Black Ink Clan cultivators he fought and broke through the Spirit Array, it would be impossible for him to use his teleportation technique.

But now, he was completely different!

Inside the Unvierse Furnace, Yang Kai had broken through to the Ninth Order Open Heaven, allowing his strength to soar. In the past twenty years, he had been using the Universe World's strength to cultivate in seclusion, so the current Yang Kai’s cultivation alone was incomparable to the past.

In addition, in the Universe Furnace world, Yang Kai had refined and absorbed the power of various Great Daos from the bottom of the Endless River and comprehended his own Space-Time River. This was the condensation of his Great Dao, and this river, which contained the power of three thousand Great Daos, was not something a single Spirit Array could block. With the power of the Space-Time River, Yang Kai could easily break through the great array set up by the Black Ink Clan, causing their plans to fail.

On top of that, this Spirit Array was only created by a few Black Ink Disciples. Even if these Black Ink Disciples had some attainments in the Dao of Arrays, they were not very profound, so the Spirit Array they created was naturally not very profound.

If it were the Human Race’s Array Dao masters who had specially set up some Spirit Arrays to trap Yang Kai, it might be a bit troublesome.

In short, Yang Kai had long since come up with a strategy to break the formation. Before the battle began, he had said things like ‘let me see how many of you I can kill before I die’, but he had simply been misleading Mo Na.

The moment the Spirit Array broke, Mo Na Ye was shocked. He hadn’t studied Spirit Arrays deeply, so he hadn’t expected that this Spirit Array, which he had placed so much hope on, would have no effect on Yang Kai.

However, in the next instant, he moved, the Ink Force around him cleansing as he rushed towards Yang Kai. At the same time, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had joined forces with him also attacked.

This situation was like a broken pot that had been broken, and it was obviously unwise to continue acting like this even after knowing it was impossible to keep Yang Kai here.

However, considering that Yang Kai was also pretending to be weak at this moment, it was understandable that Mo Na Ye would make such a choice. Taking advantage of Yang Kai’s weakness to take his life was a natural instinct of all living creatures.

As this thought flashed across his mind, Yang Kai suppressed the thought of killing Mo Na Ye here and summoned some strength to block this attack.

This time, he and Mo Na Ye were evenly matched…

However, this wasn’t the end. The three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had formed the battle formation also attacked from the side. Yang Kai seemed to have casually thrust his spear out, purely out of instinct, wanting to use this opportunity to force the three Pseudo-Royal Lords back.

Originally, this spear strike was enough to accomplish this. A starving camel was still bigger than a horse, and he was already much stronger than the other Ninth Order and Royal Lords. At this moment, because he had used the “Secret Technique” that Mo Na Ye thought he had used, he had become somewhat weak, so the power of this spear could not be underestimated.

However, in fact, after Yang Kai’s spear thrust out, the leader of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords actually raised his hand to block it…

The moment he blocked this attack, the aura of the Pseudo-Royal Lord seemed to change slightly!

Yang Kai couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, but he quickly recovered and couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Even though he had been careful enough, he hadn’t expected to fall into Mo Na Ye’s trap.

It had to be said that Mo Na Ye’s arrangements were simply brilliant.

The reason for such praise was because Yang Kai had realized that this Pseudo-Royal Lord who was leading the charge towards him… was not a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but a real Royal Lord!

This really caught him off guard.

He had actually been on guard against this.

More than twenty years ago, when Yang Kai came to the No-Return Pass, he had realized that there would soon be a new Royal Lord-level powerhouse on the Black Ink Clan’s side.

In the past twenty years, the Human Race had given birth to two Ninth Order masters, but what about the Black Ink Clan? No one knew if a Royal Lord had been born.

When he was probing him with his words just now, Mo Na Ye’s answer had been watertight, so Yang Kai was actually unable to determine anything. However, Yang Kai still held the mentality that it was better to believe than not to believe, so he was on guard against some unknown Royal Lord who might be lurking somewhere and waiting for an opportunity to act.

That’s right, he subconsciously felt that if there really was a new Royal Lord in the Black Ink Clan, he must be hiding somewhere, preparing to ambush him.

However, Mo Na Ye acted in the opposite way and openly arranged this newly born Royal Lord among a group of Pseudo-Royal Lords!

In terms of aura alone, there wasn’t much difference between a Royal Lord and a Pseudo-Royal Lord. The Pseudo-Royal Lord was also an expert of this level, but because their strength wasn’t something they cultivated on their own, they couldn’t display their full strength and could only display about seventy to eighty percent of their strength, but the strength contained in their bodies was no less than a true Royal Lord’s.

Just like a bowl of rice and a bowl of rice porridge, the quantity was the same, but if it was dry, the latter was even smaller. This was the difference between a Pseudo-Royal Lord and a Royal Lord.

Under such circumstances, as long as this Pseudo-Royal Lord constantly pushed his aura to the limit, no one would be able to determine his true identity. Even if they really fought, as long as he intentionally concealed a portion of his strength, he would be no different from a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

As such, it wasn’t until this man suddenly attacked that Yang Kai realized that among these three Pseudo-Royal Lords, there was actually a true Royal Lord!

This was something Yang Kai hadn’t expected. He had been paying close attention to all the movements around him, afraid that a Royal Lord would suddenly appear somewhere. He had never imagined that this Royal Lord would appear right in front of his eyes.

This arrangement was extremely brilliant and was definitely the work of Mo Na Ye.

Moreover, from the very beginning of his fight with Yang Kai, he had already laid the foundation for this Royal Lord’s appearance.

According to Mo Na Ye’s intentions, the Black Ink Clan had been maintaining the stance of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords joining forces with him to attack Yang Kai. From the start of the battle until now, the Pseudo-Royal Lords had been swapping places and had already changed hands several times. As long as they were able to bring up a group of new Royal Lord, no matter how shrewd Yang Kai was, it would be difficult for him to detect them.

Of course, the other reason was that Yang Kai was also concealing his true strength… He had been restraining his strength all this time and didn’t dare to display his full strength, which was quite taxing.

At this moment, there was no point in blaming himself. The two Royal Lords were right in front of him, and one of them had even attacked. With Yang Kai’s current “weak” state, it was impossible for him to avoid them.

Numerous thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind between ‘maintaining his current state’ and ‘exposed his true strength’, launching a counterattack to catch Mo Na Ye and this newly risen Royal Lord-level master off guard and scare them. After weighing the pros and cons for a moment, he finally suppressed the murderous intent in his heart.

In the next moment, the fist containing the full strength of the newly crowned Royal Lord master broke through Yang Kai’s protective barrier and smashed into his chest.

The power of this punch was so great that it almost caused Yang Kai’s chest to cave in as he spat out a mouthful of golden blood.

Yang Kai raised his spear and counterattacked, thrusting it towards the new Royal Lord's face, forcing him to dodge.

However, at this moment, Mo Na Ye also took action. Previously, he had been suppressed and beaten by Yang Kai, so he had been suppressing his anger for a long time. Although he was surprised that Yang Kai had broken the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array, his original plan had worked, making up for the embarrassment of having his Spirit Array broken.

Taking advantage of the moment when Yang Kai and Di Ya Luo were exchanging blows, he raised his hand and sent out a jet black Qi towards the back of Yang Kai’s head.

As long as this attack was successful, Yang Kai would definitely die!

An abnormal excitement appeared in Mo Na Ye’s eyes as he anticipated what would happen next.

However, at this critical moment, Yang Kai instinctively pushed his Azure Dragon Spear to the back of his head and accurately blocked the fierce attack. The violent force caused his body to stagger and the power of his Space Great Dao to fluctuate.

Mo Na Ye immediately realized what was happening and shouted, “Don’t let him escape!”

As he shouted, he madly circulated his Qi, causing the surrounding Black Ink Clan masters to do the same.

However, by the time Mo Na Ye and Di Ya Luo once again arrived in front of Yang Kai, Yang Kai’s figure had suddenly disappeared.

Without the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array, there was no way to restrict Yang Kai’s instantaneous movement technique, so his Qi fluctuations could only disturb the surrounding space.

The result of this interference was that Yang Kai appeared not far away, unable to completely escape.

At this moment, he was in an extremely sorry state. His chest was caved in and his body was covered in blood. His aura was extremely weak, as if he could die at any moment.

However, Mo Na Ye knew better than anyone that as long as Yang Kai, who possessed the Divine Dragon Source, was not killed on the spot, even if he suffered serious injuries, there would be a time for him to recover.

Moreover, when he saw that Yang Kai was not far from the Domain Gate, he realized where Yang Kai wanted to escape to.

For the current Yang Kai, there were only two options for him to escape. The first was to break out of the encirclement, break through the layers of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive lines, and flee towards the Human Race’s army. As long as the Human Race sent out some masters to assist him, he could ensure his own safety.

However, this choice was obviously not suitable for the current him. The reason he was able to sneak into the No-Return Pass without making a sound was because he had borrowed Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability. Right now, in the No-Return Pass, the many Black Ink Clan masters were biting him like leeches, so he was unable to use Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability at all. With such a wounded body, logically speaking, it would be difficult for him to escape.

If he were to really kill his way out, Mo Na Ye would have to reexamine his strength.

So he only had one choice left.

Domain Gates that connected to the Spatial Territory!


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