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All this time, the Black Ink Clan had wanted to use the Four Directions Eight Palaces Array to deal with Yang Kai, but this Array was quite troublesome to set up and was not something that could be quickly set up. There were several times when the Black Ink Clan was setting up the Great Array, but Yang Kai had already escaped, causing them to fail.

Unless Yang Kai was able to stay in a certain place for a long time, the Black Ink Clan would be able to set up a Spirit Array calmly. For example, that time in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was the first time the Black Ink Clan had used the Four Gates Eight Palaces Array to seal off the entire Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. There was even a Pseudo-Royal Lord who had personally led many Innate Territory Lords to attack Yang Kai.

That time, if Yang Kai hadn’t been able to use the Ancestral Land’s geographical advantage to confront the enemy, and if the Pseudo-Royal Lord hadn’t been so blind and arrogant, it was likely he would have died.

Without the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array, there was no way to restrict Yang Kai’s Space Ability. Without it, they could forget about killing Yang Kai.

Previously, when Yang Kai was chatting with Mo Na Ye, some of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had been secretly acting, so Yang Kai had naturally noticed them. But now, it seemed that the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were secretly acting were only there to distract him while the real killing moves were hidden behind them.

At this moment, the Black Ink Clan’s side had finally revealed their true intentions. The entire No-Return Pass and even a portion of the surrounding void had been enveloped by a massive Spirit Array, isolating them from the outside world.

Compared to the previous Four Gates Eight Palaces Array, the current Great Array was undoubtedly more concealed and had a wider range, so without Yang Kai noticing, the Great Array had already been activated.

“I was too careless!” Yang Kai sighed.

Mo Na Ye coldly snorted, “You humans have a saying, if you walk by the river, how can you not wet your shoes? You, Yang Kai, have come to the No-Return Pass time ande time again, do you really think I am completely defenseless?”

“That’s why you set up a trap outside the No-Return Pass long ago, only waiting for me to step into this place to complete your last resort and trap me here. I didn’t expect your Black Ink Clan to have such a talent!”

This kind of modification of Spirit Arrays had to be done with a high level of attainment in the Dao of Arrays. The Black Ink Clan had many Black Ink Clan, but not many of them were proficient in the Dao of Arrays and Artifact Refining, so in terms of Spirit Arrays and Artifact Refining, they were far inferior to the Human Race.

However, after all, it had been so many years. If those Array Masters were to diligently study a Spirit Array, they would have some gains.

“It’s too late to understand now,” Mo Na Ye raised his hand and pointed his halberd at Yang Kai, “Today, this place will be your burial ground!”

Yang Kai glanced around, his expression gloomy, “Aren’t you afraid that once the great battle breaks out, the Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, will be destroyed?”

This was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan, and many masters had gathered here, but correspondingly, because of the existence of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, it had also become a hindrance to the Black Ink Clan.

“That’s why I’ve only sent three Pseudo-Royal Lords to assist,” Mo Na Ye replied lightly.

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “So that’s how it is.”

There were many Pseudo-Royal Lords here, but only three of them had been left behind by Mo Na Ye to assist in the battle, while the other Pseudo-Royal Lords were stationed in various locations, responsible for guarding the various Royal Lord-level Ink Nests in their respective regions. In a direct confrontation, none of them could stop Yang Kai, but it was not a big deal to just block some of the aftershocks of the battle. With them guarding all sides, there was a high chance that the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest would not be affected.

“Of course, if necessary…” A decisive light flashed across Mo Na Ye’s eyes, “There will be even more Pseudo-Royal Lords to deal with you. In short, as long as I can kill you, paying a price is worth it!”

From these words alone, it was obvious that Mo Na Ye was determined to eliminate Yang Kai.

With these words, there was nothing more to say. With the Black Ink Clan’s preparations complete, Yang Kai stepped into this tiger’s den alone.

Yang Kai raised his hand slightly and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, grabbing hold of it. The power of the Great Dao surged as the Space-Time River coiled around the spear like a dragon.

Yang Kai’s battle intent and killing intent surged as he pointed his spear forward and said in a low voice, “Then, let’s see how many masters I can kill before I die!”


At the same time as this shout rang out, Mo Na Ye and the other three Pseudo-Royal Lords attacked simultaneously, pouncing towards Yang Kai in an instant.

At the same time, the Azure Dragon Spear also thrust forward. The power of the Great Dao on the spear was abundant, and just the might of this spear alone caused the three Pseudo-Royal Lords to break out in cold sweat.

As they passed by each other, one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords spat out a mouthful of ink blood while Yang Kai continued his assault on Mo Na Ye.

Mo Na Ye let out a low shout as a thick Ink Force surged out, transforming into a protective barrier in front of him, but it was directly pierced through by the spear. At the critical moment, he raised his hand and struck the spear, finally managing to deflect the spear in the nick of time.

The tip of the spear brushed past his face and he slammed into Yang Kai, but Yang Kai’s spear slammed into his face and sent him flying.

Just as Yang Kai was about to pursue him, a powerful force suddenly appeared behind him. It was the combined attack of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, forcing him to withdraw his spear to defend himself.

On the other side, after stabilizing himself, a look of surprise flashed across Mo Na Ye’s eyes.

The last time he had confronted Yang Kai was in the Universe Furnace world. At that time, Yang Kai had just broken through to the Ninth Order Open Heaven, and he had only recently become a Royal Lord.

At that time, he had almost been killed by Yang Kai, but in the end, Meng Que had sacrificed himself to help him escape.

It had been several hundred years since that confrontation.

Now, after exchanging blows with Yang Kai again, Mo Na Ye was shocked to discover that this fellow’s strength was far greater than before…

Of course, after hundreds of years of accumulation, Yang Kai would definitely become stronger, and Mo Na Ye himself was much stronger than before. Moreover, during the last confrontation, everyone had been injured and were not at their peak.

However, Yang Kai’s increase in strength was far greater than he had anticipated, causing Mo Na Ye to be somewhat surprised.

He knew how the Human Race cultivated. When one’s strength reached the Ninth Order, there were basically no shortcuts to improving one’s strength. One could only rely on the accumulation of time.

Therefore, he couldn’t understand how Yang Kai had grown so much in just a few hundred years.

Originally, he had thought that leaving behind a group of three Pseudo-Royal Lords to join forces with him would be enough to restrain Yang Kai, but now it seemed that it wasn’t enough.

However, he didn’t plan on having more Pseudo-Royal Lords come forward to support him. Facing an expert like Yang Kai, having too many people was not necessarily a good thing!

Facing Yang Kai’s torrential attacks, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had formed their own battle formation couldn’t hold on for more than ten breaths, all of them terrified.

They had also fought with other Ninth Order masters before, and if three of them were to form a battle formation, it would be enough to contend with a Ninth Order master. Even if they were to fall into a slight disadvantage, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the Human Race’s Killing Star in front of them couldn’t be compared to an ordinary Ninth Order master.

Fortunately, Mo Na Ye soon arrived and combined the strength of a Royal Lord and three Pseudo-Royal Lords to fight against Yang Kai.

And this kind of resistance was only barely able to stop it!

Every place in the No-Return Pass, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were stationed here wore solemn and gloomy expressions.

Without comparison, it was impossible to feel Yang Kai’s strength, but in comparison, Yang Kai’s strength was far greater than other Ninth Order masters.

One had to know that with three Pseudo-Royal Lords in a battle formation, they could basically fight against a Ninth Order Human Race master, and Mo Na Ye was a true Royal Lord. However, even with such a lineup, they were unable to gain any advantage over Yang Kai and instead fell into a disadvantageous position. After fighting for a while, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords were so frightened that they broke out in cold sweat.

The aftermath of the battle was fierce and violent, and several figures were constantly shuttling back and forth in the sky above the No-Return Pass, each of their attacks containing a great amount of power. This showed that the Black Ink Clan’s side had made ample preparations, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were guarding the various Royal Lord-level Ink Nests all took action to block the aftermath so that the Inke Nests would not be implicated.

This exchange of blows had only lasted for the time it took to boil a cup of tea, but not only had the three Pseudo-Royal Lords suffered some injuries, they had also consumed a great deal of their strength. When they attacked, they no longer had the strength to fight back, and the situation that was already disadvantageous to the Black Ink Clan became even worse.

At this moment, three Pseudo-Royal Lords flew out from below and formed a battle formation, charging into the battlefield in the blink of an eye. At the same time, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had exhausted too much of their strength and were still injured retreated from the battlefield and landed in the position where their clansmen were guarding.

“Oh?” In the midst of the fierce battle, Yang Kai suddenly understood, “So it’s this kind of tactic?”

The three Pseudo-Royal Lords who were in perfect condition would replace the three who weren’t in good condition. This way, the Black Ink Clan’s side would be able to maintain a certain level of combat strength, and this was the home ground of the Black Ink Clan after all. There were many Pseudo-Royal Lords who were stationed here, so it was easy for them to use this kind of strategy.

As long as the three Pseudo-Royal Lords were connected smoothly enough, Yang Kai would have to endure a great deal of pressure.

“Since you’re using this kind of tactic, why don’t you call a few more Pseudo-Royal Lords up?” Yang Kai thrust his spear towards Mo Na Ye and asked.

Mo Na Ye dodged to the side and coldly snorted as he counterattacked, “There’s no need for that. The Great Array has been formed and the No-Return Pass is sealed, you’ll die here sooner or later.”

“You want to use the smallest price to take me down? You really have a good plan,” Yang Kai raised his brow as he continued to press forward towards Mo Na Ye, “Although I have to admit that this strategy is very effective, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten that this strategy has a big drawback.”

Mo Na Ye said lightly, “Would you like to tell me the details?”

Yang Kai casually said, “If you want to execute this kind of strategy, the most important point is yourself. The Pseudo-Royal Lords can take turns, but what about you? No one can replace you!”

“So what?”

“So…” At this point, Yang Kai’s aura suddenly changed, becoming even fiercer, “I just need to beat you to death!”


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