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“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai revealed a look of understanding, “Breaking through to the Pure Yang Pass is not only to restrain me, but also to verify your guess.” After a pause, Yang Kai continued, “I’m afraid the latter is your main goal.”

With things having come to this point, there was no point in denying it anymore. The twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan led an army of a million members of the Black Ink Clan towards the Pure Yang Pass, which was outside the battlefield. Mi Jinglun’s breakthrough to the Ninth Order was no longer a secret.

On the other hand, the reason Mo Na Ye had made such a decision was because Yang Kai had not immediately rushed to Pure Yang Pass. If Mi Jinglun was still an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, Yang Kai would definitely have come to his aid, instead of coming to the No-Return Pass to cause trouble.

Since Yang Kai had appeared in the No-Return Pass, it meant that he was extremely confident in Mi Jinglun’s safety. On such a large scale battlefield, only a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator could guarantee his own safety.

Mo Na Ye shook his head and said, “No, restraining you is the most important thing. Yang Kai, you must not underestimate yourself. On the Black Ink Clan’s side, from the Royal Lords to the ordinary clansmen, their fear of you is extremely deep.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Should I feel honored?”

“It’s up to you, I’m just speaking the truth!” Mo Na Ye stared at Yang Kai, his eyes not shifting for a moment, just like the three Pseudo-Royal Lords standing beside him. Even when he was talking to Yang Kai, he did not let down his guard in the slightest. A powerful aura lingered around Yang Kai’s body, and if Yang Kai made any unusual movements, he would definitely suffer a violent blow.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai was willing to stand here and talk to him. Otherwise, he would have teleported away long ago. The battlefield was so big, where could he not kill his enemies? However, now that he was being locked onto by Mo Na Ye’s aura, his teleportation would definitely be disrupted.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai suddenly said, “Since you’ve already guessed that Senior Brother Mi might advance to the Ninth Order, aren’t you worried about the safety of those Pseudo-Royal Lords?”

In the short time they had been talking, the twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords and the million-strong Black Ink Clan army had already closed in on Pure Yang Pass. It was likely that the two sides would soon begin fighting.

If Mi Jinglun was still only an Eighth Order, the Black Ink Clan would have a high chance of taking down the Human Race’s mountain pass and killing Mi Jinglun with such a powerful lineup. However, now that Mo Na Ye had guessed that Mi Jinglun had already reached the Ninth Order, it was extremely strange for him to still act like this.

Doing it without knowing it would be successful is not bravery, but stupidity. With Mo Na Ye's shrewdness, it was impossible for him to do such a thing.

But he had done so.

Mo Na Ye replied lightly, “What is there to worry about?”

Yang Kai frowned, understanding the hidden meaning behind these words. He had nothing to worry about, but what he needed to worry about was the Human Race?

At this moment, he suddenly saw the Black Ink Clan army that had rushed out of the No-Return Pass suddenly take action. As they approached Pure Yang Pass, this army of a million Black Ink Clan soldiers, under the leadership of the twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords, suddenly changed directions and charged towards the battlefield.

In that direction, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan were locked in a fierce battle, evenly matched. With the two races unable to invest any more strength in a short period of time, if a group of reinforcements were to rush over, it would definitely change the situation on that battlefield, allowing the Black Ink Clan to gain the upper hand.

Yang Kai’s expression instantly changed, “So this is your next play?”

Ordering twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords to lead an army of a million Black Ink Clan soldiers to attack Pure Yang Pass, one was to restrain Yang Kai, and the other was to verify whether Mi Jinglun had advanced to the Ninth Order. However, the most important objective was to launch an attack on the Human Race’s army from behind to create an advantageous battlefield!

'Mo Na Ye, you liar!' Yang Kai’s heart burned with anger. Just now, he had said that the main purpose was to restrain him and saying that he shouldn't underestimate himself. Although he had said it nicely, he was secretly scheming…

As such, Yang Kai was particularly annoyed by fighting against people like Mo Na Ye. He could always use some strange and simple methods to resolve the crisis while also bringing trouble to his enemies.

In the past, when Yang Kai had tried to kill the Innate Territory Lords who had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had suffered a great loss. If it weren’t for the appearance of the Universe Furnace at such a critical time, Yang Kai would have been forced to flee to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and join forces with the Withdrawing Black Ink Army.

Inside the Pure Yang Pass, on top of the city wall facing the battlefield, Mi Jinglun’s expression was solemn as he quietly stared at the Black Ink Clan army growing further away from Pure Yang Pass. He then looked up in the direction of the No-Return Pass and sighed lightly, “It’s been seen through!”

Before the battle began, he had thought about using himself as bait to lure the Black Ink Clan’s masters to attack.

Everyone on the Human Race’s side knew that he had broken through to the Ninth Order, but to the Black Ink Clan, it was impossible to obtain any information.

As such, after the great battle began, besides a single Pure Yang Pass wandering the battlefield alone, the twelve Great Armies had already fight the enemy.

This act was to send a message to the Black Ink Clan and Mo Na Ye.

The Head Office was located in Pure Yang Pass, and I, Mi Jinglun, was also there. As long as they could take down Pure Yang Pass, the Human Race’s army would be blind and deaf. No matter how great of an advantage they had obtained before, without the Head Office’s central command, they would suffer a crushing defeat.

This kind of enticement was very successful. The Black Ink Clan, or Mo Na Ye, had indeed sent out a number of masters and armies to attack the Pure Yang Pass, but just as they were about to confront each other, these Black Ink Clan masters led their armies back to the battlefield, targeting a critical location.

If that location was taken by the Black Ink Clan, the Black Ink Clan’s army would be able to open up the situation and use that battlefield as a foundation to continuously expand their advantage.

“There’s no need to hide, attack!” Mi Jinglun muttered softly.

In the next moment, figures suddenly soared into the sky from the Pure Yang Pass and chased after the Black Ink Clan’s army and the twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords.

The two leaders had powerful auras and were two newly promoted Ninth Order Open Heaven from the Human Race. Behind them were nearly two hundred Eighth Order masters!

Since he wanted to use Pure Yang Pass and himself as bait, how could Mi Jinglun not make full preparations?

The deployment of Pure Yang Pass seemed easy to see through, but in reality, under the cover of many layers of Spirit Arrays, the two newly promoted Ninth Order masters and a large number of Eighth Order Open Heaven were all lying low. If the twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords and the million Black Ink Clan armies dared to set foot in Pure Yang Pass, they would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Because of this, after the battle began, Mi Jinglun even hid Shi Dazhuang and Tang Tao, not allowing them to appear immediately.

But now that they had been seen through, there was no point in hiding any longer. They had finally broken through to the Ninth Order after much difficulty, so they naturally had to be used on the battlefield.

Two Ninth Order masters led nearly two hundred Eighth Order masters to pursue the Black Ink Clan’s army. Although their numbers were far less than the enemy’s, their momentum was not inferior in the slightest. Soon, with two Ninth Order masters as the vanguard, the Human Race’s masters rushed into the Black Ink Clan’s army like unstoppable arrows, slaughtering the army.

It wasn’t until the twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords who led the charge returned that they were able to stop the slaughter of the Human Race masters.

“There are actually two more Ninth Order masters!” In No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye stared at Yang Kai, guarding him with all his might, but it didn’t stop him from sensing the shockwaves of the battle.

The sudden appearance of these two Ninth Order aura naturally couldn’t escape his senses.

Regarding this, Mo Na Ye wasn’t too surprised.

Since the Black Ink Clan was able to produce a new Royal Lord, the Human Race was naturally able to produce a new Ninth Order master. Counting Mi Jinglun, in just twenty years, the Human Race had gained three Ninth Order masters.

He just didn’t know if these two newcomers had relied on their own accumulation to break through or if they had relied on the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. If it was the latter, it wouldn’t matter. After all, the number of Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was limited, so no matter how lucky the Human Race was, they probably wouldn’t be able to produce more.

But if it was the former, the situation would be extremely bad.

Because the Human Race had several Open Heaven Stage Cradles, in terms of the cycle and frequency at which peak combatants were born, the current Black Ink Clan was still somewhat inferior to the Human Race.

“In other words, your Black Ink Clan is finished!” Yang Kai put away his fake shock and provoked him.

Mo Na Ye snorted lightly, “Brother Yang is underestimating the Black Ink Clan too much.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “Could it be that the Black Ink Clan has also produced a new Royal Lord master over the years? Who is it? Why not step forward and let me see?”

Mo Na Ye’s expression remained unchanged, “Whether we have or not, you will naturally know when the time comes.”

His answer was flawless, making it difficult for Yang Kai to determine whether or not the Black Ink Clan had a new Royal Lord master. Before this, he had carefully investigated the various locations of the No-Return Pass, but hadn’t found much.

This sudden sense of crisis had been lingering in his heart ever since he stepped into the the No-Return Pass, and it was difficult to judge just from this alone. After all, the Black Ink Clan powerhouse in the No-Return Pass is as many as the clouds in the sky right now, even someone as powerful as him, if he wasn’t careful, could still fail miserably.

“Then…” Mo Na Ye lowered his eyes and suddenly lowered his voice, “The idle chatter ends here!”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Is the battle about to begin? Don’t you need to delay any longer? I can see that your Pseudo-Royal Lords are secretly arranging something, I don’t think they’ve arranged it properly. I can wait a bit longer.”

Yang Kai’s nonchalant attitude was truly infuriating, causing Mo Na Ye to angrily say, “Yang Kai, you’ve always been so arrogant! Do you really think you can come and go as you please?”

The latter part of his sentence was almost a roar.

Yang Kai stared at him solemnly for a long time before saying, “This is the Human Race’s territory, so naturally I can come and go as I please!”

“Then this time, you should go and take a look!” As Mo Na Ye spoke, an invisible force swept across the entire No-Return Pass, and in the next moment, a subtle change seemed to occur in the void…

This kind of change was extremely inconspicuous and difficult to notice.

However, Yang Kai only had to glance around before he understood what was happening and frowned slightly, “Did you modify the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array?”


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