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The battlefield was vast and magnificent, and the scene was chaotic. In this kind of situation, even Ninth Order Human Race masters couldn’t know everything about the battlefield.

Without a central command, even if the Human Race’s twelve main armies were able to break through the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line as planned, they would inevitably fall into an awkward situation where they had to fight on their own for a short period of time. The Ninth Order guarding the various armies also had to fight, so they didn’t have the spare energy to observe the entire battlefield.

This meant that it was highly likely that one of the Armies would lose their ability to coordinate with the other Armies, and once this happened, the situation of the Great Armies would be quite dire.

Or perhaps it was because the Human Race had suffered a loss on a certain battlefield and needed reinforcements, so there was a great deal of detail about how to arrange the situation.

What’s more, if any of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive lines were weak, the Human Race army would be able to make full use of them, allowing them to achieve twice the results with half the effort.

In order to achieve this, the Human Race’s army needed a pair of eyes that could overlook the entire battlefield, a swift transmission of information, and a calm and intelligent mind!

This was the role played by the Head Office.

Pure Yang Pass was located outside of the battlefield, so the soldiers on the mountain pass could clearly see the situation of the entire battlefield and quickly report it to their superiors. Mi Jinglun and his subordinates, who were stationed at Pure Yang Pass, were responsible for analyzing this information and quickly giving orders to the army on the battlefield.

This way, the Human Race’s massive and somewhat bloated twelve-way army would be able to coordinate perfectly, forming a single entity that could pose a fatal threat to the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass.

In this battle, the Human Race had come prepared, and even someone as intelligent as Mo Na Ye had not expected that the Human Race would be able to use Universe Worlds to break through the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, causing the Black Ink Clan to suffer a great loss. In addition, Yang Kai deterrence as a Killing Star had caused the Pseudo-Royal Lords present to feel somewhat restrained.

If this continued, the situation of the Black Ink Clan’s side would become dire. If Yang Kai continued to eat away at the power of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord, by the time the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords fell to a certain limit, even if the Black Ink Clan tried their best, they would not be able to stop the Human Race’s attacks.

So from the standpoint of the Black Ink Clan, they had to think of a way to break out of this situation.

On the other hand, Mo Na Ye had set his sights on Pure Yang Pass and Mi Jinglun.

Towards Mi Jinglun’s people and the Human Race’s Head Office, Mo Na Ye had never looked down on them. In the past, he had wanted to find an opportunity to kill Mi Jinglun, but unfortunately, Mi Jinglun had always been hiding behind the Human Race’s front lines and never appeared on the frontlines, leaving him helpless.

Now that the Human Race is attacking the No-Return Pass, this was a good opportunity, but Pure Yang Pass was a bit troublesome. Although this mountain pass couldn’t display its full power, after so many years of repair by the Human Race, it was still able to display about seventy to eighty percent of its power. The Human Race’s mountain pass and its defensive capabilities were not something that could be easily broken through. If they wanted to break into Pure Yang Pass, the Black Ink Clan would have to pay a huge price.

It could be said that before the battle began, Mo Na Ye had already planned to attack Pure Yang Pass, but now he had no choice but to do so.

Numerous thoughts flashed across his mind as he sent out a voice transmission to his surroundings. In the next moment, somewhere on the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s army suddenly turned from defense to offense as numerous Black Ink Clan members rushed towards the Human Race’s Battleship.

This time, the Human Race in the area were caught off guard. Dozens of Battleships were destroyed on the spot, their fragments scattering in all directions. Without the Battleship’s protection, the Human Race soldiers also fell into the enemy’s encirclement. With the exception of a few soldiers who relied on their profound cultivation to quickly escape, most of them were drowned by the endless Black Ink Clan forces.

This scene was like a pack of sharks tearing at a bleeding prey.

The nearby Human Race quickly came to support, barely managing to stabilize the situation.

At this moment, Mo Na Ye, who had been watching coldly from above the No-Return Pass, moved, accompanied by twelve figures who had rushed out from the No-Return Pass.

From the unconcealable aura, it was clear that there were twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords!

There were many Pseudo-Royal Lords in the Black Ink Clan, but not all of them had participated in the previous battle. Only seventy percent of them had entered the battlefield, while the remaining thirty percent had remained in seclusion. On one hand, they were preserving their strength, but on the other hand, they're guarding the No-Return Pass. After all, with Yang Kai’s mysterious presence, Mo Na Ye didn’t dare let down his guard. If he were to rush into the No-Return Pass and stir up trouble, the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, which had been placed in the No-Return Pass, wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

As such, even though there were twelve more Pseudo-Royal Lords rushing out of the No-Return Pass at this moment, there were still many Pseudo-Royal Lords guarding the various locations to prevent any accidents.

Mo Na Ye moved, twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords took the initiative, and together with them was an army of a million Black Ink Clan cultivators, including many Territory Lords and Feudal Lords.

This extremely eye-catching army rushed towards the Human Race’s front which had just been thrown into disarray. Although the Human Race’s army was desperately trying to intercept them, they were unable to stop them in time.

The Human Race’s front line had been torn apart by the Black Ink Clan in a short time.

A million Black Ink Clan soldiers gathered like a flood and rushed out from the battlefield with boundless killing intent. Under the leadership of Mo Na Ye and the twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords, they rushed towards the Pure Yang Pass.

When the nearby Human Race masters saw this scene, although they wanted to intercept, they were unable to do so.

However, in the next instant, Mo Na Ye, who was leading the army, suddenly stopped, while the twelve Pseudo-Royal Lords and the million strong army didn’t stop at all, continuing to rush towards Pure Yang Pass as if they hadn’t noticed.

Mo Na Ye turned around and roared towards the direction of the No-Return Pass, “Yang Kai!”

Although he knew that if he showed any intention of targeting Pure Yang Pass, Yang Kai, who was hiding in the shadows, would definitely show up and distract him, Mo Na Ye never imagined that this bastard would actually choose such a method.

He actually jumped directly into the No-Return Pass!

Before the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been guarding the No-Return Pass could react, he had quickly destroyed two Royal Lord-level Ink Nest!

It wasn’t the fault of these Pseudo-Royal Lords, as they were unable to conceal their auras, so in Yang Kai’s perception, these Pseudo-Royal Lords were like bright lamps in the darkness, extremely conspicuous. He only needed to choose a few weak spots to act recklessly.

It wasn’t until this moment that the nearby Pseudo-Royal Lords finally reacted and rushed forward to stop Yang Kai, exchanging blows with him.

This exchange of blows had resulted in a massive shockwave, and the consequences were even more severe than before. Several Royal Lord-level Ink Nests were also affected by the shockwave and turned to dust.

Mo Na Ye quickly turned around and rushed back to the No-Return Pass, his heart aching so much it was about to bleed.

Similar to the Pseudo-Royal Lord, the current Royal Lord-level Ink Nest of the Black Ink Clan couldn’t be increased any further. Destroying one of them meant one less. This was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. Without these Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, how could the Black Ink Clan have so many soldiers? If the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was completely destroyed, then the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass would become like water without a source, and sooner or later, it would be completely devoured by the Human Race.

By the time Mo Na Ye rushed back to the No-Return Pass and rushed into the battlefield, six Royal Lord-level Ink Nests had already suffered.

Seeing that the aftermath of the battle was still expanding, Mo Na Ye shouted, “Leave one group behind and the others guard the Ink Nest!”

Hearing this order, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were attacking Yang Kai immediately received their orders. Except for the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had formed the Three Directions Array and joined forces with Mo Na Ye, the other Pseudo-Royal Lords all scattered to guard their respective areas.

On No-Return Pass, Yang Kai didn’t chase after them, instead taking a step back and glancing over at the group of pseudo-Royal Lords left behind before turning to Mo Na Ye.

Since he didn’t move, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords naturally didn’t dare to chase after him, instead approaching Mo Na Ye and standing beside him.

At this moment, Mo Na Ye’s eyes were filled with fire as he glared at Yang Kai and gnashed his teeth, “Look at what you’ve done!”

Yang Kai smiled indifferently, “Why put on such a bitter expression? Didn’t you mobilize your forces to target Pure Yang Pass just to restrain me? Now that everything happened as you wish, you should be happy. Who are you trying to show your anger to?”

Mo Na Ye looked at him deeply, the anger on his face suddenly calming down as he frowned, “You saw through me.”

His anger wasn’t fake. Since the start of the battle, more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords had died under Yang Kai’s hands. Not only that, but several Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had also been destroyed. No matter how good Mo Na Ye’s temperament was, it was impossible for him to remain indifferent.

However, his anger wasn’t as excessive as it appeared.

Yang Kai raised his hand and poked his eyes with two fingers, asking seriously, “Do you know what this is?”

Mo Na Ye’s thoughts raced as a puzzled look appeared on his face, “What?”

“My eyes!” Yang Kai replied matter-of-factly, “I’m not blind!”

Mo Na Ye nearly choked.

Outside No-Return Pass, the battle raged like a raging fire. In No-Return Pass, the top masters of the two races confronted each other across space, but there was no sign of them immediately taking action. The situation was quite strange.

A moment later, Mo Na Ye asked in a low voice, “So Mi Jinglun has really advanced to the Ninth Order?”

“How did you figure that out?” Yang Kai asked with a puzzled expression. The Black Ink Clan should not know about Mi Jinglun’s breakthrough to the Ninth Order, including the information about the two newly promoted Ninth Order Human Race masters. With the Black Ink Clan losing their dominance over the 3000 Worlds, it was impossible to obtain such information.

Mo Na Ye said, “It’s obvious. Originally, I was just speculating that Mi Jinglun might have already broken through to the Ninth Order. After all, after the battle at the Universe Furnace, the Universe Furnace world has almost become the world of your Human Race. It’s not impossible to find another Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, but that’s just a guess. Since you’ve appeared here, I'm 80% sure!”


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