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This was the Human Race's first campaign against the No-Return Pass, and as the Human Race’s forces split up, it truly began.

The previous contact was just a long distance confrontation. Although the Human Race had gained a huge advantage in this confrontation, it didn’t mean anything. If they really wanted to win, they would have to rely on their soldiers to fight the Black Ink Clan.

Blood Flame, Wolf Fang, Yun Xiao, Fen Yue, Qing Xia, and Yu Chan are a total of Six Armies, their massive fleet converging like a tide towards the gap in the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line!

As for the remaining six army, they still attack the No-Return Pass, restricting the attention of the Black Ink Clan.

As the Human Race army drew closer, the battle between the two sides became more intense. In the vast Void Battlefield, the sounds of life withering could be heard from both sides.

On such a grand battlefield, with the exception of a few masters who had already reached the peak, the strength of an individual was too small. When the strength of an entire race was united, the number of ants biting an elephant to death had become reality.

Although the Black Ink Clan had tried their best to stop them, their lack of artifacts made their attacks seem weak. After only half an hour, the six Human Race armies that had been advancing from the center broke through the Black Ink Clan’s blockade and rushed into the protective gap, climbing up the broken mountain passes that had been abandoned by the Human Race for thousands of years.

One by one, the Battleships shuttled back and forth, unleashing their Secret Techniques and artifacts to evade the enemy’s attacks.

This was the first battle of the Human Race’s great army, so they had to fight beautifully and win beautifully. Mi Jinglun didn’t expect to be able to take down the No-Return Pass in a single battle. This was an unrealistic fantasy, so before the great army set out, the ultimate goal of this battle had been decided.

As much as possible, they could reduce their own casualties while also dealing the greatest damage to the enemy.

Under such circumstances, the Human Race’s Battleships didn’t act based on a team-level unit, but on a guard-level unit, with each Battleships acting as a team. This way, they could maximize the advantages of their Battleship and attack the enemy while preserving their own strength.

The masters of the two races also took action one after another, the Eighth Order Human Race, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords each opened up their own battlefields to fight.

In terms of high-level combat strength, the number of Eighth Order Human Race masters was far greater than the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords.

It had to be known that thousands of years ago, on the various frontlines, the situation had been completely different. At that time, the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters had fought with all their might to resist the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords, and after each great battle, which of the old Eighth Order masters hadn’t suffered some hidden injuries?

Take Ouyang Lie for example, because of his internal injuries, he didn’t dare to take the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill that Yang Kai had gifted him, fearing that he would fail and waste a chance to advance to the Ninth Order.

Fortunately, he succeeded in the end and had now reached the Ninth Order, commanding the Mysterious Nether Army.

In the past, the Human Race’s situation had been critical, and the Mysterious Nether Battlefield had almost been taken over by the Black Ink Clan because of the lack of high-level forces.

The reason why they were able to persist was mainly because the Human Race’s Eighth Order were willing to fight to the death, disregarding their own life and death when they fought. Moreover, with the help of their battle formation and Battleship, the Black Ink Clan was much weaker.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai took action and forced the Black Ink Clan to sign a ceasefire agreement that the situation of the Human Race’s Eighth Order became much better. Otherwise, after so many years of fighting, not even a tenth of those old Eighth Order masters would have survived.

By now, after thousands of years of accumulation, the Human Race’s foundation had become unprecedentedly strong. There were many rising stars who had broken through to the Eighth Order and were no longer as poor as before. In terms of the number of Eighth Order and Territory Lords, they could completely suppress the Black Ink Clan.

Moreover, ordinary Territory Lords were generally weaker than Eighth Order masters, and their numbers were also lower than that of the Human Race, so how could they possibly be a match for them?

However, the Black Ink Clan still had a number of Pseudo-Royal Lords.

Every Pseudo-Royal Lord had the ability to deal with an Eighth Order Human Race Five Directions Array or even Six Directions Array on their own, and in order to guard against Yang Kai, these Pseudo-Royal Lords had gather in a group of three, which is even more difficult to deal with.

In addition to the Human Race’s Ninth Order that can deal with the Three Directions Array formed by the Pseudo-Royal Lord alone, if the Eighth Order masters want to deal with these Pseudo-Royal Lords, they have to gather at least four Five Directions Array or Six Directions Array.

In other words, if the three Pseudo-Royal Lords formed a battle formation, they would be able to restrain more than twenty Eighth Order Human Race masters, making up for the lack of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords.

However, it was also because of Yang Kai that none of the Pseudo-Royal Lords in these Three Directions Array dared to use their full strength, all of them conserving some of their energy to guard against Yang Kai’s attacks.

Therefore, judging from the situation, most of the Eighth Order masters who had formed their own battle formation had the upper hand against the Pseudo-Royal Lords.

This situation was quite strange.

In this battle, ever since the Human Race’s army had stepped onto the defensive line set up by the Black Ink Clan, they had immediately fallen into a state of anxiety. The soldiers of both sides were scattered across the vast battlefield, fighting until the void trembled and the four directions became unstable.

Beams of light shot out from the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, and almost every time a beam of light shot out, some of the Black Ink Clan masters would suffer losses or even die.

In order to deal with this battle, the Human Race had distributed all of their Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. In any case, the Human Race didn’t need to worry about supplies anymore and didn’t need to hold back.

In this battle, the Human Race had to go all out!

Not long after the six Human Race armies in the center had taken over the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, the six armies on the left and right had also broken through the Black Ink Clan’s blockade and arrived at the broken mountain passes to confront the Black Ink Clan.

The battle on the No-Return Pass is already in full swing.

“Mo Yu!” A furious roar suddenly rang out from somewhere in the void. Following this roar, a majestic figure broke through the heavy blockade of the Black Ink Clan’s army and rushed forward.

Just as Mo Yu and Mo Na Ye had said before the battle, if a great war broke out, the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters would definitely come to find him, because according to the intelligence gathered by the Human Race, only he and Mo Na Ye were the masters of the Black Ink Clan, restricting their efforts would greatly benefit the war.

Mo Yu’s words came true, and the one who came to find him was none other than Xiang Shan.

Since he had expected such a situation to occur, Mo Yu was naturally prepared. Now that Xiang Shan had called him out, he naturally wouldn’t avoid the battle. Moreover, Xiang Shan was a newly promoted Ninth Order, so there was no need for him to fear him. If Yang Kai were to fight him, he might need to be more careful.

As such, after Xiang Shan’s roar, Mo Yu rushed out from the No-Return Pass. Before his figure even arrived, a copious amount of Ink Force had already swept out, transforming into a giant black ink cloud that covered the sky and directly enveloped Xiang Shan.

In the next moment, the sound of an intense battle rang out from within the black ink cloud, and as it did so, the black ink cloud rapidly soared into the sky, away from the No-Return Pass.

In the battle between a Ninth Order and a Royal Lord, the aftershocks of the battle were extremely powerful. If one did not leave the main battlefield, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, they would definitely suffer heavy losses. This was something neither Mo Yu nor Xiang Shan could accept, so when they fought, they tacitly shifted the battlefield.

“Mo Na Ye!” Another roar rang out from the Human Race’s army. Seeing that Xiang Shan had successfully deployed Mo Yu, Ouyang Lie was prepared to follow his original plan to find another Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. As long as he was able to entangle Mo Na Ye, the two Royal Lords from the Black Ink Clan’s side would not be able to deal with other things, they don't have to kill this two Royal Lords. By doing so, the entire Black Ink Clan’s army would be without a leader.

However, just as he was about to move, a group of Pseudo-Royal Lords formed a Three Directions Array and blocked his path. Although there were more Eighth Order masters from the Mysterious Nether army coming to help, the Black Ink Clan’s side also had Territory Lords and other Pseudo Royal Lords.

For a time, with Ouyang Lie at the center, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan actually gathered a large number of masters and began attacking each other.

Ouyang Lie was furious, and as he fought with the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, he roared, “Mo Na Ye, if you have the guts, come fight with your grandfather one on one!”

However, no matter how he shouted, Mo Na Ye, who had been guarding No-Return Pass, remained unmoved, treating him like nothing.

With Yang Kai as a potential threat, how could Mo Na Ye care about Ouyang Lie? From his perspective, the biggest threat from the Human Race right now was only Yang Kai!

At the same time the Human Race’s army attacked, Yang Kai also attacked. Relying on Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability and his own Space-Time River, Yang Kai was able to gain some benefits every time he attacked.

On the entire battlefield, all the Pseudo-Royal Lords were his prey.

Even though the Pseudo-Royal Lords had formed a battle formation and were still holding back to guard against him, when Yang Kai suddenly appeared in the battle formation and attacked them, the Pseudo-Royal Lords would still be caught off guard.

If they were lucky, they would be able to block Yang Kai’s attack and survive, but if they were unlucky and the Space-Time River appeared, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords would be drawn into it.

As for what would happen if they fell into the Space-Time River, it was obvious to the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai shuttled through the battlefield again, each time he succeeded, he would quickly flee, find an empty spot, and dive into the river to kill the captured Pseudo-Royal Lord.

In a short period of time, more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords had been killed!

It could be said that Yang Kai’s strength alone was more than all the other Ninth Order masters combined.

This was a huge loss to the Black Ink Clan, causing Mo Na Ye to become anxious, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had always wanted to find out Yang Kai’s whereabouts, but in such a vast battlefield, with Yang Kai appearing and disappearing like a ghost, it was extremely difficult for him to do so.

Seeing that the situation was becoming more out of control, Mo Na Ye knew that if he didn’t act now, the situation would become even more chaotic.

Gritting his teeth, he looked up towards the towering mountain pass in the sky.

Pure Yang Pass was a mountain pass that Yang Kai had taken away from the No-Return Pass 20 years ago. Now, it had become the Human Race’s Central Army, the Human Race’s Coomander, Mi Jinglun, sits on it and coordinate the entire battlefield.

After the Human Race’s twelve great armies were mobilized, Pure Yang Pass floated outside the battlefield, appearing extremely conspicuous.


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Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
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"It could be said that Yang Kai’s strength alone was more than all the other Ninth Order masters combined."

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Uhoh~ mo na ye is gonna be surprised to find out mi jinglun is also 9th order~

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