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The battle in the E-5 Domain had caused the Black Ink Clan to suffer great losses, and the death of a total of eight Pseudo-Royal Lords had caused Mo Yu and Mo Na Ye great pain. Right now, the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords in the Black Ink Clan could no longer be increased, so if one of them died, it would be one less.

Afterwards, Mo Na Ye seriously considered how to deal with Yang Kai’s Space-Time River.

He knew that this mysterious river was the manifestation of Yang Kai’s own Great Dao. Since it was the power of the Great Dao, it could be shaken.

Coupled with his experience fighting Yang Kai in the Universe Furnace, he finally came to a conclusion. Facing Yang Kai’s attack using the Great Dao River, constantly dodging and retreating could only delay death. Only by facing it head-on and using a powerful force to shake Yang Kai’s Great Dao foundation would they be able to block it!

Of course, this was only in theory. If they really did this, no one could say for sure what the result would be.

Therefore, when Yang Kai suddenly appeared to launch a sneak attack on the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, Mo Na Ye flew over to support them while staring with wide eyes, trying to verify if his theory was feasible.

When he saw the three Pseudo-Royal Lords jointly block the Great Dao River, his heavy heart finally relaxed!

Sure enough, his thoughts were correct and Yang Kai was not invincible.

Now that Yang Kai had broken through to the Ninth Order, although his strength was great, the most terrifying thing about him right now was the Great Dao River. The Pseudo-Royal Lords of the E-5 Domain had suffered heavy losses, mainly because they had never come into contact with this kind of attack before and had no way to deal with it.

As long as there was a way to contain the Great Dao River, Yang Kai’s threat to the Black Ink Clan would be greatly reduced.

Of course, it was not an easy task to accomplish this. The minimum requirement was for the three Pseudo-Royal Lords to join forces.

“Oh?” Yang Kai, who was at the center of the battlefield, was slightly surprised as he raised his eyes to look at the three Pseudo-Royal Lords. Although he was a bit surprised by the response of these Black Ink Clan masters, he couldn’t deny that their response had been extremely correct. This kind of counterattack, instead of retreating, had indeed restrained his own attacks.

From the corner of his eyes, he could already see Mo Na Ye rushing towards him, as well as the other Pseudo-Royal Lords rushing towards him. It wouldn’t be long before he was surrounded.

Although the situation was dangerous, Yang Kai didn’t show any signs of panic. Holding the long river whip in one hand, he continuously lashed out at the three Pseudo-Royal Lords while suddenly raising his other hand high up, condensing the power of the Space Great Dao in his palm!

No one knew what Yang Kai wanted to do, but seeing this scene, Mo Na Ye had a bad feeling and immediately shouted, “Kill him!”

In the blink of an eye, a series of powerful attacks shot out from his hands and the Pseudo-Royal Lords, and fell towards Yang Kai.

At this moment, the space around Yang Kai began to distort, and under the manipulation of the Space Great Dao, many attacks rushed into this distorted space like uninvited guests.

A shocking scene appeared. These attacks were originally extremely fast, but after entering the distorted space, they suddenly became as slow as a tortoise crawling towards Yang Kai.

With such a slow speed, even a three-year-old child would be able to avoid it.

Mo Na Ye’s eyesight was extremely sharp, and with a single glance, he could tell that it wasn’t their Secret Technique that had slowed down, but rather that space had been distorted.

So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!

Although Yang Kai’s Space Technique didn’t have any defensive capabilities, it was extremely effective. With the support of the Space Great Dao, the distorted space around his body was stretched infinitely. The speed of these Secret Techniques was still as fast as before, but in this infinite space, it was as if they were freezing.

At the same time, his raised hand suddenly swung down!

No attacks appeared, but under this seemingly useless attack, the faces of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords in front of Yang Kai all changed drastically, their hearts filled with shock.

Because the moment Yang Kai’s hand fell, the three of them, who had been tightly connected to each other, suddenly felt as if they had been cut by a sharp blade and instantly collapsed.

Three Directions Array, break!

The Space-Time River suddenly swept over, but this time, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords were unable to stop it. Without the support of their battle formation, how could the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were fighting alone be a match for Yang Kai?

One of them was directly swept into the river and disappeared after a single wave, while the other, although quick to react, struggled desperately the moment he was swept into the river. It was as if he had fallen into a swamp, the more he struggled, the faster he fell.

Only the third Pseudo-Royal Lord was the cleverest of them all. When the Three Directions Array was broken, he immediately turned around and fled. Even though Yang Kai’s reaction was not slow, he was still unable to capture him.

It was only at this moment that the following attacks broke through the limits of So Close, Yet Worlds Apart Secret Technique and landed on Yang Kai.

A golden dragon phantom appeared and coiled around Yang Kai’s body, releasing a powerful attack that scattered the dragon phantom. Yang Kai’s body shook violently as blood flowed from the corner of his mouth!

If it were any other Ninth Order, they would have suffered a serious injury, but Yang Kai’s Divine Dragon Body reduced it to a minor injury. This was an advantage that other Ninth Order didn’t possess. Among the Holy Spirits, the Dragon Clan is the leader, so it naturally had its own strength.

Mo Na Ye was already within reach, shouting, “Yang Kai!”

“Why are you calling your uncle!” Yang Kai sneered and stepped back, his figure suddenly transforming into a phantom.

Space Principle fluctuated.

Mo Na Ye’s fist smashed into the phantom, shattering it, but Yang Kai himself had disappeared.

From afar, Yang Kai’s laughter rang out, “I want to kill your Pseudo-Royal Lord, do you think you can stop me?”

Mo Na Ye followed the sound and looked up, only to see Yang Kai standing at the source of the Great Dao River. The water in the Great Dao River was turbulent, and waves were rolling up and down.

At first glance, Yang Kai looked like he was stepping on a giant dragon, awe-inspiring and arrogant!

If there were no external threats, Mo Na Ye would not have allowed him to act so arrogantly. However, with the Human Race’s great army attacking from all directions and many Universe World’s attacks approaching, even if he wanted to save the two captured Pseudo-Royal Lords, he was powerless.

Yang Kai glanced at him coldly before turning around and diving into the river. In the next moment, the Space-Time River became even more turbulent, obviously a sign of battle between masters.

After a short ten breaths, Yang Kai’s figure appeared again, holding a corpse in each hands. It was none other than the two Pseudo-Royal Lords he had swept into the river.

All of the Black Ink Clan masters who saw this scene felt their hearts sink.

Before the battle had even begun, the Black Ink Clan had already lost two of their Pseudo-Royal Lords. Although there were many Pseudo-Royal Lords now, they still couldn’t bear such a loss.

What frightened the Black Ink Clan masters even more was that after Yang Kai took out the corpses of the two Pseudo-Royal Lords, he casually tossed them away, withdraw the Space-Time River, and disappeared again.

Many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords felt a chill run down their spines as they felt Yang Kai staring at them from behind…

Contrary to the reaction of the Black Ink Clan’s masters, seeing Yang Kai charge into the enemy camp alone and take the lives of two Pseudo-Royal Lords, the morale of the Human Race’s army had been completely boosted. More and more violent attacks were launched in the direction of the No-Return Pass. On the Battleships, the cultivators of the various small teams were all rubbing their hands in anticipation of the upcoming battle.

The Universe World’s attacks were also continuing, and many of them were being destroyed along the way, but because of the human race army’s suppression, the Black Ink Clan’s forces had no choice but to divert more of their attention to deal with the army and the incoming Universe World.

Moreover, after the disturbance Yang Kai had caused just now, none of the Pseudo-Royal Lords dared to go all out, to prevent any accidents.

Although Mo Na Ye knew that he had fallen into Yang Kai’s trap because of this, he naturally didn’t come here alone to show off his heroism. Distracting the attention of the Black Ink Clan’s masters was his main objective, but even if he knew this was the case, he couldn’t allow the Pseudo-Royal Lords to go all out.

If he really did so, Yang Kai might jump out again, but in reality, he was just bluffing. It could be said that Yang Kai’s charge had forced the Black Ink Clan’s forces to restrain themselves.

In the entire Human Race, only he could accomplish such a feat.

The outer defensive line of the No-Return Pass was constructed from the broken mountain passes that the Human Race had abandoned in the past. These mountain passes were also filled with many artifacts.

However, the quality of the Black Ink Ink Disciples’ Artifact Refining skill was not very good. After all, those who were truly proficient in Artifact Refining would generally contribute their strength to the safe rear and rarely set foot on the battlefield, thus avoiding the fate of being captured and transformed into Black Ink Disciples.

As such, the artifacts the Black Ink Clan had prepared beforehand were far inferior to the Human Race’s in terms of power and attack range.

When the Human Race’s army first approached, the Black Ink Clan in charge of the artifacts could only watch helplessly. Of course, these defensive artifacts could still be used, but their effects were limited.

It wasn’t until the Human Race army approached the range of these artifacts’ attacks that the abandoned mountain passes on the outskirts of the No-Return Pass began to light up.

However, this kind of attack didn’t affect the massive fleet at all. Apart from suppressing a portion of the Human Race’s forces, it didn’t have much effect and was quickly suppressed by the Human Race.

In the middle, because of the continuous bombardment of the Universe World, a gap had appeared in the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, and when the last few Universe World had arrived, the gap had become even larger.

At the same time, the massive fleet of the Human Race’s Left and Right Armies split up and rushed towards the gap, obviously intending to use this gap to completely tear apart the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line. If this matter could really be achieved, the Human Race’s Great Armies would be able to charge straight in and attack!

No-Return Pass has all the Black Ink Clan's Royal Lord-level Ink Nests. Once the Human Race break into the No-Return Pass, not to mention whether they can win, the loss of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest would be enormous. At that time, it would inevitably affect the birth of the Black Ink Clan’s clansmen, so how could Mo Na Ye allow such a thing to happen? Immediately mobilizing many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters, he led his army to intercept them.


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