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At the outermost edge of the No-Return Pass, there were countless Black Ink Clan soldiers.

This was the most common tactic used by the Black Ink Clan. After fighting with the Human Race for so many years, almost every time they fought, the Black Ink Clan would use these small forces to exhaust the strength of the Human Race.

In any case, as long as they had the Ink Nest and resources, they could produce as many miscellaneous soldiers as they wanted. No matter how many of them died, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t feel any pain.

The existence of these miscellaneous soldiers not only consumed the strength of the Human Race, but after the death of so many of them, the Ink Force in their bodies would disperse and condense into a thick black ink cloud, which was equivalent to manually creating a battlefield advantage for the Black Ink Clan.

Fighting in this kind of environment was undoubtedly disadvantageous to the Human Race, but the Black Ink Clan was like a fish in water.

The Human Race had once suffered quite a few losses under such tactics.

Fortunately, now that the Human Race had the Expelling Black Ink Pill and the Light of Purification, this kind of tactic had greatly reduced their ability to restrain the Human Race. Of course, they couldn’t completely ignore it. Fighting against the Black Ink Clan in such an environment would definitely have some impact.

After a round of attacks from the Human Race’s left and right armies, countless Black Ink Clan soldiers were reduced to a bloody mist. The entire outer region of the No-Return Pass was gradually filled with Ink Force.

As the Human Race launched their attack, the Black Ink Clan masters in the No-Return Pass were now intercepting the many Universe worlds that had attacked from the middle.

One by one, the Universe Worlds was destroyed along the way, turning into fragments of various sizes.

Fortunately, the Human Race had prepared a large number of Universe Worlds this time, and they hadn’t been too concentrated, so although they had suffered some losses, it didn’t affect the overall situation.

In the blink of an eye, more than fifty Universe Worlds had been destroyed. At this rate, before these Universe Worlds could reach the No-Return Pass, all of them would be destroyed.

But how could the Black Ink Clan have such an opportunity?

The Black Ink Clan soldiers who were blocking the periphery of the No-Return Pass suffered heavy casualties, and the defensive barrier they formed soon showed a huge flaw. Although there was still a steady stream of Black Ink Clan soldiers who were not afraid of death, they were unable to keep up with the rate at which they were losing manpower.

On the left and right sides of the Human Race’s great fleet, a continuous stream of Secret Techniques and Artifacts was pouring out, forcing the Black Ink Clan masters to block them.

Looking down from the outside of the battlefield, after this long-prepared offensive and defensive battle between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had begun, the scene was extremely grand and magnificent. Attacks containing violent power rose from their respective camps and fell upon the opposing camp, resulting in a fierce battle.

Many of the Black Ink Clan masters’ attention was being held back by the Human Race’s army, and they could only watch helplessly as the hundreds of Universe Worlds continued to close in on them.

During this time, in No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye used his Secret Technique to block the Human Race’s attacks while his Divine Sense spread out like a tidal wave to monitor the movements around him.

The only reason he was so nervous was because Yang Kai had disappeared!

When the Universe Worlds rushed over, Yang Kai was originally above the first Universe World, but after it was destroyed by the Black Ink Clan’s masters, Yang Kai suddenly disappeared.

This caused Mo Na Ye to feel a chill in his heart.

The unknown dangers were the most terrifying, especially for an expert like Yang Kai. If he concealed his figure and aura, taking advantage of this chaotic situation to sneak in, it would not be good for the Black Ink Clan.

Quickly checking his surroundings, Mo Na Ye felt slightly relieved to see that all the Pseudo-Royal Lords were acting according to his previous arrangements and instructions.

As such, even if Yang Kai suddenly appeared and launched a sneak attack on these Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Black Ink Clan would still be able to protect themselves.

As for the Territory Lord below the Pseudo-Royal Lord… there was nothing they could do about it. If they were really targeted by Yang Kai, they could only blame themselves for being unlucky.

However, with Yang Kai’s current status and cultivation, he certainly wouldn’t bother to make a move against these Territory Lord, he would only do so when passing by.

The offense and defense remained the same. Although the losses on the Black Ink Clan’s side were huge, most of them were just ordinary soldiers. The true masters were all unharmed, while the Human Race had suffered some losses. Some of the Battleships that had charged forward were damaged, and a few of them had even been destroyed and some of their soldiers had fallen.

However, Mo Na Ye’s mood was not optimistic. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that in the face of the Human Race’s meticulously planned attack, the Black Ink Clan had to pay a certain price.

The distance between the Human Race army and the Universe Worlds was rapidly closing, and the hundreds of Unvierse Worlds that were rapidly approaching were also rapidly closing in, with Universe World constantly being destroyed along the way. Fortunately, the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters who were controlling the Universe World saw that the situation was not looking good and quickly escaped. Otherwise, the moment the Universe World was destroyed, the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters hiding behind it might not have been able to withstand the dense barrage of attacks.

In the end, there was always a limit to how much manpower one could possess. Even though the Black Ink Clan was trying their best to stop them, in the face of the combined attacks of the Human Race and Universe World, they were still unable to cope.

After the two sides fought for less than an hour, a Universe World finally broke through the layers of barriers and crashed into the Black Ink Clan’s outermost defensive line.

In that instant, the Spirit Arrays that had been set up in advance on the Universe World’s body began to glow brilliantly. The entire Universe World seemed to transform into a giant sun at that moment, and with a terrifying impact, the Universe World exploded, releasing the power of the Spirit Arrays.

In the blink of an eye, all the Black Ink Clan soldiers in the nearby void had been wiped out, and even some of the Black Ink Clan masters had lost their footing and many of the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan masters had died.

Many of the Black Ink Clan masters were shocked. Only now did they understand that these Universe Worlds attacks were not only powerful, but the many Spirit Arrays arranged on them were the most terrifying killing moves.

However, it was already too late to know all of this. After the first Universe World crashed into the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, a second, a third followed…

Although a large number of Universe World had been destroyed along the way, the Human Race had made ample preparations this time. In order to set up a Spirit Array on these Universe World, they had used up almost all of their reserves.

All the defensive positions that had been attacked by the Universe World were in chaos, with countless casualties and even some of the defensive lines had been breached.

The nearby Black Ink Clan masters hurriedly came to reinforce the situation and stabilize the defensive line.

And this was only the beginning!

The Human Race’s true strength had yet to be fully displayed, and the previous offensive and defensive confrontation was only a long-range confrontation. The Universe World’s attack is only an external forces, while the Human Race’s left and right armies were still converging their strength.

Mo Na Ye’s heart sank!

Before the battle began, he had already been mentally prepared that the Black Ink Clan would suffer great losses, but now it seemed that the losses this time would be even greater than he had anticipated.

Suddenly, he turned his head to look in a certain direction and saw that on the defensive line, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords had joined forces to attack the Universe World.

The Universe World had already reached the periphery of the defensive line and was about to crash into it, but under the combined attacks of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, it only managed to stop it halfway and explode.

The huge shockwave transformed into a shockwave that caused ripples in the surrounding space, causing the three Pseudo-Royal Lords to stumble slightly.

“Be careful!” Mo Na Ye’s angry shout rang out in the ears of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

Their reactions were quite fast, and almost at the same time as Mo Na Ye’s warning, each of them summoned their own strength and sent out their strongest attacks.

In that direction, a figure suddenly appeared where there was nothing.

It was none other than Yang Kai, who had just disappeared.

No one knew how he had managed to sneak into the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, and no one knew when he had appeared there. After combining his three bodies, Yang Kai had grasped the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, giving him an advantage in the Dao of Concealment.

Only a Royal Lord-level master would be able to see his movements.

If the Pseudo-Royal Lords were to focus all their attention on investigating, they might have a chance to do so, but in this chaotic situation, which one of them would be able to see through Yang Kai's hiding?

This chaotic situation had given Yang Kai excellent concealment conditions.

As such, it wasn’t until he began his rampage that the three Pseudo-Royal Lords noticed, and Mo Na Ye’s warning rang out.

When the sound of the surging river rang out in the depths of their hearts, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords couldn’t help feeling their hearts skip a beat.

Yang Kai’s achievements in the E-5 Domain had long since spread throughout the No-Return Pass, and all of the Black Ink Clan’s masters knew about the great battle in the E-5 Domain. The Black Ink Clan had lost a total of eight Pseudo-Royal Lords to Yang Kai, and what he relied on was the mysterious Great Dao River.

Having learned from their mistakes, the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ fear of Yang Kai was deeply rooted in their hearts.

Accompanied by the sound of flowing water, the Great Dao River was summoned and swept towards the three Pseudo-Royal Lords like a whip.

Under normal circumstances, when facing such an attack, it was naturally best to avoid it as quickly as possible, otherwise, if they were to be drawn into the river, they would never be able to recover.

However, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords did not immediately dodge. In this life or death crisis, it was as if their ferocity had been stimulated, their auras becoming more condensed, each of them striking out towards the long river.

The originally calm river suddenly began to churn, and as the Pseudo-Royal Lords attacked, the river became even more turbulent.

Holding the long river whip in his hand, Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a muffled groan as his attacks suddenly weakened.

Seeing this scene, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords were overjoyed and secretly admired Sir Mo Na Ye. He was truly a godly hero! This was the best way to deal with Yang Kai’s Great Dao River.

In fact, after the war in the E-5 Domain, Mo Na Ye had taught a group of Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords how to deal with Yang Kai’s Great Dao River.

He had fought with Yang Kai in the Universe Furnace and had even been drawn into the Space-Time River by Yang Kai, but he had relied on his own strength to escape, so he had some understanding of this Great Dao River.


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