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Mo Na Ye then turned to Di Ya Luo and said, “I will find Yang Kai, you find an opportunity to act. If there is no suitable opportunity, you must not expose yourself!”

“I understand!” Di Ya Luo nodded heavily. As the Black Ink Clan’s only newly promoted Royal Lord in the past twenty years, he was the trump card Mo Na Ye has to deal with Yang Kai. If he didn’t expose himself, he would definitely be able to attack Yang Kai successfully when he come out.

Among all the Ninth Order masters, Yang Kai was the biggest threat to the Black Ink Clan. The other Ninth Order masters, no matter how strong they were, could easily be entangled by several Pseudo-Royal Lord, but Yang Kai alone had an unparalleled technique like the Great Dao River.

If he wanted to tie him down, just relying on those Pseudo-Royal Lords would not be enough. It would only be possible if a Royal Lord-level master personally took action. Moreover, that would depend on whether Yang Kai gave him a chance. This guy was proficient in the Dao of Space and was as slippery as a loach. If he didn’t give anyone a chance, no one would be able to do anything to him.

Although the Black Ink Clan still had two Ink Giant Spiritual God, they couldn’t easily dispatch them. The true Giant Spiritual God were still eyeing them from the Spatial Territory. Once these two left, there was no guarantee on the Black Ink Clan safety.

It could be said that the existence of these two Giant Spiritual God had tied down the strongest combat power of the Black Ink Clan. Of course, the other party had also been tied down, so neither of them had any advantage.

After all the arrangements were made, Mo Na Ye flashed out of the hall and stared into the depths of the void.

With his cultivation and vision, he could already faintly see the magnificent scene of the Human Race’s great army approaching. On his left and right, there was a massive fleet like a swarm of locusts, filling his field of vision and giving off a great pressure.

Among the Human Race’s left army, there was a towering mountain pass that was extremely eye-catching. Seeing this mountain pass, Mo Na Ye’s eyes couldn’t help twitching.

This was the Pure Yang Pass that Yang Kai had taken away from the No-Return Pass twenty years ago. Although he knew that the Human Race would use it to attack the No-Return Pass when Yang Kai take it away back then, in the face of all the threats Yang Kai had brought, the Black Ink Clan had no choice but to compromise to a certain extent. Otherwise, with Yang Kai acting recklessly, the safety of the many Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been fighting outside could not be guaranteed.

This mountain pass had been repaired by the Human Race, and the entire mountain pass was filled with an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The various artifacts arranged on the walls around the mountain pass were obviously not just for decoration. If any of the Black Ink Clan dared to approach, they would definitely suffer a violent storm.

With such a mountain pass, Mi Jinglun’s safety as the Human Race’s Commander would be guaranteed.

Mo Na Ye felt that it was a pity. He had always wanted to find an opportunity to deal with Mi Jinglun, but in the previous war, Mi Jinglun had always been on the Human Race’s Head Office Division's side and had never stepped onto the battlefield, leaving the Black Ink Clan helpless.

Yang Kai had obviously asked the Pure Yang Pass for Mi Jinglun, sneering in his heart. Yang Kai had taken great care of this Human Race Commander.

He didn’t know if Mi Jinglun were to die in the Human Race's first campaign on the No-Return Pass, would it cause the Human Race army to be upset. This idea couldn't help but emerged in Mo Na Ye's mind.

Then… as the strongest Ninth Order on the human side, where is Yang Kai?

Mo Na Ye’s eyes swept over the Human Race’s left and right armies, but he couldn’t see Yang Kai’s figure, causing him to become vigilant. Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space and seemed to have mastered an extremely profound concealment technique. If he were to sneak attack the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords during the battle, no one would be able to resist him.

Could this guy be lurking nearby?

It was not impossible.

Just as Mo Na Ye was beginning to become suspicious, the Human Race’s left and right armies, which had been slowly closing in, suddenly sped up.

This news was immediately reported to the entire No-Return Pass.

A great battle was about to break out, and the atmosphere in the No-Return Pass was filled with murderous intent! All of the Black Ink Clan had made up their minds to fight to the death with the Human Race, and all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ auras surged as they openly declared their existence.

Two hours later, the Human Race’s two armies had already closed in on the No-Return Pass. The slightly stronger soldiers of the two races could clearly see the various deployments of the enemy forces.

At this moment, when all of the Black Ink Clan and even the several Royal Lords had yet to notice anything unusual, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God guarding the No-Return Pass seemed to have discovered something.

One of the Ink Giant Spiritual God grabbed a piece of Universe Fragment beside him and threw it just like how he attacked Yang Kai a few months ago.

The sizeable Universe Fragment tore through the void and, under the shocked gazes of many Black Ink Clan masters, it did not attack the Human Race’s two armies but instead flew towards the center of the two armies.

Soon after, one after another, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God tossed out Universe Fragments.

Mo Na Ye immediately felt a great sense of unease. According to the plan, after the war began, the Ink Giant Spiritual God's attacks would be used to deal with the Human Race’s army. Since they were guarding the No-Return Pass, it would be inconvenient for them to move about, but by throwing these Universe Fragments, they could cause a great deal of disturbance to the Human Race. If they were lucky, they could even kill many enemies.

Even an Eighth Order Human Race master would not be able to withstand such an attack from the Supreme's Clone.

But now, before the great battle had even begun, before the Black Ink Clan Army in the No-Return Pass make any move, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God had actually taken action. This was completely different from the original arrangement.

The two Ink Giant Spiritual God were both the Supreme's Clone, so Mo Na Ye didn’t have the qualifications to criticize them, and as they moved, Mo Na Ye finally noticed something was wrong.

Looking towards the pieces of Universe Fragments that had been thrown out, what appeared before his eyes was a massive shadow!

After seeing the true appearance of these shadows, Mo Na Ye’s body couldn’t help trembling and his scalp nearly burst.

Shockingly, it was a massive Universe World.

He finally realized the information he had previously overlooked.

The reason why the Human Race had gathered so many Universe Worlds was not to extract resources, but to launch an all-out attack!

With the Human Race’s ability, it wasn’t strange for them to be able to achieve such a feat, but Mo Na Ye had never imagined that they would have such a ridiculous method of attack.

The Black Ink Clan’s side only wanted to have the Ink Giant Spiritual God to throw out these pieces of Universe Fragments to attack the Human Race’s army, but the Human Race actually controlled the entire Universe World and sent out hundreds of them.

This was too much!

In his field of vision, the first Universe World was extremely large, and Yang Kai’s figure finally appeared outside this Universe World. As he flew through the air, the hundreds of Universe Worlds behind him converged into an indestructible current. Facing the first Universe Fragment thrown by the Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai simply raised his hand and gently crushed it.

“This move won’t work!” From a distance of a million kilometers, Yang Kai looked in the direction of the No-Return Pass and grinned towards Mo Na Ye.

Immediately after, he summoned the Space-Time River. The long river was like a whip as it whipped through the air, blowing up the pieces of Universe Fragments that were rapidly approaching.

“Useless, useless, it's all useless!” Yang Kai’s voice resounded through the air as he shouted, “Mo Na Ye, the Human Race has an old saying, it is impolite not to reciprocate! Twenty years ago, the Black Ink Clan gave me Pure Yang Pass and a large amount of resources, so today I have also brought you a great gift, please accept it!”

Behind the Universe World, hundreds of Eighth Order masters shouted in unison, “Please accept it!”

This rampant attitude almost angered Mo Na Ye.

No-Return Pass, the expressions of all the Black Ink Clan masters became solemn.

If it was just a few hundred Universe Worlds attacking, they might not even put them in their eyes. With all of the Black Ink Clan’s masters gathered in front of them, these several hundred Universe Worlds could easily be blown to pieces.

However, the Human Race’s left and right armies were already on the way. If the Black Ink Clan were to put in a great deal of effort to intercept these Universe Worlds, they would definitely be taken advantage of by the Human Race’s army, but if they didn’t do so, the impact on them would be too great. The powerhouse might not care, but the Black Ink Clan, whose cultivation wasn’t too high, would suffer heavy casualties.

This was only secondary. The main problem was that this kind of impact could threaten the safety of the Ink Nest.

The Ink Nest was extremely fragile.

Right now, the Human Race’s intentions were very clear. The two armies on the left and right suddenly increased their speed so that they could coordinate with the Universe Worlds’s offensive tactics, causing the Black Ink Clan to be overwhelmed.

Now that it was too late to reorganize their forces, Mo Na Ye could only make some adjustments to the details as much as possible. As the orders were passed down, the Black Ink Clan army in the No-Return Pass was mobilized in orderly manner.

After a short wait, accompanied by a life-threatening momentum, the several hundred Universe Worlds came closer. A massive shadow covered the sky, causing the mood of every Black Ink Clan master to sink. Many Black Ink Clan masters held their breaths and prepared to face the incoming attack.

An hour later, the hundreds of Universe Worlds attacking from the depths of the void finally entered the range of most of the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

As Mo Na Ye’s Secret Technique shot out, an overwhelming barrage of attacks flew out from the No-Return Pass and blasted towards the void.

“Good!” On top of the largest Universe World, Yang Kai urged his own Space-Time River to form a barrier like a coiling dragon.

A series of Secret Techniques smashed into the river, causing it to churn and the power of the Great Dao to fluctuate.

In less than ten breaths of time, Yang Kai couldn’t hold on any longer. Although he was strong and his attainments in the Great Dao were extremely profound, it was still an extravagant hope for him to withstand the combined attacks of so many masters from the Black Ink Clan. Ten breaths of time was his limit. If he continued, once the Space-Time River was damaged, it would also affect his Great Dao foundation.

Therefore, after that bold statement, he decisively fled to the side.

Without his obstruction, the next moment, the giant Universe World was blasted apart by a series of Secret Techniques and shattered into pieces.

At the same time, the Human Race’s left and right armies, which were constantly closing in on the No-Return Pass, also launched their attacks. Countless different colored lights suddenly appeared above the massive fleet, shooting across the sky like countless shooting stars.


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