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In just a short month, with the help of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror’s profound teleportation ability, the Human Race army had managed to gather hundreds of different Universe Worlds.

All the Artifact Refiners and Array Masters were busy, and even Yang Kai was helping out. A large amount of resources had been invested into the Spirit Array.

Two months later, everything was ready, and the few supplies the Human Race had left were completely exhausted.

However, the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters weren’t too worried about this situation. At the moment, nearly three million Third Order Human Race cultivators were mining resources from all over the Ink Battlefield, and with the Space Arrays set up in the Universe Temple connecting them to various locations, it wouldn’t be long before a massive amount of resources would gather from all directions.

It could be said that ever since the Human Race army had entered the Ink Battlefield through that secret passage, they no longer had to worry about supplies.

In the past three months, the Black Ink Clan on the No-Return Pass had sent their spies to investigate the situation, but under the premise that they didn’t dare send out their powerhouse, the information these weak Black Ink Clan scouts could obtain was extremely limited. Right now, the Black Ink Clan only knew that the Human Race’s army was gathered in the void three days away and could launch an attack on the No-Return Pass at any time, but they were unable to obtain any more details.

On this day, everything was ready, and the Human Race army finally set out for the No-Return Pass!

This was the first time in thousands of years since the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds that the Human Race had truly grasped the initiative of the war. The status of hunter and prey had been swapped at this moment.

This was also the first battle of the Human Race’s army, and the morale of the soldiers on each side was high as their fighting spirit soared.

Soon, the dozen or so floating continents that had been bustling with activity became empty. Apart from the small team that needed to stay behind to take care of the Universe Temple and the masters who had special missions, all the HUman Race split up and set out in two directions towards the No-Return Pass.

A day later, the movements of the Human Race were being transmitted to the Black Ink Clan, who were out scouting for information to the No-Return Pass.

At this moment, the heart that had been holding on was also considered to have fallen.

When the Human Race’s great army attacked, there had been no movement for three months. This feeling of having a blade hanging over the neck was quite uncomfortable. They didn’t know what kind of arrangements the Human Race had made, but they were certain that they couldn’t afford to be careless.

Now that the guillotine had fallen, it was up to this first collision.

The Human Race’s army was strong, but the Black Ink Clan was not weak either. Now that they were guarding the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye felt that the Black Ink Clan still had some advantage. If the Human Race were to attack head-on, they would most likely be defeated.

However, the other party’s Commander was Mi Jinglun, so he naturally wouldn’t make such a stupid choice.

Receiving the report from the spy in front of him, Mo Na Ye glanced at it and frowned.

As expected, the Human Race had made arrangements. According to the intelligence reports, the Human Race’s army did not attack from the front, but instead split into two different directions, forming an arc and taking a long detour, constantly closing in on the No-Return Pass.

The Human Race’s deployment was both reasonable and unexpected.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t understand the deeper meaning behind the Human Race’s arrangements, but Mi Jinglun shouldn't be so naive as to think that he could simply rely on this left and right pincer techniques to conquer the No-Return Pass.

However, what was the use of this arrangement?

Since he couldn’t see through it, he could only use whatever means necessary to deal with it. With a single order, all of the Black Ink Clan armies in the vicinity of the No-Return Pass were mobilized to prepare for the Human Race’s invasion.

The Human Race’s momentum was fierce, so war was inevitable. Victory or defeat would depend on the limits of both sides’ losses.

At this time, in the void near the Universe Temple, in the Human Race’s main camp, Yang Kai was lying in a desolate mountain valley with his hands behind his head, his legs crossed as he stared blankly into the void, as if he had just taken a nap.

After fighting with the Black Ink Clan for so many years, he had either been cultivating or on the road, so he had never had so much free time. For a moment, he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

He did not follow the army because he had his own mission.

There were also several dozen Void Guard soldiers and hundreds of other Eighth Order Open Heaven masters who were assigned the same task as him. All of them were scattered around the various mountains.

At a certain moment, his unfocused eyes suddenly focused as a light flashed across them.

“It’s about time!” Yang Kai muttered to himself as he stood up and stretched.

Happiness was always short-lived. After forgetting all his worries and resting for a day, Yang Kai felt full of energy and felt it was time to do something.

With a low shout, he pushed his strength into the Spirit Array beneath his feet.

In the next moment, the lines of the Spirit Array lit up and quickly spread out like a raging fire. Looking down from the sky, one could clearly see that this Spirit Array was extremely large and occupied almost ten percent of the Universe World. The moment the Spirit Array was activated, a huge light curtain appeared and floated on the Outer Universe.

Under the push of the light curtain and under Yang Kai’s control, the giant Universe World, which had been quietly floating in the air, seemed to be slowly moved by an invisible hand.

At first, this disturbance was very small, but as time passed, it became more intense, and after the various Spirit Arrays that had been set up in the void, the speed of this Universe World increased significantly.

The direction in which the giant Universe World flew was exactly where the No-Return Pass was located!

Behind these giant Universe World, one after another flew over, all of them rushed towards the same direction, creating a magnificent scene.

Yang Kai stood on top of Universe World and laughed loudly, “Soldiers, follow me to kill the enemy!”

On the backs of these Universe Worlds, the voices of numerous Eighth Order and Void Guard rang out one after another.

Borrowing the Universe World’s momentum to attack the Black Ink Clan was a method the Great Evolution Army had created many years ago.

After Xiang Shan’s Great Evolution Army recovered the Great Evolution Pass, they had led an army to attack the Black Ink Clan’s King City more than once. At that time, they had managed to restrain many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

Originally, this kind of thing was difficult to achieve. After all, the Universe Worlds were scattered all over the Void, making it difficult to gather them, so it would take a lot of time and effort to move them.

However, after Yang Kai’s Void Yin-Yang Mirror became popular, this kind of tactic became a reality.

With the help of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, the Human Race could gather a large number of scattered Universe Worlds and arrange a Spirit Array to support them.

The Great Evolution Army had used this tactic to pose a great threat to the Black Ink Clan's King City on the Great Evolution War Zone, reducing its own losses.

The spies sent out from the No-Return Pass were able to discover traces of the Human Race’s great army’s gathering, so it was only natural for them to be able to see hundreds of Universe Worlds after being teleported here. After all, with so many Universe Worlds gathered here, it was difficult to conceal their presence.

However, when Mo Na Ye received this piece of information, although he was surprised that the Human Race had such amazing methods, he didn’t think too much about it. He only thought that the Human Race wanted to mine these Universe Worlds to obtain resources, but who would have thought that the Human Race would use these Universe Worlds to attack the No-Return Pass?

If there had been survivors from the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone, they would have understood the Human Race’s intentions. Unfortunately, the Black Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield of that era had long since been exterminated by the Human Race.

As for the Black Ink Clan’s current Black Ink Disciples, none of them had participated in the several thousands years on the Ink Battlefield.

For thousands of years, the Human Race had not needed to use such tactics.

Until this time's attack on the No-Return Pass!

Mi Jinglun didn’t expect to win or lose in the first battle. In the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan’s powerhouses would be as numerous as the clouds, and there were also two Ink Giant Spiritual God guarding them, making them not easy targets.

However, as the first battle of the Human Race’s great army, they naturally had to fight in a more beautiful manner, so they had no choice but to use the Universe World’s assault strategy to attack the Black Ink Clan’s King City back then.

Because of this, all of the human race’s remaining resources had been used up, and hundreds of Universe Worlds had been teleported from various places in the void.

The reason why the Human Race’s army had to split into two groups and move in an arc was to give way to these Universe Worlds to attack the No-Return Pass. Otherwise, if the Human Race’s army were to intercept them, these Universe Worlds, who were attacking the No-Return Pass, would definitely cause a disturbance to the Human Race’s army. At that time, it would be awkward if they attack themselves before attacking the enemy.

Additionally, the Human Race’s main force being the first to move was also to draw the attention of the Black Ink Clan. Right now, in the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan’s attention would be completely focused on the Human Race’s left and right armies. How could they have imagined that hundreds of Universe Worlds would appear out of thin air and rush towards the pass!

No-Return Pass Hall, the many masters of the Black Ink Clan gathered and the atmosphere became solemn.

The Human Race’s invasion was something they had long anticipated. More than twenty years ago, when Mo Na Ye summoned back all the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were fighting outside, they had already anticipated this scene. At that time, the Black Ink Clan actually had a chance to retreat.

However, if they left the No-Return Pass, where could the Black Ink Clan go? Wandering in the Ink Battlefield? Even so, sooner or later they would be found by the Human Race, so instead of fighting with the Human Race in the Ink Battlefield, it was better to simply defend in the No-Return Pass.

Moreover, the Black Ink Clan’s mission had always been to erode the 3000 Worlds, destroy the Human Race, and unify the Heavens. Their birth was not just for survival.

As the Human Race’s left and right armies approached, the atmosphere in the hall became more oppressive.

It wasn’t until the Human Race’s army was half a day away that Mo Na Ye slowly stood up and glanced down at the gathered Pseudo-Royal Lords before slowly saying, “Everyone, take your positions. Since the Human Race dares to attack, kill them all!”

Many of the Pseudo-Royal Lords received their orders and scattered.

Mo Na Ye then turned to Mo Yu and said, “Sir, at that time, we will need you to tie down a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator. The situation on the battlefield can change at any moment, please consider it carefully.”

Mo Yu nodded, “I know, but there’s probably no need for me to consider anything. The Ninth Order Human Race will come to find me.”

Mo Na Ye thought about it and agreed. There were more Ninth Order Human Race masters than the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, so those Ninth Order masters would definitely try to entangle him or Mo Yu, so there was no need for Mo Yu to worry.


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