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Although Yang Kai’s current location was half a day’s journey from the No-Return Pass, this so-called half a day referred to the time it would take to travel by ordinary means. For example, if the Human Race’s standard Battleship were to travel from here to the No-Return Pass, it would take them half a day.

However, for Yang Kai and the Ink Giant Spiritual God, this distance was already within their attack range.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God's attack didn’t have any hope of harming Yang Kai. He was currently a Ninth Order, so how could he be injured by a mere piece of Universe Fragment? Facing this aggressive attack, Yang Kai simply raised his hand and the Universe Fragment that was rapidly approaching him suddenly became extremely still and floated in front of him.

With a slight clench of his hand, the giant Universe Fragment exploded into dust.

However, because of this, the entire Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass all noticed something was wrong. One by one, figures flew out and looked towards Yang Kai.

Each and every one of these figures exuded a powerful aura that shook the void. These were none other than the Pseudo-Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan. While they were using the Fusion Technique to obtain great strength, they were unable to fully control this power, and the price they had to pay was that they would never be able to restrain their auras.

Therefore, whenever a Pseudo-Royal Lord appeared on the battlefield, they would be like a bright lamp in the night, extremely eye-catching. It was impossible for them to be used on sneak attack.

Yang Kai also saw Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu. These two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords were located in the heart of the No-Return Pass, and were standing guard over the numerous Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Exchanging glances with one another, Yang Kai grinned towards Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu, both of whom wore gloomy expressions.

Yang Kai had already arrived, so how far would the Human Race army be?

Although they had long known that the Human Race’s army would attack the No-Return Pass and the Black Ink Clan had made all the necessary preparations, the Human Race’s speed was simply too fast.

After staring at each other for a moment, Yang Kai raised his hand and made a throat-slitting gesture towards Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu before quickly disappearing.

No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye frowned. It was undeniable that Yang Kai’s actions were extremely childish, but he couldn’t figure out what Yang Kai’s intentions were. Was he simply here to show off? But what was the point? Perhaps there was some other meaning behind this? Mo Na Ye couldn’t help sinking into contemplation.

He couldn’t be blamed for being so cautious, it was mainly because he had crossed swords with Yang Kai many times over the years and had never been able to advantage of him. From his perspective, Yang Kai’s every move was worthy of vigilance.

At the same time, in the void about three days away from the No-Return Pass, a Universe Temple stood tall. From this temple, a steady stream of Human Race soldiers emerged. The Azure Sun Army, who had arrived first, had already assembled and set up a tight defense in the nearby void.

Not only that, but the Void Guard who had arrived first had also found several floating continents of different sizes in the nearby void to serve as temporary camps for the following army.

Mi Jinglun was near the Universe Temple, so Yang Kai quickly went to inform him of his discovery.

Hearing this, Mi Jinglun nodded and said, “It’s expected. In the past, the Black Ink Clan didn’t care about these mountain passes because the Human Race couldn’t threaten them. Now that they are on the passive side, knowing that the Human Race’s army will attack sooner or later, they will definitely make some arrangements. The mountain passes left behind by the Human Race back then are a natural barrier.”

Saying so, he turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Has Mo Na Ye discovered you?”

Yang Kai replied, “I’m not hiding from them.”

Mi Jinglun chuckled, “Now, they won’t dare act rashly. This Mo Na Ye is a cautious person, if you suddenly appear outside the No-Return Pass, he will definitely think of something. Originally, we had to be on guard against them, but it seems they won’t come.”

In fact, before the Human Race’s army was fully assembled, if the Black Ink Clan attacked, it would definitely bring some trouble to the Human Race. For example, at this moment, the Azure Sun Army alone could not stop so many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

Of course, if they really did so, the Black Ink Clan would have to take a huge risk. If a large number of masters were to leave the No-Return Pass, the defenses there would weaken, giving the Human Race an opportunity to take advantage of.

As such, such a thing was unlikely to happen, and Mi Jinglun was only on guard, but after Yang Kai’s actions, he was almost certain that the Black Ink Clan would not act rashly.

This gave the Human Race army a chance to fully assemble.

The army pouring out from the Universe Temple was unending and orderly, not showing any signs of disorder.

Yang Kai took out the sphere that had been compressed by the Space-Time River and found an empty space before tossing it out. As the Space-Time River swirled around it, the sphere expanded and soon transformed into a towering mountain pass.

Pure Yang Pass was the only pass the Human Race had at the moment, and it would certainly become a powerful weapon that could not be broken through.

This was the first time many Human Race soldiers had learned that the Human Race had managed to snatch back a mountain pass from the hands of the Black Ink Clan. Seeing this scene, they couldn’t help cheering.

Several Ninth Order masters who had arrived first flew over and stood next to Yang Kai. Looking at the completely new mountain pass, all of them couldn’t help sighing, as if recalling the terrible battle they had fought back then.

Soon, a large number of soldiers poured into the Pure Yang Pass, and according to the various arrangements that had been arranged beforehand, all of them took up their respective positions. Above the majestic pass, the light of various Spirit Arrays began to shine.

At the same time, many Array Masters were setting up Spirit Arrays and some special artifacts in the nearby void.

Putting aside the specific uses of these Spirit Arrays, the Artifacts that were arranged were actually the Void Yin-Yang Mirror that Yang Kai had refined in the past.

This artifact was a type of large-scale artifact used for teleportation and did not have any offensive or defensive capabilities. A set of artifacts was formed from eight Array Foundations, divided into Yin and Yang, and after it was set up, it could be used to shift the objects contained within the Yin and Yang sides. It was like a mirror that could be flipped upside down and was extremely profound.

In the past, when Yang Kai was studying this artifact, he had mainly used it to mine materials in the Black Territory. At that time, he had used the Loyalty List to take Luan Baifeng in and the Black Territory had also been put into his pocket. The Black Territory was rich in resources, but because of the Ancient Great Array there, mining was extremely difficult because no one could go too deep into the Black Territory.

Yang Kai thought that if he could move these mines to a safe place, the slaves would be able to mine them safely.

As a result, the Void Yin-Yang Mirror was born.

This artifact was created by Yang Kai and later improved by the Great Grandmaster called Troublesome Grandmaster, making its performance even more outstanding.

This set of artifacts had also been brought to the Ink Battlefield by Yang Kai and were widely spread throughout the various mountain passes. With the help of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, the various mountain passes were able to resolve the shortage of resources.

Before the Void Yin-Yang Mirror appeared, the soldiers of the various mountain passes had to go out into the Void to mine supplies, constantly on guard against the Black Ink Clan’s sneak attack. But ever since they obtained the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, they were able to move the Universe World, who had stored the supplies, to the nearby mountain passes and mine them without any worries. As a result, the efficiency of mining supplies naturally increased greatly.

It could be said that since Yang Kai left the Ink Battlefield, the lives of the soldiers of the various mountain passes had become much better.

At this moment, the Human Race had set up many Void Yin-Yang Mirror here, so they naturally wanted to move the Universe World away, but it is not for the purpose of mining resources.

With the three million Third Order Open Heaven masters in charge of mining supplies, there was no need for the army here to worry about anything. The Universe Worlds, which had been teleported here from the depths of the void, had other uses.

For this reason, after Li Wuyi led more than eighty Void Guard to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, all of the remaining Void Guard, with the exception of those who had to stay behind to guard the Universe Temple along the way, all of them began moving, each of them carrying a set of Yin-Yang Mirror, each hold the Yin or Yang Mirror as they searched through the void.

As time passed, one army after another began to gather. Aside from Mi Jinglun’s Central Army guarding the Pure Yang Pass, the other armies had all found a floating continent to serve as their own camp. Almost every floating continent was packed with people, each of them setting up their own camp.

Right now, the Human Race’s army still had twelve legions, but Mi Jinglun didn’t make much adjustments. After all, each of these armies had experienced thousands of years of battles, and the morale of their enemies and comrades had been solidified by the blood and lives of their allies. If he made any rash adjustments, it might be detrimental, so even though there weren’t enough Ninth Order Human Race soldiers right now, the twelve main armies still maintained their position.

Among them, Luo Tinghe commanded the Azure Sun Army, Xiang Shan commanded the Blood Flame Army, Ouyang Lie commanded the Mysterious Nether Army, Wei Junyang commanded the Wolf Fang Army, Smiles commanded the Yun Xiao Army, Wu Qing commanded the Zi Hong Army, the newly promoted Shi Dazhuang commanded the Jing Lei Army, and Tang Tao commanded the Chi Huo Army.

The remaining four Great Armies, Fen Yue, Liang Yi, Qing Xia, and Yu Chan maintained their original positions. Although these four Great Armies didn’t have a Ninth Order master in charge, they has the most Holy Spirits, so their overall strength wasn’t any worse than the other Great Armies.

Moreover, there were rumors that there was a new generation of peak Eighth Order masters among the four great armies, and that they could break through at any time. Once they broke through, these four great armies would also have Ninth Order master in charge.

A few days later, in a certain place in the void where the four Array Foundations for the Void Yang Mirror, a huge ripple suddenly spread out, causing the space where the Yang Mirror was fixed to become extremely unstable.

As the ripples spread, the fluctuations of the Space Principle became more obvious.

As time passed, under the gazes of countless soldiers, the originally empty void seemed to have gained something, and after everything settled down, a massive Universe World appeared!

Some of the soldiers quickly went forward to retrieve the Yang Mirror before setting up a new formation in another location.

There were also many Array Masters and Artifact Refiners who rushed towards the Universe World and gathered around it. After a simple survey, these Array Masters and Artifact Refiners began setting up massive Spirit Arrays on the Universe World’s back!

After the first Universe World had been teleported here, more Universe World had been teleported here from various places in the void by the Void Guard. The Array Masters and Artifact Refiners of the Twelve Great Armies had almost all been deployed and were constantly busy.


MSN: It seems they're preparing another universe worlds bombs xD.

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