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As such, Mo Na Ye said the words he had prepared beforehand, “Sir, the Human Race has come so aggressively this time, they must have poured all of their strength into this battle, and according to my understanding of the Human Race, No-Return Pass is not their real goal. After the No-Return Pass, they will send troops to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.”

“Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!” Mo Yu’s face sank when he heard this. The existence of their Supreme Master was the source of the Black Ink Clan’s power. The No-Return Pass was originally the territory of the Human Race, but it had been occupied by the Black Ink Clan for thousands of years, so it is reasonable to attack the No-Return Pass first, but the Human Race actually wanted to use it as a springboard to attack the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. This caused him to become angry, “The Human Race is too arrogant. Right now, our clan has a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords, so we can defend this place. With the help of the two Supreme Clone, it won’t be easy for the Human Race to take down the No-Return Pass easily.”

Mo Na Ye said, “For ordinary Human Race, we naturally don't need to pay much attention to it, but Sir, don’t forget about that Yang Kai. Right now, we do have a lot of Pseudo-Royal Lords, but the situation on the battlefield is constantly changing. If Yang Kai finds an opportunity, the Pseudo-Royal Lords won’t be able to protect themselves from his sneak attack.”

Hearing this name, Mo Yu’s expression became even gloomier, causing him to recall the battle thousands of years ago.

In the past, when the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, they had forced the Human Race to defend more than a dozen Great Domain Battlefields. Under such a brilliant display of power, it was as if they only needed a little more effort to completely destroy the Human Race.

That era was the era where the Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lord and the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven masters fought!

However, because Yang Kai had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and used a strange method to injure himself and his enemies, all the Innate Territory Lords on the various battlefields were in a state of panic. In the end, the Black Ink Clan forces had no choice but to retreat. With Yang Kai no longer taking action, they signed a series of ceasefire agreements, giving the Human Race a chance to breathe.

Now, the man who had single-handedly changed the course of the war between the two races had already broken through to the Ninth Order. Although the Black Ink Clan now had a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords, judging from his previous battle results, the Pseudo-Royal Lords really couldn’t resist his sneak attack.

It had to be known that because of this fellow’s interference, just the E-5 Domain Battlefield alone had caused the Black Ink Clan to lose eight Pseudo-Royal Lords.

It could be said that the current situation was even worse than it was in the past. Back then, Yang Kai had used this method to injure himself and the enemies, and every time he attacked, he would need to rest for one or two hundred years. But now, he no longer had any scruples.

“The Human Race’s goal has always been the No-Return Pass. Since they have already sent out their troops, they must be confident in being able to take it down. If we want to resolve this situation, we must take the initiative and strike while the Human Race’s army is far away. Otherwise, once they arrive outside the No-Return Pass and arrange their forces, it will be even harder to deal with them.”

Mo Yu couldn’t help sinking into contemplation.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help but say, “Sir, this opportunity cannot be missed!”

After a long time, Mo Yu looked up at him and asked, “How do we deal with Yang Kai?”

Mo Na Ye said, “I alone am definitely not his opponent, but bringing a few Pseudo-Royal Lords to restrain him is still possible.” Turning to the Royal Lord who had been sitting next to him silently, he said, “Di Ya Luo can hide nearby and find an opportunity to sneak attack him, perhaps he can seriously injure him!”

Di Ya Luo nodded slightly, “If there is a chance, I will do my best.”

Mo Na Ye said, “The Human Race doesn’t know of your existence, so you are the trump card to deal with Yang Kai. If you don’t have absolute confidence, don’t expose yourself.”

“I understand.”

Mo Yu asked again, “What about the Supreme Clone? Do we need to mobilize them?”

Mo Na Ye shook his head, “The Supreme Clone can’t move, those two Giant Spiritual God are still eyeing us from the No-Return Pass. I don’t know if the Human Race has any other arrangements, but if the Supreme Clone leave the No-Return Pass, there will be no power to contain the two Giant Spiritual Gods. If they attack the No-Return Pass, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Mo Yu frowned in contemplation. Although he felt that Mo Na Ye’s words made sense, he still couldn’t make up his mind.

Seeing this, Mo Na Ye earnestly advised, “Sir, the worst case scenario will be if the Human Race beseiged the No-Return Pass and continue to eat away at our strength, just like how our race attack the No-Return Pass back then. If we take the initiative to attack, there may be a chance of victory.”

Saying so, he stared at Mo Yu. He had said everything he needed to say, so whatever decision he made was up to Mo Yu. If Mo Yu didn’t agree to send troops to intercept the Human Race’s army, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Although he said that the situation was serious, it wasn’t actually that bad.

Even if the Human Race really beseiged the No-Return Pass, it was not as if the Black Ink Clan had no way of fighting back. Over the years, the Black Ink Clan had made many arrangements in the No-Return Pass to guard against the arrival of this day.

However, in comparison, Mo Na Ye preferred to take the initiative to attack.

After a long time, Mo Yu nodded slightly, “I hope you’re right.”

Mo Na Ye was overjoyed, but just as he was about to stand up and make arrangements, a Territory Lord rushed in from the outside with a panicked expression.

Mo Yu frowned and glanced at the Territory Lord, saying unhappily, “What is it!”

The Territory Lord quickly handed over a jade slip and said, “Three Lords, the scouts from the front lines have discovered something.”

Mo Yu grabbed the jade slip and immersed his Divine Sense into it, his expression quickly changing.

Seeing this, Mo Na Ye’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately realized that something was wrong. Although he didn’t know what kind of information was contained in the jade slip, he could tell from Mo Yu’s expression that this matter was greatly detrimental to the Black Ink Clan.

In the next moment, Mo Yu silently handed over the jade slip and Mo Na Ye took it, his expression quickly changing as he exclaimed, “How is this possible?”

According to the intelligence he had gathered, the route he drew from the No-Return Pass to the secret passage was base on the lost Black Ink Clan teams, and these Black Ink Clan teams had actually lost contact with them reached the middle of this route.

In other words, in the short span of a dozen or so days, the Human Race’s masters had already traveled a year worth distance when using ordinary methods, cutting off some of the Black Ink Clan’s spies along the way.

He immediately thought of Yang Kai. In the current Human Race, only Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Great Dao, could have such a bizarre speed.

Looking at the second half of the jade slip, Mo Na Ye’s heart sank to the bottom of his stomach. According to the information he had received, a Black Ink Clan spy had seen a towering hall in the distant void. The periphery of this hall was heavily guarded by the Human Race!

The Black Ink Clan weren’t unfamiliar with the ancient artifact like the Universe Temple, and they had also learned about its functions from Black Ink Disciple. This artifact was mainly used by Human Race cultivators to travel, often reducing the time needed to travel.

Almost every great domains of the 3000 Worlds had a Universe Temple. When the Black Ink Clan invaded, many of them were destroyed, but some were still preserved.

Mo Na Ye had never imagined that something that should have existed in the 3000 Worlds would actually appear in the Ink Battlefield.

Thinking about the function of this thing, Mo Na Ye immediately realized what had happened.

Mo Yu obviously understood this point as he looked towards Mo Na Ye and said, “It seems there’s no need to face them head-on, prepare to fight.”

In just half a month, the Universe Temple had appeared in the middle of the route that Mo Na Ye had drawn. In another half a month, wouldn’t it appear outside the No-Return Pass?

Right now, if he wanted to meet the Human Race’s army halfway, there was no time. By the time the Black Ink Clan’s forces were ready, the Human Race would have already arrived.

Now that things had reached this point, Mo Na Ye had nothing more to say. All of his schemes and plots were useless in this situation. If he wanted to preserve his life, he could only fight the Human Race head-on. He straightened his expression and said, “I understand.”

Mo Yu said, “You can think of a solution on those two Giant Spiritual God.”

“That's right!”

There was still some time before the Human Race’s great army arrived. If they could finish off the two Giant Spiritual God before then, the Black Ink Clan would be invincible.

Over the next few days, the Black Ink Clan’s provocation towards A’ Da and A’ Er became more frequent. The two Ink Giant Spiritual God even tried to break into the Spatial Territory, but the enraged A’ Da simply didn’t give them the chance to do so. Standing in front of the Domain Gate, anyone who dared to show their face would be beaten until they saw stars and couldn’t help shrinking back.

Information was constantly being transmitted from the front to the No-Return Pass. According to the reports, the Human Race had arranged seven or eight Universe Temple along the way, and even the Black Ink Clan could see the Human Race’s army constantly appearing and disappearing from these Universe Temple.

This situation clearly showed that the Human Race’s forces were using these Universe Temple to quickly close in.

More than ten days later, just half a day’s journey from the No-Return Pass, a figure suddenly emerged from the void. It was Yang Kai, who had arrived here first. Looking at the towering mountain pass from afar, Yang Kai’s brow rose.

Compared to twenty years ago, the layout of the No-Return Pass had undergone an obvious change.

Twenty years ago, when Yang Kai arrived here, the damaged mountain passes in the No-Return Pass were arranged in a disorderly manner, and the Ink Nests were scattered everywhere.

However, at this moment, these damaged mountain passes had clearly been sorted out. The Black Ink Clan had arranged these mountain passes that had been left behind by the Human Race outside the No-Return Pass, forming a solid defensive line. Above these mountain passes, the Black Ink Clan’s army had gathered.

The towering Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had all been teleported to the No-Return Pass and was in the middle of a tight defense. It could be seen that the Black Ink Clan had made some preparations to deal with the Human Race’s invasion.

Yang Kai even saw traces of large artifacts on some of the damaged mountain passes.

The Black Ink Clan had no way to refine artifacts, but the Black Ink Clan had many Black Ink Disciples, so these artifacts must have come from them.

As for the two Ink Giant Spiritual God, they stood on either side of the No-Return Pass like two gate gods.

The atmosphere in this majestic and imposing pass was solemn.

The moment Yang Kai appeared, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God noticed him and looked over.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God on the left raised its hand and grabbed a nearby piece of Universe Fragment, then roared and threw it towards Yang Kai.

Under this violent force, the Universe Fragment, which was imbued with the power to destroy the world, instantly crossed through space and arrived in front of Yang Kai.


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