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At this moment, Yang Kai and the two Void Guard, who had set up a Space Array in the direction of the No-Return Pass, had already covered half the distance, leaving behind three Universe Temple along the way.

According to this speed, in another half a month, the Human Race army path would be able to touch the periphery of the No-Return Pass, and it was only now that the No-Return Pass noticed something unusual.

This couldn’t be blamed on the Black Ink Clan’s hindsight. In fact, Mo Na Ye was already cautious enough. Back then, when he and Yang Kai had probed each other and confirmed that there was a secret passage connecting the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield, Mo Na Ye knew that the Human Race would definitely use this secret passage to attack the No-Return Pass, because only by doing so would the Human Race be able to fight with all their might.

If they used the Domain Gate to attack, the Human Race’s disadvantage would be too great. As long as the Black Ink Clan set up a tight defense outside the Domain Gate, they could easily cause massive casualties to the Human Race.

No one would use such a stupid method.

However, what Mo Na Ye couldn’t be certain of was where the exit to the secret passage was, so after Yang Kai left the No-Return Pass that time, he had sent out a large number of Black Ink Clans to the Ink Battlefield as a small team. On one hand, he was searching for the exit to the secret passage while on the other, he was guarding against any possible movements from the Human Race.

The latter was the main objective, and as for finding the exit to the secret passage, Mo Na Ye didn’t place much hope on it, simply doing his best.

Because of this, the Black Ink Clan had specially bred nearly ten thousand Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest and allowed the small teams that went deep into the Ink Battlefield to take them away.

Yang Kai took action and cut down the dozen or so Black Ink Clan squads near the secret passage. His speed was so fast that these Black Ink Clan people didn’t even have time to react. Although he didn’t alert them, after half a month of not receiving any feedback from these squads, one of the nearby Black Ink Clan in the Ink Nest had already noticed something was wrong.

According to Mo Na Ye's instructions before they set out, they would send news via the Ink Nest to the No-Return Pass.

After receiving the news, Mo Na Ye immediately realized the problem.

It was impossible for a small team from the Ink Battlefield to disappear for no reason. The Ink Battlefield itself was not dangerous, it was understandable if one or two teams had met with some kind of accident, but the fact that several dozen teams had lost contact with one another spoke for itself.

Under the premise that the Human Race would attack from the direction of the Ink Battlefield, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t have any unrealistic fantasies about this information, so he immediately concluded that the Human Race had arrived!

Moreover, the direction they were heading towards was also certain. It was the direction of the dozens of missing teams!

Using the location of the lost team as the starting point, Mo Na Ye immediately ordered the Black Ink Clan scouts to carefully investigate any abnormalities and report back immediately.

The Human Race had arrived much faster than he had expected, and this was a very bad thing. The only thing that Mo Na Ye felt fortunate about was that this route was far away. If the Human Race’s army were to attack with all their might, it would be impossible for them to reach the No-Return Pass in a short period of time. At the very least, the Black Ink Clan would have time and space to respond.

Therefore, after a moment of contemplation, he rushed over to Mo Yu’s side to report this situation to him and discuss a countermeasure. At the same time, he ordered his Pseudo-Royal Lord to continue luring the two Giant Spiritual God in the Spatial Territory.

In the past, when the two Ink giant Spiritual God escaped to the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had sealed the Domain Gate, but the Black Ink Clan had long since reopened it.

Over the past ten years, the Black Ink Clan had never stopped targeting A’ Da and A’ Er.

Mo Na Ye knew that these two Giant Spiritual God were a great help to the Human Race. If he could finish off these two Giant Spiritual God before the Human Race’s army arrived, no matter how many Ninth Order master the Human Race produced, they would never be a match for the Black Ink Clan.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords number were not as numerous as the Human Race’s Ninth Order and the Territory Lords number were also not as numerous as the Human Race’s Eighth Order, the number of Pseudo-Royal Lords was far greater. Without the support of the two Giant Spiritual God, how could the Human Race resist the attacks of so many Pseudo-Royal Lords and two Ink Giant Spiritual God?

According to the information Mo Na Ye had obtained from the Black Ink Disciple, although the Giant Spiritual God was extremely powerful, their intelligence was not high. If they were to operate properly, they might be able to deal with these two Giant Spiritual God in advance.

If he wanted to deal with these two big guys, he would naturally have to lure them to the Black Ink Clan’s base, the No-Return Pass. With so many masters gathered here and the two Ink Giant Spiritual God present, as long as the Giant Spiritual God arrived, there would be no return.

Provocation was a good method, but in the face of the Black Ink Clan’s provocations, A’ Da and A’ Er still remembered Yang Kai’s words to protect the Domain Gate before he left.

Several of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had been injured because of this, causing them to no longer dare to enter the Spatial Territory as they pleased. Even a Pseudo-Royal Lord wouldn’t be able to withstand a blow from a Giant Spiritual God.

It wasn’t just provocation, but also temptation.

The Human Race’s Black Ink Disciple had provided Mo Na Ye with a lot of valuable information, one of which was that the Giant Spiritual God fed on the dead Universe Worlds.

Currently, the 3000 Worlds had lost every Universe Worlds, and the two Giant Spiritual God should have been starving for many years, so Mo Na Ye ordered his men to drag back several dead Universe World from the depths of the Ink Battlefield and entice A' Da and A' er through the Domain Gate.

This plan had almost succeeded. When the bald Giant Spiritual God saw the dead Universe World through the Domain Gate, his saliva dripped down his chest like a waterfall and he almost rushed into the No-Return Pass.

If it weren’t for the Giant Spiritual God with a crew cut desperately trying to stop his clansmen, the Black Ink Clan would have at least been able to kill one of them!

When he saw this scene in the past, Mo Na Ye was so angry that his nose became crooked.

Now that the Pseudo-Royal Lords had received Mo Na Ye’s orders, they were naturally quite distressed. After more than ten years of fighting with the Giant Spiritual God, they had learned that although these two simple-minded fools didn’t seem very smart, they were not easy to deal with. When an individual’s strength was above ninety-nine percent of all living beings, whether they had enough intelligence or not, their strength was something no one could ignore.

Fortunately, a Pseudo-Royal Lord quickly thought of a good idea. He broke one of the few pieces of Universe World and sent it into the Spatial Territory.

The two Giant Spiritual God happily shared their food and stared at him from across the Domain Gate.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord then sent an even larger piece to A' Da and A' er to eat.

Then another bigger one…

After repeating this process over and over again, the Pseudo-Royal Lord took out a huge fragment and put on a show of wanting to send it into the Spatial Territory, but the Domain Gate was simply too big to send it.

Soon after, he put down the universe fragment and gestured towards A' Da and A' er, who were staring at him, as if inviting them to eat here.

A' Da’s heart raced, and then…

A’ Er hit his bald head several times, causing him to hold his head and look like he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

“Guard this place, beat them to death, don’t go!” A’ Er said in a muffled voice. Even in the void, his voice was like thunder.

A' Da couldn’t help nodding his head, only now remembering the advice of that little brat. Raising his head, he glared fiercely at the Pseudo-Royal Lord and shouted, “Send it over, or I’ll beat you to death!”

The Pseudo-Royal Lord was stunned for a moment before raising his hand and shattering the giant universe fragment into dust, shouting towards A' Da through the Domain Gate, “If you have the guts, come here!”

A' Da was instantly enraged. He was already in a state of hunger, but now his food had been destroyed right in front of his eyes. How could he tolerate this? No matter how good his temper was, he couldn’t help bursting with rage. Standing up, he stepped forward and prepared to charge forward.

A' er rushed out and threw him into the air.

On this day, all of the Black Ink Clan members in the No-Return Pass could hear the roars coming from the Domain Gate, and the bald Giant Spiritual God constantly shouted, “I’ll beat you all to death!”


Inside Mo Yu’s Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, Mo Na Ye was reporting the situation to Mo Yu, along with another Black Ink Clan member.

To be able to stand on equal footing with Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu here, the identity of this Black Ink Clan master was obvious.

Royal Lord!

The Human Race had given birth to a new generation of Ninth Order, while the Black Ink Clan had also given birth to a new generation of Royal Lord. It had to be known that the Black Ink Clan, which had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, not only had powerful Innate Territory Lords, but also many ordinary Territory Lords. These ordinary Territory Lords all had the qualifications to become Royal Lords, but qualifications were just qualifications. Whether they have the aptitude or not was another matter.

On top of that, the difficulty of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord promotion was even greater than that of the Human Race’s Eighth Order promotion to Ninth Order. This was because the Black Ink Clan’s strength increase was different from the Human Race’s. They relied on the Ink Nest to cultivate, unlike the Human Race who relied on their own accumulation, so the stronger the Black Ink Clan was, the more difficult it would be to increase their strength.

It was also because of this that a powerful Innate Territory Lord who could not become a Royal Lord was born.

However, no matter how difficult it was, thousands of years of accumulation was enough for some of the Territory Lords to break through this bottleneck.

More than twenty years ago, when Yang Kai came to the No-Return Pass, he had already realized this point. The Black Ink Clan was likely to have a new Royal Lord.

A few years after that, the Black Ink Clan gave birth to a third Royal Lord, the one sitting here.

Although he was sitting here, it was basically Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu who were discussing this matter. This newly promoted Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had always maintained a listening posture.

In terms of experience and strength, he was far inferior to Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu. The Black Ink Clan was different from the Human Race, so there was naturally no place for him to express his opinion here.

“Is there a need to intercept the Human Race?” Mo Yu frowned, “Right now, there are many Ninth Order Human Race masters, if we send troops to intercept them, it should be even more disadvantageous for us.”

After learning that the Human Race’s army was about to attack, he has some conflicts with Mo Na Ye's ideas. Mo Na Ye's idea was to set up an ambush along the way to intercept the Human Race’s army, while Mo Yu was more inclined to stand guard on the No-Return Pass to defend against the Human Race’s army.

This matter concerned the fate of the entire clan, so it was normal for the higher-ups to have conflicts with one another. Therefore, Mo Na Ye wasn’t surprised that Mo Yu would have such thoughts. In fact, before he came here, he already knew that Mo Yu would have such thoughts.


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