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Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the Space Great Dao began to fluctuate, and soon, the entrance to the secret passage that Yang Kai had sealed in the past appeared, transforming into a constantly rotating vortex.

From that door, the aura of nothingness spread out.

Yang Kai stepped inside, followed closely by the Void Guard, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The entrance to this passage was on the side of the Black Territory while the exit was somewhere in the Blue Sky War Zone, close to the Black Ink Clan’s former territory.

Yang Kai had used this secret passage to travel between the Black Territory and the Ink Battlefield more than once, so he was naturally familiar with it.

If it was just a small number of cultivators, as long as they continued forward, they would be able to break through the seal to the other side, but this time, the number of people who wanted to pass through was huge. Of the Human Race’s twelve main armies, which one of them didn’t have two or three million soldiers? Of the twelve main armies, there are nearly thirty million soldiers, and they're unable to satisfy the needs of the Human Race with just the original passage.

If he wanted to send the army to the Blue Sky War Zone in the shortest time possible, he would have to find a way to expand and consolidate this passage.

Even if Yang Kai had already broken through to the Ninth Order, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a feat alone. Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one who was proficient in the Space Great Dao at the moment, so these one hundred and forty or so Void Guard could help him.

As soon as they entered the tunnel, everyone immediately noticed the turbulent void all around them. Strictly speaking, this tunnel was in the middle of the void, and anyone who didn’t understand the Dao of Space would quickly lose their sense of direction and be unable to find their way back.

Even those who were proficient in the Dao of Space would have to tread carefully in such a place.

Yang Kai opened up a path in front of him, causing the Space Great Dao to constantly fluctuate while the Void Guard members behind him formed a long line one after another, similarly activating their own Great Dao.

As they did so, this passage continued to expand and the Void Chaos was cleaned up.

During this time, Yang Kai even set up a series of Principle Law Arrays on both sides of the passage to stabilize it.

With everyone’s cooperation, the reinforced passage continued to extend forward.

Every time they traveled a certain distance, a Void Guard soldier would stay behind under Yang Kai’s orders to monitor the situation in the tunnel and deal with some unexpected situations.

This was the first time Yang Kai had done such a thing, so he couldn’t guarantee that this passage would be completely stable, so he had to be careful.

Along the way, when they reached the end of the tunnel, there were only about a hundred Void Guard left, nearly forty of them remain in the passage.

At the end of the passage, Yang Kai stood still and glanced back. Seeing Li Wuyi and the others following closely behind him, he raised his hand and pressed forward.

The Space Principle fluctuated wildly, and the space in front of them, which had been sealed for many years, suddenly rippled. As the ripples spread, a door soon appeared.

Yang Kai flashed out of the door.

The next moment, the Void Guard rushed out under Li Wuyi’s lead.

“All of you quickly expand the passage and send someone to inform Chief Mi that everything is ready. I’ll go take a look around,” Yang Kai ordered.

Li Wujing ordered one of his subordinates to go back and report this matter, then sent out a group of people to stand guard while the rest began to expand and stabilize the exit.

Not long after, in the Black Territory, Mi Jinglun received a message. Under his command, a small group of Battleships flew into the tunnel under the leadership of their respective military leaders.

On the other side, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he flew through the void, his Divine Sense scanning his surroundings.

He was currently at the Ninth Order and his Divine Sense was extremely powerful, so any movement in the vicinity could not escape his senses.

A dozen or so Black Ink Clan squads were flying around in the void. This squad seemed to have no specific objective and was only looking around for something. Every void and floating continent was carefully inspected.

When they discovered a certain part of the void, a sudden change occurred. The void suddenly shattered like a broken mirror, and the Black Ink Clan team that was trapped in this shattered void didn’t even have time to react before they were reduced to a pile of shredded meat.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s figure appeared nearby, his brow furrowed.

A few decades ago, he had been chatting with Mo Na Ye while he was on the No-Return Pass, neither of them having obtained any valuable clues.

Yang Kai didn’t know if Black Ink's true body had awakened, nor did Mo Na Ye know where the entrance and exit to the secret passage were.

Although he didn’t know much about this secret passage, it didn’t stop Mo Na Ye from taking action to investigate.

This was the fifth team that Yang Kai had exterminated. All of the Black Ink Clan members were a Low Rank and High Rank Black Ink Clan. Not even a single Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord was present, and the number of each team was quite small, only a few or a dozen.

It could be imagined that in order to investigate the location of this secret passage, Mo Na Ye had sent out many Black Ink Clan over the years, using a wide net to search.

He also knew that this method might not necessarily yield any benefits, but it could be used to defend against sneak attacks from the Human Race.

At the very least, after Yang Kai killed these five Black Ink Clan squads, it wouldn’t be long before the Black Ink Clan received some feedback. This way, Mo Na Ye would be able to lock onto the location of the Human Race’s army and take precautions.

It could be said that these Black Ink Clan were sent out to be killed by the Human Race, so they didn’t even have a single Feudal Lord-level master.

Mo Na Ye knew that the Human Race would definitely use this secret passage to enter the Ink Battlefield to attack the Ink Battlefield, this was the only option left for the Human Race. He had set up a large number of spies throughout the Ink Battlefield in advance, so if any of them were lost, the Human Race would definitely attack from that direction.

Yang Kai also knew this, but he had no choice but to take action. The Human Race’s army was too large and difficult to conceal. Once they gathered together and acted, the scattered Black Ink Clan spies would definitely notice them. Rather than being noticed like this, it would be better to eliminate the problem in this region in advance.

After a long search and killing at least thirty small teams of the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai finally returned.

From a distance, it could be seen that a large number of Human Race had already gathered near the exit of the tunnel. Numerous Battleships had been deployed, and the teams that had arrived first were currently reorganizing their forces.

Mi Jinglun and the other Ninth Order masters also rushed over, leaving a few behind.

After meeting up, Yang Kai explained what he had discovered, and Mi Jinglun nodded, “Mo Na Ye is not easy to deal with. His actions were within our expectations, and we never thought that we would be able to successfully launch a sneak attack on the No-Return Pass. Since the situation here has been exposed, let’s have a proper battle.”

Yang Kai said, “The nearby spies have been cut off, so the news on the Black Ink Clan's side should be somewhat delayed, but it shouldn’t be too long. I estimate it will be a month at most, perhaps even shorter.”

No matter how slow the Black Ink Clan’s response was, after not contacting the base for a month, they would have realized the problem.

“It’s enough,” Mi Jinglun said, “It will only take half a month for the army to arrive from the Black Territory.”

Turning back to look at the passage, Mi Jinglun sighed, “It’s just a pity that this secret passage has been exposed.”

With Yang Kai and the Void Guard working together to expand and strengthen this passage, it had become something similar to a Domain Gate, but it was a bit different from a real one.

A true Domain Gate was connected to two great Domains, and once one passed through the Domain Gate, they would be able to reach the other side. The time it took was only an instant.

However, if one wanted to completely pass through this tunnel, it would take some time, and they would also have to endure all kinds of risks. Of course, with the Void Guard guarding this tunnel, the risks weren’t too great.

Such a passage could no longer be completely hidden. Although Yang Kai could use his methods to seal the exit, it will not be well hidden like before. If the Black Ink Clan wanted to, there was still a chance they could find an opening and open this passage.

“If we lose this battle, the Human Race will be doomed. Whether the passage is exposed or not is no longer important,” Xiang Shan said lightly.

Yang Kai nodded, “Follow the plan.”

Turning to Li Wuyi, he said, “Lead a group of people and immediately set off for the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, setting up a Space Array along the way.”

Although the Human Race’s goal right now was the No-Return Pass, as Yang Kai had said before, they could not only focus on the present but also on the future.

The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was the biggest threat to the Human Race, and it was a long journey, so they had to set it up in advance, otherwise it would be too late.

With such an arrangement, the best result would be for the Human Race to spend more than a decade in order to set up the Space Array leading to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. At that time, the Human Race’s army would only need to repair the Space Array for a short period of time before they could use it to rush to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction Battlefield at the fastest speed possible and resolve the hidden dangers.

This was also a plan that the Head Office Division had come up with in advance. On the way from the Head Office Division to the Black Territory, Mi Jinglun and Yang Kai had discussed it in detail.

In terms of manpower, the Head Office had already made arrangements.

When Li Wuyi heard Yang Kai’s words, he immediately accepted the order, “Yes!”

Yang Kai looked at him and said, “The road ahead is fraught with dangers, I hope you will succeed!”

Li Wuyi nodded heavily and waved his hand, “Reserved staff, follow me.”

Of the more than a hundred Void Guard officers, 80 soldiers immeidately left, and not only that, but one fleet after another rushed into the void.

These fleets were here to protect the Universe Temple. After all, this place was too far from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and along the way, Li Wuyi and the others had to set up more than one Space Array. Every one of these Space Arrays needed someone to look after them, so the number of Void Guard alone was definitely insufficient.

Everyone from the Void Guard was proficient in the Dao of Space, so although they were traveling together with Li Wuyi and the others, they weren’t traveling together.

All they needed to do was rush to the Space Array along the way and split up their forces to guard it. There was no need for them to forcibly accompany Li Wuyi and the others.

According to Mi Jinglun’s plan, every Universe Temple had to have at least an Eighth Order guard. Fortunately, the Human Race’s foundation had risen dramatically and there were many Eighth Order guards. If it was thousands of years ago, they really wouldn’t have had the capital to squander such wealth.


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