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Ten years passed in the blink of an eye. On this day, inside the Subtree’s tree hole, Yang Kai opened his eyes and closed the door to his Small Universe, cutting off his connection with the Star Boundary and letting out a long sigh.

Although it had only been a short ten years of secluded cultivation, his strength had undergone a tremendous change.

Looking at himself internally, the Small Universe’s foundation had become several times richer than it was ten years ago. Not only that, but even the power of his Great Dao had become a bit richer.

If the Ninth Order was also divided into the early, mid, and late stages, then the Yang Kai from ten years ago was undoubtedly only at the early stage, but now, he had already stepped into the mid stage.

Ten years of cultivation was no worse than two thousand years of cultivation.

This was the benefit of cultivating by borrowing the power of the Universe World, and it was also a privilege unique to the Great Emperors.

This was the result of Yang Kai’s deliberate restraint. If he were to recklessly swallow the Universe World's power whole, it wouldn’t be long before the entire Star Boundary’s power would be devoured by him.

With a massive increase in one’s foundation, the Star Boundary’s foundation would naturally suffer some losses. However, the Star Boundary’s foundation was rich enough, so even if it lost a great deal, it wouldn’t have much of an impact. At the very least, the cultivators in the Star Boundary wouldn’t be affected by this, and with the World Tree Subtree's constant feedback, their foundation would be restored sooner or later.

Before Yang Kai had used the Star Boundary’s World Force to cultivate, he had naturally planned everything. He could not ignore the future of the Star Boundary’s people for his own selfish reasons, otherwise he could have done so long ago.

This was the first time Yang Kai’s cultivation had increased so quickly since he had broken through to the Open Heaven Stage, but he still felt it wasn’t enough.

In the Spatial Territory, he had joined forces with the other Ninth Order masters, A’ Da and A’ Er, and had fought against the two Ink Giant Spiritual God. He had a deep understanding of how powerful these Giant Spiritual Gods were, and according to his estimations, only after reaching the peak of the Ninth Order would he be able to block one of the Ink Giant Spiritual God in a one-on-one fight.

As for himself, he was only a mid stage Ninth Order, so he obviously couldn’t meet this requirement.

“Boss, go to the Myriad Monster World.”

As if sensing his thoughts, Thunder Shadow’s voice rang out in his mind.

“Have you forgotten that I am the Great Emperor of the Myriad Monster World?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Of course I haven’t forgotten.”

He had originally planned to make a trip to the Myriad Monster World, but he wasn’t sure if he would succeed. After all, strictly speaking, the Thunder Shadow had already fallen, and what was left behind now was only a strand of Thunder Shadow’s Soul. Whether or not it would be recognized by the Myriad Monster World’s World Great Dao was uncertain.

But he still had to try.

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai flashed out of the tree hole and transformed into a streak of light that shot into the sky.

Soon, through the Domain Gate, he arrived at the Myriad Monster Territory and flew straight towards the Myriad Monster World.

Since he planted the World Tree Subtree in the Myriad Monster World, it had been many years since then. Originally, only Monster Race lived here, but now, there were many traces of Human Race sects, and the entire Myriad Monster World could be said to be ruled by both Human Race and Monster Race.

Since the birth of Thunder Shadow, the first Great Emperor, other Great Emperors had been born in the Myriad Monster World. Most of them were Monster Race, while a few were Human Race. After all, the World Great Dao in the Myriad Monster World was more inclined towards the Monster Race.

Under the nourishment of the Subtree, the Myriad Monster World’s heritage was no longer comparable to the past. Although it was not comparable to the Star Boundary, it was still extremely rich.

After Yang Kai arrived at the Myriad Monster World, he had Thunder Shadow take over his body and find a place where no one cares about. Thunder Shadow sat down cross-legged and opened his mind to connect the Small Universe to the Myriad Monster World. The next moment, what had happened in the Star Boundary appeared again.

The World Force of the entire Myriad Monster World poured into the Small Universe, transforming into the foundation of the Void World.

Seeing this, Yang Kai understood that Thunder Shadow’s identity as a Great Emperor was still recognized by the World Great Dao of the Myriad Monster World, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so easy to connect them.

This action quickly attracted the attention of the various Great Emperors of the Myriad Monster World, but after discovering that this was a result of Yang Kai’s actions, all of them were somewhat surprised.

In their opinion, only the Great Emperors of the Myriad Monster World had the qualifications to do so. Yang Kai was not the Great Emperor of the Myriad Monster World, so how could he have such means?

However, the Ninth Order was a realm they had yet to reach, and Yang Kai himself often did extraordinary things, so even if they were puzzled, no one bothered to investigate.

Five years later, a transfer order was issued from the Head Office Division and sent to various places where the Human Race gathered.

When the news spread, everyone knew that the war was about to begin again.

However, this time it was different from the past. This time, the Human Race had taken the initiative to attack the No-Return Pass. If everything went smoothly, the calamity caused by the Black Ink Clan could be resolved forever.

After recuperating for nearly twenty years, the various armies had once again gathered and sent their forces to the Black Territory. Every Human Race gathering place, every Sect, family, old women, and children were sending off their soldiers. There wasn’t much sorrow and worry, only the determination and conviction to not give up until they broke through the enemy’s line. When this faith gathered, everyone firmly believed that the Human Race’s army would be invincible!

For a time, in the Human Race’s gathering place, nine out of ten rooms were empty, and all those who had the ability to participate in the battle all set out.

In less than three months, the twelve great armies had gathered in the Black Territory. The entire Black Territory was filled with people and numerous Battleships filled the void, forming a massive fleet.

At this time, outside the Head Office’s Floating Continent, outside the Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jinglun stood with his hands behind his back, looking towards the Domain Gate where High Heaven Territory was located.

He knew that many of the soldiers on this expedition might no longer be able to embark on the road back home, and many of them might die on the battlefield, but this was a choice the Human Race had to make, a pain and suffering they had to endure.

The Black Ink Clan was not one to be trifled with. In this battle with the Black Ink Clan, if they failed, they would all die!

A stream of light flew over from the distance, revealing Ouyang Lie’s figure. Mi Jinglun asked, “How is it?”

Ouyang Lie shook his head and said, “He hasn’t come out yet, but it looks like he’ll be here soon. The Myriad Monster World’s foundation has been almost completely extracted, and it’s impossible for that little brat to exhaust it's strength.”

Mi Jinglun nodded, suddenly becoming somewhat fascinated, “I wonder how much his strength has grown.”

Ouyang Lie put on a carefree expression, “In any case, he’s definitely much stronger than you and me.” He couldn’t help but click his tongue, “If I had known, I would have found a place to settle down and become a Great Emperor.”

Mi Jinglun couldn’t help laughing, “Even if you become a Great Emperor, it’s useless. The Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World only have such powerful foundations because of the World Tree Subtree’s nourishment. Ordinary Great Emperor born from ordinary Universe World would never be able to imitate them.”

“You’re right,” Ouyang Lie nodded, “That’s why it’s said that heroes emerge in troubled times. Not to mention the Myriad Monster World, when this boy planted the Subtree in the Star Boundary, he probably didn’t expect that the Star Boundary would become one of the Human Race’s last hopes.”

If it weren’t for the Star Boundary, the Human Race wouldn’t have such a strong foundation, and the reason Yang Kai planted this Subtree in the Star Boundary was to save his homeland that was about to be destroyed.

Of course, in the future, Yang Kai’s Small Universe and the Myriad Monster World had also played a great role. It was because of these three Open Heaven Stage Cradles that the good seedlings of the Human Race had been born.

“What about the Void Guard?” Ouyang Lie asked again.

“They’ve already set up a Space Array that leads from the Star Boundary to the No-Return Pass. I’m sure it won’t take long to complete,” Mi Jinglun replied.

At the moment, the Human Race’s rear was mostly empty. Any cultivator who had the ability to participate in the battle had basically been conscripted. Only a few old and weak, women, and children had been left behind. The reason they had stayed behind was not to protect the rear. To put it bluntly, if the frontlines were to be defeated, the Human Race might really perish, leaving behind a few old, weak, sick, and disabled people.

The reason they had stayed behind was mainly to teach the cultivators of the later generations, so that the Human Race would have a steady stream of fresh blood and resources to support the front lines.

Originally, even an Eighth or Ninth Order Open Heaven master would need to spend a lot of time to travel from the Star Boundary, but now that they had the Void Guard’s teleportation route, the time they could travel would be greatly reduced.

However, this was only the preliminary preparations. Once the Human Race conquer the No-Return Pass, they would continue to set up Space Arrays to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

After chatting for a while longer, Ouyang Lie said, “Since there’s nothing else, I’ll go to the Black Territory first.”

“Go, pass down the order there and wait patiently,” Mi Jinglun ordered.

Ouyang Lie nodded and left.

A few days later, Mi Jinglun, who was waiting, suddenly raised his head and looked towards a certain direction. There seemed to be a figure rapidly approaching, and after a short while, ripples spread out and a figure stepped out. It was Yang Kai, who had arrived late.

“Sorry for the wait,” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Mi Jinglun looked him up and down, unable to see through his cultivation, but the aura Yang Kai unconsciously exuded gave him a sense of oppression.

One had to know that he was also a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator. The fact that Yang Kai could make him feel pressured meant that his strength had greatly increased. Twenty years ago, he had not felt this way about Yang Kai.

This surprised him greatly, “Your current strength… what level is it?”

When he asked this question, Yang Kai didn’t know how to explain. According to his own understanding of the Ninth Order realm, after refining and swallowing a large amount of the Myriad Monster World’s heritage, he had already stepped into the mid or late stage.

After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai said, “I can now beat three me from twenty years ago!”

This explanation was so novel and unique that Mi Jinglun’s mouth twitched as he listened to it, his heart quickly filling with shock.

Twenty years ago, Yang Kai was already extremely powerful, but now he was able to defeat three of him at that time.

In just a short twenty years, Yang Kai’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds. It was hard to imagine what kind of terrifying improvements Yang Kai had made after absorbing and refining the two Open Heaven Stage Cradles' strengths.

However, this was a good thing. Currently, there weren’t many Ninth Order Human Race masters, so the stronger Yang Kai was, the greater the suppression on the Black Ink Clan.


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Hiroki Sluope
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