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The tremendous external pressure forced the Human Race to work together. In the past, which Cave Heaven Paradise did not have their own secrets? These breakthrough methods were naturally difficult for ordinary people to learn.

But now, the most precious things in the past were now open to ordinary soldiers, and they could be exchanged with just a few battle merits.

Compared to the profound accumulation of these old top forces, High Heaven Palace was naturally far inferior. Fortunately, High Heaven Palace still had Hua Qing Si. During Yang Kai’s years of travel, she had taken care of High Heaven Palace in an orderly fashion, and the breakthrough methods that required battle merits had long since been collected.

As such, when High Heaven Palace disciples needed it, they didn’t need to spend too much.

Shi Dazhuang’s breakthrough this time was completely different from Ouyang Lie’s and Yang Kai’s breakthroughs. Both of them had reached the peak of the Eighth Order and were limited by the Open Heaven Method. When their cultivations reached their limit, their own Small Universe would have a World Barrier. This kind of barrier could not be broken by one’s own strength and could only be broken by external forces.

Ouyang Lie used the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

On the other hand, Yang Kai usesd the Three Parts Normalizing Art.

Shi Dazhuang, on the other hand, didn’t need to go through so much trouble. With his ability to reach the Seventh Order directly, he already had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order. Now, as long as he could break through his bottleneck, everything would go smoothly.

Just as Ouyang Lie had said, the method Shi Dazhuang chose to break through was the simplest method. Compared to other methods, there were no additional requirements nor did it require any additional resources. It could be said that every Eighth Order cultivators could use it to promote to the Ninth Order, but its shortcomings were also extremely obvious, which was that it would take a long time.

The more time it took to break through, the more variables there would be, so in the past, very few sages who had the qualifications to break through to the Ninth Order had chosen this method.

Most of them would choose a method that required additional resources or secret technique assistance to increase their success rate.

Only someone like Shi Dazhuang, who had a solid foundation and was extremely confident in himself, would have no scruples.

The Small Universe’s phantom constantly expanded and shrank, as if it had a life of its own, breathing in and out, each time causing a greater disturbance.

This breakthrough had indeed taken a long time.

After half a month’s worth of effort, Shi Dazhuang’s aura had reached its peak.

At a certain point, when the Small Universe expanded, it did not shrink back, instead continuing to expand until it reached its limit.

Even from a distance, everyone could clearly feel the fluctuations of the World Force.

Yu Changdao’s expression suddenly became tense, and the many Seventh and Eighth Order cultivators who were observing this promotion also wore solemn expressions.

Everyone knew that this breakthrough had reached the most critical juncture. Half a month of gradual progress, success or failure depended on this.

Yang Kai and Ouyang Lie were similarly focused. The two of them had come here mainly to protect Shi Dazhuang. The simple explanation for this so-called protection was that once Shi Dazhuang failed to break through, they would act to protect his life. Even for two Ninth Order masters, this was a difficult task, if it really came to that, they could only do their best.

But soon, Yang Kai’s expression relaxed and he smiled, “Congratulations, Old Yu.”

This was something he had said half a month ago when he came here, but now he had said it again, the meaning completely different.

Hearing this, Yu Changdao quickly turned to look at Yang Kai. Yang Kai nodded slightly, his nervous expression suddenly relaxing.

Almost at the same time, a shocking aura erupted from Shi Dazhuang’s side as the World Force wildly swept outwards. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the Small Universe, who had already expanded to its limit, suddenly expanded outward!

The biggest feature of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s breakthrough was the expansion of the Small Universe's Territory. Only when the Small Universe's Territory expanded would there be a massive change.

Ouyang Lie and Yang Kai both understood this point.

At this moment, Shi Dazhuang had undoubtedly achieved this.

The many Open Heaven Stage masters from all directions cheered.

Yu Changdao stretched out his hand and stroked his beard, feeling greatly comforted. Facing the congratulations of everyone around him, he smiled happily.

On this day, outside the Star Boundary, the first new generation of Ninth Order was born.

In the history books for the later generations, it was the birth of this new Ninth Order master that announce the arrival of a new era!

Yang Kai didn’t stay for long. Shi Dazhuang had successfully broken through to the Ninth Order, so he still needed some time to stabilize his cultivation. He asked Ouyang Lie to stay behind and continue to look after him while he flashed back to the Star Boundary.

Without alerting anyone, Yang Kai arrived at a certain spot on the World Tree.

There was a tree hole here, its interior extremely spacious, like a cave dwelling.

This was where he had treated his injuries in the past.

Back then, in order to cultivate the Three Parts Normalizing Art, Yang Kai had paid a huge price to create the Human Race Body and Monster Race Body. Every time he created a clone, his vitality would be greatly damaged and he had to recuperate here.

This trip was naturally not to heal his injuries but to cultivate.

Although it had been several hundred years since he had broken through to the Ninth Order in the Universe Furnace and his foundation had grown significantly, strictly speaking, he was still a newly promoted Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator, so he still had a lot of room for improvement.

If he cultivated step by step, with his current situation, it might take him thousands of years to reach his limit.

However, the Human Race’s second expedition was imminent, so how could he have so much time to cultivate in peace? As such, he had to quickly improve his strength.

If it were anyone else, they might not have any good idea, but Yang Kai is the Star Boundary Great Emperor after all, so he could borrow the power of the Star Boundary to improve himself.

The reason why the Great Emperor of the Star Boundary and why Thunder Shadow could cultivate faster than ordinary people was because they had all used the Universe World's World Force to cultivate.

This was especially true for the Star Boundary. The Subtree’s thousands of years of accumulation had greatly enhanced the foundation of the Star Boundary itself. Looking at it now, the World Force of the Star Boundary was indescribably rich and the World Great Dao was also extremely stable.

It could be said that since ancient times, there had never been any Universe World like the Star Boundary, and all of this was due to the Subtree’s constant feedback.

If someone had the ability to drain the power of the entire Star Boundary, it would be enough to give birth to a new Ninth Order Open Heaven master, and it is an extremely powerful Ninth Order.

Yang Kai wanted to use the Star Boundary’s World Force to cultivate. Simply put, he wanted to use the Star Boundary’s World Force to enhance his own foundation.

He had done this kind of thing before, but at that time, he had used the power of the Star Boundary to temporarily increase his cultivation from the Sixth Order Open Heaven to the Seventh Order. Although he had returned most of his strength to the Star Boundary after that, a small portion of the borrowed strength had been left behind, saving him a lot of time to cultivate.

Because of this, Yang Kai discovered the benefits of being a Great Emperor.

Extracting the Star Boundary’s World Force would naturally cause damage to the Star Boundary, but now that the Star Boundary’s foundation had reached an unprecedented level, Yang Kai only needed to make sure he didn’t cause any fundamental damage to it.

As long as the Subtree is still alive, the energy he had extracted would eventually condense again.

Inside the tree hole, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and calmed his Internal Qi. With a single thought, the entire Star Boundary was under his control.

“The time has come when Heaven and Earth are of the same strength!”

With a soft groan, his Small Universe’s door opened, and in the next moment, invisible energy began to gather from all over the Star Boundary, pouring into the Small Universe’s territory and being absorbed by him.

The Star Boundary’s World Force was leaking, but the disturbance was very small. Even if a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator was here, it would be difficult to detect if one didn’t pay close attention, but the Great Emperor of the Star Boundary notice it immediately.

After obtaining the identity of a Great Emperor recognized by the World Great Dao here, allowing them to share both glory and disgrace with the Star Boundary, they were naturally able to sense the changes and abnormalities of the Star Boundary.

In an instant, all the Great Emperors’ expressions became serious as they followed the source of this change.

However, after investigating the situation and learning that all of this was Yang Kai’s doing, the various Great Emperors felt relieved and didn’t disturb him.

All of them had done this kind of thing before, including the two newly promoted Great Emperors. In just a few hundred years, they had broken through from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order. This wasn’t a cultivation speed that an ordinary person could achieve, how could they reach the Eighth Order so quickly if they didn’t use the Universe World's World Force here to strengthen themselves?

On the other hand, Yang Kai had been constantly on the move all these years and had never done so before, so when they realized that this unforeseen event was Yang Kai’s doing, the various Great Emperors quickly understood his intentions.

This person obviously wanted to increase his strength as soon as possible so he could deal with the upcoming battle.

Of all the Great Emperors in the Star Boundary, only Yang Kai had reached the Ninth Order, so if he could quickly increase his strength, it would be a great benefit to the Human Race.

The World Force of the Star Boundary was like an invisible stream of water, constantly pouring into the Small Universe's door and disappearing, while the foundation of Yang Kai’s Void World grew at an astonishing rate.

This method of strengthening one’s cultivation by borrowing the power of the Universe World was many times more efficient than refining resources and Open Heaven Pills.

The World Force itself contained all kinds of Great Dao power. When Zhan Wuhen and the others cultivated like this, they might need to spend some time and effort to remove the Great Dao power they had never cultivated in order to avoid contaminating their Small Universe.

However, Yang Kai didn’t need it. He now controlled thousands of Great Daos, and he had dabbled in every type of Great Dao. When the Great Dao power born from the Star Boundary poured into his Small Universe, not only would it not cause him any trouble, it would even enhance his own Great Dao attainments.

It could be said that Yang Kai didn’t refuse any of the forces that flowed into his Star Boundary, all of them becoming his capital to become stronger.

Day after day, year after year, the power of the Universe World continued to flow into the Void World. However, because Yang Kai’s movements were very gentle and followed the principle of gradual progress, it was very difficult for ordinary cultivators to notice any changes in the Star Boundary. Only Open Heaven Stage cultivators with a high enough rank would gradually notice that the Star Boundary was different from before.


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