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In the void, Yang Kai walked over to Ouyang Lie and cupped his fists towards an old man beside him, “Congratulations, Old Yu.”

Yu Changdao had long since reached the peak of the Eighth Order, but at this moment, he couldn’t help showing a nervous expression as he returned the greeting, “You too!”

He couldn’t be blamed for being nervous. The main reason was that the one preparing to break through this time was his personal disciple, Shi Dazhuang, who he had taken in and carefully nurtured, someone with an Innate Dao Body!

Shi Dazhuang was an extremely simple name. If one didn’t see him and only heard his name, they would probably mistake him for a mountain villager.

However, this was not a simple name, because this name was the first representative of the Star Boundary’s people who reached the Sevennth Order directly after obtaining the World Tree Subtree's feedback!

It could be said that he was the rising star of the new generation.

When the effects of the World Tree Subtree in the past were spread, the various Cave Heaven Paradise received the news and came to the Star Boundary to set up their own Dojo, divide up their territories, and accept disciples.

At the beginning, although the cultivators from the Star Boundary generally benefited from the Subtree, there had never been anyone who have heaven-defying talent.

Until Yu Changdao found Shi Dazhuang.

Although this child who lived with his widowed mother had a rough name, he has a rarely seen Innate Dao Body, and this kind of physique was most suited to the Free and Unfettered Paradise's cultivation technique.

Since Yu Changdao came from Free and Unfettered Paradise, he naturally wanted to take Shi Dazhuang in as his disciple. It could be said that as long as he could take Shi Dazhuang into his Sect, he would have a chance to bring the Divine Art to greater heights, and he would have a successor. It was impossible for him to advance to the Ninth Order in his lifetime, even if his aptitude is excellent. But if Shi Dazhuang who has the Innate Dao Body is carefully taught by him, he would have a chance to reach the Ninth Order.

Free and Unfettered Paradise was one of the 72 Paradise and was one of the top forces in the 3000 Worlds. Yu Changdao himself was an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator with an extremely high status. If an ordinary person were to encounter such a fortuitous encounter, it would be akin to a green smoke rising from their ancestors’ graves and they would happily accept it.

However, Shi Dazhuang’s widowed mother, Liu Caixia, didn’t think so. Facing Yu Changdao’s request to take in Shi Dazhuang as his disciple, she immediately refused.

In that era, it had only been a few hundred years since Yang Kai had joined forces with the other Great Emperors to fight Great Demon God Mo Sheng and High Heaven Palace had turned the tide to save the Star Boundary.

At that time, in the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace’s prestige was like the sun in the sky, with no equal.

All cultivators from the Star Boundary were proud of being able to enter High Heaven Palace, so how could they care about a those Cave Heaven Paradise?

Shi Dazhuang’s father, who had died a long time ago, was naturally the same. Before his death, he had left behind his last words. If there was a chance, he would definitely let his child enter High Heaven Palace and complete his final wish.

Liu Caixia was just a housewife who had a simple temperament and didn’t have much experience, but it was precisely this kind of person who had such perseverance.

She remembered the words of her deceased husband and only wanted Shi Dazhuang to enter High Heaven Palace.

Therefore, when Yu Changdao came to her door and said he wanted to accept Shi Dazhuang as his disciple, he was immediately rejected by Liu Caixia. The old man was stunned for a long time.

After asking for the reason, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he also felt that this matter was quite troublesome.

With his status and strength, he could naturally take Shi Dazhuang away by force, but trampling on the wishes of an ordinary couple was against his Dao Heart.

Helpless, Yu Changdao thought of Yang Kai and personally visited him to discuss this matter with him.

Originally, he had wanted Yang Kai to step forward and persuade Liu Caixia to let him accept her child as his disciple. After all, this kind of matter would greatly benefit Shi Dazhuang’s future.

In the end, for some reason, he became High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder and Shi Dazhuang entered High Heaven Palace to be taught by him.

It wasn’t that Yu Changdao didn’t know that Yang Kai was taking advantage of him, but no matter what the process was, he had eventually accepted this disciple as he wished.

For so many years, Yu Changdao had poured all of his efforts into teaching this only disciple, and Shi Dazhuang had not let him down. His cultivation had progressed extremely quickly, and what was even rarer was that this child had inherited his mother’s simple and honest temperament and didn’t have the arrogance and conceit of a proud son of Heaven, much to Yu Changdao’s satisfaction.

Cultivating all the way until he reached the Seventh Order Open Heaven, he was now about to break through to the Ninth Order!

He immediately reported this matter to the Head Office Division, and Mi Jinglun also took this matter seriously. Not only did he transfer Ouyang Lie to protect him, but he also said a few words to Yang Kai.

With two Ninth Order here to give support, it could be said that as long as Shi Dazhuang accumulated enough strength, there would be no problem for him to break through.

Looking over, Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing, “It’s been thousands of years…”

The matter of Shi Dazhuang becoming his disciple seemed to have happened yesterday, and that was before he had left for the Ink Battlefield. Even though Yang Kai was now a Ninth Order, he couldn’t help sighing at the passing of time.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the faster time seemed to pass. Thinking back to the years he had just spent cultivating, every day and every year had been extremely fulfilling, unlike now, where a few years or even several dozen years had passed without any feeling.

After thousands of years, even though an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator had a long lifespan, Yu Changdao had clearly aged a bit.

On the other hand, he was still as handsome as ever…

“This child’s foundation is quite good,” Ouyang Lie looked over with a look of approval.

Speaking of this, Yu Changdao, who had always been indifferent, couldn’t help showing a proud look as he chuckled, “My disciple’s greatest strength is that his cultivation is not rushed, so his foundation is more solid than others.”

Yang Kai, who was standing to the side, smiled and said, “The higher one’s foundation is, the more solid one’s foundation will be, and the further one can go compared to others. This time’s promotion will likely not have any problem, Old Yu need not worry.”

Yu Changdao smiled bitterly, “That’s true, but at this time, how could I not be worried? If your disciple was here, how could you not be worried?”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “My three disciples are all outstanding, so it’s only a matter of time before they break through to the Ninth Order.”

Yu Changdao couldn’t help glancing at him, “If Palace Master says so, then there’s no way to continue this conversation.”

Ouyang Lie changed the subject and asked, “Speaking of your three disciples, are they in the Withdrawing Black Ink Army?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, a trace of worry flashing across his face. The old tree had fallen into a deep sleep, causing him to be unable to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to investigate the situation. He didn’t know what was happening there.

“I’m afraid the days over there aren’t any better,” Ouyang Lie sighed, “But judging from the time, your First and Second Disciples have been cultivating for about the same amount of time as Shi Dazhuang. Logically speaking, they should be breaking through to the Ninth Order soon.”

“Who knows?” Yang Kai shook his head.

Yu Changdao was somewhat annoyed, “It’s not that this old master wants to criticize you Palace Master, but you care too little about your disciples.”

In any case, he was still a Supreme Guest Elder of High Heaven Palace, so his relationship with High Heaven Palace was quite good. Compared to his relationship with Shi Dazhuang, who was like a father and a son, spending all his time together and carefully teaching his disciples, Yang Kai treated his disciples as if they were free.

In any case, Yu Changdao hadn’t seen Yang Kai spend much time with his disciples. In other words, it was like a master leading a disciple into the Sect, and cultivation depended on the individual.

However, even if they were allowed to live freely, the achievements of his disciples were still extraordinary. Before joining the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, all three of his disciples had broken through to the Eighth Order and reaching the Ninth Order is only a matter of time.

“I’m too busy…” Yang Kai shrugged helplessly, “I also want to teach them like Old Yu, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Yu Changdao pondered for a moment before sighing, “It must have been hard on you. If it weren’t for you, the Human Race wouldn’t be where they are today.”

“It’s starting!”

Ouyang Lie suddenly shouted.

The many Seventh Order and Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators who were eavesdropping on their conversation suddenly became serious and looked towards the sky.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and saw Shi Dazhuang sitting cross-legged on the other side, while a Small Universe’s figure appeared behind him. The World Force fluctuated wildly as the Great Dao flowed.

An Eighth Order master promotion to Ninth Order was the last time a cultivator could climb the Open Heaven Stage stairs. The peak was extremely dangerous, and the slightest carelessness would cause one’s body to fall and shatter.

From ancient times until now, although there weren’t many cultivators who promoted to Seventh Order directly, there were definitely many of them. However, the number of Ninth Order Old Ancestors in the Cave Heaven Paradise in the Ink Battlefield was only a hundred or so.

Not everyone who had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order would be able to successfully break through. This kind of advancement was extremely risky, and if they failed, at best, the Small Universe would suffer some damage. Just like Xiang Shan, he would no longer be able to break through to the Ninth Order in the future, and at worst, the Small Universe would be destroyed, instantly dying.

Countless predecessors had fallen at this stage, so the number of Ninth Order Human Race masters had always been small.

In the blink of an eye, the phantom of the Small Universe behind Shi Dazhuang began to expand, as if it had been blown away, causing the scenery inside the Small Universe to become blurry.

But a moment later, everything returned to normal.

It repeats itself again and again.

This posture made it seem as if the Small Universe had a life of its own and was breathing in and out.

With each breath, the Small Universe would break through its limits.

“Advancing from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order is extremely dangerous. After hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation in the Cave Heaven Paradise, many methods of breakthrough have been explored. The method Shi Dazhuang is using right now is the most common and ordinary method. Although your origins are different, many of you have already reached the peak of the Eighth Order, so I’m sure all of your Honored Master have told you about it. Although this method is ordinary, it is the most reliable method. The only drawback is that it will take a long time. Sooner or later, all of you will have to experience this day, so I hope you will be able to see some results today,” Ouyang Lie said.

The nearby Open Heaven Stage cultivators all nodded in agreement.

Yang Kai’s interest was immediately piqued, “Are there many breakthrough methods in the Cave Heaven Paradise?”

Yu Changdao nodded and said, “Naturally, the heritage of the Cave Heaven Paradise is beyond the reach of other forces.”

Yang Kai agreed, “The accumulation of hundreds of thousands of years is no small matter. I’ll have to ask around later.”

“There’s no need for that, Chief Manager Hua has long heard about these things from the Cave Heaven Paradise, and these things aren’t confidential, you can exchange them with some battle merits.”


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Hiroki Sluope
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