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In the Head Office Division, Yang Kai arrived as scheduled and quickly entered the side hall.

Mi Jinglun immediately noticed this and sent a voice transmission to him, asking him to wait for a moment. After finishing what he was doing, he walked in with a tired look on his face and sat down beside Yang Kai, raising his hand to knock on the teacup beside him.

Yang Kai grinned and poured him a cup of tea. Mi Jinglun drank it all in one gulp before revealing a satisfied look.

After a long silence, Mi Jinglun suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Although there are no battles, there are many trivial matters to attend to, and I don’t have any capable assistants with me. If you have nothing else to do, why don’t you come to the Head Office to help?”

Yang Kai sipped his tea and looked out of the hall, casually saying, “It’s better to find Senior Brother Xiang than me.”

Mi Jinglun curled his lips, “He said he wanted to go into seclusion.”

“Senior Brother Ouyang?”

“He also want to enter seclusion.”


“Everyone is going into seclusion,” Mi Jinglun said angrily, “Everyone is a Ninth Order, I also want to go into seclusion!”

Yang Kai looked at him helplessly, “Someone has to do this, Senior Brother Mi, you’re the best candidate.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Don’t feel too pressured, it’s not easy for the Human Race to reach this point. In the future, regardless of success or failure, just do your best.”

He could roughly understand Mi Jinglun’s mood. Now that the Human Race had reclaimed the 3000 Worlds, the situation had become much better, but that was only on the surface.

The next battle was the key to life and death. If they could not overcome this obstacle, the Human Race would be one step closer to victory, but if they could not, all of their previous advantages would disappear.

Moreover, if they want to conquer the No-Return Pass, they had to end it quickly. The Human Race couldn’t afford to engage in a protracted war, not to mention other resources.

As the true leader of the Human Race’s Head Office Division, Mi Jinglun was under unimaginable pressure. Even though he was already a Ninth Order, this pressure was difficult to bear.

If there was another Ninth Order with him, they could naturally split up the pressure, but now there were only a few Ninth Order in the Human Race, so there was no suitable candidate.

There was always someone who needed to do these things… These words didn’t carry much weight, but Yang Kai knew how heavy the burden on Mi Jinglun’s shoulders was.

Mi Jinglun obviously knew this as well. Saying all this to Yang Kai wasn’t because he really wanted him to come to the Head Office to help. Right now, Yang Kai was the Human Race’s strongest force apart from the two Giant Spiritual Gods. No matter what, he shouldn’t be trapped in the Head Office Divison, he should be on the battlefield.

“Forget it, let’s get down to business,” Mi Jinglun changed the subject, casually complaining, “I’ve already discussed this with the others. In ten or twenty years, the Human Race will be ready. When the time comes, we will attack the No-Return Pass. Do you have any good suggestions?”

Ten or twenty years seemed like a very long time, but for a war that required the full strength of the entire race, it was a very short time. After all, the mobilization of the various armies and the early preparations of the war required a lot of time. It wasn’t as if sending everyone over would be enough for such a great war.

Yang Kai shook his head, “Now that things have reached this point, what good proposal is there? If we want to win, we can only win by force.”

Mi Jinglun nodded slightly, “It seems everyone’s thoughts are the same. When the time comes, we’ll need you to lead us through the Black Territory's passage into the Ink Battlefield.”

“Of course,” Yang Kai readily agreed. If they wanted to attack the No-Return Pass, it was naturally impossible to attack it from the Spatial Territory. The Domain Gate was only so big, if the Human Race does this, it would only give the Black Ink Clan a chance to slowly devour them, so if they wanted to attack the No-Return Pass, they could only rely on that secret passage to gather a large force in the depths of the Ink Battlefield and directly attack the root of the problem.

Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai asked, “How is the situation in the Spatial Territory?”

“I heard you left two Giant Spiritual Gods behind to guard the Domain Gate there. With them there, the Black Ink Clan shouldn’t be seeking their own death. Moreover, even if they don’t take any action, they should be able to restrain the two Ink Giant Spiritual Gods from the Black Ink Clan there.”

Separated by a Domain Gate, A’ Da and A’ Er stared at the No-Return Pass like a tiger eyeing its prey. As a result, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God of the Black Ink Clan didn’t dare act rashly, otherwise they would only give A’ Da and A’ Er a chance to enter the Immortal Ascension Gate and slaughter them.

“However, the Giant Spiritual God's intelligence isn’t high, so they need someone to communicate with them and tell them what they should do, what they shouldn’t do, when they should attack, and when they should act.”

Yang Kai raised his thumb and pointed backwards, “Is this person me?”

Mi Jinglun looked at him as if he was a promising child, “Other than you, there’s no other choice. The two Giant Spiritual God and the Human Race don’t have much contact with each other, only you have some kind of friendship with them, so they should listen to what you say. Moreover, with your strength, if you and the Giant Spiritual God stay in the Spatial Territory, the Black Ink Clan won’t be able to do anything to you.”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before saying, “Fine, since it’s arranged like this, I’ll obey.”

In any case, even if he stayed behind to guard the Spatial Territory, it wouldn’t stop him from doing things. Once the battle began, he could use the Domain Gate to fight his way to the No-Return Pass and coordinate with the Human Race’s army.

From this point alone, it was obvious that no one was more suitable than him to remain in the Spatial Territory. Although the other Ninth Order masters had extraordinary combat strength, none of them had the ability to come and go as they pleased like him.

Mi Jinglun immediately saw through Yang Kai’s thoughts and pondered for a moment before asking, “Since that’s the case, should we split up the troops? Should we arrange some people in the Spatial Territory? At the critical moment, we might be able to form a pincer attack.”

“There’s no need for that, after all, entering the Domain Gate to the No-Return Pass is a bit troublesome. If we arrange too many people, we won’t be able to seize the opportunity, and if we arrange too few people, it’ll be useless. I’ll just join forces with A’ Da and A’ Er.”

Mi Jinglun also felt this was reasonable, so he nodded and said, “Then we’ll temporarily arrange it.”

After chatting with Mi Jinglun for a while longer, Yang Kai left.

Before leaving, Yang Kai had also investigated the situation of Pure Yang Pass. Over the past few years, Pure Yang Pass had been undergoing maintenance and had already been reconstructed, but the destroyed Spirit Arrays and Artifacts needed to be relocated so that they could display the true power of the Pure Yang Pass, which required a large amount of resources and time.

The reason why it would take the Human Race more than ten or twenty years to launch an attack on the No-Return Pass was because of Pure Yang Pass' repair.

Half an hour later, Yang Kai arrived at the Star Boundary.

Above one of High Heaven Palace’s Spirit Peaks, there was a huge square. On this square, there were many majestic temple, each of which was filled with traces of the erosion of time. Some of these temple were tattered, as if they had been ravaged by the flames of war and were severely damaged, while others were still intact.

Every temple was filled with people entering and exiting, making the entire square extremely lively.

These great temples were none other than the Universe Temple collected by the Void Guard’s soldiers from the various Great Domains. During the three years Yang Kai had spent in seclusion comprehending the mysteries of the Great Dao, the Void Guard had collected nearly a thousand Universe Temple. A lot of materials and manpower were allocated hear by the Head Office Division. Now, with the lead of the Void Guard, they had begun to use the Universe Temple as a vessel to lay down a Space Array.

The Void Guard’s hundred and sixty or so soldiers had been extremely busy during this time, and the many Array Masters and Artifact Refiners they had deployed had also been busy day and night.

Although there were some results, their progress was somewhat slow, making Li Wuyi feel quite helpless.

At this moment, in a large hall, Li Wuyi and several other Void Guard members were working together with some Array Masters to arrange a Spirit Array.

This is a delicate work, so everyone held their breath and focused on the task at hand. As the lines were carefully carved and about to be completed, a voice suddenly rang out, “This is not right.”

In such a quiet hall, even the gentle voice was like a thunderclap, shocking everyone.

At this moment, a Spirit Array that was about to take shape completely collapsed. The lines on it broke apart and the energy that poured into it exploded, causing everyone to be covered in dust.

Li Wuyi turned around and glared at Yang Kai with bloodshot eyes, gritting his teeth, “You little brat, you finally showed yourself.”

As mentioned before, they would form a Void Guard and collect the Universe Temple to lay down a Space Array for the future deployment of the Human Race army.

Although the Void Guard seemed to be led by Li Wuyi on the surface, in reality they were led by Yang Kai, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been named after him. Void is Yang Kai’s title in the Star Boundary.


“It’s been three years, do you know how I’ve lived these past three years?” Li Wuyi roared fiercely, questioning Yang Kai’s decision to ignore the Void Guard after throwing all the work on him.

“There was an accidental surprise…” Yang Kai coughed lightly.

He hadn’t expected that the creation of the Myriad Dao Secret Realm would suddenly allow him to gain enlightenment, and this delay lasted for three years.

“In short, I’m back now,” Yang Kai changed the subject.

“You little brat…” Li Wuyi wanted to laugh in anger.

Yang Kai grabbed his shoulder and whispered, “Don’t call me a brat, I’m a Ninth Order now, and I’m also the Dao Master of the Void Dojo. If you call me that, what will the disciples think?”

Li Wuyi couldn’t help rolling his eyes, but after thinking about it carefully, he realized that he really shouldn’t have done so. Regardless of whether he was his Senior or not, Yang Kai is now a Ninth Order, and a Ninth Order should have the respect that Ninth Order master deserves.

The main reason was because he was angry. Originally, he thought that his position on the Void Guard was only in name and didn’t need to worry too much about it, but after the Void Guard was formed, he became the one in charge.

Stepping back, Li Wuyi cupped his fists, “Greetings, Sir.”

His expression was solemn, as if nothing had just happened.

The disciples also cupped their fists and saluted, “Greetings, Dao Master!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“Sir just said that this isn’t right, may I ask Sir what is the right thing to do? Please tell me,” Li Wuyi asked respectfully, as if he was a junior in school.

Yang Kai glanced at him and the corner of his mouth twitched, but he still said, “Gather everyone here, I’ll show you.”

The several Void Dojo disciples immediately became excited. Although they had come from the Void Dojo, they had not had much contact with Yang Kai. Ninety-nine percent of them had only seen him once when Yang Kai sent them out of the Void Dojo. Now that they heard that the Dao Master is going to show them the wonders of the Space Array, they naturally became excited and quickly gathered the other disciples from the Void Dojo.


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